AN: I honestly didn't think I would be back writing SMWW fanfiction. I thought The Bounty Hunter was my swan song and the incomplete stories on my computer would remain incomplete. I was touched by the reviews for the Bounty Hunter, PMs and people who have reached out to me and influenced me to take a second look at some of my incomplete works. Unoaranay30, Ingridmattgews, Nl8, I will get back at you for this. :p

This story is set in an AU New 52 Universe where the world doesn't know SM and WW are dating. Clark has quit the Daily Planet and is working a blog with Cat Grant. Diana's mother and sisters are alive and well on Themyscira.

The Switch:

Part One

London Eye April 2nd

They were to be the next group to go on London's famous Ferris wheel. While the people in line will be in awe going up so high in the sky, being in the air will be another day for Clark and Diana. It was more important they were spending time together after a month apart.

It was chilly this late morning. Couples huddled close together, talking and laughing as they waited their turn. When a cool breeze brushed over them, Clark took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Diana and pull her against him; transferring his body heat to her.

It was a lame excuse to hold Diana close to him and he knew she knew that.

Diana leaned against Clark smiling. "Kal, you know the cold doesn't bother me."

Clark's lips brushed her ear. "Are you gonna spoil any chance I take to hold you close?"

"Never, but I know how you like to keep things private."

"Not when we're ourselves." Clark turned Diana to face him. "Dressed like everyone else; going on a date like everyone else."

A familiar buzzed tickled Clark's ear. He was on call as all Justice League members were when they were not scheduled for duty. Clark touched his ear, hoping to not be called today. "Yes?"

"Superman." It was Cyborg. "An 8.5 earthquake occurred off the Chile coast. Tsunami warnings have gone off. Aquaman is on his way."

Clark wistfully thread his hand through Diana's hair. He didn't have to tell her what was going on. Her eyes told him she knew he had to leave. "So am I."

"I will alert Wonder Woman. You and Aquaman may need help."

"There's no need. I'll tell her." He paused. "She's with me."

"She's…." silence fell on Cyborg's end. Unlike the world, the Justice League knew Superman and Wonder Woman were dating. "Sorry to ruin your plans."

Clark shrugged, holding Diana's hand as they got out of line. His eyes quickly searched for a secluded spot where they could change. "It happens."

April 16th

Diana climbed through the window of Clark's apartment. She meant to be here an hour ago so she and Clark could have dinner before the concert started. However, she was held up speaking with her mother on Themyscira. She couldn't call him for obvious reasons so suspected he was waiting at his apartment, calling the restaurant to cancel dinner plans and hoping she arrived in time for the concert.


"In here." Clark stepped out of his bedroom in dark pants and a blue t-shirt with the El emblem armor across his chest. He held a black button shirt in his hands. "Almost ready."

He slipped on his button shirt as Diana approached. She buttoned the shirt for him. "Funny. I thought I was the one running late."

Clark thanked Diana with a kiss and slipped on his tie. "Opening acts are usually an hour. By the time we get there, the main show will start."

"Sorry about dinner," Diana apologized.

"Metropolis never sleeps, Diana. Plenty of restaurants will be open after the concert."

A familiar buzz tinged Diana's ear. "Or not," Diana sighed and listened to Cyborg on the other end.

May 22nd

It was fall in Australia but the weather felt like spring to Clark and Diana. A picnic lunch was spread out on a blanket. It took Clark longer than expected to prepare the meal, fly here and set it up but it was all worth it to spend time with Diana.

Krypto frolic along the flower covered plains of southern Australian where man had yet to bulldoze and occupy. It was rare Krypto was given an opportunity to freely run and fly anywhere besides the Fortress. The alien dog was happy, curiously sniffing his nose in the grass, playing with the new animal life that surrounded him.

Clark chuckled at his dog as he finished laying out the food on the large blanket. Diana was on her way. They were going to have a picnic today and it will grant them the opportunity to spend some time alone together. For nearly three months, the time they had was brief and often interrupted. It was Clark's idea to have a picnic in Australia. Clark thought the time difference between Australia, Metropolis and London would enable them a few hours alone.

Reaching into a bag, Clark grabbed a Frisbee. "Krypto! Go get it!" Clark tossed the Frisbee in the air. Krypto saw the disappearing red blur, barked and happily took off after the toy.

The Frisbee was a mile away when Krypto caught it. Clark wondered if he tossed it too hard when a familiar heartbeat touched his sensitive ears. He saw her two miles away. Diana looked beautiful in a pale blue dress that fluttered in the wind. She carried what Clark assumed to be a bottle of wine from Themyscira.

