A/N: This is an interaction between harry and an oc character named Lillian Austin from Sa Ga Re's Harry Potter and the elemental powers fic. Here Harry potter is Slytherin and Lillian is Gryffindor. I quite like this fic you should also read it. There is many fic about Gryffindor harry and slytherin girls but this type of fic is quite rare. The romance of them is quite catchy I think. The harry is here is cold-hearted where Lillian is soft fiery. Also, note that harry is water-ice elemental and Lillian is fire elemental.

2nd year:

Walking in the school corridor in the night after curfew is like daily routine for Harry. He had a special room where he can practice also training. From age 6 when he had awakening about his power, he always craves for it. That is why he is in Slytherin. He is not highly cunning, but he is always wanted power, knowledge and resources. This year is fully tense for him as The Gryffindor git weasley spreading rumours about him being Slytherin hair and dark wizard. He doesn't care about it but now it is becoming irritating him. Some students are so scary about him that they just can't look him in eyes. After Fred, George and headless nick been petrified rumours mill goes wild as he is once confronted the twin about pranking him. The thoughts in his mind stops in a knot as he heard VOICES.


He halted suddenly. He heard those voices 2 to 3 times, yet he can't able to figure it out. He close his eyes in concentration and follow the path slowly towards the voice. Slowly he aware that the voice are coming from myrtle hunted bathroom. He knows it is girls bathroom yet no one use it, so he just entered it and collapsed with someone as their head bang.

His head hurt, ears gone numb. After a moment he open his eye to see the most irritated person he wants to meet.

"Freckles ! What the hell are you doing here" He asked while holding his head.

"I could ask the same question to you" Lillian asked angrily as she always hated the nickname he uses to call her.

"That's non of your business and remind you should not dare to talk HEIR like this. I could kill you now." he said threatening ly yet it is mockingly.

"I know for first line and you can't kill me for the second" she said casually.

It startled him. "How can you be so sure, you know I hate you and you are also a muggle born."

"I know you can't"

"How" he is now feeling frustrated.

"Cause I am also a parseltongue"


"Yes I hear the voices so I followed it and hear I am and if you are the heir then you should be not outside."

"I know hate you from this moment and how come you have brain freckles you Gryffindors are just dumb"

"Gryffindor are great"

"Nope only slytherins are"

"Gryffindor are brave, courageous and kind"

"So, whatever you will be always dumb gryffindorks."

She just jumped on him and hit him from side of his face with a nasty punch as he collided ground. She always had fiery temper, yet he always enjoy irritating her.

He rubs his cheeks and sneered at her.

After a moment she looked apologetic. "Look harry I am sorry. This is already been a bad day and also from the detention with flinch can't help me. I am sorry."

He remembered the day as what happen to her. There has been an issue in hall in morning as she punched Ron and his two friends. Blaise is saying that she is punched them cause they are accusing him for the slytherin heir and all. But it not entered his mind as how can be she of all people defend him.

Curiosity is always in his pocket.

"Okay, I know you are strong in punches. But I have one question about you that I heard that you are defending me against your red head loonies. Is this true." he asked with a raised eyebrow.

She blushed actually blushed.

"What…are blushing freckles."

"Shut up you. It is because they are saying that you are slytherin heir and all. Then when Ron spotted you sitting with that greengrass and ginny. He said that you are a playboy and had your own harem also you are adding ginny into it."

"So" interesting.

"So I said it is farce as I know that you are not ladies man and you just hate girls."

He rose an eyebrow at this.

"I mean look at you all girls in your house are fawning over you and yet you just don't give a single look to them." she said shyly.

He began laughing actually it is quite hilarious as girls like Lillian blushing. "Thank you for saving my virtue but how can you be so sure I mean I can have any girl as you said." he said with a cocky grin.

"I know you and this is not your type."

"Freckles are you challenging me with my sex power."

"No…no.it is…not what you think…I am j-just saying." she can't finished as he started laughing. As she blushed crimson.

"Joking freckles chill. But I think this is not enough reason for you to kick your best friend. "

"No you are right then he said that I am also in your harem list so I am defending you. When I said it is false he stated that how we both are sitting in the same compartment from the beginning of hogwarts, so he also said that I like you." she said bluntly.

"Do you"


"Fo you like me"

"No I mean yes but"

"Wow freckles I am flattered" with this he grab her and leaning in to give her a kiss.

Lillian's heart stopped at once. She just can't believe what is happening. Harry potter is going to kiss her. Deep down she knows that she likes him and now the moment. She closed her eyes to feel the lips of harry. Slowly…slowly…she waits…waits…but it never came.

