Dawn Breaks over Westeros 1

Summary: I don't know how many times I've had to save the world. 9? 12? I've lost count. Being the Child of Prophecy is such a burden. When Jon Snow was murdered by his fellow Night's Watch brethren, I decided it was time to come back and finish the job that I started 8000 years ago. This is the story of how the wolf died in the snow and how I made the Dragon Rise from the ashes. I am Azor Ahai, now called Jon Snow/ Aemon Targaryen, but you may know me as…..Naruto.

Chapter 1: The Wolf Dies


The Hardhome survivors, led by Jon, Tormund, Tollett, and Wun-Wun, approached the wall. Hardhome had not been as much of a disaster as one would think. Jon had been given enough time that he was able to get 40,000 Freefolk out of Hardhome, including 25 Giants and just at many woolly Mammoths, not to mention about 4,000 Dragonglass daggers out.(1) Then the Walker's showed up before he could get the last 8,000 of 20,000 that wanted to come out. He killed a White Walker with Longclaw and bared witness to the real threat. The Night's King. The leader and master of the White Walker's.

Alliser looked down at the massive army of freefolk. Jon stepped forward, Alliser stared for a moment, considering just letting him stay out there and die. Alliser walked away, but not before saying, "Open the gates". Mind you, he didn't want to open the gates, but he followed the Lord Commander. For now.

The lower gate was opened, and Jon lead the Freefolk through. The 40,000 Freefolk from Hardhome were being escorted through Castle Black. Jon stood to one side while he watched them come through.

Jon was solemn while he spoke to Sam. "This almost turned into a failure."

Sam said to Jon, "No Jon. It wasn't."

Jon didn't look convinced as he eyed each of the Free Folk. "I managed to get 40,000 of them, including 25 giants and just as many Mammoths, as well as 4000 Dragonglass Daggers. But there was still 20,000 of them that I couldn't save."

"Then why are you saying you failed them? You didn't fail him," Sam pointed to one, "or him, or her. Every one of them is alive because of you, and no one else."

"I know that fact is not lost on them." Jon said. "I don't think the men of the Night's Watch appreciate it, though." His eyes traveled to and from many men of the Night's Watch glaring at Jon, then Olly who exchanges a long look of hatred with Jon from the top of the stairs. Alliser walks down the steps to Jon.

"You have a good heart, Jon Snow. It will get us all killed." Alliser said darkly.

Jon gripped his shoulder and spun him around. Anger shining in Jon's eyes as he said, "You weren't there at Hardhome, Thorne. You didn't see the tens of thousands of undead as they fell from the mountains as an avalanche. You didn't see the White walker's. You didn't see the Night's King raise the 8,000+ Freefolk that did die, as more undead." Jon walked away as he said, "At least on this side of the Wall, they can't be used as meat shields for his army."


Jon and Sam were both sharing meal together as Jon said while making a raising motion with his arms, "He raised his hands. And they all stood up at once. Eight thousand of them, a part of the biggest army in the world."

"So what are you gonna do?", Sam asked.

"I'm gonna hope they don't learn how to climb the wall." Jon japed, and the two friends shared a laugh.

"And the Dragonglass?" Sam asked.

"There's enough to arm the entire night's watch, and still have 3000 more for the Freefolk. But that still leaves everyone else. It's better than nothing, but it's still not enough." Jon said.

"Well, that's some good new's. But… you said you killed a White Walker." Sam asked.

Jon sighed and said, "With Longclaw. I saw it's ice blade shatter steel axes like they were glass. But Longclaw…"

"Is made of Valyrian steel. How many Valyrian steel swords are left in the Seven Kingdoms?" Sam asked.

"Between the Dragonglass we have, and the Valyrian Steel in Westeros? Not nearly enough to make a difference." Jon sighed before saying "I'm the first Lord Commander in history to sacrifice the lives of sworn Brothers to save the lives of Free Folk. How does it feel to be friends with the most hated man in Castle Black?" He said while smiling.

"You were friends with me when I first got here. And I wasn't winning any elections back then." Sam smiled.

Jon raised a glass and Sam did the same. "Here's to us then. Long may they sneer." Jon and Sam clink glasses and drink. Sam looks to Jon.

"What?" Jon asked.

"I wanted to ask you something. To ask something of you. Send me, Gilly, and the baby to Oldtown so I can become a Maester. That's what I'm meant to be, not this." Sam said.

"I need you here, Sam. If you leave, who's left to give me advice I trust?" Jon said.

"Well, there's Edd." Sam noted. Jon gives Sam a look, not truly convinced.

"I'll be more use to you as a Maester. More use to everyone now that Maester Aemon's gone. The Citadel has the world's greatest library. I'll learn about history, strategy, healing. And other things. Things that will help when they come."

Jon stares at Sam, saying nothing. This prompts Sam to continue.

"If Gilly stays here then she'll die. And the baby that she named after me will die. And I'll end up dying, too, trying to protect them. Which means that the last thing that I'll see in this world will be the look in her eyes when I fail them. I'd rather see a thousand White Walkers than see that."

Jon inhales, exhales, then nods somberly. Sam smiles.

" Thank you." Sam said.

" You know that The Citadel will make you swear off women, too." Jon mentioned.

"They'll bloody try." Sam said, before stopping. Jon looks at Sam incredulously.

"Sam?" Jon said.

