The Potter twins, Rose and Harry, were always close, the two of them doing everything together. Yes, even that...

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The Potter Twins


He whispers into the tender skin of her nape, and then brushes away a sweaty black lock of hair out of the way, his lips immediately placed upon the skin in a feather-light kiss. Even in their position, with his lips grazing against her skin, his breath on her neck, her body aching, she still finds it in herself wanting to go for many more rounds with him.

It isn't a strange situation that they found themselves in once again, one that they had been partaking with each other for over a year now – Rose flat on her stomach with her rear in the air, whilst Harry knelt between her legs – his rough hands gliding carelessly over her plump backside, holding it between one hand whilst the other gripped tightly at her waist. Every few seconds he'd explore her body, his fingers trailing down the curve of her arching spine, tracing skin, the collection of freckles on her shoulder, and the dimples on her lower back – it's as if he was admiring a fine piece of art, something that he'd grown into an obsession whenever they joined together.

'Merlin. You're full of surprises,' he told her the very first time he noticed them – which also happened to be the second time they practiced their taboo relationship, and the second they did it in their shared home of Grimmauld Palace, and the time when they almost managed to make it last for more than a couple of minutes – but they easily made up for that with their eagerness and surprising energy.

Now though…

Now, in their latest round, Harry has her stretched at a tight angle – which would normally be fine for Rose, but they'd already been at it for more than a few hours already, and her body was beginning to feel sore. He's so big to begin with, as wide as a Butterbeer bottle, and as long as her wand – which was a lot more than average – but now, after many rounds, she can relish in the feeling of him inside her, albeit, very tired and drained. All she can do is lay there in her current position and take it – to feel herself melt beneath him as he presses closer, thrusts deeper, right up until he's fully inside of her.

"Fuck. You're still so wet for me, and I could stay like this all night if you'd let me," Harry lightly laughs, his throaty laugh vibrating against her chest.

He holds himself up then, pushing her rear down as he brushes his nose against the curve of her neck, sliding seemingly further inside of her – Merlin, the friction enough almost sends Rose over the edge again, it was like he was tormenting her with his cock of all things.

He practically hisses his next words into her ear – giving her a tender kiss pressed against neck and a bite to a rather sensitive spot that Harry knows all too well – well enough that it drives her crazy whenever he does it.

"I'm going to fuck you now…"

Rose gnaws on her lower lip in anticipation, even though her body is screaming for a rest, she knows that she couldn't possible stop right now.

"Are you ready?" Rose can hear the grin on his face, the type of grin that her friends seem to swoon over – it's one that Rose hates and loves at the same time.

Not replying, Rose nods and pushes back against him, giving him her answer as his cock slid full inside of her, taking him to the hilt.


"Look who's just arrived," Ron pointed out with a mouthful of food, waving his free hand in the direction of the entrance to the Great Hall. Everyone else around them didn't seem to notice the pair as they entered the hall.

Hermione looked up from her book, eyeing the direction of the entrance, taking in the appearance of the Potter twins. She fought against the urge to roll her eyes, it had been like this ever since sixth year – Ron's new-found obsession with anything Rose Potter. She knew all too well that Ron wasn't interested in Rose's twin, Harry, just that he was deeply interested in Rose Potter of all people.

"Yes, Ron. It's Rose Potter, why don't you go over and say hello?" Hermione trailed off, already going back to reading.

Even without looking up from her book, Hermione knew that Ron's face was the same colour as his bright hair, his embarrassment evident as he turned away and mumbled a muted 'no'.

Neville laughed next to her, the famed Boy Who Lived also finding Ron's infatuation funny.

"It's all right, Ron, I'm sure she'll notice you someday," Neville said, bumping shoulders with Hermione. "And even then, you'll have to deal with her brother as well."

"Sod off, Longbottom," Ron laughed, apparently already forgotten about his embarrassment.

The two laughed aloud, drawing the eyes of those around them – which was normal occurrence in the Great Hall.

