Make Me Better Than Before

The blue hedgehog was tired of being tied down to only one, had been for quite a while too. Life was more fun with more possibilities. So why should he stay with only one when there were tons of ladies just waiting for him to be available. Can't keep them hanging on right?

He just didn't see why he got in a relationship with this girl anyways. At least not anymore. The thrill was gone. That's all it was. A thrill, like playing with fire. Only the fire was extinguished now.

Amy Rose. A cute pink hedgehog with a skip in her step and a smile on her face. His girlfriend. She'd be fine if he just called things off, no biggie. People did that all the time, break up, hook up. It was normal.

He'd hurt her worse if he didn't break up with her, the love wasn't there for him anymore. Her smile did nothing for him, her voice calling sweetly to him.

That's why he was here now right?

Looking at her stunned expression as he told her plainly that being free was more important, it wasn't her. Literally, it wasn't her. Because he couldn't feel that same feeling he had asking her out for the first time. The love he felt, it slowly disappeared until it was gone, either locked away or hidden in the dark, but it didn't matter, it was replaced. Replaced with the need to be free, to experiment, to do things he couldn't do while she was attached to him like a tick.

"I'm sorry Amy. I can't be tied down anymore. It's better this way." He says nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders while placing his hands in his pockets.

"W-what? But Sonic- I-i thought you loved me." Amy stutters, blinking rapidly to keep tears from falling. To keep her dignity. He had brought her out in public to avoid a scene. To make this go smoothly. It didn't she broke down, full sobs and tremors raking her body while her knees gave out, collapsing in front of him. "S-sonic you shouldn't do this. P-please, think it through. I-i love you so much!" She pleads, looking up at him, jade eyes watered with tears.

Sonic groans, tilting his head back. "Seriously, it was a crush. Nothing more. I let you have your fun while we were together. Just find someone else for your fantasies, I'm not into being a one gal man. We're through." He explains slowly for her, leaning forward to look at her straight on before turning away. "See ya." His feet begin the trek home, not turning back when his ears twitch at her wails and cries. Not to see the girl raise her hand to try and grab him even at their distance and beg to him. That's how things ended. Her weeping at his loss and him relieved to be free and going his own way.

He fell asleep easily that night, grinning at the thought of getting whoever he wanted now.

'You're really disgusting, you know that? I personally think that someone should provide you with a lesson.'

Emerald eyes snapped open, the bright light of morning shining through his blinds in his bedroom. He was alone. No one here to speak to him in that tone. No 'lesson.' He wasn't disgusting. He sits up, observing his bedroom with a slight haze, everything was the same. Bed in the corner, desk across the room near the door, book case adjacent to the window that was next to his bed. Shoes of all kinds littered the floor, a few mags on the desk, none too decent. Everything was the same, yet something felt off as he got up, moving over to the window and staring through the blinds, squinting his eyes shut to protect his still sensitive eyes from the sun that peeked.

"You can't just write me off idiot."

That was real! The cobalt male swung his head to look behind him, body pressing into the wall once his eyes locked onto the form standing in his bedroom. From the looks, hedgehog like him. Only in a dark cloak, hood up to hide any real distinguishing features.

The mystery in black pulls their hood down to reveal a black hedgehog with red stripes curved up, a third eye opening on his forehead at the beginning of a middle crimson streak. "I'm real. Nothing you've ever seen before but no less real than you. But that's where the similarities stop." he says, narrowing his blood colored eyes at him and pointing with a single digit, sharpened with a talon.

"You're a special case, not a good kind either you disgusting pig." The midnight male spits, baring fangs at him.

"W-who the hell are you!?" Sonic questions in his shock, watching his every movement. He house was locked, his door was how'd this creep get in. The hedgehog huffs a sigh, snapping his fingers and a card materializes from a puff of smoke and fire in the air before it's thrown to his head. Good thing he dodges by sliding down against the wall. The card embedded in the wall deeply where his head was once.

"My card." The male says, sitting down in mid air with a bored expression.

The blue hedgehog pulls the card out of the wall with a grunt of effort before looking at the contents of the heavy and definitely not laminated paper card. "Your name is Shadow? Who named you, a child?" He laughs, stifling it with a hand. Before his oxygen is cut off entirely but there was no hand wrapped around his throat. His panicked green eyes immediately dart to the quiet male in midair across from him.

"Are you finished? Because I do have a reason for coming out here you incompetent mortal." Shadow drones, slightly peeved as he glares at him.

After some rapid nods, oxygen and color return to Sonic's face, inhaling deeply while pressing against the wall, focusing on breathing. "I'm Shadow, a demon that's here to make you repent." The dark hedgehog explains. "You're a low, filthy sinner and now, you deal with me."

Sonic's eyes widen, gulping hard while his ears flatten. "But only for the few moments, as well as your guide through the sins you've gained. There's another you must face in the depths of your despair, if you have any with your oversized ego." Shadow continues, tapping the side of his cheek with a finger. "I toss sinners into worlds of their physical sins, using people in their lives as king pieces. Just like you will have to do because of your core sin." He says, pointing at him again with dark eyes.

"What is my core sin then? And what if I choose not to believe you?" The azul male asks, standing back up.

The ebony demon smirks, his finger wagging in dismissal. "It is not my place to reveal such important facts, besides, how will you learn if everything is given to you?"

Sonic narrows his eyes, lowering his ears in frustration. "What's that supposed to mean?" He huffs.

"You'll see you disgusting idiot." Shadow replies, opening his hand as smoke starts to engulf the room, skewing Sonic's vision and making him cough.

As the smoke begins to lift, changing colors as it does so. Vibrant and neon, pinks, blues and greens. And then the giggling. Sally Acorn, dozens of Sally Acorns, wearing mini skirts and tube tops. How was this punishment? This girl was a model, a legend in the fashion world. Yet here she was, they were hugging up to him, petting his arms, clinging to him with sweet words and kisses. Sonic's ears twitch and lower, a smug and happy grin plastered on his face.

"Well hello girls." Sonic chuckles lightly, letting them do as they please while sitting down on a couch. He leans back before shutting his eyes slowly with a soft low hum.

A flash of red light enters his mind, the women around him changing into ghouls, looks distorted and frightening. Teeth sharp like sharks, their beauty still remaining but ferocious. Their eyes turning dark in color, small hearts taking over where their pupils would be.

This was something I worked on while MIA. Let me know if you guys think I should continue this.