Harry couldn't help but smirk as he walked toward Hannah, who was frozen under the flowing water of the shower. "You don't mind, do you?" he asked mockingly, even as he slipped under the water, enjoying the touch of her skin more than the caresses of the warm water. "I want to be presentable for Susan."

Hannah's eyes widened, but her passive personality didn't allow for her to answer, not when she was completely overwhelmed by the display of his naked body. She was trying to drum up the courage to answer, but she was clearly finding hard to achieve as she looked at his erection.

Quite a sight, he had to admit.

Harry watched in amusement as her lips parted open while she tried to answer, especially since despite the great effort she was putting, she wasn't able to pull her gaze away from his erection, her attempts to speak either ending in gasps or stammers.

"Excellent," Harry said, choosing to take her stammering as a positive answer. Her discomfort about his presence shone in her eyes, but arousal was clearly rising to accompany that. All the while, she leaned against the shower wall, not even trying to leave, because to do that, she had to push him away, something the demure Hufflepuff beauty couldn't even imagine. "So, Hannah," Harry said lazily. "Tell me, how's your summer?"

"N-not too good," Hannah managed to stammer at the direct question.

"Oh, really," Harry said, his smirk widening even as he threw his head back, enjoying the water spilling over his body. "I'm sorry to hear that. Any particular reason?"

"T-the-One-He-Must…" she started, only for her voice to fade away, her courage leaving her halfway. Though, to her credit, her stammering was more about his naked presence than the fear she was feeling.

"Ah, same old," Harry said with a shrug, not really wanting to push her about the name. She had earned his mercy by joining DA during the school year. "It's a pity, of course. Any other reason? Any interesting dates?"

"N-not really," she managed to stammer as she pushed herself even deeper into the corner, using her arms to cover her body, with limited success. There was a lot to be covered, and her arms could only handle a limited amount. She tried to reach a towel, even though it reduced her temporary cover even further, but a gentle touch of Harry on her wrist was enough for her to jolt her arm back.

"No need to ruin a towel by getting it under the water, sweetie," Harry said with another chuckle before letting his gaze dance over her body. "No dates all summer. That's a crime," he continued. "When was your last date?"

Her blush was all the answer he needed, not that he was surprised by it. Hannah's shyness when it came to dealing with the boys was well known, to a point that she had avoided any invitation for a date like disaster. The same shyness just left her helpless in the shower, unable to retaliate against his naked presence. "Come on, Hannah, you're a beautiful young woman. You need to be more aggressive when it comes to dating."

"I know, but…" she stammered shyly.

"Actually, why don't I help you?" he offered.

"Help, how?" she whispered, more responding to his question than genuine curiosity. She was just too far gone into the shock to feel something simple as curiosity.

"Well, you're clearly hesitant due to your lack of experience. And I have some time before seeing Susan. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me helping her best friend gain some courage."

Her eyes widened at the reminder of her best friend, especially since she clearly misunderstood his relationship with Susan as more romantic rather than sexual deviant state. It clearly was. "I - I can't do that to Susan," she whispered.

"Do what?" Harry said with a chuckle as he turned, 'accidentally' rubbing his cock to her naked thigh in the process. "I'm sure Susan wouldn't mind a little kiss, but we can always call her and ask about that if you're not sure."

"N-no need," she gasped in shock, the probability of being caught by her best friend in the shower, naked with her 'boyfriend' was not something Hannah could imagine, let alone actually practice.

"Okay, pucker up, then," Harry said with a smirk even as he put his arms on both sides of her, preventing her path to escape before she could even make such an attempt.

Hannah looked at his eyes with a trembling expression, but whatever she was hoping, she failed to find. "Okay," she whispered in resignation as her lips opened, her pouty lips puckered up.

Harry leaned forward, capturing her lips in a soft, sensual kiss even as he put his hand on the back of her head, cushioning it against the hard wall.

Hannah whimpered as his lips touched, but that didn't prevent her lips from moving in response. Her movements were too slow, too hesitant, to be classified as kissing back, but it was a response nonetheless.

It was certainly better than what Harry expected.

