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Chapter 3: Persistent Bugs

Itsuku really hated her principal right now, subtly glaring at the self-satisfied smirk playing across the stupid ferret's face. All-Might scratched the back of his head apologetically, feeling a little bit bad for setting up his protégé like this, but it was all going to be worth it in the end…he hoped.

"I hope we can get along," the girl, who was still enthusiastically shaking her hands, greeted with a wide smile, "My name is Yaoyorozu Momo. It's a pleasure to meet another recommendation student."

Itsuku twitched at that again, sending another quick glare at All-Might and Nezu whose smile only widened.

"Midoriya Itsuku," she replied a bit stiffly, not quite used to conversing civilly with people her own age. Pulling her hand away quickly, she winced a bit at the slightly surprised expression that passed over Momo's face. "Sorry…I'm not used to…contact." The black-haired girl jumped at the expression, her face quickly turning into self-conscious worry.

"No no! That was my fault. I was too forward," she quickly responded, feeling a bit embarrassed. "I should know better than to invade someone's space like that so suddenly…" She trailed off, looking off the side awkwardly. Itsuku flinched before another sigh escaped her, mentally palming her face.

"It's alright," she muttered, just loud enough, "Partners?"

"That's right!" Momo jumped back in, a determined fire in her eyes, "I didn't know about it either, but apparently recommendation students are tasked with coming up with a year-end project."

"What about?" the green-haired girl half-asked, half growled as she sent another subtle death-glare to her principal whose euphoric face was only serving to make her more irritated. This was also the first she had ever heard about being a recommendation student.

"They said they'd assign it to us on the first week of school," Momo supplied with an excited smile. Honestly, she just couldn't wait to invite her new partner over to hang out, talk about things, indulge in youthful activites and whatever else came with having people come over...

She didn't really know by experience…but she was sure that her butler, maids, personal trainer, limo driver and mother would know what to do. Mentally, she reminded herself to talk to her parents about the exciting new development. Maybe they'd even let her prep the guest room!

'In other words,' Itsuku thought as she once again mentally face-palmed, 'They're making shit up.' She hated how Nezu's face seemed to know exactly what she was thinking as he began to almost skip in place. All-Might had the decency to look apologetic at least.

"Anyway, what's the name of your Quirk? Mine's Creation," the taller girl continued diligently, "It lets me create anything non-living from the excess lipid stores in my body."

Suddenly, Itsuku zoned out, having finally realized that her Quirk had been processing Momo's Quirk the entire time. Normally, it was easy for Machine Learning to scan and process a person's quirk, but that was usually because a Quirk could only do a few things.

Her head actually began to hurt as her Quirk registered the over 4000 items that Momo could instinctively create. That wasn't counting the items she had forgotten how to make. From everyday things such as a pencil to a freaking motorbike, Momo could make all of them. Countless recipes began to filter into her memory, causing her to sway a bit in place. It was insane!


Chemical formulas for complex drugs she had only read in passing flickered through her mind rapidly. The intricate workings of explosives, military grade weapons, even how to create a working rocket engine were mercilessly hard-coded into her memory.


It was too much to process at once, and before she could slow down the train of information, Itsuku's vision began to swim, and she felt her legs give way as her system forcibly shut down. The world began to spin.

The last thing she remembered was falling into something soft…. Good thing Momo knew how to make pillows fast.

Itsuku's eyes snapped open, finding herself in a comfortable bed surrounded by pure white curtains. Blinking as to reduce the strain on her eyes, she sat up, groaning as a headache began to make itself known. Tapping her cheeks to force herself into awareness, she rubbed her temples as the aftereffects of her Quirk made themselves known.

With a heavy exhale, she began to stretch to relieve the tension in her arms and legs. Sliding the curtains open, she paused briefly to marvel at the fact that her arms and legs didn't feel like hunks of metal.

"Ah, you've awoken," an elderly woman in a pink and white nurse uniform greeted kindly, "I'm Recovery Girl. I work as the nurse here at Yuuei. You're also free to call me Chiyo-sensei. Are you feeling better Midoriya-chan?"

