Daisuke usually hated going back to school after extra days off, but for the first time in memory, he was looking forward to it. Ken had returned home Saturday evening and had been kept busy all day Sunday with family plans, so Monday would be the first time Daisuke had been able to see him in more than thirty-six hours. It felt like forever.

He jogged up the steps into the school and then slowed his steps when he saw Taichi, Koushiro, and another teacher standing just inside the entrance. "Hi, Coach," Daisuke called. He didn't stop long enough to see if the greeting was returned at all. His steps took him quickly to the lockers for his class. After getting his own books out, he waited for Ken to show up. He would have waited in front of his boyfriend's locker, but he didn't know which one it was.

His patience never lasted, but he didn't have to wait long before he saw a familiar indigo topped head coming his way. With a move that would have served him better on a soccer field, Daisuke dashed in front of his boyfriend and nearly sent them both toppling to the floor. They were only saved by Ken's quick reflexes.

"Hi," Daisuke said. Once Ken had stopped moving forward, Daisuke pressed into his personal space. "How did yesterday go?"

Ken smiled at him. "Pretty well. Boring. My parents have more friends without children my age than with. For some reason, they don't realize this means they should leave me at home. You?"

"Boring. Worm missed you and Jun complained about having to share the television in the living room with me. Normal weekend stuff." Around them, the halls became more crowded as the time for the first bell approached. "You wanna hang out tonight?"

"Yes," Ken answered immediately. He stepped to the side and tilted his head before turning his back to Daisuke to get into his locker. It took him a moment to realize that a body had come to a stop next to him, and he looked with some surprise at Takeru.

"Morning, Daisuke," the blond said. He looked toward Ken as the taller boy turned around. "Ken. We're doing another barbeque this weekend at Matt's, and I told them I'd take care of inviting you."

Daisuke grinned. "Who's in charge of cooking?" He knew better than to eat if Taichi was actually given free reign of the grill. Not that it would stop him from attending. He looked at Ken, who looked back at him with wide eyes.

"Sora volunteered my brother, so it should be safe," Takeru said knowingly. He turned his smile on Ken. "There are times you want to come for the food, and times it's best to just settle for the company."

"And you want to make sure you never eat anything Taichi claims to have made," Daisuke added. He looked hopefully at his boyfriend. "Can we go?"

"Of course," Ken answered quickly. For the first time, he turned his gaze away from Daisuke and met Takeru's eyes. "It was entertaining last week. I look forward to it."

Takeru nodded. "Two o'clock, you know the place. I'll see you guys later."

His disappearance coincided witha clearing of the halls as everyone made for their classrooms. Daisuke looked around and then at Ken, trying to guage whether a near-empty hallway counted as too public for a kiss. Ken's smile said it probably was, but he wouldn't mind, so Daisuke stepped into his space once more and tilted his head up.

"Don't forget about the soccer meeting after school," Ken said as he pulled back.

"I won't," Daisuke assured him. He settled his books firmly in his arms. "But you can remind me at lunch." The bell rang, and they parted ways. Daisuke had farther to walk to his homeroom, but time enough to reach it if he was uninterrupted.

Which he wasn't. A hand on his shoulder stopped him from entering the class and he turned to see Principal Gennai looking down at him. "Daisuke. How was your break?"

The immediate answer was, "Good," but for some reason, Daisuke flashed back to every kiss and holding of hands between him and Ken, and he felt himself flushing. He ended up strangling the 'O's when he tried to respond, but the principal just nodded.

"I'm glad to hear it. How did you enjoy your time together with young Mr. Ichijouji?" he asked, smiling politely.

Daisuke opened his mouth and tried to think of an answer that had nothing to do with hosing down Ken's fan club or turning down Takeru, but every response that came to mind was equally private or embarrassing. He managed to wrench out another, "Good."

"Good," the principal said. He waved at the classroom door. "You'd best find your seat, Daisuke."

"Yeah, thanks," the boy said, ducking into the door and doing as instructed, just in time as the bell rang to signal the start of classes.

The day commenced and Daisuke managed to spend time with Ken, avoid the principal and Miyako, and make it to the soccer sign-up. It was a good day, and he could look forward to one like it tomorrow, and the day after, and pretty much every day until the end of the school year.

Then, he and Ken could work out another schedule between them, one set up around the desire to be with each other and not the duty of having to do so. Daisuke really liked having Ken for a boyfriend. As long as he didn't have to talk to any adults about it.

Jun didn't count.