The Potter twins, Rose and Harry, were always close, the two of them doing everything together. Yes, even that...

The end of Harry/Rose for now. I'll be working on other pairings until I return back to this pairing.

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The Potter Twins – Part 3

"It's weird, isn't it?" Rose asked, spread out on her stomach on her bed, her eyes occasionally flicking over to her brother.

"What is?" He replied, leaning back into Rose's chair with his feet perched up on the table in front of him.

Rose thought he looked terribly handsome, with his care free face and laid-back appearance, it almost made her want to climb onto his lap again, but they'd already done that a few house before.

"That we're only two days away from finishing Hogwarts…" Rose trailed off, watching Harry as he ran a hand through his tousled hair, sweeping it off his face with a tired sigh.

"You worry too much." Harry deadpanned, scratching at his jaw with a knowing smile.

Raising an eyebrow, Rose moved herself to the edge of her bed, her bare pale legs stretching out lavishly in front of her. "Who say's I'm worried?" She already knew the answer but didn't want to admit it – her brother often read her like a book.

Harry laughed, looking up at the animated ceiling, the various star constellations providing a pretty view. "You can't hide nothing from me, sister." Harry turned to face her, looking at Rose with eyes that shined with their usual heat. Rose tried her best to ignore the thumping of her heart and the heat in her gut, but she couldn't, it was impossible to when she was so deeply infatuated with her brother.

"And besides, I've already thought of something." He carried on, an edge creeping into his tone, one that Rose didn't like one bit.

Rose looked away then, berating herself for ignoring the inevitable. She couldn't help it, not when they'd be leaving Hogwarts, their one and only place where they could be themselves, where they could indulge in their desires and thoughts. But soon they'd be returning to Grimmauld Palace and be forced back into a mundane routine of House Black and its traditions. Oh, and of course their Godfather, the man that often called her brother James whenever he drank too much and would ignore them most of the time they were there.

"Something?" Rose queried, looking back at her brother. "Like what?"

Harry's face twisted into a feral grin, a look that Rose often noticed was on his face when he was about to do something. Which she hoped he would, although that was a more pleasurable desire. He stood abruptly, his chair clattering backwards onto the wooden floor, and Rose couldn't help the butterflies in her stomach as he made his way over to the bed, looking down at her as she sat up with a challenging look. If she was someone else, Rose would've thought Harry looked a bit frightening, but with him looking down at her right now? She couldn't stop the widening grin on her face, nor the twinkling of her eyes.

She tilted her head to the side, the look of innocence on her face. "Harry?" She knew he wouldn't buy into her innocent look, but it would at least rile him up, and hopefully goad him.

Harry only shook his head, bringing up his hand to cup Rose's chin. "Don't worry, Rose. I'll take care of everything, alright?"

Not even waiting for her to even reply, Harry used his fingers to trace Rose's lower lip, running a finger across it before moving his hand to grip at the back of Rose's hair, tiling her head upwards. He smiled down at her, meeting her defiant gaze with his own as he lowered his mouth to hers – her teeth nipping at his lips as she sighed into his mouth before Harry pushed her back onto the bed lightly.

His hands were gentle as they spread her knees apart, his body settling in between her as he lowered himself onto her, Harry's mouth catching against Rose's in a deep kiss which sent a sizzling pang to Rose's gut. She could feel the outline of his cock against her, that all familiar thickness pressing against her cunt robbing her breath for a moment. Rose resisted the urge to snake her hands down his trousers, to get a hold of his cock between her fingers.

Harry seemed to notice as he laughed into their kiss before sitting up, his hands hastily undoing the buttons of his shirt before throwing it to the side.

Rose stared up at him, her eyes raking in the flesh she so loved to get a hold of. His typical pale skin was replaced with a light tan, the benefits of Quidditch throughout the sparse days when there actually was decent weather – she could picture him now, flying topless on his broom with a sheen of sweat covering his body, his mouth opening to shout out commands. Her eyes drifted to the defined abdomen, unconsciously licking at her lips.

"Your beautiful," Harry said softly, repositioning himself in between Roses' legs, taking Rose's hand and intertwining it with his own. His fingers skimmed against hers, the rough edges grazing against her soft skin. Until finally, he leant forward again, his nose bumping against hers playfully.

"I'll miss this place," he almost whispered, giving Rose a quick kiss.

"Me too," Rose murmured against his lips, trying not to show how breathless she was through Harry's devilish lips. Her free hand moved to Harry's chest, flattening against the warm tanned skin. She couldn't help herself from peering into his eyes, the very same eyes as hers – green meeting green as the twins shared identical smiles, the two of them laughing as Harry's stubbled cheek grazed across Rose's cheek, his hand still glued together with hers as his other hand rested lightly on Rose's bare hip.

They stayed like that for a few moments, their eyes not leaving each other's as both Harry and Rose lost themselves in their identical gazes. It was almost hypnotic, Rose thought. Harry's gaze dropped briefly, stooping down to look at Rose's lips, before returning back.

