Harry was not exactly surprised when Susan's only reaction to her sudden nudity was her moans getting more intense. Considering the sudden decision of kissing Hannah while she was being rammed repeatedly, a little nudity was trivial.

At least conceptually, as the sight of her amazing breasts rising and falling could be defined by many words — erotic, sexy, amazing, magical counting a few — but trivial was definitely one of them. Her ass was pointing toward him, allowing him to reach easily to slip a finger inside her, making her moan even as their tongues battled.

And since it was for Hannah, Harry pushed forward, straining her belly as he challenged her capabilities to contain his aggressive impaling, filling her to the brim. "A … a minute," Hannah gasped when Susan pulled back for a breather. He smirked at the sight of her beautiful face contorted with pleasure, but he didn't answer her request.

He didn't need to, with Susan intervening. "Is there anything wrong, sweetie," Susan said as she caressed her cheek, in a way that a casual observer might assume to be kind, but Harry noticed the tenseness behind it.

"I — I need a breather. I-it's too much," she managed to stammer.

"Oh, really," Susan said as she let her hand travel down her neck with that same tense kindness. She said nothing until she arrived at her breasts, then, without a warning, grabbed her nipple and twisted. "Come on, Hannah, you shouldn't have joined the game if you can't handle the game."

Hannah cried, more shock than pain, suggesting she was more surprised by her best friend's sudden aggression than the pain of her nipple being tortured. Admittedly, Harry could see that Susan wasn't really pushing her limits as well, suggesting that she just wanted to teach her friend a lesson, not torture her.

Still, Harry couldn't help but wonder just how far Susan was willing to push her friend, so he pulled back without a warning. Susan looked at him questioningly, but Harry just smirked. "She asked for time. It's only fair that I give her that," he said with a smirk. "And, we can move to somewhere else in the process." Then, he conjured himself a bathrobe, gold and scarlet.

Susan looked at him questioningly, but under his gaze, she nodded. "It's a good idea." She took a step back, hugging him from the side, her beautiful breasts pressing to his side, the sensation of her amazing breasts once again great. Oh, he could feel her tenseness despite her earlier acceptance, suggesting she was yet to accept the threesome she found herself in.

Yet, she didn't complain against him. Instead, she limited herself watching to her best friend as Hannah struggled to stand up, her legs trembling, still unable to find herself after the great pleasure she had just experienced. Susan, noticeably, didn't offer to help her.

She reached for a towel to cover her body, only for her fingers to meet air as Harry vanished them. "No need to bother with that, we're just going to walk a bit," Harry said suggested as he slapped Susan's ass. "But your friend looks like having trouble walking. Why don't you go and help her."

"Oh, I will," Susan answered, her voice deliciously vindictive. Even when she started to walk, her hips swayed in an uncharacteristic sharpness. "Let me help you, sweetie," Susan said as she slapped Hannah's ass, the sound echoing in the room.

Harry walked behind them as Susan dragged Hannah away, whispering into her ear every few steps. And, if the flinches Hannah were any indicator, it was certainly not something that she was happy to hear. Yet, her submissive personality guaranteed that she just nodded obediently rather than trying to resist.

Harry watched as Susan's fingers landed on Hannah's back, creeping downward gently slowly, the lingering touch triggering her moans. "Please," Hannah moaned, desperate and aroused at the same time.

"Please, what?" Susan answered. Then, she proved that she managed to learn from him a lot during their extended seduction sessions. Her fingers continued to move down, first landing on her ass, then, after a few more steps, slipping inside her wetness.

Hannah just let out a desperate moan as Susan's fingers slipped inside, triggering another trembling fit, making her legs buckle. Susan just looked down as Hannah collapsed to her knees, her smirk getting more vindictive, clearly enjoying the power she had over her best friend.

Harry just smirked as he watched, surprised that the little show he was getting was good enough to rival Hannah's wet lips wrapping around his shaft.

"Is something wrong, honey," Susan said as she leaned down, but her fingers on Hannah's shoulder were tighter than necessary? Hannah just moaned. "Let me help," Susan said as she helped Hannah to stand up, yet then pushed her against the wall.

"She must be having trouble due to her tits," Harry said. "They must be even bigger than yours," Harry commented.

"No they are not," Susan responded immediately, the urgency in her tone suggesting that it wasn't the first time she had compared herself to her. Then, she turned her gaze to Hannah, who was still pressed against the wall, while she changed the location of her hands, pressing her chest against hers. "Look, mine are bigger."

"Hmm," Harry said as he closed, a smirk on his lips as he slowly examined the amazing sight of two of the three greatest bosoms in Hogwarts pressing against each other, their shape turning something magical. "Maybe, we can measure it later. Why don't you help your friend properly first."

"As you wish," Susan said, though as she said so, she turned her gaze to Hannah, who flinched under Susan's sudden sharpness. She clearly had a complex, and hearing the doubt in his voice was all she needed to trigger that further.

Of course, that was the only reason Harry said that. He could see that Susan had a slight edge when it came to breasts, while Hannah won when it came to hips. Though ultimately, that didn't change the fact that both were busty beauties.

Susan pulled back a bit, allowing Hannah to take a deep breath. Which was a mistake considering it enhanced her chest momentarily. Exactly the wrong move to do when Susan was already feeling self-conscious about her breast.

