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Hey there :)) I'm Ethel and welcome to my first fanfiction about the Disney phenomenal film, Parent Trap. I've watched Parent Trap growing up and it honestly was one of my all-time favourite film and still is! It always made me wish that I too could have a twin xD Recently, like yesterday I rewatched the film after what seemed like a long time, perhaps about at least 10 years. I'm 17 now, so you can do the maths. I've been trying to find all the fanfictions written for this movie but only found such limited amount. I've also been searching up on the cast and everything and only came to know that the talented Natasha Richardson passed away in 2009? May she rest in peace and honestly, she really reminded me of the late Princess Diana of Wales in the movie. Seriously, why did they not make a second movie? Here is my take in what would happen right after the first movie, enjoy :))



It's been a year since Nick Parker and Elizabeth James' second wedding and 8 months since Chessy and Martin's wedding. Nick, Chessy and Hallie have moved over to London to stay at Elizabeth's house. Nick still keeps his vineyard alive by hiring workers to tend to his garden when he is away as from time to time Nick still does fly back to Napa to ensure that his vineyard is still alive and well. Annie and Hallie have just graduated from elementary school and were relaxing on the couch as they were killing time during their long break.

Hallie was remembering what had happened during the past two years, the most amazing years of her entire 12 years of life. Before she was sent to camp, she was just a normal girl whom lived with just her father, nanny, horses and dog. Who knew that 8 weeks could really change a person and that she would have met her twin sister, whom she never knew she even had! Although they did not start on the right foot, she was glad they put their differences aside and became quite good friends. Although the whole time while she lived with her dad and believed his 'a stork came to my door step and gave you to me' story, she still had always been wondering of what it would have been like if she was living with both her mom and dad. Chessy had always been the one person that was the closest Hallie would ever get to having a mom. She was kind, caring and always there for Hallie, but most of all, she was her best friend.

Annie on the other hand was doing the exact same thing Hallie was doing, who knew twins really thought alike. Annie had always adored her little old life, she had all she ever needed, her mother, grandfather and most of all her best friend and butler, Martin whom cared for her greatly. However, she did feel that some part of her life, something was missing from it. Who knew that when her mother sent her away for 8 weeks for camp that she'd fill that empty slot. In truth, she was really glad and relieved that her and Hallie's plan to get their parents together really worked out right at the end. However, some of Meredith's words towards her privately still left a painful sting in her heart and she knew they were all lies and that her parents, sister, butler and nanny all loved her but some part of her had some doubts.

After a few moments, Annie got up to go up to her room. Hallie suddenly shook herself out of her thoughts and turned towards a rather gloomy Annie.

"Annie, are you okay?" Hallie asked her, with concern in her American accent.

Annie just forced a smile and nodded.

"Don't worry, Hallie. I'll be fine, I just want to spend some time alone, if that's alright," Annie answered her in her British accent.

Hallie just nodded, understanding Annie.

Annie opened the door towards her room and ran towards her bed and curled up in bed. Elizabeth had specially renovated the bedroom so that both rooms were connected to each other. Annie and Hallie's bedrooms were connected through a special door in the middle of the wall. Annie sighed as she was all curled up in her bed. She knew she shouldn't be feeling this way at all, but she really couldn't help it as she had kept on bottling up all her hurts and pains. She just didn't want to worry, upset or trouble anyone as everyone else seemed to be all happy. Annie sobbed quietly as possible into her pillow, with the blanked covering almost all of her body. After a few moments, she took out her favourite stuffed dog that her Grandpa had given to her for her 5th birthday of which she named pupper. She curled herself into a ball and hugged pupper close to her chest and closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep so she'd forget all about the nonsense in her head.

Hallie however didn't seem to mind at all Annie wanting time alone as she understood that sometimes a person just wants space to his or herself as sometimes she too likes having that to herself. She then decided to make good use of her time and so she took out her little project that she had been doing for a few weeks now. Hallie was making a drawing of her and Annie and their whole family. She continued to fill in the other details that she had not put into the picture. She glanced at the clock, it was only about 8 o'clock and everyone else was probably still asleep so she continued to draw until Martin and Cheesy came downstairs to start their duties of the day.

"Morning Hal, "Chessy chirped as she tied her hair in a ponytail as she walked down the stairs.

"Morning Chessy, "Hallie answered, not glancing at Chessy as she was really concentrating on her drawing.

"What's that you're working on?" Chessy asked curiously as she stopped to look at what Hallie was drawing.

"Just a drawing, "Hallie answered.

"Do you suppose you've seen Annie this morning?" Martin inquired as it was quite weird for him not to see Annie downstairs along with her twin.