Hermione lifted her head once again, ready to shush them, or at least quieten down – but the words died as she spied the Potter twins at their usual Ravenclaw table, the two of them looking in their direction.

It wasn't the first time she'd saw them looking at her, in the past they'd normally give a brief scan of their surroundings and return to talking to each other – but lately she'd noticed that they looked over at the Gryffindor table, most likely due to Ron and Neville's loud laughter, she conceded.

Still holding their gazes, Hermione held back on turning her gaze away, to hide her flaming cheeks as she looked to and from the Potter twins. They were almost a carbon copy of each other, Harry's defined jaw and sharp cheekbones compared to Rose's delicate features, Harry's swept back messy hair to Rose's neat shoulder length hair – everything else was the same though – black hair, eyes that seemed far too bright a shade of green, and more than generous height for the two of them.

Hermione, and other muggleborn girls in her year group, often compared them to the sort of people you'd find in Muggle Fashion Magazines – the type of people that stood out from the rest, on how they looked, acted, and who they were. Which wasn't really hard to do when they were twins, Potter's, and both exceptionally good with a wand – Harry more so than Rose.

There's also a lot of rumours going about around them, some stories collected over the years.

'They're always together, it's weird if you ask me.'

'I've saw them sneak off a couple of times, I wonder what they're doing.'

'That Harry is rather nasty if you ask me. I've caught him sending out some rather mean hexes throughout the years. Stuff that you would see even Aurors flinch at.'

'Rose is the kind one, right? Wrong. Don't fall for her good-looks and kind voice, she can be rather cruel when she wants too.'

Back in her first year, when she'd finally made her first two real friends – the Potter twins had been a year ahead. Hermione had heard of them before, their names popping up in the History books she'd read before Hogwarts – how the Potter family is known for its long-line of great Wizards and Witches, that they were raised by the notorious Sirius Black, and how they've always been influential to Wizard society since the early days of the Wizarding World.

And then, Harry stands up from where he's sitting, Hermione only just noticing that he's taken his Robes off – his rather muscly forearms visible due to his rolled-up sleeves and fitting shirt – it's something that Hermione can't take her eyes away from.

And then he's walking out of the Great Hall, his robe draped over his arm as he made his way out. Hermione shouldn't be disappointed that couldn't ogle him anymore, but she is, she can't blame herself for wanting to get a good look in.

It's then that she catches the eye of Rose, the black-haired witching raising an elegant eyebrow as she sends Hermione an all too knowing smirk, as if she knows what Hermione is thinking about.

It's both infuriating and embarrassing.

'Why do I feel like I've just been scolded by Harry's girlfriend, and not his twin sister?'

Hermione feels her cheeks heat up even more then, Rose's smirk grows even large as she too stands up to leave the hall – her hips swaying rather well, showing off her narrow haps and plump backside. Hermione can't say she isn't jealous, even just a little – how Rose Potter can look so effortlessly beautiful, whilst she has to control her wild mane of hair every morning and has to put up with her rather bland body and looks.

Ron seems to notice as well, as he too is watching Rose Potter's swaying hips exit the Great Hall and turning in the same direction of her twin brother.

"Merlin," she heard him mutter under his breath, Neville also chipping in how own comment.


They hadn't always been like this. It sort of just happened and they silently agreed to not stop what they were doing.

It was all just physical at first though – both Rose and Harry simply agreeing that they wanted to work off their hormonal years together, but without the strings attached. Obviously, it was awkward at first, the two siblings having little to no experience with anything sexual, or bodily contact, which led to a few rather embarrassing situations for both Rose and Harry.

But still, they gave each other their firsts in everything – which is what both siblings wanted, albeit, in their own possessive manor which went way past physical attraction.

And it was a great bonus that both siblings found each other attractive – Rose especially knew that Harry was exceptionally good looking for his age, and that she was rather beautiful when compared to others in their year group.

They sometimes questioned each other.

'Should we be doing this?'

'What if we get caught?'

But it all came to the same conclusion: They wanted each other. Both physically and silently emotionally.

