A nervous chuckle escapes his throat as he stands up, watching the Sallys move towards him with happy grins.

Every step they took, he'd take one back, putting his hands up placatingly. "H-hey ladies!"

The chipmunks come at his sides, hands running over his shoulders as he jumps, eyes glancing around at each of their faces. They didn't seem to notice that their reflections had shifted to the ghouls that massacred him the first time.

'This is a nightmare! Where's the exit?!' he shouts in his head, eyes darting to the different corners of the room. Because of his wish for one, one did certainly appear, with Shadow pushing it open casually while resting against the wall beside it.

A small grin forms on his face before setting into a full smile, slowly navigating through the crowd of heart-eyed harpies to the door. "Sorry ladies, I gotta take a rain check on this." He says.

'These gals are dangerous. If Shadz wasn't here...I'd be dead right about now. I gotta be more cautious, good looks does not equal good girls.' His ears lower at that thought. 'Didn't I have both before?'

The groans of disappointment echo out from the auburn femme fatales, beckoning whispers entering his head. They were much more faded now, less entrancing. His back feels the cool breeze of the outside air as he nears the door, but this also registered to the Sallys.

The whispers end abruptly, neon heart pupils draining to near black in color, the same as when they were having their own fun. Sonic hiccups at this revelation before darting through the exit, turning through the back alleys of drab buildings to get away.

The cobalt could feel their rage crawling on his back as they chase after him, sounding like a pack of rabid dogs. He was known for being a track runner, both in speed and stamina, so he could keep ahead of them for a time.

'I hope I can lose them before I lose my stamina.' The male thinks, trying to fight the urge of looking back at was most certainly his death waiting.

Much like Shadow helped him, fate seemed to be on his side, the angry noises, scraping claws and snapping jaws came to a slow auditory descent until it faded to nothing.

Ducking into another alleyway, Sonic finally slows taking deep breaths to calm himself and his heart rate. He braces his arms on his knees, a relieved laugh bubbling in his throat. "I escaped! I did it!"

During his little victory, he glances ahead, seeing an abrupt figure standing before him, making him jump back with a shouted curse. "What the hell Shadow!?"

Shadow crosses his arms, raising a brow at his antics. "You may have escaped but that means nothing if you didn't learn. Did you learn Sonic?" He asks, once again pulling out the temporal pocket watch.

"Learn? Learn what?" The green-eyed male scoffs, throwing his arms up. "Learn that anything and everything here could kill me without a second opinion? Learn that this place makes no chaosdamn sense?" He questions angrily, beginning to pace.

The demon rolls his three eyes, looking down at the watch, more specifically at the small meter at the bottom. He was on the brink of a change after seeing the dangers of his lust, but the hand would not move unless it was experienced through another's eyes.

To feel the effects of it.

With a sigh, Shadow places the watch back in the void, out of sight before walking over to the ranting hog. A clawed hand grips the back of Sonic's neck, effectively shutting him up.

"Y-you know, I didn't thank you for helping me out back there." Sonic smiles nervously, looking at the bored demon. 'Can't piss this guy off, who knows what he'll do to me if I do.' He reasons, shoulders hunching at the grip at his spinal cord.

"Sonic? You need to stop talking." The crimson splashed hedgehog orders before releasing him and patting his hand on his robe in mild disgust. "You need to keep going. If you want those figments to go away, there's something you need to find."

Blue ears perk at the mention. "Really? What am I looking for?" He murmurs, taking a hopefully step towards his tormentor.

"You'll know when you see it. They aren't that hard to miss. Designed not to be actually." With that crypted reply, he faded, swallowed by darkness that moved along the ground like a shape in water to rejoin the rest of the naturally occurring shades.

Sonic groans loudly, rubbing his eyes at this response before letting out mumbles under his breath. With nothing else to do, he starts to walk in the direction he was headed in before Shadow had shown up.


It seemed like hours had passed for the cerulean mortal even though the color of the sky hadn't changed from its near dark dusk. His surroundings were still the same, drab buildings with all back roads and alleys, a red-light district filled with poster girls and billboard breasts and it started to make sense that this would be called the realm of lust.

He hadn't seen tail or hide of the monstrous women from before since he ran the last time. He also hadn't heard from Shadow, no matter how much he complained to the air around him, knowing the demon could just pop into existence whenever he pleased.

'Is my lesson on patience, because the wait is killing me!' Sonic groans, hands running down his face. His ear flicks off to his side, a quiet murmur entering his head. The words static but familiar to him.

His legs begin to move in the direction of the sounds of conversation, even as he got closer it didn't seem to get louder.

The whispers were different from the siren calls of the Sallys, it wasn't seduction that was being used here to beckon him closer.

He began to feel a tightening in his chest, a sinking feeling in his gut. He felt like this rarely. Not one to seek it out.

This guilt.

'Why do I feel this way? What did I do?'

As he turns another corner in the city maze, his eyes land on a strange floating object that sparkled with light, brighter that its surroundings. This was where the whispers came from, out of that thing.

'This is what I need to find, right?'

The urge to touch this weird whatever was strong, Sonic's arm raising up as he stumbles over to it. Now the whispers were getting louder, but still incomprehensible to him.

Closer he got, the more discernible the object was, it was rectangular perhaps a book or magazine. He felt like he had seen it before. When he made contact, a bright light enveloped him, like when Shadow jumped him back before. A yelp leaves him as he shuts his eyes, turning the world black again.

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