At the exact second those words were uttered out of Martin's mouth, Hallie immediately put down her pencil and looked up at Martin, staring into his eyes.

"She actually went back up, she said she wanted some time alone but she sounded quite down actually, I don't know if it's just her morning moods or something else, "Hallie replied.

Martin nodded.

"Thank you, I'll go up and check on her, "Martin said as he walked upstairs towards Annie's room.

As Martin arrived in front of Annie's room, he knocked softly and waited for an answer. He had waited for a good 5 to 10 minutes and there still was no answer, so he said softly at the door, "Annie, it's me, Martin, ". However, there was still no response and so he opened the door quietly and carefully. He walked into the room to discover and sleeping Annie all curled up in bed under her blanket. Martin chuckled softly as he sat at the edge of her bed and glanced at her as she peacefully slept. However, he had noticed that something was not right with Annie. He noticed how her eyes were wet and there was slight redness around her eyes, as if she had been crying all night. He decided that he would ask her about it later when she woke up and walked out of the room to do his morning duties.

It was 9 o'clock and Elizabeth James had just woken up from her terribly wonderful slumber. She looked beside her in bed was her handsome and dashing husband, Nick Parker smiling in his sleep. She chuckled softly and quietly and slowly got out of bed, careful not to wake her husband up. She then started to get ready and changed into a simple white casual dress which had diamonds around the neckline, she then put on some light make up, brushed her lovely short blond locks and sprayed some perfume on herself and then was ready to start the day. She walked out of her master bedroom and decided to check on her daughter, Annie as her bedroom was right next to Annie's. Annie had gotten up about 15 minutes ago and all the emotions and feelings came back to her and so she was sniffling and trying to stop crying as she was wiping her tears away. She was afraid of how her mother would react when she walked in to her looking like that. She hid under her sheets and hoping her mother would think she was sleeping and leave her to sleep, however she knew that wouldn't be the case as her mother usually woke her up around 9 o'clock. All her predictions came true when she heard her mother walk into her room. She smiled when she saw Annie snuggled up under her sheets. She then sat on the edge of her bed and softly patted Annie.

"Annie, "She called in her soft and motherly voice.

Annie ignored her and tried to hide away the sniffling noises.

"Time to wake up, darling, "Elizabeth continued.

She then laughed as she pulled up the sheets. However, she gasped as she noticed how wet Annie's pillow was.

"What's the matter, Annie?" Elizabeth asked her daughter, with concern as she pulled the sniffling red head into her lap, not caring that her snort would get onto her clothes.

"I-I-It's n-nothing mother, "Annie quickly hid her face by burying her face into her mother's chest.

"Oh darling…" Elizabeth soothed her daughter as she rubbed her back while Annie cried her lungs out into her chest.

"What's the matter, darling?" Elizabeth asked worriedly as she sat Annie upright opposite her on her bed.

"I-I'm sorry, mother. I promised myself I wouldn't worry anyone, "Annie sniffled in her rather outstanding British accent.

"Sweetheart, if you don't tell me, I won't stop worrying," Elizabeth told her rather red nosed daughter.

"It's a long story…" Annie replied.

"Well, we've got quite a lot of time to ourselves, "Elizabeth chuckled softly.

So, Annie knew that there was no way her mother and caretaker of 12 years would let go of her little emotional scene so she sighed and told her mother exactly what happened and how she was feeling about everything as well as her not wanting to tell anyone because she did not want to worry or bother anyone.

Elizabeth sighed sadly as she heard her daughter's tragic and heart-breaking story. Her heart broke upon hearing how her daughter had been feeling for the past year. Elizabeth immediately pulled Annie in for a warm hug.

"Oh, Annie. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, but just remember I'm always going to be here and always will be, okay darling?" Elizabeth looked down at her daughter, smiling.

"I'm sorry, mother. "Annie sniffled, trying her best to look strong for her mother.

"Oh, Ann. You know you don't have to be strong or brave in front of me, "Elizabeth smiled as she cuddled Annie closely to her.

"I'm sorry. I promise I won't anymore. It's just you were happy with father, Hallie and everything, so I did not want to ruin the moment, "Annie explained.

Elizabeth paused for a moment, she then realized Annie had been left in the background for some time as she had not spent much time with her anymore since remarrying. She regretted her actions and felt terrible about it. She then decided she would set aside time for her daughter this week and from now on.

"Oh darling, I'm sorry I haven't been a good mother to you these recent years, "Elizabeth started.

"Mother, that's not true!" Annie argued.

"It is, but tell you what, after I FedEx a design off to Paris, why not you and I grab some lunch and get lost in Harrods hmm?" Elizabeth asked her daughter, as she never managed to do those activities with her daughter the last time round.