"Yeah…Other than the headache," she groused, swinging her legs off the bed, grimacing.

"Ah, one moment then," Recovery Girl said as her lips began to comically stretch and planted themselves right on her forehead. Itsuku was about to say something when her Quirk, having rebooted, went to work.

"That's a pretty amazing Quirk, sensei," Itsuku replied as the pain of her headache ebbed away, "Healing quirks are rare…"

"That they are Midoriya-chan," the elderly woman said with a kind smile, "Any other issues?"

"None currently," the green-haired girl answered as she jumped out of bed, blinking as she noticed the now-familiar form of Yaoyorozu who was slumped up against a chair, completely asleep. Her neck was going to be sore for sure…

"She was worried about you. When Yagi-san and the Principal explained to her what your Quirk was, she felt extremely guilty," Chiyo-sensei supplied, a wry smile on her face, muttering for a moment about idiotic plots and stupid schemes.

"It wasn't her fault…" Itsuku replied somewhat sourly, "Even I didn't know that could happen." She had never fainted from information overload before, and it was a bit scary to know that she could. Then again, she didn't really have a lot of people's Quirks in her database. Itsuku ignored the fact that it was because she barely knew anyone in general.

She still needed to prepare herself for the possibility of it happening again though...

"She was worried. Poor thing fretted herself right to sleep."


Recovery Girl regarded the girl with a curious expression. She had heard bits and pieces from Toshinori, and it was just as bad as he had feared.

"Whatever do you mean Midoriya-chan?" she asked, one of her eyes peeking open just ever so slightly more, "Isn't it natural for someone to be worried about another if they are in pain or hurt?" Chiyo asked, scrutinizing her soon-to-be student.

"She doesn't even know me…or anything about me," she continued, completely confused. It didn't make sense to her. They were essentially complete strangers. Chiyo felt a wave of sadness wash over her at how jaded the young girl before her was.

"Humans are strange like that aren't they?" Chiyo simply hummed in response, earning a confused stare from the younger girl who suddenly turned away uncomfortably. Recovery Girl frowned. It truly saddened the elder woman to see such a young soul so damaged by the world, because even if she hadn't said anything in response, the answer was painfully clear.

Not the ones I know…

"Are you sure you're okay to be walking around Midoriya?" Yaoyorozu asked for what must have been the tenth time already. She had been fretting non-stop ever since she had woken up.

"I'm fine Yaoyorozu-san," Itsuku sighed, mentally exhausted in more than one way, "I just didn't expect it."

"If you're sure…" the black-haired girl said, wringing her hands, still plainly feeling a bit guilty. Itsuku's headache was returning already. This girl took everything so seriously…

"I'm sure it's a normal reaction to faint when you cram the atomic recipes of a few thousand items into your head in the span of thirty seconds," Itsuku deadpanned, hopping to get her point across. Momo stared for a moment, and then promptly burst into a fit of giggles. "What?"

"You're funny," the black-haired girl said with a small smile, holding her hands behind her back as they walked.

"I was being serious."

"I figured."

Itsuku only offered silence for the rest of their trip to the principal's office, contemplating her new set of circumstances. Momo didn't seem to mind, an almost palpable air of cheer around her as they walked on. Honestly, it ticked her off, just a little bit…

"Come in!" another, oh so cheery voice called. This time, Itsuku knew she was irritated. As the doors to the principal's office opened, that damnable rat was sitting there, paws bridged and a wide, knowing smirk on his face. "Good Afternoon. I hope you're doing better Midoriya-san."

"Just peachy," Itsuku replied flatly, doing her best to not give the satisfaction to her soon-to-be principal.

"Excellent," Nezu continued, unfazed, "Then I'm sure you'll both be pleased to know that your Quirk-Assessments are excellent. There shouldn't be any problems for your recommendations. By technicality that would make you already…"

"I'm taking the Entrance Exam," Itsuku cut off suddenly, her irritation peaking. She didn't struggle and come this far only to be accepted on a technicality. She would never allow it. Itsuku needed to prove it because, she wouldn't accept anything less. She wanted to see it for herself.

