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Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Few Good Things.

Date: August 20, 2007. Time: 0900 Hours. Location: Space Station Liberty.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir, leader of the Atlantis Expedition and then civilian leader of the Atlantis Defense Forces, calmly walked through the halls of Atlantis.

After several months here in Space Station Liberty, the mighty city ship has finally completed her upgrades and her refit. It took a bit longer then expected to get all of the many new and exciting Furling, Asgard and Nox technologies properly built into the city, but at long last they completed their endeavour.

Weir couldn't remember all of the upgrades given to the city, many of them were far beyond her ability to understand when Fafnir tried to explain them all to her, but what she did know was that as of this moment, Atlantis is currently the most technologically advanced construction in the known universe as the Furlings, Nox, Asgard have all placed their most advanced technologies into the city, while Zor has also added in the most advanced Tirolian technologies he has available to him as well.

It humbled Weir to know that she commanded the most advanced city in the known universe, holding the fates of countless beings in her hands. The actions she has taken and will continue to take will decide the fates of many sentient beings across countless galaxies.

Fafnir had been busy not only installing the new technologies, but also starting to groom Weir and the other members of the ADF as the Fifth Great Race. She as well as all in Tau'ri high command could see the writing on the wall. It may not happen in her lifetime or maybe not even in her children or grandchildren lifetimes, but one day, the Tau'ri will have to take their place as the Fifth Great Race.

Fafnir had truly tried to install into Weir's head just how important a role this is. As a member of the Great Alliance of Races, the Tau'ri will be responsible for the protection as well as guiding lesser advanced races until the day they can be considered great as well. Not only that, but they will also be heavily involved in making sure peace is kept throughout known space.

Being a member of the Alliance of Great Races is not just a title. It is a promise to not only the other Great Races, but also the countless other sentient races in the universe. By accepting the position that Tau'ri will be promising that they will forever strive to uphold the morals of the Great Alliance.

After being told what it truly means to be a Great Race, Weir finally understood why Thor, Lya and Fafnir are so hesitant to declare the Tau'ri the Fifth Great Race. Despite all that they have done, it is undeniable that the Tau'ri are a young race and still have much to learn before they can take up the mantle.

Weir stepped into the control room of Atlantis and saw many technicians making final adjustments to the systems before Atlantis left to head back to Lantea.

"Weir." McKay said as he saw her approach.

"Hello Rodney. Are we ready to head back home?" Weir asked.

"Reactors are online and operating at 100%, shield emitters are working perfectly, star drives have been double, triple and then quadruple checked. Atlantis is ready to leave." McKay said.

"Well then. Let's not waste anymore time. Is Sheppard in the chair?" Weir asked.

"He's been in the chair for the last half and hour helping us make the absolute final inspections before we left. We can leave at any time, just waiting for your go ahead." McKay replied.

Weir smiled and then clicked her comm on and said, "Give me city wide."

Rodney nodded and punched the commands into his hard light controls on his personal Infiltrator.

"This is Weir speaking to all personal. We have finished our inspections and are finally ready to head back to Lantea. When we came here two months ago, Atlantis was battered, bearing scars of battles long past and also recent ones as well. Time had taken a toll on our beloved city, despite our best efforts to repair her wounds. However, today we leave Space Station Liberty, not only repaired, but upgraded beyond our wildest dreams. Atlantis has never been so powerful, nor home to so many incredible and unbelievable secrets as she is now. The day we first found Atlantis, I saw shocked and awed by her beauty and majesty. And now, I am even more shocked and awed by what she has become. She is more then the just some city ship. Atlantis had become my home, and I am sure I am not alone in that sentiment. Together, we shall continue on our mission to search for and discover more about Atlantis and her many secrets. I am proud to have been this Expedition's leader for almost four years and I hope to continue to be your leader and to continue working alongside you for many more years. Let us journey into the unknown together once more. Weir out." Weir said as her voice was heard by all in the massive city ship.

"Nice speech Elizabeth." Sheppard said from his position in the reclined control chair.

"Thanks. Take us out Sheppard, nice and easy." Weir said.

"Acknowledged." Sheppard said as the myriad of moorings and docking ports released themselves from the massive form of Atlantis. For a few seconds the legendary city hung in the zero g environment until the translucent shield raised around the 21 kilometer wide city.

Once her mighty shield was raised, Atlantis slowly went down the cylindrical section of Space Station Liberty until she came to the bottom which opened up like a flower.

Once free of the station, Atlantis calmly passed by the smaller forms of the regular city ships still awaiting their turn to get their own upgrades. Camelot moved from her position and went towards Space Station Liberty, heading towards the cylindrical section so that her own upgrades can begin.

Once clear of the nebula, Atlantis activated her Star Drives and enter hyperspace, the mighty city ship heading back towards her home better then ever.

Time: 0910 hours. Location: Space Station Liberty.

