Reflections of a Destroyer

Written By DJ Carter

The world's so different now.

Kefka made sure of that.

I stand outside the cottage that Cid had helped me in during my year of coma, and a great feeling of sorrow floods over me.

If I had been faster, stronger, smarter...

I could have stopped him.

Maybe if I hadn't ever left the Empire... Maybe I could have stopped them.

Damn you Ghestahl... Damn you for putting your trust in a clown... an insane clown.

You destroyed your Empire... and in turn he destroyed you and your world.

You got exactly what you deserved.

Kefka, on the other hand, deserves the eternal flames of hell.

He destroyed so many people, so many lives. There are still people today who saw friends, neighbors and family vaporized right before there eyes.

They'll never be the same again either.

They say that Kefka was to blame for the worlds demise.

I know that's not completely true.

I was one of the top Generals for Ghestahl.

So many times, I took a back seat when Kefka came up with some deranged plan like storming Narshe, over-running Tzen, Maranda and Albrook.

I always took a back seat.

When I heard of Kefka's plans for Doma, I had to stop it. Poison against innocent people was a travesty, and Ghestahl knew it.

But Kefka twisted it. He destroyed me, and almost got me killed.

As I look out at the churning sea again, I wish for anything.

Anything of which to change that which I couldn't change before.

I wish I had another chance, but in the long run, I know I don't deserve it.

The world of yesterday, and the world of today are two different worlds.

They are worlds apart, and there's no way to change that.

I turn away from the water, and look at the house.

It's just as much my fault as it is Kefka's.

But who is the worse criminal? Who is the worst traitor to this world?

There's nothing that can say the answer for sure.

I am just as much a destroyer as Kefka was, and there is nothing that can change that fact.

I am accustomed to it, and nothing can change that fact. I must live with it forever.