Why? Because it felt right, and that they didn't exactly feel open to the idea of watching each other being whisked off with other people – well, they silently agreed to that anyway, neither Rose of Harry wanting to lay themselves bare to each other in such a way.

Which leads to Rose's latest predicament. Harry, her twin brother, was currently being stared at, rather obviously – by a Slytherin of all things, and a rather pretty witch, Rose notes.

They were sitting in Library, only recently arriving from their latest class to get a head start on their written work.

Well, they were Ravenclaw's – got an image to uphold and all that.

Spying another look over Harry's shoulder, Rose had to hold back the sneer on her face as she caught the blonde-haired witch looking at Harry yet again, only this time she was gnawing on her bottom lip.

'What the… she's like a fucking dog in heat!'

Almost snapping her Quill in half, Rose shifted in her seat, crossing her legs over in an attempt to resist the urge of marching over to the bitch's table.

'I can't exactly tell her to keep away from my brother,' Rose hated being in this situation, it happened every once in a while, she'd notice a witch looking at Harry as if he was a prime piece of meat, and she knew just by looking at them that they wanted to jump his bones. And she couldn't exactly go around acting as his girlfriend, telling them that he was already taken.

'Well… there are other methods that can be used…' Rose wasn't even paying attention anymore, too distracted to even notice that Harry was nudging his seat with his foot.

"Hey, I was talking to you and you're not even listening," Harry said, his brows creased together.

Even with a look of annoyance on his face, Rose couldn't help but smile at his handsome face. "What is it you wanted?"

Harry scoffed, his annoyance already gone as he too returned her smile with his own – his smile eerily similar to their Godfather's. "Nothing, it's fine. It was stupid anyway," he replied, looking back down at his book, hand scribbling away as she caught his amused smile.

"Come on, Harry. What did you say?" she teased, leaning forward on her elbows.

"Nothing," he replied, giving Rose a boyish smile.

"Fine… Be like that," Rose leant back in her seat, her lips pouting dramatically.

Harry only shook his head and returned to his work, muttering something under his breath which sounded distinctly like 'Idiot'.

Not one to back down, Rose leant back further into her seat, her loafers sliding off her tight covered feet.

"I heard that, by the way," she practically sang out, one-foot brushing against his lap.

Harry couldn't contain the shudder that went through his body, nor could Rose ignore it as she lightly grounded the heel of her foot against his hardening cock.

"Like that, do you?" she teased, her heart skipping a beat as she caught his half-lidded eyes and predatory look.

"Mmm," he murmured, still somehow writing away on the parchment. Rose knew far too well that Harry liked to hold the high ground, to never back down, to take control of any situation, and definitely when it came to Rose teasing him.

She often teased him about it, how he always acted like he could resist her, how he could last longer than her, and how he always wanted her to come before him.

"Is that for me?" Rose asked, feigning ignorance – her words following through with a slight flex of her toes across his thick cock.

Harry didn't say anything besides letting out a slight groan, "Aren't you worried about someone noticing?"

Looking around, Rose didn't notice anyone around their table, even the Slytherin witch from before had left without either of them noticing. 'Most likely because she wasn't getting Harry's attention.'

"Nope. It's just you me for now, brother," she laughed, resting her foot flat against his cock. "Now this is a position I can get used to," brushing a strand of black hair away from her face, Rose observed her brother.

He was still working, which impressed Rose, she expected him to drag her off to an empty classroom by now – but here he was, writing away on his parchment, the only sign of her teasing having an effect was the obvious thick bulge in his pants and the lip drawn between his teeth.

Rose found it terribly endearing.

"So…" Rose dragged out, shifting her feat, "…what was it you wanted?"

Putting his Quill down, and apparently finished with his work, Harry grasped Rose's foot – kneading it in his hands.

"I'll tell you later, ok?" not giving time for Rose to reply, Harry rubbed away at Rose's foot, just the way that Rose liked it.

Rose wasn't ready for the quick turn-around, nor the feeling of Harry's dangerously good foot rubs.

Letting her head drop back, Rose let out a soft moan of delight, basking in the bliss of Harry's skilful hands.