General Brighton, commander of Space Station Liberty looked over the reports on his desk. The Eighth Tau'ri Fleet has finally been completed now that the SDF-8 Olympus Mons has finally completed her shake down cruise. The Ninth Fleet will be completed next month and after that, the ADF will switch their focus from ship construction towards finishing the upgrades for the city ships.

High Command wants those city ships completed as soon as possible. Having such valuable targets out in the open for as long as they have been is making a few of the higher ups nervous. Even though the city ships have shields that can withstand absurd amounts of firepower, High Command doesn't want to run the risk of losing even a single one of the incredibly valuable city ships.

Personally Brighton thinks that more focus should be placed on continued ship construction. Even with the Ninth fleet soon to be operational, the Tau'ri are vastly outnumbered. The Wraith, the Lucian Alliance, Ba'al, all of them have fleets much larger then what Earth currently wields and with the Wraith fielding much stronger warships then before, the needs for larger fleets is rising rapidly.

Since their first sighting of the upgraded Wraith ships, there have been four more engagements between the ADF and these new ships, each time the Tau'ri have come out victorious, however it has come at a cost as several Plato's and Daedalus class warships have been damaging with differing severity depending on the ship. Some have been docked for a day, others for over a week and still others were even worse.

High Command has made it a priority to find where these new warships are coming from and destroying their home base as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Horizon scout ships have been unable to find the location of these Wraith's base. It's very frustrating for everyone involved in this mess as they try to find any lead on those vessels.

Another thing is the recent increase in attacks made by the Lucian Alliance. In the past month the Lucian Alliance has launched seven different assaults against friendly Jaffa, and Tok'ra facilities, resulting in the Tau'ri forces being sent in to help their allies. Each time Lucian Alliance forces refused to leave the battlefield, forcing the Tau'ri commanders to fire and destroy the Lucian forces completely.

This is very unusual. Lucian Alliance captains are murderous, treacherous and scheming sachs of waste, yet one thing you can never claim a Lucian captain of being is an idiot. They are pirates and criminals, not morons. They didn't become some of the best criminals in the galaxy by being incompetent. So these suicidal last stands are not the norm for the Lucian Alliance. They are basically throwing away the lives of some of their best commands as well as irreplaceable Ha'tak class motherships for almost nothing in return. Managing to destroy a single Tau'ri vessel might be considered a win, however they haven;t managed to do that and it seems that it wasn't their intention either.

Their tactics are asinine, basic and predictable, all of which are things that Lucian Alliance commanders are also not known for. They are known for doing every dirty and conniving trick imaginable to try and live another day. Instead, in these past attacks they simply threw themselves at the Tau'ri with a single minded focus even worse then the Jaffa on their worst days.

All of this has made High Command very suspicious. They believe it might be the first part of a larger operation, but they just can't see how. Regardless, the space forces based in the Milky Way galaxy have been put on high alert until further notice and all Lucian Alliance forces are to captured alive if possible.

Brighton just shook his head and looked down at his notepad. The entire universe just seems to be going insane lately, how he wishes to be apart of the ignorant masses some days. No giant loads of paperwork managing a giant alien space station in another galaxy. What a weird life he leads.

Time: 1100 Hours. Location: Unknown planet in Milky Way galaxy.

The glaring rays of light generated by the solar system's large main sequence star illuminated the shapes of thirty Ha'tak class motherships as they silently flew through the cold void of space.

Down on the planet below, deep within the bowels of a large Egyptian style pyramid, a group of 7 humans were gathered around table made of silver hexagons with a tan top.

"We must do something. Ba'al is up to something. The latest reports show a massive amount of ship building across some of his most heavily guarded domains." One of the men said to the others.

"We must have patience young one. Should we charge headlong against Ba'al, we risk bringing his wrath against us." One of the slightly older men said.

"Malek, we can't just wait around for Ba'al to gather his strength. He is the last of the System Lords, we should focus all of our effort on crush him once and for all." The younger man said as he slammed his hands down against the table.

"Please refrain from sticking the table. I don't want to clean your blood off of it when you cut your hands." One of the woman said, her voice causing the younger man to wince and calm down.

"I am sorry Garshaw. I will keep my temper in check." The man said, bowing slightly to his elder.

"Se that you do. As a member of the High Council, you must keep a level head in order to guide our people. Brash and unthinking aggression will not be tolerated." Garshaw said, her words striking the younger man straight through his pride.

"Despite his youthful unthinking, our young companion makes a good point. Ba'al is growing stronger despite the efforts of the Tau'ri, the Asgard and their new allies. If we cannot get rid of him once and for all soon, we might see the second rise of the System Lords." Malak said.

"Impossible. No matter how much Ba'a tries and despite everything he might claim he is capable of, Ba'al can't beat the Tau'ri, the Asgard and these new aliens. From what we've seen, these new aliens are a lot stronger then the Asgard, who are now dozens of times stronger then they've been for thousands of years. Not to mention the Tauri are now fielding fleets of their own, fleets with more firepower then Anubis wielded at the pinnacle of his military strength. Ba'al might have many fleets under his command, yet those numbers mean nothing when there are multiple species with fleets more powerful then anything he can field." Delek said.

