Chapter 1: My Will is my Own

I'm back, did you miss me?

Black. That's all Harry could think about as he stared up a the ceiling of his darkened room. His prison, he thought grimacing as the shadows moved around on the walls. How he focused on the blackness, because if he didn't, Harry shuddered. If he didn't then all he could see would be green, bright vivid green against a backdrop of grey. His arm burned at the mere thought of what happened that day, grimacing Harry rolled over on his lumpy mattress to stare out the barred window. Clouds drifted past covering what little moonlight there was, just like that night.

"Argh!" Throwing his legs over the bed, Harry padded his way over to the rickety chair and desk that sat in one of the corners of the room. Gently sitting down despite wanting to throw himself into it, he didn't want what few pieces of furniture he had to break because Merlin forbid he deserved any that wasn't secondhand or even fifth-hand.

Feeling around on the surface of the desk he felt the notch he put in there three summers ago and lifted. Somehow, he could say by magic, he managed to fit a secret compartment in the top part of the desk, not a big one. One just large enough to fit the things he had pilfered in his younger years to survive primary as well as the Dursley household. Harry was on a mission though as he dug around spools of thread and tiny needles and he found the slim box of precious supplies. Even without proper lighting, or even good moonlight he knew what was in there. Tools, all kinds of fix-it tools, screwdrivers, pliers of different sorts, cutters of varying strength; it even had a selection of screws and nails he found or pried out of the broken toys in the room. These tools were a godsend when he was locked away for days on end, fiddling with the broken toys or whatever he had grabbed out of someone's rubbish bin. People threw out a lot of fixable things, some he even managed to fix well enough to sell to someone else. For a pittance of course, but something was better than nothing, and he usually sold them to people who didn't take his Aunt's word like it was gospel.

Harry felt that it would take more than wishful thinking to stop the nightmares of Cedric dying, and Voldemort rising to stop, but he couldn't access his trunk nor fit Hedwig through the newer bars to ask someone for a dreamless sleep potion. So keeping himself occupied with broken garbage until he passes out from exhaustion would have to do. It was only the second day of summer break, and the pile had only gotten larger over the years, so there was plenty to last his through the next couple of months.

-Line, I am a Line-

It was the banging on the door that woke him up from his spot on the desk, which only made his body realize that it did not like sleeping at that angle at all and decided to make itself known as a sore back and even sorer bum. Groaning as he rubbed said spots Harry heard his Aunt shrill through the door.

"Wake up you lazy boy, you better have breakfast prepared for my dudders or you'll be staying in there all day with no supper!"

With a final bang he listened as her steps lead down to Dudley's room in an effort to get him out of bed, with less yelling and more cooing on her part. With a sigh he put away the tools back into their secret hole and shoving the worked on items and bits under the mattress in case Aunt Petunia decided to make sure there was no freaky business going on. A soft prek got his attention and turned to give a fond smile at his caged friend.

"Hey there girl, rude wake up call I know. Don't worry I'll be back up here in no time, I'm sure they'll find something to blame me with." Giving Hedwig a gentle scratch before she nibbled at the fingers in an affectionate manner. With one last stroke to her feathers Harry made his way out of his unlocked room and down the stairs to make a feast for his brute of a cousin. He was thankful that Uncle Vernon wasn't there at the table this time as he moved to grab the essential items for a normal English breakfast, if he was Harry would have been up earlier and probably would have gotten a smack for something or other as his uncles' beady eyes glared at him from behind his newspaper. By the time he got the last bits of food on the table he could her Dudley finally get up for his late breakfast and his substantial weight come down the stairs. Moving to the corner of the kitchen Harry watch as his cousin wobbled in with dear mummy right behind him, neck craning to make sure everything wasn't out of place and nothing was removed. The chair made a protesting noise when Dudley sat down and Harry worried for a second it might break but thought better of it, if they lasted this long the chairs will last another summer of Dudley sitting in them.

Harry noticed his aunt glaring at him from her spot at the table and gave her his attention, knowing she had something to tell him.