"Enjoying yourself?" Harry asked, nodding towards her chest – a cheeky smile on his lips.

Without even looking, Rose knew that Harry was talking about her rock-hard nipples that were currently evident through her shirt. She was always quick to get in the mood. Rose hated that Harry had such an easy effect on her – Harry loved it, that he could have her begging if he wanted to.

"Fuck you…" she trailed off, biting down on a rather load moan. She didn't know how he got so well at this, but she wasn't complaining when he had her like melting in his hands.

"Wouldn't you like that, Hm?" Harry laughed, his hand moving up her leg.

"No…" Rose fought weekly.

'Fucking hell he's good…'

She wanted more, a lot more. That 'more' being a rather thick and long cock.

Somehow finding the strength, Rose pulled her leg out of Harry's grasp and hastily put her shoes back on. She ignored his growl and with a flick of her wand their work flew into her bag. She didn't even have to use any words to tell Harry her intentions as he trailed behind her, her hips swaying with more enthusiasm than normal.


They barely made it to the Room of Requirement, Harry at Rose's heels as the two of them practically stumbled into the room – a large bed already formed in the middle of the room.

"How long have we got?" Rose asked.

"An hour, give or take," Harry replied.

"Hm," she started with a smile. "Lets just hope you last that long."

"Oh, really. We'll just have to see then, won't we?"

"Yes, really. I'd rather not have to rush off to be in Potions and get ogled at again," she said, stepping closer to Harry.

"Ugh. Don't start on that again, Rose," he sighed. "You're killing the mood with that mouth of yours."

"Really? And what mood was that?" she asked with a flirtatious smirk.

Harry tugged Ruse towards him, his hands fisting the cloth of her shirt, "You know what I meant." He kissed her, his tongue caressing with hers. "I can't stop thinking of you, and how amazing your ass looks in that skirt."

"Do be careful, brother. Some one will notice you staring at my ass one day."

Harry laughed, his nose lightly bumping against hers, "Don't worry, I'm very discrete." He kissed her again, this time more firmly - his teeth nipping roughly at her bottom lip. "Sorry, did that hurt?"

Her hands reached the back of his hair, tugging it backwards. "That hurt you bastard."

Harry laughed, his mouth going to her neck. "You love it."

Rose didn't respond to his words, only leaning into him – her body melding against his.

Harry released her shirt, running a finger down the valley of her arching spine, "Take off your clothes," he breathed into her ear before stepping back to watch.

Not wanting to wait, Rose quickly undressed.

"Sit on the bed," Harry commanded.

Rose lifted an eyebrow, "What's got your knickers in a twist?"

Harry walked over to Rose, placing his hands on her small shoulders. "It's payback time for what you did earlier. Get on your knees," not waiting for Rose to move, Harry moved her himself.

"Oh, so this is what we're doing," she said, cocking her head to the side, fake bewilderment across her face.

"Fucking hell you're quick to catch on, aren't you?"

"Ha-ha, Harry. You're still as funny as ever."

"You know me, sister." He smiled at her annoyed look. He moved then, reaching down to run two fingers between her legs – he held it up to his face, smiling even more at it. "Look at you, dripping wet already. It's good to see you haven't changed, Rose."

Rose blew out an annoyed breath, her cheeks tinged pink. "I hate you."

Harry laughed, stepping closer to Rose, fingers still poised in the air. "No, you don't," he grasped her chin between his free hand. "Now open up," he all but commanded.

Rose opened her mouth, closing her eyes and waited. Harry put the two soaked fingers into her mouth, chuckling as Rose immediately tightened her mouth around them.

The only sounds in the room were currently Rose's haggard breath and the squelching of sucking, it sent blood straight to Harry's cock – to see his sister sucking eagerly, his very fingers that were coated in her own juices.

It was such a turn on for Harry.

"Good." Harry said, drawing his fingers out, they were coated in saliva, "Good…" he repeated, looking down at Rose's flushed face and drool covered chin.

"Now, you're going to suck my cock."