"Never say never. We have seen the impossible done before. Have you forgotten how a planet without any space faring technology managed to kill a galaxy spanning empire within a decade? Or how that same species went on to challenge other races with even greater power, and each time, they have come out on top? Also, have you forgotten how Anubis captured Thor himself and plundered the commander for Asgard technology? Who is to say that Ba'al cannot come up with a method of bridging the gap between himself and his enemies? The Asgard are not gods and can be beaten. It has happened before and can happen again." Malak counted.

"Perhaps, but the strength of these new aliens, it is beyond anything we have ever encountered before in our history. I seriously doubt that Ba'al or anyone, even the Ancestor's themselves, would be capable of stopping them." Delek said, not budging.

"We aren't here to talk about these new aliens. We are here to discuss what to do about Ba'al." Thoran said, bringing the bickering between the two to an end.

"What are you suggesting we do? We can't send anymore spies after Ba'al, the few we have in his inner circle's are being forced to leave for fear of being found out. Ba'al has drastically increased his security and is holding more secret's closer to his chest. He has also gotten better at finding our spies. So, if we send anymore operatives to try and get more information about Ba'al, we will be simply sending them to their most certainly horrible, drawn out deaths." Delek said.

"Also, our Tel'taks haven't had any greater success either. Our cloaks aren't effective against Ba'al anymore, so simply spying from space is out of the question as well." Garshaw said.

"Perhaps, it is time we ask the Tau'ri for aid." Malak said to the shock of the other High Counselors.

"Malak, the Tau'ri will never give us their cloaking technology. They have been very resistant to giving us access to any of their advanced technology or even telling us about it. As well they should, as we would do the same in their case." Garshaw said.

"I never said asking the Tau'ri for their advanced cloaking technology. I said asking them for aid. If we give them the location of Ba'al's strongholds, they can then spy on Ba'al for themselves and then they will be indebted to us. We can then use that leverage at a later date." Malak said.

That made the other Counselors quiet as they gave the plan a thought.

"Do you really think that will work? The Tau'ri aren't idiots." Delek said.

"No, they aren't. However, they will accept our deal. The reason being the Tau'ri would rather deal with us then spend hundreds of man hours trying to find Ba'als fortresses as well as sending their personal to their deaths. They are much like us in that regard. They will accept." Malak said.

One by one, the rest of the Counselors looked to each other and nodded as they gave their consent for the plan to be acted upon.

Then, they all started to leave, save for Garshaw, Delek and Malak.

"Malak, we need to talk about our population problem. We are losing too many of our people too quickly. We need a way to replenish our numbers." Delek said.

"He is right. We have lost too many of our brothers and sisters to Anubis, Ba'al and the war with the System Lords. Our kind will be extinct in only a few decades to perhaps a century if we do not get aid." Garshaw said.

"I know. That is why we need to earn the Tau'ri's favor. They have the ear of the Asgard, who have the technology to bring back our mother. By trading all of information about Ba'al and his movements, hopefully the Tau'ri shall be kind enough to beseech the Asgard for aid on or behalf." Malak said.

"That is placing all of our hope in the Tau'ri upholding their end of the deal. This is the future of our race that is at stake and we should not leave it to the Tau'ri to save us." Delek said.

"And what would you do? No other race has the technology to bring our mother, our Queen back. Only the Asgard do. We have preserved her remains to the best of our ability, the Asgard should be more then capable of giving her a new body for her to inhabit and then she can save our kind. However, to bring her back e need the Asgard and the Tau'ri are the only race amongst the younger races that the Asgard listen to. The Nox won't hear our request, the Ancestor's have been gone for millenia and these new aliens would never give us the time of day. If there is any hope for our kind, it lies with the Tau'ri. They have proven to be a kind and compassionate race, I believe they would do this for us simply because they believe it is the right thing to do. We mocked that compassion before, but now we need it if our race is to have a future. We must hope and pray that the compassion of the Tau'ri is enough." Malak said.

Delek sighed and then turned to leave, saying, "I truly hope you are right Malak, or the Tok'ra will vanish into the cold abyss of time within a century."

Garshaw also left as well, not saying a word as she left.

Malak stood in the room for a while, lost in his own thoughts. The dire situation of the Tok'ra leaving many worries in his mind. His only hope for his kind now rest's in the hands of the Tau'ri. Hopefully the past actions of the Tok'ra, as well as the information they shall give to the Tau'ri shall be enough to earn the Tau'ri's favor.

Malak then left the room, his mind a chaotic mess of conflicting emotions.

Time: 1300 hours. Location: Neo-Macross local church.

Rick Hunter had a large smile on his face. Today is the day his big brother and one of his best friends finally get hitched after so long. Today is the day Roy and Claudia get married.