"I will be out most of the day, and Dudley is going out with some of his friends. As you can't be trusted alone, you will spend the day outside and try not to do anything freakish or whatever it is you freaks do. And don't come back until your uncle comes back from work."

Well that sure was something, he didn't know what he was going to do for all of those hours but he could think of something semi-productive. "Yes Aunt Petunia, may I go back to my room to grab my jacket?"

Her sharp nod was permission enough as he darted upstairs to grab his jacket and dig around for the smaller junk he fixed and put them in the overly large pockets of his Dudley cast-off. He eyed the lime-green ambulance sticking out of the broken pile of toys, he'll fix that one next. Saying goodbye to his feathered friend he hurried back down the stairs and out the front door with a passing bye to his aunt and cousin, already heading down the street and towards the playground to think of what to do with his sudden free time. Passing by a tree Harry swore he heard someone snoring but chalked it up to one of the neighbors leaving a window open and kept going.

He made good time as he came upon the park and spotted his chosen swing, plopping down on the seat listening to the chain groan and squeak before pulling out the goodies he grabbed from his mattress. The first one was a toy camera that was probably older than some kids in the neighborhood, it was colorful as any toddler toy was, reds and yellows were prominent but what made it more than other toys was the lens and shutter feature. Holding it up to his eyes, he looked through the viewfinder taking in the small view of the trees and old play equipment.

The toy wasn't in horrible shape when he fixed it, the lens was popped out and the clicker for the shutter was stuck with food stuffs, one of the more easier fixes. Done with pretending to take pictures, Harry placed the camera into his other pocket and grabbed something else. Feeling around he grabbed a rectangular piece of plastic and saw it was another toddler toy, only this time it was a cellphone. It amazingly looks closer to the new phone he's seen Dudley playing with. This one ran on batteries though even if the screen looked very realistic for something not actually usable. This one he sorta fixed but the large crack in the screen was something he couldn't do anything about and just cleaned it up and put replacement batteries in. He pretended anyway, wondering what it was like to actually have a real phone but the only person he could probably call was Hermione since she actually lived in the muggle world.

Harry put away the toy in the pocket with the camera when he felt hands grab him from behind, one over his mouth and one around his midsection. Panic coursed through him as he began to struggle against the much stronger hold as it pulled him from the swing with ease. Curse his malnourished body. He heard the person behind move around and realized his arms were free and shoved an elbow behind him with all the strength he could. They let him go as they tried to get their breath back and Harry booked it, 'Who the hell tries to kidnap someone in broad daylight!' he thought as he looked behind him to see if the guy was chasing him, which was the wrong thing to do as he tripped over something large and hard and went tumbling forward and into something large and metal. This was all the time needed for the person to catch up and grab him.

"Precious thought he could give me the slip. I'm going to have so much fun breaking you love."

Hot breath caressed his ear as the guy spoke making Harry want to gag as he continued to fight against the arms holding him tight. 'Oh god, I'm going to get molested, even worse than molested. Where is anyone! Someone help me! Please, someone anyone!' Harry squeezed his eyes closed as he felt a hand slide down his body and whimpered, 'Please help!'.

Something inside him welled up, burned through his insides as it sought to find the help he needed. It touched upon the two toys in his pocket, felt their potential but they were too small to help and poked the car that was in front of them. Harry didn't realize what he was feeling as tears began to fall, only that he was scared and no one was coming to save him. He only noticed something when he realized he was being touched anymore, and a loud humming of something large and angry could be heard.

Blinking back the tears, Harry stared in front of him taking a bit to realize the car was no longer there but legs, large metal legs. Looking up Harry blinked as he took in what was in front of him, not really believing it but some part of him accepting this weird thing happening right now. The humming he heard a a gun, actually more like a red hot barrel cannon that was one twitch away from blowing away the molester to nothing.

While his brain was taking in everything so far Harry smiled and let out what could be called a hysterical laugh, " Would you look at that." Then his brain said now was a good time to crash.

Surprise, third time's the charm right? I'm going to do something more along what I was going to do from the very beginning. So there will be more minibots than large ones, the car is a given as someone has to drive them around. I have all the bots ready and what they're going to be except one. I just really liked the name.