I was watching cars 2 and eating a can of baked beans when I spilled it on my shirt then suddenly a black teenager laughed at my misfortune and jeered "yo dis nigga eatin beans!"

the theatre was in uproarious laughter at my misfortune. Thankfully I was able to ignore their insults until one of the female cars came on screen. The car was so beautiful that I...quietly ate my popcorn then I realized they were still recording the mess I'd made between that and all of those sexy cars on screen I knew what I had to do.

I took my nine thousand day long cock and lassoed the teens around their neck which unfortunately sent them to the hospital. Then that one blue bitch car was on screen which made me finally blow my load unfortunately none of this really happened as we all know in reality black people are afraid of beans ever since the great googly moogly fire of 2010.

the moral of the story is I hate all the fast and furious movies.

oh and please vote justsagan 2020