It's been a long time coming and Rick can't be happier that it has finally arrived. All those hours of helping Roy and Claudia plan out their wedding, helping set up the church, it will all be worth it when he sees the smile on their face.

However, there is one thing that Rick could do without.

"Oh god. I wish I was out facing a Wraith armada right now." Roy moaned pathetically as he nervously paced back and forth.

Rick closed his eyes and counted to ten in his head, trying desperately not to snap and strangle Roy to death with his own tie. Now, normally Rick would be very understanding and would move to help alleviate Roy's woes, but this is the twenty-fifth time this has happened and Ricks patience has been eroded away.

"Big brother, I love you, but this is the TWENTY-FIFTH TIME YOU'VE HAD A BREAKDOWN! I get you are nervous, but come on!" Rick finally said, grabbing Roy by his shoulders and forcing him to look at Rick.

Not giving the stunned older man a chance to respond, Rick said, "Listen, you love Claudia right?"

"Of course I do." Roy responded, no hesitation at all in his answer.

"And Claudia loves you back, right?" Rick pushed on.

"Yeah." Roy responded.

"And this is something both of you want, right?" Rick said.

"Yep." Roy said with a nod.

"Then buckle down and focus Roy. Now, here is what you are going to do: you are going to stop worrying, you are going to get your suit on, you are going to walk down the aisle with your head held high, you are going to stand by the altar in your nice new suit, you are going to gasp in shock of how nice Claudia looks when she comes in, you're going to recite your vows and you are going to get married without any further worrying. AM I CLEAR?!" Rick asked with all the force of a angry god.

Roy nodded nervously, he could almost swear he saw pillowing pillar of fire form behind Rick as he glared at him, almost daring him to oppose him.

Rick then released Roy and moved back over to his chair, grabbing his small glass of water standing on the table. Pushing his head back, Rick downed in one go.

Jack Archer, an old friend of Roy's from the Unification War and current leader of Wolf Squadron turned to Roy and said, "Rick is scary when he's angry."

"You have no idea." Roy replied.

Rick, Roy, Max, Ben and Vince all grabbed their nice matching white suit jackets and put them on and quickly left the room. Once outside of the small room Roy went and walked over to the altar where the pastor is waiting for him while the rest of the best men all wait on the right side of the church for the bridesmaids to appear.

"If the commander is so shaken, how do you think Claudia is doing?" Max asked Rick as they waited.

"Claudia is going to be a beacon of calm. Nothing shakes her. I bet you right now, she is patiently waiting for her time to come in." Rick said.


"Oh god Lisa! I don't think I can do this!" Claudia said in panic as she walked back and forth nervously.

Lisa, dressed in a gorgeous flower patterned light tan dress sighed. For the past thirty minutes Claudia has been having a melt down as Sammie, Kim and Vanessa have tried to calm her down, but to no avail.

"Lisa, we have to do something. The ceremony is going to start soon, we have to be going upstairs in less then five minutes." Kim said as she looked to her superior officer in worry.

"Lisa, you know her best, try and snap her out of it." Vanessa said, as Sammie and Kim nodded.

Lisa sighed and walked over to Claudia and gently grabbed her right hand and sat the bride down on a chair and said, "Claudia listen to me. I know this is scary. This is perhaps one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life, so it's natural to be scared. So I'm not going to tell you to ignore your fears and simply move on. What I am going to tell you is this: try and only think about Roy. Close your eyes and imagine him."

Claudia closed her eyes and listened as Lisa said, "Picture him your mind. His rough, short trimmed beard, his wild and long dark blonde hair. See his dark blue yes as they gaze into you. Try and imagine that Claudia, think of nothing else, but Roy. Take deep breaths and only focus on your fiance."

Claudia took several deep, shuddering breaths as she started to calm down a little, much to the surprise of the bridge bunnies.

After a minute of deep breathing, Claudia opened her eyes and said, "Thanks Lisa."

"No problem Claudia. That's my job as the maid of honor." Lisa said as she stood up and held out a hand for Claudia who took it.

Kim handed Claudia her bouquet as Sammie handed her veil as well.

With her bouquet in hand, Claudia took another deep breath and started walking up the stairs leading from the Church's basement up to the main floor.

Back with the men...

Rick and the others watched on as the church was swiftly filled with many different people, many of them having served on the SDF-1 when she made her disastrous first Fold operation that led them to coming to Lantea. Vince Grant and his own fiancée Janet were both in the front row since they are the only blood family members Claudia has left.

A few minutes later and the organ began to spew out it's melodious notes into the church for all to enjoy as the bridesmaids and groomsmen prepared to head down the aisle.

A few moments later, Rick and Lisa began to step out into the main sanctuary as they walked towards one another. Once in front of the aisle, they both turned towards the altar, Rick's left arm hooked in with Lisa's right arm. The two walked together calmly and with a purpose until they reached the altar where the separated, Lisa off to the left with Rick moving to stand by his older brother's side.