"But Midoriya. As recommendation students we don't…" Momo began only to be silenced by an icy and slightly intimidating glare.

"I refuse," she continued strongly, not even sparing her partner a glance. Nezu stared at the young woman with a well-veiled face of calm, scrutinizing the protégé of All-Might.

"Care to explain why Midoriya-san?" the Principal asked calmly as he took a sip from his coffee. He had to suppress a small chuckle when he noticed her twitch in annoyance. Messing with humans in the name of helping them was quite fun.

Itsuku glanced Momo, noticing her reserved expression, likely off put by her real demeanor. She hadn't meant to snap, but everything would have been a lot easier if she hadn't been in the room. Nezu knew of her situation. Yaoyorozu did not.

"I need to prove it, to everyone," she answered, her eyes daring the principal to deny her. The Principal smirked. For just a few moments, he pretended he was deliberating, enjoying the way that his future student continued to glare daggers at him. It was lovely.

"Very well. If that's what you desire," he said lazily, "What about you Yaoyorozu-san?" Momo jumped in surprise, broken out of her thoughts.


"Since Midoriya-san is participating, I just naturally assumed that you, as her partner, would as well," he said, his grin stretching into a full-blown smirk as Itsuku's death glare began to come out in full force. It was rather adorable really, like a baby tiger threatening to bite your hand off and maul your feet.

"Don't drag her into this," Midoriya hissed, her blank façade breaking for just a moment before she quickly brought it back into place, "This is my decision. I'd ask you to not impose it on Yaoyorozu-san."

"No, it's fine," Momo suddenly interjected, a chill going down her spine as she felt Midoriya direct her gaze towards her, "Principal Nezu is right. As your partner, it's my duty to at least support you in your ventures. There is also merit in participating in the Entrance Exam, being that it would also allow me to showcase my skills off to my future classmates." She honestly felt a little bad for not thinking about it before. Wouldn't her classmates be reasonably jealous or resentful to learn that she had been given an easy path to Yuuei? By participating, it would ingratiate her to her fellow students.

Itsuku sputtered, trying to quickly talk Momo out of it, only to be quickly overtaken by an enthusiastic principal.

"Excellent!" Nezu exclaimed, "Now if you excuse me, I have quite a bit of work to do. I do hate to cut this so suddenly, but I expect great things from you two! Toodles!"

And just like that, they were suddenly booted out of the office, leaving Momo slightly confused and Itsuku reasonably steaming.

"That…meddling…white…rat," Itsuku muttered, her fingers twitching vaguely in a motion resembling a choking gesture. Taking a deep breath, she remembered that someone was watching and defaulted to her normal expression, or lack thereof. It might have been a moot point though…

"Um…Midoriya. Have I somehow offended you in some way?" Momo asked, a bit nervous around the strange girl. She would have reprimanded her for speaking so brazenly to the principal if it didn't feel like she would bite her head off…literally. Itsuku closed her eyes and mentally reset herself. It was rare for her to lose control, but that one particular weakness had never really gone away.

"I hate being told what to do and what I am..." she muttered, memories of her childhood flashing in her mind hatefully. Her fists tightened as she remembered their jeering faces telling her what she was, what she was destined to be.

"What do you…"

"That's all I'm willing to say," she snapped coldly, not even sparing another glance towards the other girl, "I never asked to be a recommendation student, and I didn't ask for a partner. I can do it all on my own." Without another word, Itsuku stalked off, leaving the stunned girl behind in the corridor, her heavy footfalls echoing against the empty corridor walls.

Momo stood there stunned, a twist in her gut forcing a frown on her face as a deep sadness wormed into her heart. Wiping away the slight wetness in her eyes, she tried to deny that she had been looking forward to having a partner…a friend. She felt stupid for thinking it. People like that were better off ignored. She hadn't done anything wrong to deserve such mean treatment, but her shoulders drooped a bit. She turned to walk home.

"Yaoyorozu-san," the Principal's voice suddenly called from behind her, "Come inside. We have much to discuss."

