Hey everyone! How's it going? Good I'm supposedly guessing? If so then good for you readers. Anyways, lately I've been talking with this guy called

And turned out, we seemed to share a good common interest with good cartoons. But as you can clearly see, this is an Oc character attempt in a crossover between my old favorite Teen Titans, not that piece of crap spin off and good old Ben 10.

I mean seriously, growing up, I was hooked on the glory days of Cartoon Network, such Billy & Mandy, Courage The Cowardly Dog show, all that good stuff. If you did watch Cartoon Network in the early 2000's, then you know that there were so many good cartoons and anime through out the years.

So after a little brain storming, this is what we came up with. So I do hope that you all enjoy this.

"What is it that make's a person?

Is there origins? How they came to be?

It is the choices they make, not how it started.

But how they decide to end there story"

Chapter 1

On Route

Location: Haring Grove (I made it up,) 4 miles away from Saint Jose

The town of Haring Grove was right in between small and big making it medium sized founded in 1889. It's total population was only 202 and was surrounded by a dense forest. It was the type of place where usually nothing would happen. But little did they know something was going to happen that night.

We now see what appears to be a large massive bank, the type of building that you'd see in a large city. The place itself was heavy on security cameras were in every corner and right behind the counters a massive vault filled with most likely fifty million dollars in hard cash with a few pieces of gold most likely. Most people always thought that their money would be safe, but with the amount of crime their was in the world itself, it seemed almost impossible.

For example their were two guys who were on the roof top of the building. One was on guard while another was doing something on a laptop.

" Come on, come on, hurry up! " The look out said.

" Oh shut up. " The computer guy snapped back. " And their we go, Security systems and cameras are off were good to go. " The tech said giving his partner a thumbs up making the other guy give the signal to move into the vault bank.

Within seconds eight more guys rushed inside with the other two from the roof joining in on the party.

From the distance someone was watching them and the only thing that seemed noticeable was a loud beeping noise being heard.

Back inside the bank...

The vault had just been opened up and without hesitation the thugs stuffed as much moolah as they could in large bags until they were all full.

" Alright. We got the cash. " The ring leader said as he motioned his posse to move the large cart towards the open door of the front. " Now let's book it before the cops show up! " The ring leader said as they headed towards the open door only for it to slam shut taking them all by surprise.

" You know, robbing banks like this had been done thousands of times. " A sudden voice spoke up getting their attention as they soon saw a pair of glowing green eyes with all their guns pointed right in the ceiling. " I mean seriously, you would ought to think this sort of thing was outdated by now... " The voice continued as the source of the voice then jumped and landed on the floor giving them all a clear view of what this guy looked like.

Standing right before these guys was a tall werewolf like creature, had grey fur and a black colored mane and a large bushy tail matching in color. It's arms had two spikes going all the way up it's shoulders, four claws on each hand & feet. And it also appeared to have clothing on, a white body suit with black outlines bearing an hourglass like symbol on it's chest, a white collar and two spiked wrist bands.

" Whoa! Holy shit! What kind of guard dogs do they have now?! " One guy exclaimed in shock and surprise earning looks from his accomplicances and the wolf itself who frowned upon hearing that.

" Really? I'm a six foot tall wolf like creature, and I look like a guard dog to you? " The wolf questioned before shaking it's head in frustration and sighed as they all refocused their guns at him.

" Okay. Let's try this again, I'm Blitzwolfer! " The wolf said now identifying its name before its maw slipped opened up four ways and emitted a high pitched super sonic howl sending a few guys flying right into a wall.

" Open fire! " One of robbers cried out in the back instantly making the other guys shoot at Bliztwolfer who jumped onto a nearby wall. He then leaped forward knocking out one of the goons and snapping the assault rifle in half before he jumped again and tackled another guy into a wall knocking him unconscious. His ears twitched as one of the robbers fired his weapon and so Blitzwolfer performed a backflip and pinned the guy on the floor before knocking him out.

As he did this they all got together in formation and fired off their weapons. But unexpectedly Blitzwolfer used another sonic howl and this caused the bullets to fly right back at them hitting the walls, shattering a few pieces of glass, etc before he leaped forward and began beating the crap out of them one by one with ease.

Once he was done beating them to pulp his ears perked up hearing the sound of sirens approaching the bank. ' That's my que... ' The werewolf like creature said to himself as he then finished knocking out the last thug and made his way out of the backdoor area and got on all fours runing into the woods not bothering to look and see the squad cars surrounding the building with the officers entering the bank and were all surprised to see that all the robbers were knocked out.

" Sheesh, what the hell happened in here? " One officer inquired.

" I don't know. But start cuffing them up and call in the large transport, we got a big haul tonight. " The officer in charge gave out the order and began cuffing them all up and kept their weapons aimed right at them to make sure they wouldn't try anything.