After them came Jack who led Vanessa down the aisle, the two looking calm despite being complete strangers to one another. After them came Max and Kim, the two brunettes being swiftly followed by Ben and Sammie, who looked the oddest considering the size difference between the two.

Once the groomsmen and bridesmaids were all assembled before the altar, the music changed as the entire church audience stood up and looked towards the entrance.

Claudia Grant, decked in her wonderful white dress that has several flower designs on it, had her right arm intertwined with the left arm of Captain Henry Gloval who was wearing a nice light grey tuxedo. The older man look very happy and slightly emotional as he walked his subordinate down the aisle.

Once they reached the altar, the pastor then asked, "Who is giving away this woman?"

"I am." Gloval said.

Claudia let go of Gloval and gave her right hand to Roy who gently took it.

Gloval then sat down in the left side front pew, watching on with a myriad of emotions running in his eyes.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to unite this man and this woman together in Holy Matrimony. If anyone has a reason for why these two should not be united, speak now or forever hold your peace." The pastor said, followed by a brief silence as no one said a thing.

"Now then. Let us begin." He continued on as began the ceremony.

"Marriage. Such a simple word and yet actually living out a marriage is so very complex. Marriage is not bright, sunny mornings filled with laughter and joy. There are dark days of pain and hopelessness that bring men and women down to their knees. However, it is during these trying times that having your partner's back is the most important. By facing these challenges together, no mountain is unclimbable, no obstacle insurmountable. As one, you will overcome the worst periods of your lives." The pastor said loudly for all to hear.

"The incredible love you two have for one another can be clearly seen by all. You not only love one another, you do so passionately, immensely. You lean on one another, you talk about your issues, and you trust one another. You both have what it takes to have a long lasting and fulfilling marriage. Of that I am certain. Now, for the vows. Roy, please repeat after me." The pastor said, motioning for Roy to turn to Claudia.

Roy turned and stared deeply into Claudia's dark blue eyes as he repeated after the pastor.

"Claudia, you are my dearest friend. You have always been there for me whenever I needed someone. Your compassion, love and integrity have always been your greatest strengths. You have been at my side regardless of all my many flaws. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. I swear to always be by your side, to always defend and care for you until the end of my days, loving you with all of my heart." Roy said.

"Now Claudia, please repeat after me."

"Roy, you are one of the best men I have ever known. You are fearless, determined and unrelenting in your convictions. You defend those weaker then you and you always stand by your friend's side, regardless of the odds. You changed my life for the better. You brought an energy and passion with you that has made me enjoy my life so much more. I promise to stand with you, no matter the battles we will face or the obstacles we will encounter. I know that we can defeat anything that comes our way, together." Claudia said.

"Now, Roy fokker, do you take Claudia Grant to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health? For better or for worse? Till death do you part?" The pastor asked.

"I do." Roy said with all the conviction in his soul as he slipped a golden ring onto Claudia's finger.

"And do you, Claudia Grant, take Roy Fokker to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health? For better or for worse? Till death do you part?" The pastor asked once again.

"I do." Claudia said, a single tear running down her face as she smiled while sliding a golden ring onto Roy's finger.

"No, by the power vested in me by the city of Neo Macross, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The pastor said with a smile.

Roy wrapped her arms around Claudia wasit and bent down to kiss her as she wrapped her arms around her husband's shoulders to pull him in closer.

The entire church erupted with cheers of jubilation as every person in attendance cried out with screams of joy and happiness, rejoicing as they saw their two dear friends finally join together in holy matrimony.

After the two finished kissing, they stood up straight with wide beaming smiles on their faces as the pastor said, "I now present to you, the Fokkers!"

Everyone continued cheering on as the newly wedded couple linked their arms together and began to walk down the aisle once again.

After the two left the main sanctuary of the church, the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle in pairs once again.

A few minutes later and everyone as assembled in the basement of the church for the reception party.

Roy and Claudia sat side by side, smiling happily as pictures of them were taken as the two stood underneath a large painting of the SDF-1 Macross made by Major Lorne as a wedding present.

Rick and Lisa both looked at their friends with large smiles on their faces. They know just how much this day means for their two friends, both of whom have been wanting this for a very long time.

"Look at them Rick. Claudia hasn't stopped smiling once since she started walking down the aisle. I've never seen her so happy before in my life." Lisa said.

"It's their wedding day. Who wouldn't be happy when you're marrying someone you care deeply about?" Rick replied.

"Good point." Lisa conceded.

After a few more photos, Claudia and Roy both sat down at their own table, the bridesmaids and groomsmen sitting beside them.

A few minutes of everyone enjoying themselves and Rick was handed a microphone for his best man speech.

Rick stood up as everyone turned towards him and he said, "Today, one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing has married one of the best woman I have ever know. Roy Fokker and Claudia Grant, two people who were made for each other. Roy is my older brother, a good pilot, but a better man. Claudia is a good friend of mine, she keeps Roy out of trouble which a full time job right there."

