Vee's POV

The selected are arriving this afternoon and the whole palace is feeling it. It's hard not to be anxious when maids and butlers are running around everywhere trying to have everything perfect. If I'm nervous, I can only imagine how nervous Chase is.

I have no idea what Chase is doing this morning but all I know is the itinerary Laurel gave me last week. Laurel was a ball of stress this entire week, I think now that the selection is starting she will be less stressed. Or at least I hope so.

As soon as I walk into the makeover station I'm stressed out. I don't blame Laurel. I squeeze my way through the packed room. At one point I get shoved. "Princess Venus! I am so sorry!" The maid falls into a sloppy curtsy while trying to balance two boxes.

"Don't worry about it" I smile and without thinking take one of the boxes.

"Your highness, you don't have to."

"It's no trouble. Where does this go?" I ask her. She's still in shock that she's talking to me. She doesn't look much older than me. She has the prettiest blue eyes.

"No, please, your highness. I-I wouldn't want to-"

"Please, I insist. And call me Vee, please. Just tell me what station." I give her a soft smile to show her that she won't get in trouble for making me work. I don't mind, really, it's nice to act like a normal girl.

"Station Seven" she finally concedes. She leads me to where the station is and I go and set the box on the counter. I walk out to find Laurel, that was my original plan before I helped the maid. The only problem is that I have no idea where Laurel is. I thought she would be in here directing everyone but I can't seem to find her.

"Excuse me" I stop a butler "have you happened to see Laurel?"

"Uh, yes. She's around station one."

"Thank you!" I call before heading there. It seems to be jammed up around here. I can't see what it is until I squeeze in. Being tiny comes in handy during situations like this.

I gasp when I see that brown hair dye has spilled everywhere. "It's not a big deal, just clean it up" I hear Laurels rushes voice.

"Laur!" I yell, getting her attention.

"Vee! Thank God!" She rushes toward me "Paris said she needs us and it's urgent. I was looking for you until I had to take care of that. She's in the hallway of glass." Laurel and I leave the busy room and step out in the less crowded hallway.

By the time we get to the hallway of glass there is barely anyone else besides us. I can see Paris sitting on one of the benches with three boxes. Once we get closer I can see that she has another box on each big box.

"This is what was so urgent?" Laurel snaps "presents?"

Paris nods while smiling. She each hands us one. It's in a rich French box with a delicate bow. It looks too pretty to open. I open the big one first, it's a gold colored sheer day dress. It's absolutely stunning but I was supposed to look more casual so I could more normal to the girls. This is going to be a big change for some of them so I want to make them as comfortable as possible.

"Paris, it's stunning." She grins. I look over to Laurels to see a mint greenish blueish dress with a sweetheart neckline. Laurel is staring at the dress with a look of amazement.

"Thank you Paris" she finally says. Causing Paris to get the biggest grin.

"Open the other box" she claps.

Inside mine is a matching tiara. I smile down at it and then up at Paris. I look over to Laurels tiara, it looks like her favorite olive branch tiara but this one has diamonds and the branches go up instead of out.

"Why'd you get us tiaras? We have more than enough" Laurel asks her but with a soft smile.

"We have to remind those bitches that we're the real princesses." Paris responds.

Laurel frowns "don't call them bitches."

"Oh relax, it's a term of endearment" I laugh out loud at that. Laurel just rolls her eyes.

"Thank you Paris" I give her a hug. A small buzzer starts to go off. Laurel checks her clipboard.

"It's time to get ready" she breathes out and pulls us into a hug. We walk back to our rooms arm in arm and then go our separate ways

"Why are we always waiting on Paris?" Laurel asks "that girl is never on time." She sits down next to me on the loveseat in the makeover room. "The first group of girls should be arriving any minute!"

"She'll be here" I tell her reassuringly. Paris is never on time but she also never misses anything.

Paris comes striding in like there's nothing happening. She looks gorgeous! She's wearing a halter red dress with matching lipstick and has her hair down with a gold tiara to match Laurel and I. "Hey" she says casually and sits down next to me.