Inko was conflicted and just a little bit antsy. She kept sneaking glances at her brooding daughter who had uncharacteristically plopped herself down on the couch as soon as she got home and began mindlessly watching television with a stone-cold face. The last time she had even bothered to stay in the living room for longer than 30 minutes had been years ago.

"Um…Itsuku," she ventured bravely, setting herself down next to her motionless daughter, "Are…are you alright honey?"

"Fine," she muttered, her fists clenched on her legs. She stared resolutely ahead at the TV, though it was clear she wasn't actually watching.

"Are you sure?" Inko continued with concern, emboldened, "If there's anything that is bothering you, honey, or anything you want to talk about…I'm here." Itsuku's fists clenched harder at that, her entire body stiffening at the words. She knew her mother meant well, but her mind flashed to her crying four-year old face begging her mother to tell her she wasn't hopeless. The feeling of resentment crept up into her heart like ice.

"It's fine," she answered curtly, standing up abruptly, avoiding her mother's concerned gaze, her feelings immediately replaced by regret as she caught sight of the wounded expression on her mother's face. "I'm…going to go to bed. I'm not hungry." Inko nodded sadly, watching her daughter mechanically walk to her room. She paused, staring at the plain door. "Good night, mom." The door shut quietly.

Inko really did try her best, but she couldn't help but cry, leaning back onto the old couch while covering her eyes with her right forearm. There were so many things she wanted to say to her precious daughter, so many regrets that she wanted to fix, but she could never find the courage. The last ten years had been awful.

She hadn't seen her daughter smile, laugh, cry, yell, or…anything in so long. Inko would have preferred anger or even rage to the unreadable expression that Itsuku donned every day to protect herself. Drying her eyes, she stared at the speckled ceiling overhead.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, "I'm sorry…"

She should have told her. On that fateful day, Inko knew she had said the wrong thing. She could have fixed it though, proven to her daughter that she was behind her no matter what. Things would have been different maybe. Self-loathing lulled her to sleep as she cursed her inability to be strong for her only child. But, she was hurting Itsuku and herself. Enough.

"Tomorrow…I…" she muttered, her head sinking into the couch as the bleary blackness of sleep overtook her, dinner lying cold and untouched on the table.

As soon as she woke up, Itsuku couldn't help but feel like shit.

She really wished that she could mentally turn off her Quirk sometimes, because right now, it was doing everything in its power to remind her, in painfully pristine detail, of her encounter with her mom. She knew that Inko hadn't deserved the cold shoulder she always presented, but despite the years, it was still hard to face her mother.

As she dressed in the dark hours of the early morning and prepared for the day. Nothing was detracting from her somber mood, however. She poked her head out of her room, finding it still dark and unoccupied. Nodding gently, she walked to the door, freezing as she caught the sight of her mother still sleeping on the couch, the tell-tale salt tracks of tears shining against the minimal light.

She really was…

Shaking her head and the guilt, Itsuku moved on, ignoring the painful twisting in her gut.

Quietly exiting the apartment in the early hours of the morning, she mentally made a note to apologize to her mother when she got back home, stealthily opening the front door as to not disturb Inko or be forced into confrontation. She blinked back the sudden rays of brightness and secured the door behind her. Craning her neck, she made to begin her day…

Only to stop mid-step as she came upon a very strange and slightly stressing scene. Her front yard, normally the boring opening to an apartment complex, had been turned into a campsite, complete with tent, camper, foldable chairs and a still roaring fire pit. Itsuku rubbed her temples in exasperation as she laid eyes upon a now-familiar figure roasting marshmallows in the dead hours of the morning.

"Good Morning Midoriya!" Yaoyorozu chirped from her folding chair, her twinkling eyes watching her branch and solidified sugar with an expression akin to fascination. "Now what to do next…the book said to use chocolate and graham crackers…" she muttered to herself as she held a small pocket-journal in one hand, squinting. Itsuku couldn't stop herself from face-palming.

"Knew I should have stayed in bed this morning…"


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