A/N: I realized halfway through Chapter Two that I should have added this at the beginning. It's not exactly a prologue, more like a foreshadowing. So, here it is. Pretend you read this first.

She pushed aside yet another pile of rocks blocking her path, wishing for at least the tenth time that she could just blast them away with her wand, or at least charm them to weigh less. The prickling on the back of her neck was getting stronger and she suspected she was finally getting close, even though her memories of the last time she'd been here were murky.

She didn't want to continue. Her worst nightmare was coming true, the chanting in her head getting louder that once again, this was all her fault, her fault, her fault.

But even louder was Draco's voice warning her that Harry was going to die. Again.

So Ginny plodded on.