Before Laurel can even say anything Collette comes in and tells us that the first group of girls have arrived. "Ready?" Laurel asks us. Paris and I nod "good. Because nothing will ever be the same again."

A group of wide eyed girls come into the room. I recognize them all immediately. "Welcome to the palace" Laurel greets. "Lady Sophia to station one. Lady Liliana to station two. Lady Chloe to station three. Lady Jenevieve to station four and Lady Anna to station five."

Maids lead them to their stations and we can hear them get to work. "Okay so they should be done in about forty five minutes to an hour and group two should be arriving in an hour. Vee, you can take them to their rooms right?" I nod "Paris, you can . . . Well . . . Can you just not scare them."

Paris rolls her eyes "fine."

After about forty five minutes. Lady Jenevieve is the first to finish and takes a seat on the couch across from home. Paris left about ten minutes ago to help Laurel with something so it is just Lady Jenevieve and I.

"Hello, your Lady Jenevieve, right?" I ask even though I already know it's her.

She smiles a bright smile. "Yes, your highness."

"You don't have to do the whole 'your highness thing' it's just Vee." I smile at her. She didn't have much changes throughout her makeover. Although because she was a six she just looks more polished.

"Oh okay! If you want you can call me Jenny. I prefer it over Jenevieve." She seems more comfortable because I can hear the bubbliness in her voice.

"So how did you like your makeover?" I ask.

She grins "I loved it! It was so much fun! They used this coconut shampoo and conditioner in my hair and I love it. It smells so good" she giggles "also they painted my nails, I've never had my nails painted before." She grins again.

I smile back at her "that's great! I'm so happy you like it! You look beautiful!" I tell her genuinely.

She gets a big smile over this "really? Thank you so much!" A door clicks open and Lady Liliana comes out with a big smile and sit nexts to Jenny. At first she sits with her legs underneath her

+ut then sees me and sits regularly.

"Hello Princess Venus!" She greets me cheerily. I smile at her openesss.

"Hi Lady Liliana. Please, call me Vee."

"Call me Lili!" She exclaims.

I giggle "okay Lili! You can go back to how you were sitting, don't let me stop you!" She smiles and goes back to the way she was sitting.

"Thank you. It's a weird habit of mine, I hate to sit normally." She confesses.

"It's okay, my bad habit is biting my lip." I tell her.

"Does laughing and smiling a lot count as a habit?" Jenny asks, which just makes Lili and I laugh.

"Well, call me a criminal then!" Lili exclaims making us giggle even more. So far, it seems that Lili and Jenny are feeling comfortable. But I have a feeling that's just how they are. They are very easy to talk too. I'll have to tell Chase that, he wants us to tell him the scoop on the selected.

When Lady Anna comes out things start to settle down a little bit. She got highlights in her brown hair making it lighter. It makes it look nicer.

Before I can even say anything to her she gets a magazine and sits down far away from us and starts to read. Not in a rude way but more in a closed off way.

Laurel comes in with the second group of girls. They must have been running late because they were supposed to be here a long time ago. "Lady July into station two, Lady Blanche to station four, Lady Alessandra to station six and Lady Delaney to station seven."

Lady Sophia comes strutting out of her dressing room and sits in the middle of Lady Anna and Jenny.

"Hi Lady Sophia" I greet her warmly.

She gives me a weird look before saying "hi" the way she says it is like she's so bored.

I try not to let it get to me. Maybe she's just nervous. "How was your makeover?"

"The maids sucked. They almost messed up my nails" her voice is a little too loud for the room. Not that I mind people who are loud, I mean my sister is Paris but her loud voice sounds so rude.

"I'm sorry" I say. She gives me a weird and then raises her eyebrows before turning away.

"Did you see Chloe?" She turns to Jenny and Lili "she was talking about you to her maids. She was saying how annoying you both were. I don't agree with her, of course but that's what she was saying." Jenny and Lili both don't respond, Jenny looks a little hurt but Lili seems unbothered by it. But Sophia doesn't stop there she just keeps going "well, jokes on her because her hair looks trash now. They tried to do a blonde ombré but it failed miserably. That's why she's taking so long because they have to fix her hair."

