Harry had to admit that seducing Fleur had been one of the greatest achievements in his life, a fact that was driven to the point as they squeezed together under his invisibility cloak, completely naked. Of course, Harry positioned herself perfectly behind her, his arms wrapped around her smooth stomach, rubbing against her ass with every step, his erection back in full force despite his earlier exhaustion.

Magic was truly a delicious gift.

"So," Harry whispered to Fleur's ear even as they continued walking, enjoying the way she shivered at his voice despite the arousal she was receiving from being naked together. It was a unique source of pride to affect her with just a whisper despite her overstimulated state. "You had no problem with the presence of our little Nymphadora, right?" he asked.

"N-no," she stammered back. "Of course not."

"Of course not, huh? It's a statement stronger than I expected. How interesting?" Harry added, acting like he didn't realize just how much Fleur enjoyed watching him dominating Tonks. Direct access to her thoughts was a convenient tool to reveal her true desires, especially when he had a role of feeding the said desires in the first place. "Is there anything you want to share with me?"

"N-no," she stammered, but her half-hearted comment faded quickly when Harry leveraged the emptiness of the corridor they were passing through to push her against the wall and kiss her with a searing passion, while pushing his fingers into her wetness. After a few pumps, he pulled back, leaving her gasping and groaning. "So, you're saying that, if I offered to walk around the house to find another delicious visitor for our little games, you would be against it?"

She said nothing, but the way her beautiful blue eyes widened was answer enough, so was the sudden allure slamming him like an out-of-control truck. "Hmm, you clearly don't want it," Harry whispered mockingly. "After all, veela is famous for failing to control their allure when someone offers a sexual fantasy they hate, right?"

"Harry, please-" she gasped, only to be cut by another kiss, one that occupied her lips for another minute, leaving her gasping and shivering.

"Or, let me ask a question," Harry whispered as he pulled back, watching her expression like he didn't have a manual of every little kink of hers and actually trying to decipher her desires at the moment. "Do you want me to have a threesome, or do you want to … watch…" he whispered, with all the seductiveness of a devil offering temptations.

Fleur stammered, blushed, and avoided his gaze, but the final answer was never in doubt. Not when her body was being flooded by pleasure for the last hour and her own allure addled her decision-making process even further. Especially not when her repressed desires were begging for her to accept.

Harry added one last whisper. "I'll allow you to pick the girl," he whispered.

"Ginny," Fleur spat out immediately, and his eyes widened a little. He was surprised, both by the target and the speed she reached that. "That redheaded bitch thinks it's funny to call me French slut every single day, while it's her brothers ogle me like pathetic virgins," she whispered, trying to explain. "Her mother is even worse, treating me like a whore willing to seduce her pathetic sons. I want to see just how much of a whore her precious daughter is."

"Dark," Harry said, and her smile slipped off her face for a moment. "And kinky, I love it," he quickly added, resurrecting her upbeat mode, with a good dash of arousal added to the mix. "Any preference for the location?" he added, more than willing to follow her suggestion, considering it had been a while since he had enjoyed Ginny's lips around his girth.

"I want you to fuck her in the street, where any muggle could walk in. That's the treatment she deserves," Fleur said, which, admittedly, surprised Harry quite a bit. Apparently, Fleur was affected by the treatment she received from the redheaded clan much more than Harry had assumed.

Not that he had a problem. He was willing to do much more than fucking Ginny publicly —though he would still add a notice-me-not ward. Humiliating her for Fleur was acceptable, but he wasn't going to share her with a bunch of horny muggles.

Conjuring a fresh set of clothes for him was almost trivial as he stepped out of the invisibility cloak —much to his desire. "Go and wait for me at the entrance," he whispered as he spanked Fleur's naked ass. "Your allure is too active to walk around the shared areas without being noticed," he said. Since most people used the Floo network rather than the door, there was little risk of getting caught that way.

"As you wish," Fleur whispered before walking away. She was invisible, of course, but Harry was familiar enough with the sensation of her allure to still pinpoint her location.