"What?" Sam said, looking guilty.

"Sam…" Jon drawled. Sam smiles knowingly.

Jon looked incredulous before saying, "You had just been beaten half to death. How did you—"

"Very carefully." Sam said.

Jon smiles and lets out a small laugh.

"I'm glad the end of the world's working out for someone."

They sit in silence for a moment.

"I'll come back." Sam said.

"To your return." Jon said, which Sam repeated, "To my return."

A day later

Sam, Gilly, and little Sam mounted their horse-drawn carraige. Sam looked up to see Jon watching from the top of his steps. They exchanged a good-bye wave, and then Sam began riding out of Castle Black to book a ship to Oldtown.


Jon and Davos exit the elevator. "He came to your aid. Stannis. Now he needs you!" Davos said.

"We don't have enough men to make any difference, besides, the Night's Watch takes no part in the affairs of the South." Jon stated. That was the standard response for anyone trying to sway the Night's Watch to aid them.

"The wildlings will make a difference!" Davos snapped.

"The Free Folk will never fight for Stannis, I told you both this already!" Jon snapped back.

"You saved their bloody lives. If they're going to live in the Seven Kingdoms, safe behind our wall, they ought to fight for the damn place." Davos argued.

"It's not their fucking fight! I didn't save them from certain death just so Stannis could send them off to die for his hopeless cause." Jon said in anger.

The gates to Castle Black are opened and Melisandre arrives, alone and on horseback. Jon and Davos rush over to her.

"Stannis?" Jon asked, wondering if he had been defeated. Melisandre gave no response aside from shaking her head and a dead look in her eyes.

"Shireen? The princess?" Davos asked. Once again, Melisandre shook her head. The Red Woman then walks away from the two of them, to stir in her own misery.

That very night

The Lord Commander's Office

Jon goes through the various scrolls on his desk. They were pretty much all saying the same thing. That they couldn't send more men. This pretty much a disaster. They had too few men as it was, and now they couldn't replace the numbers they had already lost. Olly then entered the room.

"Lord Commander!" Olly shouted, looking excited, "It's one of the wildlings you brought back. Says he knows your Uncle Benjen. Says he's still alive."

Jon stands up very quickly, shock and hope present on his face. "Are you sure he's talking about Benjen?"

"Says he was first Ranger." Olly said, "Said he knows where to find him." Jon rushed out of his room and made his way out to the courtyard. He is met by Alliser.

"Man says he saw your uncle at Hardhome the last full moon." Ser Alliser informed Jon.

"He could be lying," Jon noted as he put some gloves on.

"Could be," Alliser admitted, "There are ways to find out."

"Where is he?" Jon asked.

Alliser pointed to a group of huddled up brothers holding torchs. "Over there."

Jon walks past the group of Brothers. Instead of a member Free Folk, he saw a sign that reads "TRAITOR" when he passed them, and suddenly realizes he has been betrayed. The moment he turned around, his face contorted into a snarl, Alliser stabbed him in the gut with a knife.

"For the Watch" Alliser said as he smiled condescendingly.

Alliser stepped back and another Brother stabs him.

"For the Watch" the Brother said.

The Brother stepped back and a third Brother stabs him.

"For the Watch" the Brother said.

A fourth brother stabs him.

"For the Watch" the Brother said.

A fifth brother stabs him.

"For the Watch" the Brother said. Before this brother could pull out his dagger, Jon gripped the traitor's arm tightly.

"You're all fucking idiots!" Jon snarled, "You think the Wall was built to keep out Freefolk!? The Wall built the wall to keep out the White Walker's and all the monster's north of it. You really think protecting you little powwow of murders, rapists, and thieves is more important than surviving the Long Night! You'll damn us all!" The brother then stabbed him three more times.

By this point, Jon could no longer stand. He fell to his knees and coughed up blood as the black brothers separate, letting someone else approach. Jon realized to his horror that it was Olly, the boy he had taken under his wing. Jon could only look at Olly in disbelief.

He stared at the young boy, his eyes screaming to know why the boy would betray him. Jon had known that Olly despised the Free Folk for what they did to his village and family. But he never thought that his decision to save them would affect the boy so much. Then again, this was the exact same kid that had torn his heart out a year ago by killing Ygritte.

"Even you, Olly?" Jon managed to get out. Olly thrusts his knife into Jon's heart.

"For the Watch." Olly said coldly.

Unable to bear it any longer, Jon crumbled to the ground his eyes stared at the night sky as the world blackened around him. As his life flashed around him, Jon realized that he would never learn who his mother was. He would die never seeing his family alive again. 'Well, at least I will be with them again,' Jon thought. For some time now, a part of him had wanted to die. He had felt that way ever since he lost the only woman he had ever loved. When she was killed by Olly, another part of him died. Just like it did when he learned of the deaths of his father and Robb.

His final thoughts drifted back to the cave, their cave. Struggling for one final breath, Jon whispered her name one last time. "Ygritte." Jon's eyes continued to stare at the moon, tears trailing down his eyes, but his eyes didn't see it, or anything else, as he took his final breath. The Brothers walk away from him. The blood seeping from his wounds, spread throughout snow, staining it red, the blood forming a shape. The shape of a wolf.

Chapter End

1. I personally believe Jon only getting few of the Free Folk out was Bullshit. There is no fucking way that the White Walkers could have gotten there mere hours after Jon did.