He tightened his grip on her hair, and when she gasped, slipped his tongue inside her mouth. Hannah didn't show the slightest hint of resistance as his tongue ravaged her mouth for the next minute.

Though that didn't mean everything was going like Harry wanted. The biggest reason for his displeasure was her arms, still tightly around her tits, pressing against his chest when he leaned forward. He could have pulled her arms away easily, but why should he, when he could have so much fun another way. "Not bad," he said, pulling back, making her eyes widen. It was clearly a little less than what she had been hoping to hear after her first kiss. "You need to use your hands a bit more, at least put them on my neck," Harry suggested.

"But…" she said, her eyes dipping down to underline her nakedness. Harry intentionally followed the path her gaze drew, but much slower, which didn't help her blush any.

"I'll keep my eyes closed," he whispered, which didn't make her move immediately. "Don't you trust me?" he said, doing his best to sound insulted. It wasn't a particularly successful attempt in terms of acting, and even that was a generous definition. Luckily, Hannah wasn't the most discerning audience, even under the best of circumstances.

And the current circumstances were far from the best.

"I do," Hannah whispered, and Harry followed his word — even though it was only for a moment. A second later, he felt her hands meeting around his neck. Another second, and her lips were over his, kissing hesitantly.

Harry let her control the kiss for a moment, letting her relax before pushing his tongue in her mouth once more, stealing the control. She tried to gasp in shock, but that died halfway as Harry suddenly pushed forward, locking her body between his and the wall.

She tried to say something, but that was markedly difficult with his tongue in her mouth, preventing her from doing so. Her panic flared as she felt the pressure, but her passive nature showed its true face once more, and she just accepted it obediently.

She might be hesitant, but her body certainly wasn't, with her nipples pushing against his skin as Harry delivered her a kiss that curled her toes. She was breathing heavily from her nose, getting more and more out of control the longer the kiss lasted.

Harry enjoyed the feeling of her hard nipples, getting even harder by each passing second, contrasting the soft, pillow-like feeling of her huge breasts.

Her arousal was growing like a furnace.

Even with her shyness, her body started to take control. Her lips started to move more and more aggressively, giving a surprisingly long, tongue-filled kiss.

When Harry finally pulled back — only his head, his body still pressing against hers to pin her in place — Hannah looked wide-eyed and flustered. "You - you were supposed to keep your eyes closed," she managed to stammer in a whisper, which, in her standards, might as well be shouting.

"Sorry about that," Harry said, with no intention of even hiding his grin. "But don't worry, I can't see anything," he said even as he looked down to check her cleavage. Technically, what he said was true, as her body was concealed, though the fact that it was his body that was doing the job made that fact rather ineffective. Hannah didn't answer, shocked by his answer. Harry pushed even more. "Am I wrong?"

"N-no," she stammered helplessly, unable to say anything more under the combined assault of her shyness and her arousal.

"Excellent," Harry said before leaning forward, capturing her lips again. But this time, with one major difference. This time, his hands were moving as well. He started from a gentle caress at her shoulder, but soon it developed into a wild exploration, his fingers all over her skin, in particular focusing on the sides of her amazing tits.

Hannah was supposed to resist at that moment, but to Harry's surprise, that didn't seem to be forthcoming. Not when he was doing some very interesting things with his tongue, not when his fingers getting more and more aggressive. Not even when he pushed his hips forward, pushing his cock against her smooth stomach, earning a shocked gasp in the process.

She was clearly growing more enthusiastic under his assault, even though her shyness prevented her from reacting properly. Harry decided to help her and let his hand go even lower. First, his fingers landed on her hips, making her hips turn. Before his touch, her hips aligned to hide her core, but after his touch, they stood straight.

Harry could have invaded her immediately, but that would be ruining a delicious five-star meal by eating like a brute. Instead, his hands slipped between her legs, forcing them wide before slipping his cock between her thighs, rocking his hips back and forth.

Her shocked moan in response as her core brushed against his cock momentarily was simply beautiful. She might have started out hesitant and confused, but the tides were quickly turning against her, lust rising up in response. Her sense of propriety, along with her shame, was slowly getting washed away…

Harry prepared himself to start the real thing…