Time after Time

Chapter Three

'Off to meet your play thing Lucius?' Narcissa bit as she leant against the master bedroom door.

'Jealous is unflattering Narcissa.' Lucius bit back to his nearly ex-wife. 'Where I go doesn't concern you now.'

'It never did before Lucius.' Narcissa replied dryly.

'What do you want Narcissa?' Lucius demanded as she turned to face her. How had he spent 25 years with this woman he thought as he stared at her.

'It won't ever work.' Narcissa stated as crossed her arms across her lithe body. 'She won't ever be able to be what you want Lucius. She is just a girl after all.'

'I am not having this conversation with you. My life no longer should bother you Narcissa.' He replied as he turned away from her.

'I won't go quietly Lucius. I have spent 25 years in this manor making it my own, I am not going to let some chit walk in and take over.' She replied as she stepped into the bedroom, which she used to share with the blonde.

'As I said this no longer concerns you and I won't be discussing this further but let me get one thing straight my dear Narcissa.' He said through gritted teeth walking toward her and standing to face her. 'You will leave this manor and you will leave Ginevra alone.'

'She is just a plaything. You will get bored soon enough Lucius.' Narcissa spat at him. 'She won't be able to pleasure you like I do.'

'Pleasure me?' He laughed. 'Narcissa you have never pleasured me. You were merely a means to an end.'

Narcissa stepped back hurt by his comment. She tried to keep composure and not break in front of him.

'You're lying.' She replied to him trying not to let him see her hurt. 'I gave you a son, I gave you everything and you loved me I know it.

'Love?' He smirked. 'There was never any love here just hatred. Hatred that I had to be bound to you in marriage and you carry my child and look at the child you bared me. Useless Draco.' He growled knowing the comments would make her break hoping she'd leave him alone to go and see Ginevra.

He knew it was now later than 8pm and needed to leave to meet Ginevra at the Hog's Head Inn.

'Don't you dare talk about Draco.' She spat as a tear succumbed. 'How dare you!' She screamed as she hit his broad chest. 'How can you say that about our son, your son! He died because of you, because you were weak!' She screamed making reference to the final battle. 'You are the reason he's dead!'

Lucius grabbed his soon to be ex wife's wrists and pushed her away from himself.

'You will leave this Manor Narcissa.' He said as he reached for his cane, which encased his wand. 'You will leave and I don't ever want to speak, hear or see you again and if I do I won't be held accountable for my actions.'

Narcissa stepped back knowing her husband was threatening her.

'I will not leave my home.' She replied quietly.

'This is not your home, not anymore.' He replied as he closed the clasp on his black clock. 'You can go to Glaston Manor Narcissa. I will give you that. You can live there.'

'But I…' she replied but he cut her off.

'That is my final offer Narcissa. I suggest you take it.' He stated. 'Now leave!' He shouted.

Ginny had made an excuse to her parents telling them she was going to visit Severus Snape at Hogwarts to talk about her future. Her parents had welcomed her idea and wished her goodbye as she apperated.

Ginny apperated to Hogsmeade and quickly rushed to the Hog's Head Inn. Ginny was wearing her best black formal robe for the meeting. Underneath her robe she had on a dark green wrap dress, which showed off her long legs and cleavage.

Ginny reached the Hog's Head Inn and quickly went inside. It wasn't somewhere she frequented a lot and she knew it had a bad reputation. Ginny took a seat in the corner of the Inn waiting for Lucius.

Her stomach had been in knots since she had received his letter. She didn't know what to expect but she knew she needed to be held by him.

Ginny checked the clock on the wall. It read 8:15pm. Maybe he had been caught up she thought but after sitting for over half an hour she decided to leave.

Disappointed and upset she made her way down the high street of Hogsmeade. Tears were rolling down her face as we walked past the shops. The feeling in her stomach was of pure disappointment and hurt. Why has he changed his mind she thought.

Ginny walked past her brother's shop stopping to look in the window. Her tears fell harder thinking about her brother Fred. She missed him dearly, they all did and she wished he was hear now.

'Ginevra.' A voice from behind her called.

Ginny turned around quickly and stepped back as she saw him.

'I apologies for being late. I was…I got caught up with something.' Lucius explained.

'You're here now.' She said as she took a step forward.