Chapter 1 - Assess, Adapt, Survive


[Cryo Stasis System Disengaging Pods 1 - 5000]

[Initiate Protocol A-66]

[Error Detected: Life Signs Diminished Within Stasis Pods]

[Checking Life Support: Failed - Error Detected]

[Checking Database: Success]

[Checking Internal Systems For Errors: Failed]

[Cause: Unknown]

[Request Attempted Self Repair]

[Request Approved Automatically: Confirmed]

[Initiate Self System Diagnostic]

[Self System Diagnostic Attempt(s): 1048]

[Failed Attempt(s): 1048]

[Self Repair Failed]

[Re-Orientate System To New Primary Objective]

[New Objective: Assist remaining survivors in repairing bunker systems]

[Pod 1 - 250 Scanned: Life Signs Detected: 1]

[Initiate Pod Reactivation]


The lights flicked on for only a brief moment before going off again, lighting a massive dull concrete room before cloaking it in darkness again. From wall to wall lay stasis pods, two hundred and fifth pods lay side by side. Of those two hundred and fifty pods the lights on each of their control panels turned red. Only one pods light turned green signaling for the pod to be tilted upward at an angle.

The single remaining pod initiated its thawing process, the vents on the side releasing the cold air held within. Pipes along the side slowly drained the water from the melting ice, as the ice thinned and the temperature rose within warm air was vented into the steel pod.

After an hour of the thawing process the occupant inside began to stir from their long stasis nap.

The pod door cracked open causing steam to burst out, the pod opened slowly. The occupant shakily leaned up from the pod placing their hands on the edges to help lift themselves up.

As the occupant stepped out of the pod a female machine sounding voice rang out from the speaker system specifically attached to this metal and glass pod the occupant had just gotten up from.

"Greetings Lieutenant Rowin Mason. Recommendation: Refrain from doing any strenuous activity for the next two hours to allow your body to regain full motor skills." The occupant now identified as Rowin sat himself down slowly on the edge of the open pod. He wasn't going to rush after just waking up from cryo sleep but he certainly wasn't going to laze around either.

Rowin was a twenty five year old male who stood at six foot exactly and was of extreme physical fitness. As pilots should be. Rowin had short brown hair, deep blue eyes, a long face with sharp features. He had a small scar on his chin which wasn't covered by his facial hair. The only other notable feature was the tattoo on his left shoulder depicting a shark and anchor attached by a rope. Not much else stood out in terms of appearance alone.

"BK, what's the sitrep." Rowin stated as he allowed his body to become accustomed to moving again. He loosen his joints by stretching on the cold steel floor. His body although not in any immediate pain was still a bit weak. Some food would be a good course of action once he was finished with his current objectives.

"Systems damaged, majority of systems down. Primary systems offline, reserve power used for basic actions." The voice of the artificial intelligence known as BK-4. The name was more complex than BK-4 but BK would service for now. BK simply referring to the AI used for this bunker. "Sectors two through five are depleted of power. Recommendation: Head toward the main control room immediately with your personal AI and assess the mainframe to get a more in-depth analysis on the current situation." BK then went quiet, nothing more to say.

"Of course.." BK clearly wasn't built to consider what it said or how it said it. Rowin paused, "Damage…" If the systems were damaged this could be a disaster if it wasn't seen too immediately. He lifted himself up from his seat and made his way to his personal locker in the room across from this one. As he approached the door to the room it opened automatically.

"Luckily the doors still work." He mumbled to him before swiftly walking out of the room and across the dark corridor that divided the two rooms. Glancing both ways down the corridor as he did he noticed there were no active lights apart from a glowing red light at the end to signify a corner.

The reinforced door to the cryo stasis room sealed itself once Rowin had passed through safely. A countermeasure to a degree, the door can't be opened from the outside unless given a command to through the security control room. Nobody was getting in there without permission.

The poorly lit corridor and darkness that surrounded him made Rowin feel uneasy, 'How damaged are the systems…' he thought to himself before entering into the next room. As he released his breath it immediately turned misty, showing how cold it was inside these corridors. It certainly wasn't supposed to be like this either but that one went unnoticed by Rowin.

