I'm really sorry about killing Syaoran in the last chapter, but out of Chaos comes Order. (Translation- the worse the angst/tragedy, the greater the fluff later)

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An Old Rival Returns Chapter 11 Sun, Moon and Stars Against The Void

Eriol appeared in the living room of Sakura's house and set her down on the couch.

" She's in shock, but it wouldn't last long I hope." said Eriol. He summoned his wand and began warding the house against an attack along with Vosran.

" That Chinese gaki did this to her didn't he?" asked Touya.

" Syaoran protected Sakura! He died to keep her safe!"said Meilin. Touya looked down in shame.

" Syaoran is still alive, or at least part of him is, in Sakura's sword and Sheath. That's what Yue says." said Yukito. Eriol and Vosran came back.

" I'm going to search for her with the Dark moon pack! We'll destroy her!"said Vosran.

" But yourself said it would impossible to find her." said Meilin. Suddenly the star sword began glowing, it pointed to a Star Card.

In Sakura's Mind

Sakura was sitting down with her head down when she heard a voice.

" Don't lose hope." It said. Sakura looked up and saw the Hope Card.

" You will be with Syaoran again in the world of the living if you remain faithful. If you lose hope, it's all gone." She said.

" But how can revive Syao-chan?" asked Sakura.

" My former Master and myself know of a way but it will only work if you defeat Nightshade once and for all." said Hope.

" Nightshade in going down!" declared Sakura.

Back with others. P

Sakura sat up, sheathed her sword and strapped it to her back.

" Yue, Keroberos, We're going on a Mage Hunt." She said with a cool, collected tone.

"Yes Mistress." they both said.

" But how will you find Nightshade?" asked Meilin.

" The Shadow Card." said Sakura.

" Of course, Shadow and find someone else's shadow." said Eriol. Tomoyo ran upstairs, she came back with a parcel.

" Sakura, if your going to fight Nightshade, please wear this." she said. Sakura opened the parcel and stared with wide eyes. The Battle costume was similar to Syaoran's usual outfit except it was pink with a big Star adorinng the front and back. It also had a hat like Syaoran's and long Pink gloves with a star on the back of the palm. Sakura's eyes got watery.

" Thanks Tomoyo." she said. She changed into the new outfit and drew her sword.

" Shadow Card, find Nightshade's shadow! Release and Dispel! Shadow Card!" Sakura commanded. Shadow emerged and bowed to Sakura. He then ran along the floor out of the house. Sakura followed along with the rest of the group. Shadow lead them to the Penguin Slide.

" About time you got here." said Nightshade. " Release and Dispel! Barrier Card!" called Nightshade. A black dome settled around Sakura and Nightshade. " Only one of us will leave this dome alive."

" Celestial Spear!" called Sakura. A white spear of energy emerged.

" Dark Spear!" called Nightshade. A black spear of energy emerged. The two spears blasted each other but Sakura's continued towards Nightshade. The Void Mage deflected the attack with her wand. Sakura ran forward and thrusted at Nightshade. She jumped to the right, transformed wand into a sword and tried to impale Sakura's side, Sakura locked hilts with Nightshade and a shoving match began.

" I'm far stronger then you little girl!" said Nightshade and began pushing Sakura down.

" Power! Release and Dispel!" called Sakura. She pushed Nightshade back and slashed at her Stomach. A crimson line appeared there, and Sakura called Power back before Nightshade could suck her up.

" Dark Lance Virages!" called Nightshade. Scores of Dark Lances zoomed at Sakura.

' duck, jump left, swing vertically.' said a voice within Sakura's mind. It sounded almost like Syaoran. Sakura was able to dodge all the lances. Nightshade was getting irritated.

" Release and Dispel! Bind Card!" called Nightshade. Dark chains appeared, and bond Sakura hand and foot. " Now I'm going to kill you." she said and slashed down at Sakura. The green Sheath levitated and blocked the attack.

" What's going on?" asked Nightshade. Sakura began to make out Syaoran's form, holding the Sheath. He was transparent but still there.

" I'm not going to let a little thing like death stop me from protecting my Cherry Blossom." said Syaoran smiling at Sakura. Sakura felt her heart swell with joy. She released Small and shrunk and got big again once she was free. Now that Syaoran was with her again she felt good enough to win.

" Power of the Star! Give me your Strength!" She called. Her Star symbol appeared under her feet. Angel like Wings grew out of her back and a bow appeared in her hands, it was pure white.