I already don't like Sophia. I don't expect to be treated with respect because I'm a royal, to me it's just common decency to be nice when you first meet someone unless there is a good reason. She's the type of girl to start drama. I know Paris is a drama queen but Paris isn't a bully like Sophia. This is the last thing we need. Drama between the selected.

After what seems like an eternity of hearing Sophia gossip Lady Chloe comes out and seats down. "Okay are you girls ready to see your room?"

"Yes!" Lili exclaims and pumps her fist.

I smile "okay follow me." They get up and I walk out of the room. "You will be given an official tour once the rest of the girls are here and ready" I explain to them while they walk behind me with wide eyes.

I take them through some of the cooler hallways and explain a little bit about it but not too much to bore them. "And here is your hallway." I direct all the girls to their rooms. Once they are all in there rooms I turn back to go and see the next group of girls.

Once I walk in I see Lady Delaney sitting there quietly looking at the room. "Hello Lady Delaney." I greet her.

She smirks "please don't call me that. Lady Delaney has a funny ring to it" I giggle "if you want you can call me Dela. It's what most people call me."

"Will do. Call me Vee."

"Vee?" She tilts her head.

"Short for Venus" I explain.

She smiles "no I knew that your name was Venus. I just didn't expect a princess to go by anything except for all the titles, like highness and Lady, that stuff." She blurts out, I can tell she's gonna be pretty upfront with me.

"Well, my sisters and I aren't exactly normal princesses. Something you'll probably figure out by the end of today." I tell her. She looks impressed by this.

"I respect that."

Lady Blanche comes out and sits semi close to Dela but not close enough for her to mind. "Hello, Lady Blanche."

She gives me a grateful smile in return "Hello, your highness" she's twisting her hair in tight little strands.

"Please, call me Vee" I tell her gently.

"Okay, Vee."

"So how did you like your makeover?" I ask which gives her a big grin.

"It was wonderful! They gave me fake nails which is good because I always bite my real nails" she holds out her hands and sure enough a pair of light pink acrylics,

"Very pretty!" I exclaim and she smiles.

Lady July comes and I make small talk with her. She's really nice and happy. Her and Blanche start talking and seems to be getting along really well.

I look over to see that two groups had come in and this room was starting to get crazy. Finally, Lady Alessandra comes out and I take them to there rooms.

It's a long day full of getting to know all the selected but it's also nice getting to meet all of them. As long as the day is for me, I'm sure it's ten times longer them.

As I show the last group of girls to their rooms I find Laurel finally resting on a loveseat. "Off damned shoes!" She says and throws off her heels "you don't know how good this feels."

"I'm sure. Take a nap Laurel, your deserve it." I tell her, I look around the room to find a blanket for her but there is none.

"No time for a nap" Laurel whines "we have to give the selected a tour in a couple hours and meanwhile we have to have our last family dinner and . . ." I look over to see that Laurel dozed off mid-sentence. It's moments like these that I wish I had a camera on me to keep this moment alive forever.

If Laurel is asleep then it means that I can finally rest too. I can finally realize how truly tired I am too. I've become quite good on running with less than five hours of sleep but if I had it my way, I'd sleep through the day and stay up all night with the stars.

It's our last family dinner of just the six of us. After this meal it will full of all the Selected. It's a hard concept to swallow. Endings are hard to comprehend as much as you tell yourself it's gonna be over, you never truly feel it until it happens.

So what do you talk about at your last family meal. The last meal of your childhood. You don't. You sit there and think about the future and what your life will become, or at least that's my case.

"No matter what" dad speaks up causing us to all raise our heads and make eye contact "I will always love you five the most. Nothing will change that. Chase, I hope you find someone who you will die for just like I would for your mother and all of you." He kisses moms hand.

"Thank you" Chase barely gets out, I can tell he has a lot on his mind.

"Tomorrow your mother and I will be visiting the local children's hospital for the day. So it is just you four. You need to rely on each other, just like you've always had. I'm sure everything will be great." He smiles at our emotionless faces.

The four of us. Together. One last time.

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