This room was similar to the other room in terms of size but this one was filled with lockers. Rows of lockers lay before Rowin, remembering his designation code P-6 he followed the codes written on the locker doors until he found his personal storage locker.

It wasn't locked, simply open it with a handle. No need for locks, there was nothing in here that couldn't be replaced.

Is what some people believed anyway.

Within the locker were Rowins uniform, personal communications equipment and a sidearm. The uniform consisted of boots, combats, a shirt and jacket, gloves, knee pads, harnesses and holsters. Rowin quickly changed from his stasis wear to his uniform. It felt good to finally get back to his uniform.

The final pieces were of course his pilots helmet, an important aspect to any pilot. Rowin sat on the bench between the locker rows, his inactive helmet in hand as he slowly went over it, tracing its lines and observing its little art piece on the side, a small fond smile on his face.


After that piece of nostalgia Rowin re-activated the helmet. The x-visor on the helmet turning blue indicating its activation. Without hesitation Rowin put the helmet on to see all the systems coming online.

That's when an all too familiar voice came on, "Basic Systems Online. RO-1242: Active. Hello Rowin." The male AI spoke out, you could almost hear the fondness in his robotic voice.

"Good to hear from you buddy." said Rowin as he rose from the bench. RO-1242 was his personal AI, his titans AI to be precise. A generation three, Ronin class titan. RO has been been with Rowin for years through his service as a pilot in the military, been with him since day one as a pilot and he's still here to this day.

"You too Pilot." RO greeted back, "Rowin, your first objective is to locate and meet with Major Reynold for new orders. He should be in the personal quarters with you currently." Rowin froze for a second before turning to look around the room, he found nobody. Rowin moved across each locker row in search of another person, again he found nothing. He'd only noticed it now after regaining some of his senses, he was alone.

This wasn't right, something was dead wrong.

"Somethings wrong RO, there's nobody else here." Rowin informed RO as he quickly made i back to his own locker to finish off collecting his gear. "What's the status on the other occupants?!"

"Unknown, I am currently disconnected from the bunker system. I have limited information. Pilot, I suggest you head toward the bunkers command room, the information should be stored in the mainframes database." RO instructed, Rowin quickly following the instructions as he took off in a sprint out of the locker room into the hallway. He paused for only a second to remember which way the command room was before sprinting off in that direction.

He knew he wasn't getting into the cryo stasis containment room from the outside, he'd be better off going right for the source of the information.

Everywhere Rowin went along the way was dark, barely lit by reserve lights. Completely silent apart from the sound of his feet hitting the cold steel floor. With the speed Rowin could travel it took him less than a minute to sprint across the bunker complex to the command centre.

Rowin was worried, he was the only one active right now. It shouldn't be like that, two hundred and fifty people were supposed to be active but it was only him.

Reaching the door he was forced to stop, the huge steel reinforced door groaned, opening painfully slow.

Peeking through the opening of the door Rowins worries were only increased as he observed the stage of the room. Walking in he was greeted by smoldering computer systems, wires hung from the ceiling, pieces of sheared steel and crumbled rock and worn down computer parts. The room was largely destroyed but some of the systems remained functional.

The largest piece of destruction was that a quarter of the room was torn in two and shifted upward. Like what an earthquake could do.

Rowin surveyed the damage as he proceed over to the main console in the room, he wiped the dust off the screen. "Please fucking work." He pressed one button on the main console, all the functional systems began to come to life.

Rowin sighed, that was lucky.

[Warning - Major Systems Failing - Commence Emergency Repairs Immediately]

It was the bunker AI BK giving the warning, it's voice slowly dying off as it reached the end of its sentence. However, for the moment Rowin ignored BKs warning.

"Rowin, connect my AI to the bunkers main system." RO spoke up, without hesitation Rowin found a compatible port and connected his AI to the internal system.

The screen in front of Rowin went crazy with numerical code. "This might take a minute, the damage done is catastrophic." RO warned Rowin.

Rowin tilted his head down, leaning on his outstretched arms against the metal frame the systems were mounted to. A sense of inescapable dread flowed through his body, a cold chill ran up his spine.