Everyone who has met the man gave chuckle, Roy's actions more then speaking for themselves, especially all the headaches he gives to those in command of him.

"I can remember all the times Pop Hunter would scream at Roy for all the hair brained stunts he pulled when he was a member of the flying circus. I remember one time Roy flew his plane during a thunderstorm, a really dangerous stunt to pull in his old plane, yet the crazy son of a gun did it and acted like it was a Tuesday. Pop really tore Roy a new one for that one." Rick continued on.

Roy had a slightly embarrassed look on his face as Claudia gave him a flat look.

"But in all seriousness, what I want to say is this: congratulations Roy and Claudia, I can't think of two people better suited for each other. Roy, you're my older brother in all but blood and I wish for you a long and happy marriage with Claudia. Claudia, you're like a sister to me and I think I speak for Pop Hunter when I say, welcome to the family. Roy might be a lot of work, however he is a good man who will always be by your side when you need him to be. Congratulations, Roy and Claudia Fokker, may your marriage be long and happy. To the Fokkers!" Rick said, raising his shot glass up in a toast.

"To the Fokkers!" Everyone yelled back, everyone raising their own glasses.

Rick then handed Lisa the microphone and sat down as she started to talk.

"When I first met Claudia, I was still the Ice Queen and so blew her off without a second thought. However, what I didn't realize at the time was that Claudia is perhaps the most stubborn, and unrelenting person I have ever met in my life. She took it as a personal challenge to break me out of my shell, and everyday all I can do is thank her for not giving up on me, because I can't imagine a life where Claudia Grant isn't my best friend. Claudia is like the sister I never had, but always wanted. She is kind, hard working and immensely loyal to her friends. She brings a smile to all who meet her, she lends a shoulder to those that need someone to lean on and she constantly pushes herself and everyone else to be the best they can be." Lisa said with a smile on her face.

Claudia smiled over towards Lisa, a small tear in her right eye as he best friend talked about her.

"Roy is her equal in many ways. He is a good leader, but a better man. I can only hope that they have a long and prosperous marriage, I cannot think of anyone who deserves it more than these two. Claudia, Roy, congratulations on your marriage, here is to many years of joy and love. I hope you two have the best." Lisa said as she raised her glass up in a toast of her own. "To the bride and the groom!"

"To the bride and the groom!" Everyone responded as they raised their own glasses once again.

After that, Lisa sat down and gave Claudia a hug which she returned.

The microphone was the passed to Captain Gloval who stood up and cleared his thought before he began.

"Normally the father of the bride would give a speech at this time, but unfortunately he has passed away. So in his stead, I have prepared a few words to share with the bride and the groom as they have given me permission." Gloval said before he turned to Roy and Claudia.

"Roy, Claudia. Words cannot begin to express my joy at seeing you two finally take the next step in your relationship. Marriage is a huge event in a couples life and many do not treat it with the respect it deserves. However, I have absolute faith in you two. Both of you have proven time and time again that you are a team and you face your problems together. A little bit of advice from an old man who was married for ten years, wake up each day and never let the word divorce enter your mind. Never give that word a moment of your time. Live each day as if there is no other option besides making your marriage work. And you will be shocked by the mountains the two of you will be move. I know you to will go on to do great things and I cannot be more proud of either of you. You two are some of the most incredible members of my crew, and I am honored to have met you. Congratulations, Roy and Claudia. You have earned this piece of happiness and more." Gloval said with a proud smile on his face.

Claudia and Roy both wore happy smiles as they listened to their Captain's kind words, both of them honored by him. They both respected and loved Gloval, so to hear him saw such things about them meant a lot to them.

After Gloval's speech, the guest all ate for a little bit before the DJ said, "And now it is time for the father-daughter dance."

Claudia stood up and walked over to Gloval, giving him her right hand and said, "Sir, would you please dance with me?"

Gloval let a single tear run down the right side of his face and said, "I would be honored to do so."

He gently took her hand and got up. Claudia lead him to the middle of the floor just as the music began to play.

Play: Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman.

She spins and she sways,

To whatever song plays

Without a care in the world

And I'm sitting here

wearing the weight of the world

on my shoulders

Gloval and Claudia began to slowly dance, Claudia staring up at the taller Russian man with a calm smile on her face.

It's been a long day

and there's still work to do

She's pulling at me saying

Dad I need you!

There's a ball at the castle

and I've been invited

and I need to practice my dancin'

Oh please, Daddy please!

Claudia and Gloval began to dance a bit faster, Gloval holding his hand above Claudia's head as she spun around in a clockwise circle a few times before stopping and beginning to dance with Gloval again.

So I will dance with Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

'Cause I know

Something the prince never knew

Oh I will dance with Cinderella

I don't want to miss even one song

'Cause all too soon

the clock will strike midnight

And she'll be gone...

Gloval looked deep into Claudia's eyes as they danced and for a single moment, he saw a fair skinned rusian woman with long raven black hair and deep brown eyes smiling up at him before Claudia took her place once again.