As she open her eyes in frustration she is now staring at the deep green eyes she ever seen. After a moment he burst out laughing. He is laughing so hard that his eyes were glittering with tears yet this flare the anger in her.

"Oh ! Freckles i really love you. I mean you are thinking that I would kiss you kiss you. Oh, so cute freckles but I am sure…" he can't finish the sentence as she grabbed his collar and give him a lingering chaste kiss. He froze, his mind froze. The earth froze. His power and mind surge so hard that all things around him began to froze. The whole bathroom began to flood. When his mind return, and he realized that he is not kissing her back he began to kiss her, but she broke it.

When he open his eyes all he saw was lily is on fire staring at him. With an emotion he can't recognise. Suddenly his dam broke as the delight he feel controls his power as he is now fully covered with ice and water.

"I just hate you but I hate that I like you" she said softly.

"Freckles I mean Lillian listen. I mean wow, the kiss is brilliant can I kiss you once more."

She just looked shocked then nodded dumbly then looking into his eyes she said. "I also want to kiss you but I want to know that do you really like me. I mean I like you since the day you save me from voldemort in our first year." she said with a hopeful eye.

"Wwow…I mean wow…so I think I know why are you punch him you are jealous freckles and another thing you are now not arguing me with your nickname."

"I said that harry I like you but now I began to hate you."

"No need to hate me freckles but as I said i just love you freckles." he closed the distance between them.

With first quick kiss the word comes "i".

With second "love"

With third "You freckles"

"So let's get down to business and now that I can kiss you and one more thing I love you freckles but that does not mean I like you. Okay so can I kiss ".

She just giggled and the KISS continued for the rest of the night also there is some things happened.

Next day:

There is a rumour that myrtle's bathroom is destroyed and the fog that they can see outside and inside was created by myrtle's loud fart which happen in late of the night that whole castle is begun to hit like mighty earthquakes. Also, the rumour is started by lilian, and she said she heard the fart.[and harry think it is actually sound like his name]

End of the term:

The heir never shown and some says harry potter defeated him in a fierce battle outside myrtle's bathroom. The battle is so scary that it causes myrtle to fart. Also, Ron's little sister ginny goes missing, and they found him three months later in a dustbin with a burned book.

3rd year:

Harry and Lillian's romance continued as rumour mills are high about them as sometimes they are missing in night. Also, the next day the whole ground was covered in fog no one knows why as it is summer. Also in a shirt time Sirius black found innocent by ministry.

4th year:

In fourth year harry and Lillian are now is the hottest couple declared by the teen witch weekly. Harry brings Lillian to ball then also rescue her in the second task. There is when lily found her ability travel by fire.

When in third task harry is in danger lily goes to help him in dungeon but when he is bringing him voldemort holds harry's hand, and they both landed in shrinking sack as they don't want people to know about their power. As soon as they landed with a flick of harry's wrist there fully naked and began to play their sexy game. Not for once they notice the another person is watching them with tear stricken pained face. Harry's scar began to hurt but it is angered harry as he began to pounded harder to lily as she moans in pleasure. More the scar hurts more the sex of their going wild and first also more voldemort is in pain. After almost 3 hours later harry pounded her last time and filled her with his seed. They interangled in between themselves that they did not notice the shrinking sack is fully collapsed and as the cup is in the room the judges able to find them but can't stop them as the fire and ice stopping them to do so. So the whole school watched the crazy sex for 3 hours also many older students began their group sex and some girl and boys their masturbation. When the climax hit voldemort cried in pain and dropped in top of madam maxim with lip to lip. She shrieked but everyone began check him as dumbledore declared that he is dead. The whole school began to cheer for both and the defeat of voldemort. They both blushed as it is a weird scene as people cheering them for their sex. So they began round two with more cheer.

4 years later:

Harry and Lillian are in their bedroom of potter manor. Harry fucking her wildly also she is bouncing wildly. But the whole Britain is also in celebration as it is the 4th anniversary of defeat of voldemort.

There is leaflet in whole world as it mentions "THE LEGENDARY SEX THAT KILLS VOLDEMORTS".

Harry is now minister of magic and Lillian is now Head of DMLE. Both are the sexiest and richest couple in the world for the 216th time in teen witch weekly week editions. Luna lovegood is their friend as she wrote "THE FORMULA FOR LEGENDARY SEX: BY HARRY POTTER AND Lillian POTTER" which is breaks all records in selling also breaks the record of the J.K. Rowling's Book series "The Punsu Wangdu". All in all it is peaceful.

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