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Hermione's first night as a mother was rough. Even after less than a day of taking care of Avery, Hermione suddenly held so much more respect for both of her parents. Avery awoke during the night multiple times, face red and bawling at the top of her lungs. As the dorm was shared with all the other parents, Avery wasn't the only one keeping her awake. Cries of the other pair's children echoed throughout the rooms and Hermione could hardly hear herself think. It had barely been an hour since Hermione had fell asleep that Avery had awoke, crying loudly.

Although Avery was adorable and her little giggles warmed Hermione's heart, she cursed the infant's shocking lung capacity.

Hermione groaned loudly. She had expected to be a Head girl, or the top of the class this year, everything except a mother. Even the prospect of becoming the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team would've seemed a whole lot more believable than her current situation.

"Shh…" Hermione cooed at Avery, scooping her up from the white bassinet that was already placed in the room. To Hermione's anger, Draco lay in the bed next to her's, pillow held over his face, trying to drown out the sounds of the crying baby.

"Make her shut up, Granger," he mumbled, voice muffled and a grey eye peaking from underneath the pillow. Hermione shot him a cold look and looked back to Avery who was still having a fit, chubby fists waving wildly in the air. One hit Hermione square in the face and Draco guffawed, laughter suppressed by the feather pillow.

"I don't know why she's crying," Hermione complained, attempting to rock Avery back and forth. Carefully placing Avery back into her bassinet, Hermione threw a pillow at Draco. "Malfoy, get over here." Draco groaned, but to her surprise he got out of bed and slouched towards her.

"Give her here," Draco said, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Reluctantly, Hermione gave him the upset baby. He picked Avery up from underneath her armpits and spun her around.

"Malfoy!" Hermione cried in shock as he spun Avery around, over his head. "You'll hurt her. Stop-"

"Shut up," Draco said placing Avery back down and tucking her blanket over her.

"Excuse me?" Hermione said, offended.

"I said shut up, Granger," he said retreating back to his bed. "I got that brat to go back to sleep, so shut up before you wake her up again." Hermione looked downwards and, to her surprise, found Avery fast asleep, her small chest rising and falling. Only a minute ago was her face red from crying, but now she was gently sucking on her thumb, eyes shut.

"H-How?" Hermione stuttered, surprised at Draco's parenting capabilities. However, she received no reply as Draco was now buried under his green and silver blanket, fast asleep. Maybe he isn't so bad after all, Hermione said, pulling her sheets over her and getting some much deserved rest.

Hermione awoke that morning, stretching her arms over head as she yawned loudly. She leant over to scoop Avery out of her bassinet, but found her gone.

"Malfoy, where's Avery?" she whipped her head towards his cot, but found him absent as well. "I swear, if he's throwing her around, I'm going to kill him!" She rushed down the stairs, still clad in her red-striped pyjamas to find an unnerving sight.

Draco Malfoy, plastic spoon in hand, feeding an infant.

"Here comes the extremely dangerous Horned Serpent!" he said, with a hint of malice, poking the spoon into Avery's mouth. However, distracted by Hermione's presence Avery flicked the spoon with a chubby hand, the baby food flying across and landing straight on Hermione's messy curls. Draco turned around, to find the victim of Avery's projectile and found Hermione covered in orange mush.

He began to laugh loudly, clutching his stomach and tears brimming the corner of his eyes while Hermione fumed with anger.

"Good aim, Avery," Draco said, rubbing the gurgling baby on the top of her head. Although Hermione smelt of baby food and looked like a horrible mess, she couldn't help but smile at the sight of Draco Malfoy sitting next to an adorable, little baby.

"You're such a softie, Malfoy," Hermione joked, wiping the baby food off of her cheek. "You're a better mum than I am." Draco's expression turned sour and he picked Avery up.

"She's all yours now," he said, dropping Avery into Hermione's arms. "I'm going to eat some food. Some really food." He wiped his thumb across the corner of Hermione's mouth where baby food had splattered onto and her cheeks turned scarlet.

"See you at the parenting lessons," he said nonchalantly, striding out of the room and flicking his green and silver scarf over his shoulder.

"I hate him!" Hermione said, when he had left the room and Avery jumped in her arms at the sudden outburst.

"Hate who, Hermione?" asked a voice from behind her. Hermione turned around and saw Ginny Weasley descending the stone stairs, a baby sleeping soundly in her arms. Hermione's blush deepened in colour. "Jeez, you look like hell." Ginny gestured with one arm to the baby food splattered on her.

"Scourgify," Hermione muttered, pointing the wand at herself. "Better now?" she asked.

"Lots," Ginny replied. "Meet my temporary son, Noah." Hermione stepped closer and squealed. Ginny's baby had chocolate skin and short, curly black hair on his smooth head. He had awoken and was now blinking at Hermione with his big, brown eyes.

"He's adorable, Gin," Hermione said, cooing at the calm baby. "How is he so good? Avery was bawling for half the night."

"Harry's a natural with babies," Ginny said, clearly proud of her boyfriend. "He got a lot of practice over the holidays with Teddy." Edward Lupin, or Teddy for short, for Harry's godchild. Similar to all the orphans the seventh-years were taking care of, Teddy's parents Tonks and Remus Lupin had died in the war. However, Teddy was looked after by his grandmother, Andromeda Tonks. "How's the ferret with your bundle of joy?"