Finding Ginny wasn't as difficult as he feared. She was lazing around in the kitchen, acting like she was doing chores while putting in the absolute minimum effort. He was interested to note that while her outer clothes were old hand-me-downs, but her underwear —which he caught a glimpse of as she tried to reach a high shelf by climbing on a chair— was clearly new, and clearly expensive. She had clearly put the allowance she had earned during their last encounter very selectively.

"Black lace fits you," Harry said, only to earn a shocked gasp as Ginny turned toward him.

"It's you," she murmured, trying to suppress her shock and her blush at the same time.

"Long time no see," he whispered suggestively, which didn't help blush any.

"You scared me, again," she whispered as she stepped down the chair, not bothering to keep her skirt gathered as she did so. After all, she had already shared more than an accidental glimpse for his viewing pleasure. "I could have fallen down."

"But you didn't," Harry said with a dismissive smirk. "And don't worry, I could have caught you easily if you fell. Not for free, of course," he added, which pushed her blush to overdrive.

"Harry," she gasped, scandalized.

"So, any exciting shopping trips lately?" he asked, cutting the teasing part short. He didn't want to waste time, not when a naked Fleur was waiting for him outside.

"N-no," she stammered, her blush growing even thicker. "I don't have … any allowance during summer," she murmured, clearly ashamed of her family's lack of money, something that got much worse after Harry gave a taste of free spending and its benefits to her social life.

"So, should I assume you can't pay your debt at this point?" he said, only for her to look at the floor, but not say anything. "Maybe some more alternative payment? And maybe a few more galleons if you impress me sufficiently," he added. She didn't raise her head from the floor, but she still nodded.

"Excellent, follow me," Harry said before turning and leaving, not giving her a chance to actually reject.

She started following him. "W-wait a minute," she stammered when she realized he wasn't going upstairs but toward the main entrance, but Harry ignored her call, knowing that her desire to pay the debt before it escalated, together with her desire to have a new wardrobe once she went back to Hogwarts to impress her friends would keep her from changing her mind.

As he stepped out, he felt the familiar aura of Fleur's aura smashing against his skin, insidious and delicious, but Ginny failed to notice that, at least not consciously. Allure was a bit like being drunk, it was easy to miss the effects if one wasn't actively looking for it.

"Harry, why are we here?" Ginny asked panickedly as he quickly walked into the nearest abandoned street, and stood behind a sketchy van.

"We shouldn't risk getting caught by your mother," Harry argued easily. It was nonsense, of course, but as he took a step toward her and she took a step back, her back pushing against the van. "The sooner we start, the less chance a curious muggle stumbles on," he suggested.

Her eyes widened in shock, her breath quickened, but that didn't prevent her hands from jumping up to her shirt, surprising Harry with her initiative quite a bit. Apparently, the long break since their last encounter went a long way to break through her moral arguments against it. A quick peek into her mind revealed many wet dreams where she had been doing her best to satisfy him, earning pleasure and riches at the same time.

Harry was more than happy about it as he watched Ginny quickly got rid of her shirt, revealing her skimpy bra that barely covered her nipples. "Naughty stuff," he murmured in satisfaction even as he palmed his wand and established a ward around them. No point risking any accidental voyeur, the intentional voyeur under his invisibility cloak was more than enough…

"Slower, try to undress more sensually if you want to earn those galleons," Harry said as leaned against the wall, enjoying the sight. The way Fleur's allure flared with excitement as he mentioned a payment was delicious. Harry wasn't too surprised that Fleur was excited by the fact that the girl that had been insulting her for being a slut was willing to undress in an empty alley for money.

He smirked as Ginny followed his request despite her slowing movement. She got rid of her shirt, hanging it on the mirror of the van, before applying the same treatment to her skirt, leaving her in her underwear, her blush getting thicker and thicker as she threw a panicked glare toward the street, checking for any accidental voyeur getting a fantastic view of her body. Only after making sure the street was empty, she started walking toward him with a seductive gait, her skirt in hand.