"Connection Complete, accessing system data now." RO attempted to keep Rowin informed on the process made thus far.

A minute passed of just the low, almost inaudible, hum of the computer in front before RO gained his Pilots attention.

"Systems accessed."

"How bad is it?"

"Insufficient Power throughout the bunker. Only basic systems are active. Doors, reserve lights, central computer mainframe and database." RO listed off a few of the still operational functions. "New recommended objectives: Restore main power, communication systems to be established and repairs to main systems be made."

"What caused all this damage?" Firstly he wanted to know what the hell was the cause of this mess. If it was a security breach this bunker was in serious trouble as well as the surviving occupants that were still in stasis.

"Unknown but the strongest suspect is an earthquake. The last system logs were recording during a recorded earthquake. The chances lie with an earthquake disrupting the system and damaging the bunker. Security logs suggest there has been no activity between then and now. Meaning the damage done to his bunker has not created an opening to the surface." Rowin somewhat suspected an earthquake, he'd seen the type of devastation an earthquake could cause but it was good to know there was no breach to the surface.

There was a brief pause before the next question, "RO, status update on the other cryo pods in sector 1, first activators."

"Status: 250 pods, Reactivated pods: 1. Life signs detected in remaining 249 pods:.." RO paused for a moment himself, "0."

"And what about the other four thousand, seven hundred and fifty pods…" But Rowins gut feeling told him everything he needed to know so he braced himself, he was a soldier, bad news was a common occurrence.

"Of the 4750 remaining stasis pods of sectors 2 to 5, life signs detected: 281."

The pilot stood up straight dropping his hands to his sides as he went silent.


"Solid copy RO." Rowin just gave a regretful sigh, he knew death was a common unavoidable occurrence but he'd just hoped he wouldn't see it so soon. "Who is the highest ranking official now. Who do we report this too?" With the majority of people gone a new leader would have to be selected.

"Protocol H1: If leading personnel are to be dispatched then the next highest ranking official is to be promoted to the required rank. According to the background data on the other remaining pod occupants, the highest ranking official currently still active is Lieutenant Rowin Mason," He explained to his pilot, "Congratulations on the promotion to Major, Pilot. Although I wish it were by other circumstances." He regretfully informed his friend.

"Me too RO, me too." Now wasn't the time to mourn, that time will surely come, especially when the remaining survivors awake within the next few days. He had other issues to deal with until then and he wasn't going to let anything else go wrong on his watch.

"You mentioned our new objectives. Give me the details."


Rowin walked down yet another dark corridor, this time heading toward the armoury. RO had evaluated the situation and determined they had three main objectives. The two primary objectives were to restore power and establish communications. Unfortunately this meant Rowin was going to the surface. He was going out alone and blind, the systems used to map the surface above was currently unpowered so Rowin would have to go survey the area and complete his objective mostly unassisted, part from having RO on his helmet radio.

After the briefing on the current objectives Rowin left RO to clean up the system internally while he prepared to go topside. Rowin first went to get some food, well if you could call it that. It was tasteless nutrition bars, has everything you need from food without the flavour.

After that Rowin was guided by RO to gather the essential equipment for the mission. First was a simple ion battery, it was going to be used to store power from other sources and then brought back to the bunkers reactor to kick start its main systems again, the other piece was a set of four deployable communication antenna. They were the size of a pancake when undeployed but once activated an antenna is opened on the device. This was to help resort communication systems by deploying amplifiers and receivers atop the highest locations around. He was advised to deploy them far from one another for the best coverage so that was what Rowin would do.

Once that was out of the way Rowin was advised by RO to arm himself before going topside. It was unknown what exactly waited them, where machines still around? Animals? What remained of the worlds environment? Questions neither of them could answer until they got up there.

Reaching the armoury Rowin knew exactly what to arm himself with, finding himself a R-201 carbine. He hastily modified it by adding an acog scope and a suppressor. This would be his primary weapon but he'd hoped he wouldn't be needing. This was also a recon mission, survey the land and map the area. Fighting wasn't on the to-do-list.