" Source of Light with ancient spins, send the magic power within! Powers of the Moon, Sun, and Stars, Force know my plight! Send forth the Light!" Sakura called. Blinding light emerged from her. For the first time in centuries, Nightshade was afraid. Not even The Clow himself had so much power. Syaoran gawked at Sakura. He had never seen her this way, she was like an Angel form Heaven. Sakura pulled back the string and a pure white arrow appeared. Sakura pointed the Arrow at Nightshade. The Void Mage was scared out of her wits, she willed her body to move, but the light had paralyzed her.

"Sacred Star Arrow!" Sakura called. She fired the arrow and it traveled Straight and True. It dug into Nightshade's Chest as beams off light shot out of her. She screamed in utter agony as the Star Power tore her apart. Sakura fell to her knees and her wings retracted back into her. The barrier came down and Sakura's friends rushed to her side.

" Congratulations Sakura, You beat Nightshade all by yourself." said Eriol. Sakura shook her head.

" Syao-chan was with me the whole time." she said and fainted. She woke up in her room with Eriol watching her.

" Hope said you know how to revive Syaoran." She said. Eriol nodded.

" Now that you've had a few days few days rest I think you're strong enough to do it." He said.

" How long was I out?" asked Sakura.

" Three days." said Eriol. Sakura's mouth fell open.

'Three days?' she thought. Eriol lead her back to the Penguin Slide, where Syaoran had been struck down.

"Place the Sheath on the ground." said Eriol. Sakura did so. " Now release Hope, think of your happiest memory, and pray that Syaoran will come back." said Eriol.

" Hope Card! Revive Syaoran! Release and Dispel! Hope Card !" called Sakura. She began to think of her happiest memory.

Sakura's Memory

" Card originally created by Clow, abandon your current form and reincarnate...... Under the name of your new master Sakura!" commanded Sakura. The Void Clow card became mist and went into card form, right after a cloud of mist surrounded Syaoran. Sakura turned to him.

" Syaoran, I don't care if you don't have feelings for me anymore, that doesn't matter now. I just wanted to say I'm in love with you, that's all. You're the most important person in the world to me." She said. Silence. Sakura had teary eyes but then...

" And your mine. Sakura." said Syaoran. Sakura felt happiness reach every part of her body.

" Ok, Here I go!" said Sakura.

" Wait a second! The stairs will come back." said Syaoran.

" No way!" said Sakura happily. She jumped across the gap between herself and Syaoran.

" I love you!" Sakura shouted. She landed in his arms and he held her close.


' That's my happiest memory. When I told Syaoran I loved him. Please come back to me Syaoran, I need you with me." Sakura thought, her sword returned to being a wand, and a beam of pink energy hit the Green Sheath. It extended and changed till it took Syaoran's from, he was wearing the outfit he did when he fought the Sealed Card. He sat up and shook his head.

" Hello my Ying Fa." he said. Sakura ran up to him and hug him tightly, burring her head in his chest. Syaoran wrapped his arms around her back and rubbed it. They stayed that way for a while, With Sakura having a vice grip on Syaoran, while he rubbed her back soothingly and whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

In a bush nearby

" Can't you give them any privacy?" asked Vosran.

" I couldn't possibly miss the chance to record this SS moment. It's the kawaiiest yet." said Tomoyo.

" So she's always like this?" asked Vosran.

" All the time." said Meilin. She heard Tomoyo squeal and saw that Sakura had stopped crying and kissed Syaoran with so much force he was knocked on his back. The kiss broke a few minutes later, and the two lovebirds got up and began walking home. Touya was furious when he saw the Chinese brat was still alive, he was even more pissed off when he saw Sakura hanging on his arm. The whole group minus Touya and his dad gathered in the living room.

" What are you going to do now Vosran?" asked Sakura. Who was still grabbing Syaoran's arm as if afraid he would disappear if she let go.

" I'm going to stay in Toemeda for a while. I've been to many places over the centuries but this is the best place." said Vosran.

" Why's that?" asked Tomoyo who already knew the answer. Vosran smiled at Meilin.

" Because this is where Meilin-koishi is." he said. Meilin blushed and slipped her hand into his.

" I'm going to live with Vosran and Lunar. See you guys later" said Meilin happily.

" Mom said it was ok for Eriol, Nakaru and Spinner to stay at my house." said Tomoyo.

Everything was falling into place, but something nagged at Sakura's mind. Something important she forgot to do. Sakura pushed the thought away and pulled her little wolf in for a kiss.

" The time has almost arrived." said a masculine voice.

" We will prove we have what it takes to lead the clan." said a feminine voice.


There's going to be a sequel, it should be up next week.