She says he's a nice guy

and I'd be impressed

She wants to know if I

approve of the dress

She says, Dad the prom is

just one week away

And I need to practice my dancin'

Oh please, Daddy please!

Gloval brought Claudia close to him once again as they gracefully danced across the middle of the dance floor as everyone watched on with shock at their ease.

So I will dance with Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

'Cause I know

Something the prince never knew

Oh I will dance with Cinderella

I don't want to miss even one song

'Cause all too soon

the clock will strike midnight

And she'll be gone...

She will be gone

Gloval spun Claudia around in a clockwise manner again, once again seeing the raven haired woman in her place before the smiling form of Claudia took her place again.

But she came home today

with a ring on her hand

Just glowing and telling us

all they had planned

She says, Dad the wedding's still

six months away

but I need to practice my dancin'

Oh please, Daddy please!

Claudia smiled as she spun around once again, her form almost glowing with joy as she and Gloval continued to dance.

So I will dance with Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

'Cause I know

Something the prince never knew

Oh I will dance with Cinderella

I don't want to miss even one song

'Cause all too soon

the clock will strike midnight

And she'll be gone...

Gloval pulled Claudia close once again as the song ended, their dance finished

"Thank you sir." Claudia said.

Gloval smiled and said, "No, thank you Claudia. I am honored you chose me for this dance."

Claudia gave Gloval and hig, which the bog man returned. After a moment, Claudia let go and walked back to roy and the others.

Gloval stood there for a second, watching her walk away before he too left the dance floor, all the while thinking about the raven haired woman.

"Irina, would you be proud of me?" He thought as another single tear silently dropped from his eye, unnoticed by everyone including Gloval.

After that, the reception went on for several hours, people singing and dancing in joy as they celebrated the Fokker's wedding. It was nearly twelve at night when Roy and Claudia decided to head off on their honeymoon.

Claudia, Roy, Rick, Lisa, Gloval, Max, Ben, Jack, Kim, Sammie and Vanessa all stood around the small silver car Roy and Claudia rented for the night.

"See you in a week." Claudia said as she gave Lisa a hug.

"Have fun you two." Lisa said with a smile.

"Oh, we will." Claudia said with a large smirk as she stared at Roy.

Roy felt a chill run up his spine as he was talking to Rick, Jack, Ben, Max and Gloval, but decided not to look back.

"So anyway, you take care little brother." Roy said as he gave Rick a hug.

"Roy, you act like your leaving for several months. It's just a week away. Nothing bad." Rick replied as he gave Roy a hug back.

"Yeah, but now you won't have me to keep you out of trouble." Roy said.

"Actually Commander, I think you get him into more trouble then you get him out of." Jack replied, causing Roy to stumbled back as if he had been struck.

"Such harsh words! And from one of my friends no less!" Roy said dramatically.

"Stop being such a baby Roy, it's not a good look on you." Rick said.

"Not that there are many things that look good on him." Gloval calmly said.

Roy look at Gloval with a betrayed look on his face while the other men all looked at Gloval with shock on their faces.

"Wow. Et tu Gloval?" Roy said.

"Of course. It's fun to watch you suffer." Gloval said with a barely concealed smile.

"Nice to know you love me. Anyway, me and Claudia better be going. Thanks for being here, meant a lot you guys."Roy said as he shook all of their hands.

"Of course Roy. I wouldn't miss this for anything." Rick said.

"Same here. It as an honor to be a groomsmen." Jack said as gave Roy a friendly smile.

"Well, thanks. See you guys in a week." Roy said as he walked away while waving back to them as he ent to the driver's seat of the rental.

Claudia soon joined him and the newly married couple drove away into the darkness while waving back towards their friends.

On by one, those that remained all soon left and went back to their place of residence until only RIck and Lisa were left.

"Well Commander, shall we head home?" Rick said as he extended his hand to her.

"But of course fly boy." Lisa replied as she and Rick entered ther car and drove away.

Two lives have been united as one as the day draws to a close. The love they share shining brightly as they enter a new chapter of their lives. However, all are unaware that the dawn of a new age of war looms on the horizon. Stand fast, noble defenders! Your new opponents shall arrive soon and with them, a war greater then all others. May the winds of fate smile kindly on you as you face these foes with the balance of the universe at stake.

And that is that!

I have been looking forward to finally having Claudia and Roy get married and at long last, I finally did it!

The song Claudia and Gloval danced to, my Dad and my sister danced to the exact same song for their own Father-Daughter dance. I felt it would add a sense of realism to the story if I used a few events that have happened in my own life in this story.

I always have thought of Gloval as being a father figure in the lives of his bridge crew. I can honestly not imagine them having their weddings and them not inviting Gloval to at least walk them down the aisle.