"And if I don't?" Rose asked, looking up at Harry's tall form.

"Then you won't get anything else from me, yes, even that…" he answered back with a feral smile at her outraged look. "You know how much you like it when I eat your pussy," he shrugged comically. "It'd be a shame to miss out on such a prime opportunity."

Rose's cheeks still flushed pink, had now flushed deeper and her hand flow to her mouth dramatically. "Oh no! I wouldn't want to miss out in such an opportunity, would I?"

Harry placed his hands on her thighs, the trickling of saliva evident on her thigh, and leant closer to her. "You know I can last longer without fucking than you, right?" he nipped at her jaw before leaning away. "Now, get on with it."

Rose didn't answer, just reached out and unbuttoned his black fitted pants, unbuttoning them

They were both inexperienced when they first started, but they were both quick learners. Both were eager learners, the two of them telling what each of them liked, and how they liked it. Rose especially liked how she could have him around her fingers with just her mouth alone. It gave her an edge that Harry didn't like.

Rose smiled as his pants and underwear slid over his cock, already half-hard and waiting for her attention. "Look at you, you're practically as wet as me," she purred, swiping a finger across the head of his cock, pre-cum on her finger as she brought it to her mouth. Harry didn't reply to her teasing words, only letting out a groan as he rested a hand on the back of her head.

Rose wrapped her hand around his shaft, pumping it in her hand – smiling up at Harry, Rose licked the length of his cock, smiling to herself as he groaned. Harry, ever impatient, pushed her forward more – urging her on. Laughing at his impatience, she wrapped her mouth around the head, sucking it – until taking it deep into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the thickness as it went deeper into her smaller mouth.

The taste of pre-cum was already heavy on her tongue, the salty and bitter taste pooling in her mouth. Rose removed her mouth then, the slick sound of his soaked cock sounding out – much to Harry's annoyance as he gripped Rose's hair in a tight grip. Glaring up at Harry, Rose took him back half way into her mouth, her free hands gripping from the base as she pumped away simultaneously – her head bobbing up and down on the head of Harry's shaft, her mouth sucking hard. Harry's release nearing closer as he started thrusting slightly into her mouth.

Before Harry could finish himself off, Rose pulled her mouth away – breathing deep as she caught her breath back. She took him by the base again, "Enjoying yourself?" she teased, licking the underside of his cock – her tongue dragging all the way to the tip, her tongue flicking out on the sensitive head.

"Fucking hell…" he moaned out as she took him in her mouth again, her mouth sucking away. Harry gripped her hair tight again, enough to make her wince as she took him to the base – he pushed her head back, almost taking the full length out of her mouth, then pushed her head back down again.

Harry was growing ever closer to his release. Rose could feel his form shift as she carried on, his knees bucking slightly as he carried on thrusting into Rose's mouth.

He thrusted to the base each time, coming closer to making her gag – but Rose had done this enough to know when she'd eventually gag. Harry seized up, his grip loosing slightly as he let out one last thrust – his release inside her throat. Rose felt his cock pulse inside of her mouth, swallowing each drop as he drained himself.

Making sure he was finished, Rose pulled her mouth away, gripping his cock tightly in her palm as she kissed the tip. "Get moving, Harry. It's your turn," she teased, sending Harry a toe-curling smile.

He untangled his hand from her short hair and pushed back a few misplaced strands, smoothing out her hair. "Tease," he pulled his pants and underwear back up, leaving them unbuttoned. "Stand up for me," he asked. As Rose stood, Harry brought her close by the waist, his mouth closing over hers. They kissed roughly, his tongue gathering the taste of himself as her hands gripped at his nape, pulling him closer. Harry moved then, his mouth moving to her neck, biting along the way to her collar-bone. "I'll have you screaming for more later tonight."

"Really?" she replied, her breath coming out in gasps.

Harry laughed, the sound coming from his throat. "Of course." He slid his hand between her legs, running along the length of her entrance. Rose hissed as he grazed over her sensitive clit, his fingers paying close attention as he moved further down – one finger sliding in, pushing deep to the knuckle as Harry nuzzled her cheek. Rose gripped Harry tighter, making him wince as she fisted his hair in her hands.