Clark smirked. Wine from Themyscira. He'll have to be on his toes around her.

Krypto caught the Frisbee and sensing Diana, dropped it and flew in her direction. He circled her barking happily before licking her face. After their greeting, they flew to Clark who stood in the grass amused as he held the Frisbee Krypto dropped.

Clark crossed his arms amused. "Couldn't let me greet her first, could you, Krypto?"

Diana descended and practically jumped in Clark's arms. "Sorry. I'm late."

Clark kissed Diana. "You're not late. You're just in time."

"This was a brilliant idea, Clark." Diana knelt on the blanket looking over the food. "Planning a picnic in Australia in the afternoon where it's still predawn hours in Metropolis and late morning in London. Too early for something to happen." She popped off the wine cork and handed the bottle to Clark. "At least I hope."

Clark blew his breath on the bottle quickly chilling it. "Third's time the charm." Diana grabbed two glasses out of the basket and Clark filled them with wine.

Clark set the bottle down and clinked his glass against Diana's. While Clark sipped his wine carefully, Diana finished her glass in three gulps. She placed the empty glass on the blanket and raised an eyebrow at him, mentally challenging him to finish.

Clark placed his unfinished glass in the basket. "Are trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me, Diana?"

"I don't need to get you drunk to do that." Diana pounced him. "Right now, I have a lot of energy I want to expense before I rejuvenate with this lunch you've prepared."

Flat on his back, Clark smiled as Diana lowered her lips to his. Diana's fingers quickly worked at unbuttoning his shirt. Between sharing kisses with her love, Clark murmured, "I don't usually put out before my meal," he raised himself up to pull his shirt off, "but I'll make an exception in this case."

Clark settled on his back again, pulling Diana with him and unzipping her dress along the way.

A familiar buzz tinged in Clark's ear.

No. No. No!

Maybe it was nothing. Maybe it was an accident. It's four in the morning in Metropolis. Cyborg doesn't wake up Clark when he slept.

The buzz stopped and relief washed over Clark as he assumed Cyborg contacted him in accident.

Only it started again. This time, Diana's sharp ears picked up the buzzing in Clark's ear. The hands that loosened Clark's belt still. Slowly, reluctantly, Diana pulled herself off Clark. As she zipped up her dress, Clark saw the annoyance in Diana's eyes quickly be replaced by the steel gaze of a Princess assuming her duties over her needs.

Clark sat up and activated the piece in his ear. "Superman, here."

"Sorry to wake you, but there's an oil rig explosion off the New Orleans's coast."

"I'm on my way." Clark slipped on his shirt.

"Do you need some help?" Diana asked.

"I can handle it." He dropped a kiss on Diana's lips. "Stay here. Enjoy the picnic."

"Without you?" She knew he wasn't coming back.

"You have Krypto. He's as crazy about you as I am."

The alien dog who knew to make himself scarce when his master and companion where initiating mating activities, suddenly appeared by Diana rubbing against her left leg. Diana stroke the dog's fur to show her appreciation of Krypto's attempt to comfort her. "It's not the same."

Clark placed the alien House of El plate on his chest. In seconds, his body was covered in his Superman uniform. "No, it's not," he agreed. Clark cup Diana's face. "We'll find some time together. I promise."

"Don't worry about it." Diana pulled him close for a kiss goodbye. "I'll drop everything off at your place and take Krypto back to the Fortress when I'm done. Go."

Clark stole another kiss as he needed the sweet taste of her lips one more time before flying away.

From Olympus, Strife watched the scene from her viewing pool, cackling as she swirled her wine bottle. "Oh, poor little half breed. Not spending enough time with her trash." She snorted. "She's gifted to be Zeus' daughter and she settles with someone so beneath her."

"What choices does she have?" A new voice spoke. "A human?" He sneered at the thought of that.

"It would be an upgrade."

"But I couldn't have as much fun with him if he were. Humans are so fragile. Physically and mentally." Strife's ally focused on Superman flying away. "No, I've dealt with him before and he was so much fun!"

Strife half listened as she finished off her bottle. She licked her drunken lips. "So much fun you lost against him."

"Yes, but this time, he won't be expecting us working together."

Strife tossed aside her empty bottle. "Like him, you're beneath me and don't deserve to breathe the air of Olympus." She waved her hand in the pool, watching the water ripple over Diana's face as she ate with Krypto. "But I'll do anything to cause a little chaos in Diana's life."