" Hey, check this out... " Another officer called out gesturing them over to a where he was at.

" What the? " The officer in charge breathed in awe as he was now looking at what appeared to be claw marks that were seen by the backdoor.


About five minutes later Bliztwolfer stopped running and got off all fours standing upright. " Well, that turned out be easier then expected. " Blitzwolfer said as he then heard a beeping noise and looked down to his chest area to see that his hourglass symbol kept beeping red until he was coated in energy completing turning into something else.

As for what it was a Japanese american teenager. He was most likely around the age of 16, wild unkept black hair, solid green colored eyes. As for his figure, it was very skinny, but at the same time not athletic either. As for his clothing, it consisted that of a black & white hoodie with black outlines, and a black hood that had a green clover to the right of it, underneath a grey colored shirt, he also supported dark green cargo shorts and a pair of black running shoes.

The most noticeable thing was there was some sort of silver watch like device bearing the hour glass symbol like the one on Blitzwolfers chest only it had green instead of the white. As for this person's name, it was Shane Lee.

" Now with that, done, I better get some sleep, " Shane said to himself as headed towards a large rock that provided a roof and slid into a large sleeping bag before he dozed off to sleep despite the noise the sirens being heard in the distance.

The next day.

We now see Shane making his way through town, carrying a camo colored backpack filled with most likely his stuff that's had with him for a while. " Okay, now time to get some directions. " The teen said to himself as he looked over to a man who was with his girlfriend. " Excuse me? " He asked getting their attention. " Do you know where I can find the bus station around here? "

" Yeah, just take a right, going up this street, it'll be right near a dinner. "

" Cool, thanks. " Shane said giving them thumbs up and proceeded up the street just he was instructed to do and headed right towards the station. Once he was there, he rang the bell once and man came up to him.

" Can I help you? " The man asked before burping into his knuckle that was defiantly loud.

" Um, yeah... " Shane replied. " Do you know when the next bus leaving for Jump City will be? "

" About two and a half hours. You heading their? "

" Yes sir I am. " Shane replied in a polite tone hoping to keep on the mans good side.

" I know, it ain't none of my business, but we always see runaways around these parts, so why are you heading there? "

" Just to visit my sister, that's all. " Shane replied.

" Alright, if you say so, " The man said as he went back to whatever he was doing while Shane meanwhile looked over to the dinner. He hummed to himself as he brought out a wallet counting just how much money he had, and in total, he had about fifty bucks, more then enough to get one the bus and pay for the transportation.

He then shrugged his shoulders and headed over to the dinner getting inside and quickly spotted an open seat on the counter and put his backpack on the floor just beneath him and began to examine the menu.

As he got settled in a red curly haired waitress in her early thirties came up to him. " Good morning sweetie, You ready to order? "

" Yeah, first, what are you're specials? "

" A Denver omelet with bell pepper's, graded cheese, and potato's. "

" Then I'll have just that. " Shane replies back and gives her the menu,

" Would you like any refreshments? Like, coffee, orange juice? "

" Milk. And do you have any apples? "

" Yes we do. "

" I'll have two. " The teen says raising two of his right fingers up with a smile.

" Coming right up... " The waitress exclaimed as she went to get what he asked for and as he waited he looked over to his right and saw an Oldman reading a newspaper, and Shane noticed something about it.

" Hey, excuse me? Are you almost done with that? " Shane asked.

" Help yourself kid. " The elderly gentleman replied as he passed the paper over to Shane who saw a photo of a strange reptilian creature running on all fours through the woods.

" :Are there aliens among us? " Shane read the front page. ' Oh yeah...hey, this was when I was in Colorado. ' As he recalled the memories he gave it back to the old man just as the waitress gave what he had requested.

" Thank you... " Shane says as he eagerly begins to chomp down on one of the apples with ease eating the whole thing in seconds including the stim.

" Wow...you got an appetite on you... " The waitress commented as Shane took a sip from his milk. " You're not from around here are you? "

" No mam... " Shane replies as he bites in onto the next apple.

" Where you from? "

" New York. "

" Long way from home aren't ya? "

" Yeah... "

" What brings you around here? "

" Just waiting for the next bus to get me to Jump City. " Shane replies as he's nearly done with his second apple.

" Got some family over there? "

" Hmmm. " Shane replies as he chows down on the stem.

" It's just been you? "

" I got a little help getting here, along the way. " Shane replies as a bell is rung.

" Order up! " A chef says and luckily for Shane it was his breakfast that the waitress had then given him.

" Well, I wish you luck sweetie, here you- " She was cut off by the sound of loud motor engines, making her and all of the bystanders inside to look outside of the diner.