Susan giggled, though it was a tense reaction. Then, she shifted a bit, 'accidentally' placing her hand on Hannah's breasts, and accidentally twisting her nipples to earn another pained moan off her before she grabbed her arm and started dragging her, her fingers once again slipping into her core mercilessly.

Harry certainly liked the show as he followed them, even after he realized that they weren't taking a direct route, but roaming in the darkened corridors of Bones Manor aimlessly. Poor Hannah didn't notice a thing, too distracted by Susan's merciless fingers.

Under different circumstances, Harry might have complained about that, but admittedly, watching Susan punish her best friend for her 'betrayal' while happily ignoring Harry's role in that was simply too entertaining. As they repeated, he could feel Hannah falling into a confused fugue, unable to handle the endless rush of unfamiliar pleasure while being dragged around naked by her best friend.

Her best friend was naked as well, but that hardly made it less complicated for her.

She only snapped out of her fugue after they toured the Bones manor twice, and even then, the sound of a heavy door slamming was responsible for it, finally locking them in Susan's bedroom.

Susan looked at him, as if asking that he wanted to take command. Harry just smirked. "Impress me, and you'll get a reward," he said, goading her to act even more.

"Oh, as you wish," Susan said as she reached for her wand, and murmured a quick spell. Just like that, Hannah found her hands bound behind her back.

"W-what's going on," Hannah murmured, the tenseness of her arms awakening her out of her pleasure enough to make her talk.

"I'm punishing you, of course. As a Hufflepuff, your lack of loyalty is disgraceful," Susan said as she grabbed Hannah's bound arms and pushed her forward, directly toward the seat Harry just picked up for him, his erection peeking through the bathrobe he had conjured for himself.

"But—" Hannah started, but that was the only thing she was able to say before Susan forced her to her knees, which was rather easy thanks to her trembling legs.

"Can you believe how I felt? I was just there, hoping to help my best friend who had been in the bath for too long, afraid that something happened to her, only to open the door and see her being fucked like a two-bit whore, by the same guy I had mentioned that I had a crush on."

"I'm s—" Hannah tried to say, only for Susan's hand to explode on her ass loudly.

"You don't get to speak," she warned. "You lost that right when I caught you in the bedroom, being fucked instead of enjoying it." Yet, as she continued her little monologue, she grabbed Hannah's head and pushed it down, directly to his shaft.

Harry certainly admired the unobstructed view of their curvy bodies as Susan forced Hannah to swallow his shaft, one of her hands on her head as she pushed Hannah's head down.

She might be coerced by her friend, but Hannah was quick to open her mouth and took it into her mouth. Yet, for Susan, it was clearly not enough as she pushed Hannah even deeper, forcing her to take all his length, forcing both her jaw and her throat to the limit.

A string of gags exploded from Hannah, though soon, moans joined to her cries when Susan decided to let her empty hand join as well, once again slipping into Hannah's wetness.

"You have such a good friend, Hannah," Harry commented happily. "Look at her, doing her best to give you an accelerated deep-throat training." Hannah gagged, though Harry felt like she was trying to say something, probably trying to convey her disagreement. "I have to admit, it's a bit rough at first, but Susan has gone through the same training. And now, she sucks like a champion."

"T-thanks," Susan answered at the sudden compliment, though that didn't prevent her hands from continuing their task, nor made her stop her accelerated training. "I'm doing my best."

"Oh, honey, you're doing even better," Harry answered, amused by the sudden expression of pride on Susan's face, one that appeared without even the slightest mental manipulation. It was amazing to see her attitude changing rapidly as she lost herself in the excitement of the moment.

Harry didn't doubt for a moment that she had the instincts of a true dominatrix, but under his gaze, she was essentially tapping into his authority and reflecting her playful submissiveness in a different way. Still, if he was being honest, he enjoyed seeing the sudden change of pace.

So, he stayed in his seat as Hannah went through her accelerated deep-throat training, sounds getting more and more ominous. "Open wider," Susan ordered Hannah as she pushed her down even more, finally achieving the final objective of letting her nose touch him directly.

"Not bad," Harry said with a smirk, and Susan smiled. Yet, that proved to be short-lived as he continued. "For a start," he added, shifting her back into panic.

"F-for now," she stammered. He just smirked, letting her think. "Of course, for now… I have another plan, this is just a warm-up."

"Excellent," Harry said. "Then show me," he ordered as he grabbed Hannah's head, allowing Susan to pull back.

"Alright," Susan said while her best friend was still busy gagging and moaning. Harry turned his gaze back to Hannah, giving Susan the time she needed to think about that while he fucked her best friend's face mercilessly.

Yet, even as he reshaped her beautiful throat into the perfect tool of masturbation, Hannah's gags started to gain a dazed quality, showing that she was quick to adapt to his invasion, pleasure catching up to her.

Wondering whether he was pushing too much, he flared his magic and dispelled the bindings Susan had conjured around her wrists. Hannah reacted quick and his legs. But, rather than trying to push herself back, she used it as leverage to push herself down even faster.

Such dedication.

Harry had to admit that he might have done Neville — the guy Hannah had been crushing on badly, Harry read as he peeked into her mind — a big favor.

The shy guy certainly didn't have the personality to handle a surprisingly horny witch-like Hannah.

She needed a real man to satisfy her.

Maybe a man and a woman, he corrected as he watched Susan returning, a freshly-conjured strapon freshly attached to her belt.

Impressive, Harry thought as he let Hannah pull out, giving her a moment to recover before she started dealing with her best friend's new surprise.

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