She cried out as Harry slid in a second finger, increasing his pace as he covered her mouth with his own. Rose, one for payback, bit down hard on his lower lip – drawing blood as she drew away smiling evilly.

"Fuck! That hurt!"

"Oh, stop crying, and carry on already—" she was cut off as Harry bit hard into her naked shoulder, his fingers still moving in and out of her slick entrance. "Tell me what you want, Rose." Rose only managed a moan for a response, her shoulder throbbing in pain. "Say it," he laughed into her ear, making her spine arch against him.

"I want—" she started, stopping as he fingered harder. "You—" her gasp of words stopped again, her knees bucking slightly, "I-I want you to eat my pussy, Harry," she moaned his name as his thumb rubbed against her clit.

"Now, now. Say please when you want something."

"Oh, fuck you Harry," she breathed out as his thumb started to move faster, "…Please."

"Please what? Hm?" he replied, kissing the underline of her jaw.

"Harry!" she all but hissed, as her orgasm built up.

"Alright, alright. I'll pack it in," Harry laughed, his fingers scissoring inside of her as his thumb continued to rub circles on her sensitive bud. "Harry!" she cried out again as she came, her bottom lip red raw from chewing. Her pussy clenched around his fingers as he grinned into her neck – Harry continued his torture even as she bucked against him, her knees banging against his as she whimpered away the last of her release.

He pulled his hand out from between her legs, raising it to her lips. "Open up," he said. Rose complied again, taking the sticky fingers into her mouth as she licked them clean. The taste of herself and Harry's release was a potent mix as Rose moaned around his fingers whilst looking up into Harry's eyes. Harry smiled, brushing a thumb on her chin and leaning down to kiss Rose, delighting in taste on her tongue, "We taste great, don't we?"

Taking his thumb between her teeth, Rose said, "Of course we do…"

Harry guided her back towards the bed. "Lay down on the bed, relax." Rose laid down, her naked pale body standing out amongst the dark sheets. Her long shapely legs opening for him, her toned stomach leading to perky breasts, the elegant neck which sported several bite marks.

Harry had trouble containing himself. "Spread yourself more."

"When are you going to get undressed," Rose whined, lifting up her head.

"When I'm ready," he replied smoothly, getting onto his knees, lifting her legs onto his shoulders. "I hope you're ready."

Rose couldn't contain the laugh that went through her, "Stop, will you. That was so cheesy, Harry!"

"Oh really?" he replied, "I hadn't noticed."

"Shush now. Get moving already," Rose said, nudging him with the heel of her foot.

Harry smiled, kissing her inner thigh, "Always so impatient…" he smiled again into her skin as she shivered against him. Using his fingers once again, Harry separated her sodden folds and ran the length of tongue across the opening to her clit, drinking in the taste. Her pussy was still slick and ready from their earlier performance, Harry continued, moving his tongue in slow circles around her sensitive bud.

Rose moaned beneath him and ground her hips into his mouth, her breath coming out in short intervals as she pushed back for more. She often cried out as Harry went back and forth with tongue inside of her, her hands reaching forwards to fist Harry's black locks in her hands – her back arching as his tongue continued lapping away.

"Oh, Harry!" she cried out as his tongue once again focused on her clit, sucking away as he flattened his tongue against it. Rose cried out ever time he focused on her sensitive bud, her hips rolling and thighs tightening around him as he moved his tongue. Harry brought his hand up, slipping into a finger, fingering away as he sucked. Rose's head began to spin, the dizzying feeling as she pushed her sweaty hair away, blowing out a tired breath – her legs spreading even further to grant him further access.

Harry added another finger, spreading her wide as he separated his fingers inside of her – her sensitive walls tickling against his fingers. Rose called out his name again, rolling her hips into him as she finally climaxed – her release flooding into Harry's mouth. She felt his laugh vibrate against her skin as he went back in for one last lick, gathering her juice in his mouth – savouring her sweet taste. Harry couldn't get over how she tasted, as if he was drinking form a forbidden wine – something that shouldn't taste so good yet tempted him daily.