Very slowly Shane turned around and saw that there were three armored spiked up trucks going through down town with a large rig hauling a trailer.

They all prooceded to stop and from the trucks emerged goons wearing armor, and just straight up resembled bandits from Borderlands.

Afterwards a tall male walked out out of the vehicle wearing a black and yellow jumpsuit, covered in heavy armor plates that pratically covered in spikes and wore a face helmet that was like that of a Viking only it was much more menacing.

" Nice little place here... " The leader said. " Too bad it ain't gonna stay here for long. " He said as Shane quickly ducked down onto the ground.

' Shit! Flint already caught up to me? ' Shane asked himself as he began to crawl on the floor as the leader continued to speak by grabbing a mic.

" Testing, testing... " The guy said that Shane recognized as Flint said before getting it right. " Okay, were good now. " He clearered his throat afterwards.

" We know you're here grinder! " The leader called out as he shot a few more rounds into the air. " Nobody messes with The Burning Posse and gets away with it! So if you come out, then we'll be easy on ya. But if not, then it'll be only the same. "

' Both of those suck... ' Shane said to himself as he continued crawling on the floor.

" Fine then! Have it your way then! " Flint said before eying the dinner. " Ah, I good place to start! " He cried out with Shane finally getting to the back door and exited.

As this happened a few cop cars pulled up with a few officers standing getting out of their vehicles with their weapons aimed at Flint and his gang.

" Drop your weapons! " One of the officer's called out only for Flint to give them this reply.

" How about I raise mine? " Flint then brought out a Blooper and fired off a single round hitting a single car causing it to explode sending a few officers flying back a few inches substained.

Shane watched the hole go down peeking through the side and he was beyond furious examined his surroundings and saw that he was in the clear. " Alright, Flint, you wanna fight, then I'll give you one. " He said darkly as he began doing something with his watch making it beep real loudly.

It then began to display holoforms of strange unusual creatures through the top. Once it was on he switched it a few times and passed by a few forms until he stopped at the one he needed.

" Come on...give me something to work with here. " Shane said as he slammed down the center of the watch and so began the transformation process.

First the symbol began to sink into his skin, becoming pitch black, smooth as leather, his elbows extended upwards a bit, his face began to change shape, as he gained an extra pair of eyes, his teeth growing razor sharp, and two spikes emerged from the back of his head as his hair began to disappear.

Soon enough Shane had now fully transformed into a four eyed alien like creature that was slightly hunched forward. It had bunch of teeth shown from it's lower jawline, with four spikes sticking out from behind his head connected to a very skinny neck. His arms' had changed with the elbows blades covering his forearms connected to his hands that had morphed into four razor sharp claws. The middle section of his stomach was light gray, and his legs were like that of a raptor's only it had three toes and a back claw and finally a short lizard like tail with the watch symbol located near the front of his neckline.

" Xenophobe? " Shane's voice had changed into deep gravely voice. " I was hoping for something with a little more muscle, but then again, this'll work too. " He said before he dashed from the back of the building and quickly grabbed the fallen officers to nearby building.

" You all okay? " Xenophobe asked the stunned officers who couldn't even speak making him sigh. " You know what...forget it. I'll just take that as a yes. " He said before scaling up a building and onto a nearby rooftop.

" Hey! Flint! You looking for me?! " The creature asked making the tall armored male turn around.

" Fire! " The leader shouted out not hesitating and made his goons fire on sight but missed do to Xenophobes speed and were all beaten in only a few mere moments dusting off his claws.

" Hey! What's the deal Flint?! " Xenophobe called out. " You said no one messed with you're gang right?! This is literally so easy, that I'm like yawning right here. " The alien mocked.

" Heh, luckily for you, I bought something special just for you. " Flint said before the back of the large trailer attached to the rig opened up and from the inside emerged someort of large mech suit that resembled an ogre from the video game Titanfall.

It stood about twelve feet tall, covered in bright vivid lemon colored armor bearing Flint's insignia on the front of it witch was a basically a burning skull wearing a spiked helmet.

" Whoa... " Xenophobe said in awe clearly didn't expect to see something like this as he watched Flint get into the suit.

" Alright grinder, let's turn up the heat! " Flint said through the mech's intercom as he made a flamethrower appear on it's right arm and fired it into the air before two slots opened up on it's chest releasing four missiles that multiplied into six smaller missiles.

" Oh boy... " Xenophobe said before dashing out of the way and raced towards the downtown area with Flint right on his tail.

" You can run all you like grinder, but you ain't getting away! " Flint said the mech raised it's left arm making a mini gun emerge from the top firing away getting closer to Xenophobe inch by inch but he was quick to out maneuver them before he makes a speedy u turn and dashes right into the mecha and used his claws to slice off the gun as if it was paper.

