Chapter 7: All good dreams

When William Darcy blinked into consciousness the morning after Bing's birthday party he tried desperately to retain every moment of his dream from the night before. He'd dreamed about Lizzie before but none had ever been as vivid as last night's dream. He opened his eyes fully and surveyed his room. It certainly didn't appear that anything monumental had happened last night. His clothes were neatly draped across the chair like always, the comforter was still evenly draped over the bed, the left side of which showed no second occupant. No dent in the pillow with a single red hair. He rolled over and grabbed that pillow in the hopes of tricking himself back into a dream of holding Lizzie Bennet, but his phone made a text alert and he was reminded that all good dreams must come to an end.

He picked his phone up off of the nightstand and grinned broadly. There was a text message from Lizzie Bennet (with an avatar picture of her smiling in her dress from last night): Good morning 3

Instead of responding via text he called her. "Hello," she answered almost immediately in a cheery voice.

"Good morning," he said, his voice gravely and still thick with sleep. "I had the most wonderful dream last night that the perfect woman kissed me in a room full of witnesses and agreed to be my girlfriend."

She laughed that irresistible laugh and replied, "well, I don't know about perfect, but all of that did happen with me last night."

"Here I was trying to convince myself to fall back to sleep and return to that dream, when you texted me and informed me it was real."

"Nope, it was so real that Lydia informed my mother of the development on the car ride home and she's already naming our children." Darcy couldn't help but imagine that future himself. Say what you will of Mrs. Bennet's schemes, she couldn't possibly be planning their future faster than he had. He was a decisive man and he knew that he loved Lizzie Bennet, that he wanted her in his life, the whole package, forever. But, since that was hardly the appropriate thing to say to your girlfriend less than a day after she became such, he played along and made some pithy comments commiserating with her about her mother's plotting.

"So, what are your plans for the day Mr. Darcy?" She asked once they'd worn out the subject of her mother.

"Nothing fixed, Ms. Bennet, what did you have in mind?"


"Breakfast," he affirmed, "I'll pick you up in twenty minutes?"

"Sounds great, I'll see you soon, William." She said his name tentatively, like she was trying it out and his heart flopped at the sound of it.

"I'll see you soon, bye." he said, biting his tongue to prevent him from adding an 'I love you' - it was too soon, he didn't want to scare her off. When he hung up he all but sprinted out of bed to get dressed with his mind full of hopes for the future.