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Anyway about my story, An old rival of Clow Reed returns and is determined to kill his successor(Sakura) and take the Star cards. A force so powerful that it could tear the cc team apart forever. This is a S+L/S+S, and M+E/T+E fic. Here's ch.1 enjoy!

It has been many years since Sakura Avalon sealed all the clow Cards and turned them into Star Cards. Sakura is now 15 and going to high school. She hasn't seen or heard from Li since he left for Hong Kong. She often thinks about him, wondering if he's forgotten about her and moved on. The night before her Greatest adventure she dreamed about him.

"Where am I?" thought Sakura. She was walking in a pitch black room, stumbled and fell.

"Here, let me help you up." said a voice. Then a hand extended toward Sakura.

"Thanks," said Sakura. She reached for hand, she could barely see it. As soon as she touched the hand All the darkness disappeared and Sakura could see the owner of the hand.

"Li!" Sakura shouted leaping into his arms. "I missed you so much!"

"I know, now that I'm back, I'll never leave you again." Li promised

"Oh Li! thank you." said Sakura. BRING!BRING! BRING! It was Sakura's alarm clock.

"Sakura, wake up!" said Kero. Kero is the guardian beast of Clow Cards and one of Sakura's two guardians. He always helped Sakura, whether it was sealing a card or getting ready for school. In his true form he looked like a lion with wings, but in his false form he looked like a stuffed animal. "I've been trying to get you up for 10 minutes!" said Kero

"Sorry Kero." apologized Sakura.

"It amazes me how you can be late so often!" Kero continued. Sakura looked at her clock, It was 7:40 and Sakura was supposed to meet Madison at 7:45! Sakura quickly changed into her uniform and rushed downstairs.

"Late again squirt?" teased Sakura's older brother Tori. Tori was always teasing and pulling pranks on Sakura, but he was actually very protective of his little sister. Tori received his answer in the form of trobbing pain in his foot, where Sakura had kicked him.

"Here's your lunch Sakura." said Sakura's father Aiden.

"Thanks dad." said Sakura.

"and here's something for your little friend." said Aiden motioning to Kero.

"YYYEEEAAAAAHHHHH! PUDING!" Kero was ecstatic as he began eating his favorite food. Sakura got her skates on and rushed out the door.

"Sakura you're late again. " Said Madison

"I know." said Sakura, Where'd you get that necklace? It's beautiful." Madison blushed deeply as she replied" It's from a friend." They rushed to school and got there just before the bell rang.

"Do you think dreams mean something?" Sakura asked

"Why did you have a strange dream?" asked Madison

"I had a dream, but it wasn't strange." replied Sakura. Before Madison could asked what she meant, the bell rang starting class. Sakura thought about her dream all day. She had prophetic dreams before, and she wished with all her heart that this was one of those times. When school was over Sakura and Madison walked home together.

"Sakura what's wrong? you look troubled." said Madison

"It's nothing." Sakura answered she was blushing a little. Madison looked Sakura in the eyes and said

"You're thinking about him aren't you?" Sakura sweatdrop.

"No, what makes you say that?" Suddenly Madison started to wave at a person behind Sakura.

"Hey Li! over here" Madison called. Sakura immediately turned bright red and turned around, looking frantically but no one was there. Madison started laughing, then Sakura realized it was a trick.

"That wasn't very nice Madison!" said Sakura glaring at her friend.

"Sorry Sakura, but I could help but notice how absent-minded you've been today." said Madison "You really miss him don't you?"

"More then you know." Sakura said "I'm always thinking about him, and worrying that he might of forgotten about me and found someone else." Sakura's voice trailed off at the last few words

"Sakura! How could you think that! Li would never forget you. He loves you, he said so himself." said Madison

"Thanks Madison" Sakura said. When the two friends reached the park they saw a cloaked figure standing on the Penguin Slide. Sakura couldn't see who it because the hood covered the figure's face.

'Whoever they are, they have very strong magical power and they don't seem friendly.' Thought Sakura

"Give me the Star Cards!" the Figure demanded.

"No way! How do you know about the Star Cards anyway?" asked Sakura.

"Let's just say I'm familiar with their origins, give them to me now! Shouted the figure. Instead of answering Sakura summoned her wand.

"Key of the Star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff, and shine your light! RELEASE!" Sakura held her staff in a fighting position, ready for anything.

"Fine, if you won't hand them over, I will take them by force!" said the figure" Key of the Void, with the power to fight, Reveal the staff, to extinguish the light! RELEASE!" A staff appeared in the figure's hands. It was similar to Sakura's but it was entirely black with a red star.

'This isn't going to be easy!' thought Sakura

Sakura couldn't be more right. So what do you think so far? Don't worry there will be plenty of S+L in the following chapters. Ch.2 is comming soon.