" I got more then one gun! " Flint said as a mini laser cannon comes out of his right shoulder aiming right at Xenophobe hitting him directly in the chest causing him to crash into a nearby wall.

He quickly tried to get up but the suit had tackled him and gripped one of his arms. " It's all over. " Flint said as he raised his readied his weapon to finish him off but luckily for Shane he was quick to think in situations like these and what he was gonna do was something he rarely had to do, even in this form. But if it made sure he would stay alive then he'd have to do it.

" Ooooh man...this is gonna hurt... " Xenophobe said before he used his free arm and sliced off his restrained arm causing sulfuric acid to spew out making him cry out in pain taking Flint by surprise as he sliced arm began to dissolve leaving the right arm a little damaged. With the opportunity given Shane jumped on the roof and began to grunt.

As he did this very slowly a new arm quickly reformed now good as new. " I hate doing that, but good thing Xenophobe has great regeneration abilities. " The transformed teen commented as the mech suit hovered into the air and opened some slots full of missiles.

" You ain't getting away! " Flint roared as the mech suit began to fire them away making Xenophobe skid side to side doing his best to dodge the explosive projectiles and then dashed forward landing a clean right cut across the front of the machine. He quickly used it a spring and got back onto the street.

" You maybe good at running, but let's see if you can outrun this! " Flint's voice said through the mech's intercom causing it's right shoulder to open up and fired three unique styled rockets right towards Shane who began to run but little did he know that they were tracking him.

" Oh come on! These things can track you?! " Xenophobe exclaimed as he kept scaling buildings and rooftops at his top speed but even then they were still on his tail. " Wait a minute...I wonder if I can do this? " He then leaped off of a building and sped right towards Flint who laughed and began firing off his main weapons completely unaware of what was gonna happen. And soon it did. Shane skidded bellow the mech's leg's leading the rockets to hit it instead of him causing it to stumble back a bit.

As if was doing that Xenophobe opened his maw and gushed out a stream of the same substance that replaced his blood onto it's legs making it fall hard. With his enemy down Shane got onto the front and used his breath attack to open up a hole in the mech suit showing Flint still in the pilot's seat.

" Ah crap... " Flint exclaimed already knowing what was gonna happen, a hard right hook in the face knocking him unconscious. Afterwards he tied Flint and his goon together

" Consider you guys out of business " Shane said as he heard the symbol beginning to beep real loudly meaning his time was up as well. So using his speed his dashed right behind the dinner just in the nick of time as he reverted back to his normal self.

" Phew... " Shane said in relief whipping some sweat off his brow with his eyes widening in shock because the lady who served him breakfast from earlier witnessed him returning back to normal. " Umm..."

" Don't worry honey... " The kind woman smiled said reassuring the teen. " You're secret's safe with me. "

" Thank you. You don't know how much that means to hear that. " The teen exclaimed feeling a bit embarrassed.

" Well, it's not everyday a hero drops by this small town, and from the way how I see it, you did a good deed. " The lady said still using her kind tone. " Infact, her you go, on the house. " She said now giving him a bag full of red apples that Shane eagerly took.

" Thank you. " Shane thanked the kind woman once again and stuffed the bag into his backpack and headed to the bus stop and wait for the transportation.

Only about two hours later after everything was sorted out along with Flint and his goons being put into custody Shane had now gotten onto the bus.

While in his seat the teen pulled out a photo showing a younger version of himself along with a girl who had the same black hair as he did but appeared to be much more older.

' Let's hope I can find you there. ' Shane said to himself as he then got comfortable and dozed off to pass the time for his long ride to Jump City completely unaware someone was watching him from the distance in a scope.

" He's on the move again. " The stranger exclaimed lowering down his weapon with a growl heard from right behind him sounding to be some sort of dog. " Just wait a little longer old friend. Just a little while longer. "

To be continued

Well, this ain't exactly the most flashiest or fanciest way to start something like this, but at least it's a start to something. But all in all this is only just a small taste of what this character is capable of.

As the story progresses you will understand as this experiment continues to develop.

There will be aliens that me and my associate have come up with including "others for something else" but you will know what I'm talking about when the time is right.

So if you would, review or comment, constructive criticism (please not to harsh,) and also been watching that weird cartoon that was from the guys who made the Simpsions and Futurama called Disenchantment, and I got to say, even though it's a bit "lacking" but I got a few laughs from it mainly one with the elf doing this.

" Hey asswipe! " To the king.

Okay, that's enough for right now, aside from this, I'm kind of tempted to do one about that cartoon, I don't know why, just kind of feels right.

Not to mention there's a possibility with either a Soul Eater Crossover with Kiva, or a kaiju story. Which is why I'm gonna be putting up a poll and you all get to vote to see which one of these stories should be put up.