He lifted himself up over her body, his larger form covering hers as his hands went either side of her and leaned down to kiss her passionately. Rose, still in the bliss of her second orgasm, weakly returned the kiss, letting Harry take the lead once again as she whispered his name into the kiss.

"Look at you, practically like a puddle beneath me," he laughed, drawing Rose's eyes to his. She looked up at him, a lazy smile on her lips, but didn't reply. "I'm going to fuck you now, ok?" he whispered, leaning into her as they bumped noses.

She said nothing again, but pulled him closer, her hand gripping the bulge in his pants. She reached downwards and pushed his pants down, grinning in delight as his cock stood to attention – the head dripping in pre-cum again. Not one for waiting, Harry pinned her hands above her head, "Forgotten already? I like being in control," he reminded her.

Rose rolled her eyes, "How could I forget?"

Harry growled as his lips found her neck, sucking hard, a bruise already forming as he pulled back. She squealed in surprise, "Harry!"

"Don't act as if you didn't enjoy that," he released her hands, and flipped her over, her arse up in the air as she was positioned on her knees. Harry raised his hand, bringing it down with a thumping slap, delighting as she shivered at the impact. Rubbing his hand over the forming imprint, Harry squeezed it. "You like that, don't you?"

Rose looked over her shoulder, her cheeks tinged deep pink. "If I say no will you hit me again?"

Sending Rose a look as if to say 'really?', Harry pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it aside.

Her eyes scanned his naked chest, taking in the muscular frame and the drool worthy 'v' shape at his pelvis – never tired of ogling her twin brother. "Can you take that big cock of yours and fuck me already?"

Harry's hand raised and came down again, making the plump flesh jiggle as Rose shifted beneath him. "Forgotten already? I'm in control tonight," he ran a hand across her folds, his fingers coating in wetness. "So wet for me already, and I haven't even fucked you yet." Rose only shrugged her shoulders, already knowing that Harry was such a turn on for her. "Naughty…" Harry said, grabbing one round cheek in his palm. "Amazing ass as usual, sister."

Rose didn't utter a war as she looked over her shoulder, watching as he slipped the rest of clothes off – eyeing his cock. She licked her lips, ready and waiting for him.

"So, what do you want tonight?" he said, stroking his cock.

"You know what I want," Rose ground out, impatience getting the better of her.

Laughing to himself, Harry replied, "No, no. That's not going to work. Tell me what you want," Harry placed himself over her back, his arms at either side of Rose as he nuzzled her. She blew out a breath as Harry placed light kisses on her skin, running his tongue along it. "Tell me," he carried on.

Harry rubbed himself against Rose, his cock sliding against her soaked entrance. "Fuck…" she grumbled. "I-I want you to grip my hips tight and slide your big cock inside of me, all the way, then fuck me with every inch of you. And I expect a repeat performance later tonight."

Harry laughed at her last comment, reaching down to stroke her clit.

"I want you to push me down on the bed, holding me down as you fuck me without end – until I'm satisfied." Rose pushed back on Harry's fingers, wanting more contact as he rubbed away at her sensitive clit. "Play around with me, do whatever you want, but just fuck me already!"

Harry leant back, lining himself back as he guided his cock into her, pushing the head inside of her. Rose gripped the sheets beneath her, biting at her lip as she felt his thickness prod at her. Harry gripped both of her hips, sliding all of his cock in agonizingly slow as his pelvis met her rear. He pulled himself back out, only leaving the head in – then sank back in, slower this time as Rose shuddered around his cock. No matter how many times they did this, it still felt the same each time.

Harry raised a hand, trailing it up the length of her curved spine, reaching around to grip at her breast – pulling at the erect nipple. She gasped at the pain, her rear pushing back for more as she tightened around the length of him.

