Cole is the hero of this story. He likes to ride a bike and do parkour. Once he went to a place has a lot of labs. accidentally electric explosion happened there all the people who were there died except Cole. After this explosion, Cole gets an electric power. Everyone in the city thought he was the reason for the explosion. Even his girlfriend brick-up with him because her sister died in the explosion. The police caught him and check if he was behind this accident. He wasn't behind this explosion. In New York, there was three gang. Each gang has apart from New York. the south controlled by Sasha and her Reaper Gang. The north controlled by Alden and the Dust Men Gang. The west controlled by Kessler and the First Sons. The strongest gang is Alden and the Dust Men Gang. They were controlled half of the east and the north. Cole lives with his friend in the roof of a building in the east. He starts to work with the police to catch or kill the gangs. Cole power decreased every time he uses it, but he can charge it from everything have electric power, phones, cars, and lights. every gang has a boss how has a superpower like Cole.