Keeping her skirt in hand seemed to be a strategic decision as she threw it in front of him to protect her knees as she immediately started grappling with his belt.

"Someone is enthusiastic," Harry commented the moment she managed to free his shaft, only to start licking. A frown appeared on her face as she got the taste, but she said nothing, unable to recognize the aroma left by the combined efforts of Fleur and Tonks.

By the time Harry managed to finish his sentence, Ginny's lips were already around his impressive girth, pushing herself in a manner that implied that the galleons she was supposed to get from that service might be a touch less important than what her earlier obedience might have implied.

Not that Harry was unhappy about it, or broken by spending a few extra galleons.

He decided to test the limits of his control. "Touch yourself," he ordered as she swallowed the crown of his shaft. Her arms stayed still for a moment, so Harry continued. "I'll get you another shiny galleon," he suggested. She might not be doing that for money, but the promise of extra money certainly didn't hurt, evidenced by the speed her hand moved in a hurry to disappear into her black lacy panties.

Her lips moved back and forth around the crown, but Harry let her do so, his attention of the enthusiastic way her fingers were dancing in the confines of her panties. She was so distracted by the dual assault that she hadn't realized Harry had put both of his hands on her head, therefore couldn't unhook her bra. She didn't try to look back, therefore, she hadn't noticed a pair of immaculately pedicured hands floating in the air, throwing her bra into the trash.

Vindictive, Harry noted, but didn't do anything. Being a bombshell blonde with an inexhaustible sex drive got her a lot of credit for her that she could freely waste through her childish actions. So, instead of trying to stop Fleur from messing with Ginny, focused on the delicious view of Ginny's lithe seeker body she slowly started to swallow more of his length, her interest clear.

Maybe it was the pent-up desire from waiting for a long while, or maybe it was the excitement of acting like a whore by sucking him in a hidden corner of a public street, but Ginny's excitement was quickly building up, which was nice, because that distracted her from the fact that there was another source of fingers dipping into something soppy other than her own fingers.

She started worshiping his cock with affection with a stretched manner, alternating between licks and kisses, though neglecting the balls in the process… However, despite her clear enthusiasm, when she tried to take him fully, she started struggling, around the halfway mark, her throat providing a formidable barrier.

Harry was considering the relative merits of leaving her to struggle and helping her to devour, when their supposedly silent observer decided to interject once more. Fleur's hands appeared under the cloak once more as she grabbed Ginny's head, pushing her forward without giving the slightest regard to staying hidden.

She even revealed her face, which was contorted with a victorious expression as she looked down.

"How interesting," Fleur murmured in satisfaction even as she pushed Ginny hard enough to cut her breathing, turning her into a wheezing mess. "After all the insults blaming me for being a French whore, daughter of Molly Weasley is naked in an alley, on her knees, sucking cock like a two-knut whore," she said with a glee that almost materialized physically, her allure slamming to them repeatedly.

Ginny tried to answer, but Fleur's grip was far too tight to allow her to pull back. Harry didn't say anything, more than happy to get the fruits of their fight. "No, whore. Finish your work first. We don't want your reputation as a good whore to be damaged, do we?" Fleur continued, suggesting that even then, Harry had underestimated just how far Fleur had been suppressing her anger for being ostracized. A peek into her mind suggested that it was not just Ginny's comments that she was avenging, but all the comments she had received during her own schooling, jealousy of the female half and desire of the male half of the student body turning her into a pariah.

A very sexy pariah, but a pariah still.

It was not the healthiest manner to deal with her anger, but Harry was more than happy to let her cope in her own way while Fleur forced Ginny to take the entirety of his shaft, reshaping her slender throat, not allowing Ginny to pull back until he covered her throat with his seed.

Then, Fleur allowed Ginny to pull back, but even then, her hand was tightly wrapped around her red hair in a painful manner, looking down with a victorious expression as Ginny coughed and wheezed…

Notes: Fleur shows that despite all the enthusiastic obedience toward Harry and the enjoyment she was driving from watching him, she still had the famous veela anger, even if she wasn't perfect targeting that anger.

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