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Once Was Blind

Chapter 7: Hiding in Shadows

Kari gripped the edge of Nefertimon's armor as her partner lifted into the air. The wind rushed past her ears and she was brushed by a few twigs and leaves, but soon they had cleared the trees and entered the open air.

"There he is!" Yolei called from her perch on Aquilamon's back. She was pointing at the black-winged horse, it's dark-cloaked rider looking at them with eyes they could tell were red from here.

Ken leaned out to squint towards the figures. He was riding Aquilamon as well, and to lean out like this he had to increase his grip on Yolei's waist, much to the girl's delight.

"I can't tell what the guy looks like." he muttered, looking over at his partner. "Can you tell what kind of Digimon that is, Stingmon?"

"It almost looks like Pegasusmon." the green bug-humanoid buzzed. "But it's different, so that can't be right. I can't tell what it is."

"It doesn't matter what it is!" Davis called from below. He and Cody were riding on their respective earth-bound Digimon. "We've gotta take care of that guy!"

Kari looked back at their 'opponent', just as the black horse suddenly killed his speed and dropped back into the trees. "He's trying to get away!" Nefertimon called.

"But we haven't even started fighting yet." Cody looked confused.

"He must have heard of us ahead of time." X-Veemon growled. "And he's scared of us, so naturally he runs away."

"Somehow, I doubt that's it." Cody muttered. "He must have some kind of plan, we should stick together."

"I don't think that's best strategy here." Ken muttered. "If he really is trying to run away, we'll never find him if we stay together. And if he's setting a trap, we'll be walking right in for him to get us all at once. I say we split up and search for him, and if anyone gets in trouble or sees this 'Tenshi Kuro', make some sort of a signal. Okay?"

No one else had a better idea.

. . . . . .

Kari and Nefertimon walked calmly through the woods, the girl's hand on her partner's shoulder. Both of them glanced about through the trees in the slightest anxiety, feeling a bit ill.

"I don't see anything." Kari sighed. "What about you?"

"Nothing." Nefertimon shook her head, then suddenly went rigid.

Kari looked up. "What's wrong?"

"…There's something coming…"

Kari spun around at the small 'crack'. She braced a hand on Nefertimon's armor, both of them tensing.

"Who's there?" he demanded, glancing about her nervously. "C-Come on out, and I'm warning you, no funny business!"

There were footsteps around them. Someone, walking slowly, as though watching them from the trees. It was unnerving, and there was only one suspect of what it could be.

"Nefertimon…" Kari said slowly. "Call the others. Hurry."

The white Digimon nodded, rearing back to face into the trees. "Rosetta Stone!" she exclaimed, and the two heavy stones exploded in the air, the smoke rising to make a symbol high above the trees.

Kari watch the signal with a kind of relief, still braced for some kind of attack. There was a rustle from her right. She spun around and froze.

She was looking straight into two vaguely-glowing, crimson red eyes. They pulsed and swirled in their orbs like pools of blood. But even so close, they were the only thing about him she could see clearly. The rest of his face was all but hidden in the shadows of his black hood. The baggy, sweat-shirt-like sleeves only showed his hands, and his jeans ended at black tennis shoes. A single glance at the black-armored horse behind him and she knew who he was.

The boy who called himself Black Angel…Tenshi no Kuro.

Eyes still locked, he took a step towards her. She hesitated a moment, then focused her best excuse for a glare and spoke.

"Who are you?" she demanded. "Why are you doing this to the Digital World?"

The boy smirked and shrugged, taking another step towards her. His eyes seamed to be teasing her, and shown slightly.

"Kari, be careful." Nefertimon warned as he took another step towards her.

Kari put her hand on the white Digimon's neck, not taking her eyes off the stranger. "I know Tenshi Kuro can't be your real name. So tell me who you are."

He smirked again. "It's really not that important, is it?" he said airily. His voice sounded…familiar, but gruff, as though he had a sore throat or a cough.

She blinked, a bit thrown off. "Do…Do I…know you?"

He was close now…way too close. Close enough that she had to look up slightly to keep gazing into his eyes. But for some reason, she was not afraid. She was…excited. Her heart was beating so fast…

"You don't need to know me." he whispered. "I'll only warn you once…Don't get in my way."

"Kari!" another male voice broke the spell, and she snapped her head around.


The dark-cloaked boy frowned and, in one swift motion, cupped her face in his hand and pressed his lips to hers. She mumbled in surprise as Nefertimon reared back protectively, but in seconds it was over and he was gone. Flown away on his black armored horse.

Kari in a slight state of shock, dropped down to her knees. She stared straight ahead, bushing two fingers against her lips momentarily. "…Wow…"

"Kari!" Davis burst through the trees, Yolei and the others just behind him. He was glaring at the black form, now just a small black spot in the sun-set painted sky.

Yolei knelt next to her DNA partner, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Kari, are you alright?"

"I'm…fine." Kari let the other girl help her back to her feet. "Really…I'm just fine."

Ken shielded his eyes, trying to get a better look at Tenshi Kuro. Davis spun around, glancing Kari over. "Did that guy do anything to you?!" he demanded.

Kari felt a blush rise into her cheeks. "N-No." she lied, straight-faced as she could. "Nothing…I swear you guys, nothing happened…"

. . . . . .


"Mm-hm?" the boy answered mildly, still lost in thought.

Negasusmon/Patamon turned his head to look back at him as they flew towards the Digiport. "What was that all about? Back there with Kari?"

T.K. snapped out of his daze and frowned when he thought about it. In truth, he had no idea what he had just done…he's mostly acted on a whim.

Negasusmon gave him a sad smile with his eyes. "…You miss her, don't you, T.K.?"

The frown deepened as all-too-recent, painful memories crossed his mind. "I…don't want to." he whispered. "But…I guess I do."

The Digimon sighed, tossing his head back sleepily. "Let's go home, T.K." he muttered. "I think we both need a rest."


(Sigh)…Not my best chapter. Oh well. It's okay, all things considered, right? …Right?