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Sector XX.

The legendary.

The brutal.

The unknown.

For years, the mystery of Sector XX rocked the Kids Next Door. The thoughts of an elite, powerful sector destroying the true evils of the world scared and awed children around the globe.

These operatives, handpicked when they were only toddlers, were trained to be weapons. They trained for years before they debuted, seeing horrors that most children were too innocent to even comprehend.

They were corrupted.

And then they disappeared.


That was the one word in his head. He mouthed it to himself over and over. I'm only eight years old. I'm not supposed to be doing this!

Chasing a target through a storm was one of his least favourite parts of his job.

He pressed himself against a tree and grabbed his gun, a brand new weapon from their 2x4 technology division, if they could even be called that- these weapons were stolen straight from the government.

He clicked the safety off and aimed it into a bush. He knew he saw movement.

"Numbuh 250, you good?" he asked into his helmet's headset.

"Yeah, I think so." He smiled as he heard her voice. "I have visuals."

"Lock in."

"Roger that."

And then a scream.

"Lyla?" he asked. He took off running, adjusting the safety on his gun. "Numbuh 300, you read?"

"Loud and clear," Numbuh 300 panted in response. "I'm coming."


"Me too."

"Hurry up."

"What do you think we're doing?"

"Hurry the fuck up," he snapped, before another scream. "Lyla!" he called out, desperate for some sort of response, but got nothing. He finally made it to where he knew their target was.

He saw the long black hair, and knew it was her. Lyla, his best friend, who'd been through everything with him. His rock.

He loved her.

"Lyla," he breathed, aiming his gun, but it was far too late. The blood oozed out of the wound in her head.

The target dropped her body. "Who's next?" The grin he gave chilled the boy to the bone. He had known psychopaths - hell, he would probably be considered one at this point. He had known the scum of society. But he had never been face-to-face with the glee of a murderer.

The boy pulled his weapon back up, feeling the tears pouring down his face. He was not looking for self-defense. He was looking for revenge.

The target sped off in the opposite direction. The boy didn't even think to consider why; he just moved his finger onto the target.

"No." He heard Numbuh 300's voice in his ear, and her hand on his wrist. "Self-defense only."


"Self-defense only," she said sharply.

"Lyla." His voice cracked.

"I know. Self-defense only." The third rule. He knew them by heart, but his heart did not care.

She slowly peeled his hand off of the gun, and caught him as he collapsed.

Wallace Beatles woke up with a jolt, the same way he did every single day ever since.

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