Her partner scowled at the insult but knew he could do little to her. She was as powerful as him, probably even more so, especially here on Olympus. It was never wise to anger a God. It was always best to feed their ego as he was doing now. It was insulting but Strife wasn't his target. Superman and Wonder Woman were.

"Sorry, I couldn't meet you in London." Clark looked at the clock as he climbed in bed. While it was 10:30 at night in Metropolis, it was 3:30am in London. "After that rig explosion, I posted the story on my blog and one thing led to another."

"It's all right." Diana was used to these missed meetings and late night talks over the phone. She was equipped to go on little sleep if need be and she would sacrifice any sleep to speak to Clark. "I was held up with things here, too." Settled in bed, Diana read Clark's article on her Q-Pad. "It's a good story. You're very talented with words." With a heavy breath, she added, "Of course it's your other talents I'm most pleased with."

The throatiness in her voice was as powerful as a siren's cry. Clark glanced at the wall clock. It wouldn't take long for him to fly to London. "I fail to remember the other things. What else am I good at?"

Diana laughed on the other end. "I don't think you want to go down that road."

"Sorry," he flirted. "You lost me after you said, 'go down.'" There was that laugh again. "You're so tempting. All I want right now is to fly to London and show you the skills I failed to impress you with earlier."

"But….." she wasn't stopping him.

"I want more than a quick roll."

"Hmm. In your society, I'm the one who says that." Diana contemplated the idea. She only have to extend the invite and Clark would be on his way, quick roll or not. It wouldn't take Clark long to fly over. She wanted him but she had responsibilities. "I would invite you but I have to go home tomorrow. I'm having lunch with my mother. It wouldn't do well if the Princess of Themyscira is physically and mentally off her game in front of her mother due to the wiles of her male consort."

"You distract me just as equally," Clark countered. If he probe a little more, she would say yes but his mind won over his body. This time. "We'll make some time together. I promise."

"We've been trying since March."

"I know, I know." Clark sighed. It was frustrating. The moment they get a chance to spend together, something happens to disrupt it. They knew the sacrifices they made when they decided to help the world and the complications their involvement added to the equation. They knew. They understood.


If only the world would give them a break.

"If I didn't promise Perry White to meet with him tomorrow morning, I would suggest we meet up after your time in Themyscira."

"Why are you meeting with Perry White?" Diana asked. "You quit the Daily Planet over a year ago."

"I know but with the success of my blog, he's been trying to lure me back to the Daily Planet."

"Is he being successful?"

Clark sighed. "No. When I started the blog with Cat, I was uncertain and wanted to go back. I miss being around my friends at the Daily Planet, but I like the freedom the blog gives me. I have my own hours. I make enough money to get by. I don't have to make excuses to leave and be Superman."

"But you still give Perry White hope by agreeing to meet him."

He was and he felt guilty about that. "I don't mean to."

"I understand why you do it but you should be firm with him. Don't lead him on." Diana turned off her Q-Pad and placed it on her nightstand. "I should get some sleep but we'll find time to be together."

"I promise we will. Good night, Diana."

"Good night, Clark."

Clark knew something was wrong when he opened his eyes. He was in Diana's apartment; in her bed, with no memory how he got here.

He talked to Diana on the phone last night. He was sure he was in his bed talking to her. Sure they flirted with the idea of Clark flying to London and spending time together but they didn't. Right? Did he change his mind and fly to London? Did he forget spending the night with Diana?

No. He would've remembered that! As the fog of sleep slowly cleared from his mind, Clark noticed something else. A long patch of black hair on his pillow. Could he have gone to bed with Diana and forgot? Clark rolled to his side expecting to see Diana but saw an empty space where Diana should be. Strange the long patch of hair was still in his view. If Clark didn't know any better he would think it was his hair. But that's impossible. He didn't have long hair.

Clark sat up allowing the bedsheet to fall from his neck. Doing so, Clark nearly screamed at what stared at him.

Two large female breasts.

Clark fell to the floor with a hard thud as he tangled with the sheets, struggling to get out, struggling to get to the mirror on Diana's dresser. With a growl and few expletives, he literally tore his body from the sheets and scrambled to the mirror.

Diana's face stared at him. Diana's breasts stared at him.

How could this be? How could he be in Diana's body?


If he was in her body, then she…..

Clark ran to the nightstand and grabbed Diana's phone. He pressed the call button on his name and waited for Diana to answer. One ring. Two rings. Why wasn't she answering?

A gust of wind blew from Diana's window. Clark paid no attention to it until he heard his voice calling out to him.


Clark turned. Diana's phone slipped from his hand as he stared at his body on Diana's ledge.