But it was better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

So Rowin continued to supply himself. Grabbing a B3 Wingman as his personal sidearm of choice, a mini archer rocket launcher for packing a punch when needed, his jump kit and his personal pilot kit.

Being a pilot Rowin had a number of useful tools at his disposal. Equipping himself with a grapple hook attachment for ease of climbing, a cloaking device for stealth and a set of pulse blades.

As well as maybe a medic just incase and a few nutrition bars.

Once kitted out for his mission Rowin left the armory heading toward the lift entrance. He was ready to resurface. Although Rowin was usually good at keeping his cool he still felt off about seeing the surface again. What awaited him? Good or bad? He didn't know.

As he proceeded onto the lift, it shook to life as it began to slowly ascend.

This bunker was hundreds of feet below the surface. A few bunkers were hastily built in a secret attempt to preserve humanity from the machines that came to wipe us out. Only a few were created in time with the little resources humanity had left to spare from the war. This facility had literally everything they'd need. From its own reactor to indoor grow beds for food.

The plan was to have small colonies of five thousand people stored in bunkers to be awaken after a predesignated time had passed. The first two hundred and fifty people were the higher ranking individuals, military, chief scientists and engineers, etc. They were to awaken first so they could prepare for when the next larger group were to awaken, a process so to speak.

But that has gone to shit now that only 5.56% of the original five thousand remain. The news was going to be a hard pill to swallow for the others once they've awakened.

"Pilot," RO chimed in over Rowins helmet radio, "I'll be assisting you through your helmet radio."

"Understood, I'll be topside for awhile correct?" Reaffirming what he already knew.

"Correct. The operational timeframe is three days topside before returning to the bunker." Replied RO.

"Copy that, so I have three days to restore power outside the bunker and get that these antenna deployed around the area."

The lift began groaning to a halt as he reached the enormous reinforced doors which got Rowin to immediately straight up, ready to move once it opened.

But to Rowins surprise as the door opened a large portion of sand flowed to his feet. Glancing to his feet and then back to the door that was still covered by sand, he sighed.

"Is there an issue pilot?" RO inquired over the radio.

"Sand, lots of it." Was all Rowin replied with.

"Push past it pilot, time is of the essence." If you could see Rowins face he'd would have eye rolled at his comrades comment. That was easy for him to say.

Climbing up the sand pile Rowin crouched near the top of the pile and started digging upward trying to breach the surface. He wasn't going to waste time clearing the whole thing, he just needed to get out.

Ten minutes of digging past before Rowin spotted sunlight, pushing through the gap he breached the surface of the sand and was greeted by a surprising view.

Getting to his feet he surveyed the land around him. In the distance was a devastated city, torn apart by the war and erosion, reclaimed by nature judging from the trees that stood taller than some of the buildings. Sand surround him for miles only being broken when the occasional rocky outcrop popped up.

"What the fuck happened…" He mumbled to himself, once he made an observation of the surroundings he turned back to face the city. 'That's where I need to head first.'

Rowin made a mental note of the location he was currently stood as to remind himself where the bunker was. 'Five klicks south of the city, west of a set of rocks burried in the dunes.'

"Alright RO, I'm moving out." He informed his friend as he took off in a sprint toward the city, couldn't waste time.

"Good luck pilot."

C1: End

So yeah, I made part of this one day and forgot about it so I decided to finish ad post it. I have an idea of where this story is going to go but it's mainly about exploring the destroyed world of Nier Automata and trying to survive.

I don't aim to be completely accurate to both worlds lore, I'll try not to destroy the lore either. I just wanted to see if I could make something between the two and this was sort of the result.

I decided that people can also make characters for this story. It's not really a SYOC so to speak but if you want to add yourself or a character you make to the story I'm open to the idea. You make yourself whatever you want really. Pilot, Another kind of special forces unit, Bunker Civilian (Pick your own job), Turn yourself into an Android (Whatever kind you want). Up to you, I'll just be open to it.

The main character though is obviously Rowin for now so we'll be following him for awhile.

That's it for now, I've rambled on for long enough. Thanks for reading.

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