"I'd love to, mother." Annie smiled.

Elizabeth sighed while smiling. Oh, how she loved her daughter. She missed being able to spend quality time with her daughter.

"Okay, why not we get you ready for the day, hmm?" Elizabeth chuckled softly, seeing that Annie was still in her sleepwear and that her eyes were wet from tears.

"Oh, right. "Annie giggled.

Elizabeth smiled as she loved hearing her daughter's laugh and it just warms her heart every single time.

"Come on, darling. I'll help you get ready, "Elizabeth said as she carried Annie out of her bed and placed her gently on the floor.

"Oh, mother you really don't have to, "Annie protested as she really did not want to bother her mother further but in truth she really did like the idea as usually Martin was the one whom helped her get ready as her mother was always busy designing.

"I insist, darling." Elizabeth chuckled.

"Why? You think your mother can't handle helping you get ready?" Elizabeth teased as she squeezed her daughter's nose, causing her to giggle.

"Oh, not at all, "Annie exclaimed.

"Come on, then, "Elizabeth instructed as she and Annie headed towards Annie's lovely luxury bedroom.

Elizabeth helped Annie out of her sleepwear and slipped the sleepwear off her small slim but freckled body. She then took out a cloth and switched on the tap and put the cloth under the running water. After that, she wiped Annie's face which were all wet from tears and then gave her a tissue so she could blow her nose so all her snort could come out and that she could breathe easily again. Annie obeyed and rather enjoyed her mother's soft gentle hands wiping her face.

Then, Elizabeth switched on the bathtub tap so that the bathtub could be filled. When it was half full, Annie jumped in which caused some water to splash her.

"Oops, sorry mother!" Annie apologized.

"It's quite alright, darling, "Elizabeth laughed as she dried herself with a towel.

Elizabeth then proceeded to wash Annie's body with soap and then when she had finished she rinsed it off and wrapped her in a towel.

"Thanks, mother, "Annie giggled.

"Anytime, sweetheart, "Elizabeth smiled.

"Now, what outfit should we wear today?"

"Hmmm… I'm going to wear the white summer dress you bought for me back in Paris when we went for the Paris Fashion Week, "Annie replied as she pulled out the dress out of her closet and slipped in on along with her undergarments.

"You look beautiful, darling, "Elizabeth praised in awe of her daughter.

Annie giggled and thanked her mom.

Elizabeth then took her brush and undid Annie's bun and started combing her lovely wavy red hair. Once she was done, Elizabeth smiled and put back the brush where she found it from.

"There, all done. And my beautiful little girl, "Elizabeth chuckled as she put on hand on Annie's shoulder as she looked into the mirror in front of them.

"Let's go then, mother!" Annie exclaimed excitedly as she held her mother's hand.

Elizabeth smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm and followed behind the excited little girl.

As they reach downstairs, only Chessy and Martin were downstairs as they were putting away the dishes.

"Good morning, Martin," Annie greeted her best friend.

"Are you feeling better, Annie?" Martin looked at her worriedly.

"She's feeling better, don't worry about it Martin, "Elizabeth assured him.

"Where are you two off to today?" Chessy asked.

"We're off to FedEx a design to Paris, then we're going to have some lunch and walk around Harrods, "Elizabeth explained to the couple.

"I see, have fun, you two, "Chessy chuckled softly next to Martin.

"Have fun, old bean, "Martin smiled at his best friend.

"Thanks, I will, "Annie smiled back.

"Why don't you tell grandfather where we're headed to while I have a cup of tea?" Elizabeth asked as Martin nodded and walked towards the kitchen to make Elizabeth a cup of English Breakfast tea.

Annie nodded in obedience as she headed towards her grandfather's study.

"Grandfather?" Annie called out as she entered the room.

Charles put down his newspaper and saw his favourite granddaughter standing in front of his desk.

"Why hello there, stranger, "Charles chuckled softly.

"Hello, grandfather. Mother and I are off to FedEx a design to Paris and then we're going to Harrods for lunch and spending the day there, "Annie told her grandfather.

"Sounds like fun, sweet pea. You have fun with your mother, alright?" Charles smiles.

"I will, grandfather. Do you need me to get you anything?" Annie asked as she always made sure to check if her grandfather wanted anything.

"No thank you, sweetheart. But here, take some money and spend it on behalf of me, won't you?" Charles winked as he handed her three hundred pounds.

"But grandfather- "Annie argued.

"Just use it, don't worry about me. I've got plenty from my job, "Charles assured her.

Finally, Annie agreed and took the money and put it inside her purse which was inside her sling bag.

Soon enough, Annie and her mother, Elizabeth were on their way to FedEx Elizabeth's design.

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