Harry started to increase his pace, his other hand gripping tightly at her waist. His thrusts came harder as the sound of their flesh connecting together sounded out in the room. Rose backed into him more, nearly fucking herself on his cock as she approached another orgasm – she came hard, almost letting his cock slide out of her, but pushed back, taking him to the hilt as she soaked Harry's cock in her release.

He slowed his pace and began grinding into her, slow and deep – his cock never leaving her. Rose purred beneath him, grinding back into him. "Do you want more?" he asked.

"Yes," she moaned, grinding herself on his pelvis.

He stroked the roundness of her ass softly, pulling out to thrust himself deep into her again, "If that's what you want." Rose fell forward onto her forearms, her rear raised in the air, still waiting for more. He grabbed her hips and thrusted again, only this time more slower – he did this a few more times, listening as she mumbled unintelligible words.

"Fuck…" she ground out. "Oh… Harry…" she carried on when his cock was once again fully inside of her. He was just so big, hitting deep inside of her whilst stretching her in a manor that wanted her to just go on for longer.

Harry rolled his hips, one hand snaking around to rub away at her clit, making her shudder into him. It was enough for Rose, the two sensations of being fucked by such a big cock, and Harry's skilful hands sent her closer to the edge – her hand gripping tightly onto the mattress as she gasped. Harry kept up his slow fucking and his moving hands. As her climax almost arrived, Harry increased his face – Rose screamed out, "Harry!" – climaxing for the third time, her juices coating Harry's cock yet again.

Harry smiled smugly, giving Rose a small smack on her rear. "You're amazing," he said.

Rose panted tiredly, attempting to catch her breath. "You're way too good at this."

"Really? I didn't notice," he replied, his tone smug. "You did good yourself, Rose." His face took on mock sternness as he leant down to kiss her, "Although, I've still got to finish off myself."

With her eyebrows creasing together, Rose turned to face him, "No way your taking control of me again, I'm sore enough as it is," she laughed at his annoyed look, his mouth already opening to retort, "Lie down, let me finish you off my way."

He didn't say anything as he moved onto the bed, his large frame making the bed bounce as he threw himself down ungracefully. Rose moved her across his lap, her legs on either side of his as she gripped his cock in her hands, guiding it inside of her.

Harry watched with a lazy smile on his face, as his cock gradually went inside of her, his length disappearing from his view as she fully took him inside of her. They both groaned as she took him inside. She leant forward, her hands bracing herself on his rock-hard chest – her hips rolling the cock inside of her.

The two came together in a passionate kiss, their tongues caressing each other as Rose carried on moving, it was a position that Rose came to love – her dominance over him as she had him under her for once, and she was in control. She increased her pace, smiling into their kiss as his groans became more frequent – she moved her mouth, her featherlight kisses down the length of his neck as she lifted herself off his cock and went back down on it.

He felt his balls ache, his release imminent as he let Rose work his release, it came sudden as she took him to the hilt – his seed pumping inside of her.

Rose was panting on top of him, her breath ticking his skin as she fell onto him tiredly, the two of them basking in each other's warmth. She laid her head on his chest, her breath finally catching up to her.

"Rose," Harry said suddenly.

She groaned softly into his chest, her way of saying 'what?'

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me?" Rose blinked, stilling herself as she lifted her head to look at him.

"Is that what you wanted to ask me before?" she reached out, tracing his cheekbones.

Not replying, Harry nodded to Rose, his hand rubbing circles on her lower-back – as if to distract himself from her reply.

"Like a date?" she questioned, looking into his eyes.

He nodded again, looking at her.

"Alright, I'll go with you," she smiled at him – his heart thudding in his chest.

Blowing out a breath he didn't realise he was holding, Harry nudged her off his chest, laughing aloud at her squeal in surprise, "Come on, we've got Potions, remember?" he moved towards his pile of clothes, already shimmying on his pants.

"Shit!" she cursed, moving to get dressed. Finally finished, Harry whisked out his wand, cleaning the two of them as they moved to leave

The two hastily left the Room of Requirement. Walking down the hall, they bumped shoulders, their hands grazing together – Rose and Harry itching to hold each other in the simplest of forms.