Also, a few minor things happen in the chapter, Atlantis finally is heading back to Lantea as the most technologically advanced craft in the Tau'ri arsenal. Tau'ri High Command is noticing something odd with how the Lucian Alliance is conducting their operations recently, unaware that they are dancing to Ba'al's tune. And the Tok'ra have decided to try and get in the Tau'ri's good side so to get their queen back. Nothing super important, besides the wedding.

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And here are the codex entries for this chapter, two of them. I hope you enjoy.

ADF Files. Authorized Personnel Only.

Designation: ADF-SF-X403-Olympus Class Supercarrier


Length: 5,125 meters

Width: 1,000 meters

Height: 670 meters


380 x 30mm Dual Barrel rotary CIWS

8 x 72 mm Duel Particle Cannons

4 x 100 mm Triple Particle Cannons

50 x Ten tubes Stargazer missile boes spread throughout the hull

6 x Asgard Beam weapons with Omni-directional firing arcs


5,000: (1,000 crewmembers with 400 marines for internal security, while having

2,000 pilots for auxiliary craft as well as 2,600 mechanics for the mecha.)

Power Plant:

First Models:

5 x Macross class Protoculture/Naquada Reflex Furnaces

Later Models:

5 x Macross class Protoculture/Naquada/Omega Particle Reflex Furnaces


8 x Shield Emitters

8 x Fold Shield Boosters


8 feet thick and is composed of Naquada/Trinium with Robotech Alloys for additional reinforcement

Carried Mecha:

450 x Pendragon class Veritech Superiority fighters

250 x Ghosts

50 x Ascalon class Destroids

50 x Morgan class Destroids

50 x Mordred class Destroids

50 x Gawain class Destroids

50 x Phoenix class Destroids

20 x Monster class Dstroids

300 x Auxiliary craft such as shuttles


4 x Medium Sublight engines at back of ship

2 x Large Sublight engines at back of ship


1 x Intergalactic Hybrid Hyperdrive/Hyperspace Fold Drive

Auxiliary Features:

-Alterran Designed Puddle Jumper Cloak

-Extremely Powerful Sensors capable of detecting ships in hyperspace

-Shadow Field as back up Cloak

-Mental Interface System

- Hull Polarization

-Tractor Beams

-Asgard teleportation beams

-Transporter Booths


The Olympus class Supercarrier is the second largest ship type in the Tauri arsenal, only be outdone by a Super Dimensional Fortress class warship. These ships lack large scale weaponry like torpedoes, Alterran Drones, Positron cannons as well as Synchro cannons, however, they make up for this by having a large arsenal of strike craft as well as infantry mecha for ground invasions.

The Olympus supercarriers have seen limited action against the Wraith, the Lucian Alliance as well as against Ba'al's forces and they have performed well. By staying back and not engaging large capital grade ships, these spercarriers keep themselves from harm while also allowing them to launch their greatest strength, their large fighter wing.

Due to their large size, Olympus class Supercarriers are not produced very much, with only two per fleet. However, these small numbers aside, the Olympus class Supercarrier has proven itself as a formidable opponent as they can bring terrifying amounts of firepower to any battle in the form of fighters and mecha.

Designation: ADF-SF-X404-Shimakaze Class Destroyer


Length: 1,000 meters

Width: 420 meters

Height: 380 meters


84 x 30mm Dual Barrel rotary CIWS

20 x 72 mm Duel Particle Cannons

10 x 100 mm Triple Particle Cannons

6,000 x Drones in four launchers

12 x Torpedo tubes

24 x Ten tubes Stargazer missile boes spread throughout the hull

4 x Asgard Beam weapons with Omni-directional firing arcs

1 x Synchro cannon


1,200: (1,000 crewmembers with 200 marines for internal security.)

Power Plant:

First Models:

3 x Macross class Protoculture/Naquada Reflex Furnaces

Later Models:

3 x Macross class Protoculture/Naquada/Omega Particle Reflex Furnaces


10 x Shield Emitters

10 x Fold Shield Boosters


9 feet thick and is composed of Naquada/Trinium with Robotech Alloys for additional reinforcement


4 x Large Sublight engines at back of ship


1 x Intergalactic Hybrid Hyperdrive/Hyperspace Fold Drive

Auxiliary Features:

-Alterran Designed Puddle Jumper Cloak

-Extremely Powerful Sensors capable of detecting ships in hyperspace

-Shadow Field as back up Cloak

-Mental Interface System

- Hull Polarization

-Tractor Beams

-Asgard teleportation beams

-Transporter Booths


Designed as a ship killer, Shimakaze class Destroyers have a high ship kill count, due to the fact that although they smaller and have less firepower then SDF and Aurora Borealis class warships, Shimakaze class Destroyers are fast, nimble and loaded with large capitol grade weapons that can tear apart warships much larger then themselves with ease, allowing these ships to punch far above their weight class.

Shimakaze class Destroyers have been produced in large numbers to help bolster human fleets alongside Plato class Frigates. These ships have helped win many battles across their short service period and will continue to do so for many years into the future.

End Report.

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