Hermione sighed, reluctant to admit her incapability as a parent while Draco somehow excelled at taking care of Avery. "He's great," Hermione admitted and Ginny raised an eyebrow at that statement. "Avery was crying last night, but Draco gave her a spin of sorts and she just went back to sleep."

"He probably just knocked her out," said a male voice from the top of the staircase. There was Harry, glasses askew on his nose and a grin on his face. "Morning, Hermione," he said. "Morning, love," and he planted a kiss on Ginny's forehead. Harry picked up Noah out of his girlfriend's arms and held him with one arm.

"Where's Ron?" Hermione asked, smiling at a giggling Noah in Harry's arm. "I haven't seen him since last night."

"Probably sleeping," Ginny snorted. "That's all he does anyway."

"Apart from eating," Harry interjected. "I'm interested in seeing him as a dad. He had quite a shock last night when the babies started floating into the hall." Hermione laughed at the thought of Ron having a heart attack at the sight of a bunch of levitating baskets of babies.

"That sounds about right," she said, her stomach rumbled. "I'm starving. Do you want to eat breakfast in the common room. I'm sure I look horrible right now."

"You, er, look great," Harry said surveying her bed-hair, crumpled pyjamas and tired eyes. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Nice try, Harry," she said before going up the stairs to freshen up and change into her Hogwarts uniform.

Hermione's mouth watered at the smell of hot coffee, scrambled eggs and strips of bacon that Ginny had ordered from the kitchen earlier. With all her fussing about Avery, Hermione hadn't realised how hungry she was. Due to the sudden appearance of food, Ron had materialised out of nowhere and began to load his plate with bacon. It was almost like watching a moth attracted to a light. Ron being a moth, and food being a light.

"Typical…" Hermione muttered, watching her best friend stuff his mouth with an overwhelming amount of warm bacon while she sipped her coffee. "How's being a father going, Ron?" He looked up from his bacon and swallowed his mouthful of food in order to reply.

"Bloody difficult," he said plainly and Ginny laughed at his truthfulness. "I don't get why babies are so difficult, with a tiny mouth like theirs', it's a surprise as to how loud they can be."

"Tell me about it," Hermione replied, reminiscing about Avery's loud cries throughout the night. She spread a meagre amount of butter onto her warm toast and took a big bite. She had barely been able to chew her mouthful when a loud, furious voice interrupted her.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" cried a loud, female voice from the top of the staircase causing Hermione to choke on her toast.

"P-Padma," Ron squeaked, appearing to shrink in her presence, while Harry slapped Hermione on the back. "Good morning."

"GOOD MORNING?" she shrieked and Ron winced at her raised voice. "DO YOU THINK I AM HAVING A GOOD MORNING?" Her normally sleek, black hair was unruly and her dark eyes were widened in anger. She sure didn't look great.

"Yes?" Ron replied unsurely. Hermione placed her forehead into her palm and Ginny laughed, placing a napkin over her mouth to muffle the sound.

"YOU LEFT LYON ON YOUR BED INSTEAD OF HIS BASSINET!" she yelled. "POOR THING COULD'VE ROLLED OFF AND CRACKED HIS HEAD OPEN!" Padma looked very animated while yelling, arms waving, enunciating her every word.

"…but he didn't?" Ron said sheepishly and Harry sighed loudly, running his hands through his jet-black hair. Ron was his best friend, but he could be insufferably stupid at times.

"Ron, mate, just stop it," Harry said exasperatedly, Hermione and Ginny nodding in support.

Padma opened her mouth to no doubt continue yelling, but a sudden cry of a baby made her close her mouth. She gave Ron another deathly stare, before marching back up the stairs.

"Saved by the bell, eh?" Ron said, tucking back into his sizeable plate of breakfast.

"Did you just call your own child a bell?" Ginny asked accusingly, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, but…" Ron said, trailing off while Ginny shot him a frightening glare. "I can't be any worse than, Malfoy, right?" Hermione gave his question a moment of thought. Draco certainly was a better father than Ron which was surprising indeed.

"His lot orphaned all those kids anyway," Ron huffed, annoyed at everyone's reluctance to answer his question. Ginny slapped him on the arm, upset by his comment.

"Ronald!" she cried and Ron rubbed his arm guiltily. With a pang of sadness, he realised without a doubt that Ginny was thinking about the death of their brother and he mumbled an apologetic 'sorry'.

"No need to go berserk, Weaslette," Draco said. His presence suddenly noted as he leant against the entrance door into the Common Room, hands casually in his pocket. "Ronald has a point." Ron's hands tightened into fists when Draco used his full name scathingly. He stood up as if he were about to pick a fight, but Hermione grabbed his wrist harshly and pulled him back down.

"Stop," she hissed into his ear and let go of him. Hermione noticed Draco had an underlying tone of sadness in his voice so she decided to let his comment go. He had a small smirk on his mouth didn't quite reach his grey eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Ron protested.

"Aren't I allowed in my own common room?" Draco asked, closing the door and striding towards the staircase. Ron's ears went red both in embarrassment and anger. "Chill out, Weasley, I'm just getting a book from my room."

At Draco's departure, Ron went back to stacking his plate with even more breakfast and Hermione sighed, rocking Avery in her arms. This year was going to be a long one.

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