Harry was having some trouble as he apparated back to Grimmauld Place. The battle results had been satisfying. Not only he had got rid of a lot of prospective Death Eaters easily, but also he was able to do so in a way that would leave them trembling in fear.

Unfortunately, it also left a deep fury burning in him, one that he only recognized as an external effect thanks to his Occlumency abilities, and even then, it was difficult for him to stop those feelings dig into his psyche.

No wonder most of the Dark Wizards were going crazy.

He needed a distraction.

Luckily, he knew exactly where he could find that distraction. He dashed toward Hermione's room, to see if she was willing to help him deal with the side effects of such a spell. He was half-expecting to see her already waiting for him.

The door was locked, but he didn't even bother knocking, just dispelling the lock with a wave of his hand. After the great magical challenge he had gone through, unlocking was objectively nothing.

The door blasted open. Unfortunately, Hermione wasn't there.

Fortunately, his attempts weren't a waste, as Ginny was inside. And even better, she was wearing the underwear she had been wearing the night before, the one with the shelf bra that left her tits completely naked, as she played with herself.

"Hi, Ginny," Harry said with a growl as he slammed the door behind him, watching the redhead shuffle to put her robe back on.

"H-Harry," she gasped in shock as she tried to fix her robe, the slam of the door making her flinch, but Harry didn't care much, even if he was the invader of her little comfort.

"Oh, don't interrupt your fun just because I'm here," Harry said softly, watching her tremble under his words still. A peek into her mind showed that, his tone had impacted her much more intensely than he had been expecting — another lingering effect of the dark magic he had used.

Luckily, that peek showed that Ginny not only didn't mind that sudden aggression, but actually enjoyed it.

Good, Harry thought. He was already determined to fuck her brains out as the intruder, and her growing desire only made it easier.

"I don't know, Harry…"Ginny stammered, but her playful attitude was obvious.

"Now, Ginny," Harry said, letting the aggression he was feeling slip out a bit, the weight of her words making her tremble in excitement. Good, he thought. It seemed the lesson Fleur had taught her was not forgotten.

Harry smiled darkly as Ginny collapsed against her bed once more, her robe falling open immediately to reveal her beauty.

Ginny let out a beautiful whimper as her hands landed on her body, the movement of her arms pushing those away even more, revealing her amazing breasts to his gaze once more. They weren't as big as Hermione or Fleur, but still, they were surprisingly large considering her active lifestyle, and their firmness was legendary.

Her nipples, hardening in arousal, just drove the message further.

"Get rid of that robe, just in case," Harry said with a chuckle.

While she disrobed, Harry was busy pulling down his trousers, revealing his full length.

The view was enough to steal her attention, and her gaze fell down to the floor. "Come on, Ginevra," he said, enjoying the flare of anger that passed on her face at the mention of her name. "It's not like you're seeing it for the first time."

"Yeah…" she muttered. "I still can't believe that … it was in me."

"You can accomplish great tasks, Ginny. You just need to trust yourself," Harry said mockingly, teasing her helping him to control his growing anger.

At least, to a degree.

He sat next to her, enjoying her widening eyes as she took a glimpse of his cock from even closer. Just not as close as she once experienced.

"Let me help you get a better view," he growled as he reached out and grabbed a fistful of her beautiful red locks, and aggressively pulled her toward his shaft.

The gasp of joy she let out was beautiful. Too bad it was cut short.

"Don't stop playing with yourself," he ordered, watching as one of her hands disappeared between her legs, even as her eyes shut firmly.

He pressed her down, her shocked gags and gasps more effective than the most beautiful song he had listened to actually calm him down. Happy that he had found the correct way to deal with the after-effects, he put his hands to her breasts, twisting her nipples.

The moan she let out was simply amazing.

Yet, that didn't mean she needed his help to go deeper and deeper. She might have many flaws, but avoiding a physical challenge was never one of them. She opened her lips as wide as possible, spreading them over his length, going deep enough to reach the base.

"Amazing performance, sweetie," Harry said enjoying her determined push, even if her eyes widened in shock as she moved deeper and deeper, having trouble breathing. Harry was willing to be firm with her, but she just pushed down inch by inch, showing that there was no need for it.

"I believe you, just do it," Harry said as he grabbed her hair, but using the angle to tug her hair painfully rather than actually helping her. She gagged and moaned, but showed absolutely no problem with his track.

Not even when he twisted her nipples aggressively.

It seemed that his timing to visit her was simply amazing.

His grin stretched as Ginny's lips repeatedly touched the base of his cock, the movement getting smoother with each repeat, though at the cost of louder and louder gags and gasps. Progressively, her bra started to get wet with her own drool and spit, spreading around as she panted desperately.

A beautiful sight…

She was gasping desperately when he finally let her pull back. "You're a … beast —" she gasped, one that was interrupted shortly as he pushed her down, leaving her helpless as she lay on the bed.

"Do you have a problem with it?" Harry asked as took a position over her, his shaft glistening with her spit. "We can always stop—" he added.

"No!" she shouted, interrupting him. "Never."

Harry said for a moment, just chuckling at her reaction as she lay under him, trapped. "Good, open your mouth again, then. This time, I'll be the conductor."

Ginny did so, obediently, her mouth parted wide, invitingly. A moment later, Harry was back in her throat. This time around, he didn't wait for her to set the pace. Instead, he grabbed her hair, pushing inside mercilessly, invading her throat in a much more literal manner.

This time, no training wheels.

She moaned and gasped, while Harry tightened his hold on her hair, mercilessly invading her throat fiercely, not giving her even a chance to breathe. Her hands clenched around his waist, but more to get his support than to push him away.

Showing just how much she was enjoying the renewed treatment.

Her submissive streak was truly surprising for him, but welcome, giving him an excellent angle to bleed the unnatural aggression created by the dark magic. He pulled her hair hard, her moans getting more and more intense.

And, it was truly getting rid of that aggression. For a moment, he turned his attention completely inward, testing the tendrils of aggression that were digging deep into his mind, to see if they were truly disappearing.

Occlumency was a truly useful skill, allowing him to confirm that.

While he was busy with that, Ginny's hands clenched on his legs, desperately trying to pull him even deeper. "Oh, it seems that the shopping trip taught you a few things," Harry said with a chuckle.

Impressively, Ginny managed to let out a moan of shame even under the circumstances they were currently sharing. "Don't worry, Fleur is a good teacher…"

Though, even as he said that, he continued to fuck her mouth, long and hard, plowing her throat to his heart's content and enjoying just making an utter mess of the beautiful redhead roughest possible manner.

Ginny took it all, even when he finally exploded in a groan, pushing deep into her throat before filling her with his seed.

"Fascinating," Harry murmured as he pulled back, watching as Ginny struggled not to waste even a drop. She failed, of course, but the effort she put into it was still fascinating. Her eyes shone with enthusiasm as she struggled.

By the time she was done, she was already showing signs of exhaustion to an impressive degree, just the way Harry wanted at this moment. "Are you ready to start the real event," Harry chuckled as he leaned down, letting his finger dance on her neck…

Making her shiver desperately, but the following enthusiastic nod was even more beautiful. "Good, now, take your position…" he ordered.