Rose wanted to urge him on, no matter how many times they'd fucked in her bed, their kisses, or how often he had a hand on her bare skin, her brother's touch always got her blood boiling.

"Can you say the night?" Rose said, hoping that he'd say yes for once, and not scurry off to his own room.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Really, Rose? You know people will notice I'm not in my room," he said, planting kisses on Rose's chin. It was a cheap effort to distract her, Rose found.

Rose rolled her eyes, pinching Harry's chest tightly. "It'll be fine. And anyway, I'm past caring. If people want to talk, let them."

Harry didn't even blink at Rose's pinch, he instead met her defiant gaze before giving in with a quiet nod, the corners of his mouth twitching into a small smile.

"So…" He started, running a finger down Rose's overly large shirt, which also happened to be one of Harry's old Hogwarts shirts, "—What will be doing this night?"

Rose laughed under her breath, threading her hand through the back of Harry's hair, gripping it in her fingers as she brought him closer.

It was such a high for Rose to have a brief moment of control, to do what she wanted, and to watch Harry's inner turmoil as he was the one who got bossed around. Although it was only for a few moments, Rose knew that the tables would be turned soon, especially with the next words uttered into his ear.

"Fuck me, Harry, and me fuck me hard," Rose whispered, finishing off with a stinging bite to Harry's ear.

He pulled back, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "If that's what the lady wants."

Rose watched as he stood up from the bed, hastily undoing his trousers. With her lip between her teeth, Rose bunched up Harry's quidditch shirt and hooked her fingers through her panties, shifting them down her bare legs, holding them in her hands before throwing them at her brother with a shout of; "Catch!"

Harry didn't even attempt to catch, just letting them hit his chest as he stared at Rose, more specifically being her gradually opening legs – giving him a clear view of her already dripping wet cunt.

"Well? Get to it." Rose ordered, pleasure blooming on her cheeks as Harry was quickly in between her legs again.


Duelling, Rose thought, was an art-form and a grotesque sight. But when her brother duelled, she couldn't tear her eyes away, and looking around at the crowd around them, neither could everyone else – it was as if being at a Muggle theatre, everyone queuing up and gawping at the spectacle in front of them, except it wasn't a trash movie or play, it was her brother participating in an amateur tournament – one that was typically done near the end of the seventh-year students year, and he looked down-right frightening. A look that Rose found terribly delicious, with a determined look on his face, his eyes sharp and a grin on his face that looked akin to a feral animal.

"Peri!" Harry shouted, his wand flicking as a swift pink light flew out of it.

Rose felt her cheeks tighten up with her large smile. Harry's spell making her head swim as she watched it fly towards his target. It was a spell she often saw him practice, one that he'd made himself – a simple spell that would leave deep gouges on the target, with its aim of injuring internal organs – but that was rather mute in this tournament, with every participant wearing nullifying bracelet which had one simple rule: Get hit with a spell that would be fatal? You're out. Simple, really.

Most of the duellists often used Hogwarts text-book spells, spells that Harry laughed mockingly at when cast at him, but her brother? He didn't hold anything back. Not when there was duelling involved. She knew it got his blood pumping, how it made his already blazing eyes light up with an intense gaze that made her weak at the knees.

He looked rather dashing too without his normal robes, his white shirt which was rolled up his thick forearms, black trousers and boots perfectly in order. Rose had been admiring him from afar, standing at the front of the crowd as she watched her brother trample the opposition with ease.

The Hufflepuff student, who was too busy standing dumb-founded at her brothers own spell, didn't even have a shield up in time before he was struck in the chest. Rose watched with glee as he was sent skidding across the grass rather painfully before slumping on the floor with a pained groan. Her brother wasn't taking this lightly, it seemed.

The crowd froze for a split second, people looking too and from her brother and the downed Hufflepuff student, before applause followed with various shots of approval coming from the crowd of Hogwarts students. Harry, being as he is, didn't seem fazed by the crowd, instead finding Rose in the crowd for a brief nod and small smile.

The familiar pang in Rose's chest came roaring in, her heart thudding in her chest as she watched Harry walk away from the duelling area to await his next match. It always happened, whenever he smiled at her, whenever their hands brushed up against each other, and she knew as well that Harry was the same with her. She noticed his eyes tracking her when she wasn't looking, she saw the spark in his eyes whenever they were face to face, and even noticed the snarls whenever someone tried to get closer to her – especially when it was another boy.

The duel was signalled to its end with Flitwick's wand sounding out with a bang, his squeaky voice announcing Harry as the winner, albeit with a bit of disapproval on his tone. Probably not happy with her brother's choice of spell, even with the bracelets, the Hufflepuff student looked like he'd been trampled on by a herd of Rhino's.

Harry walked off to the side, lifting the bottom of his shirt to wipe away the sweat on his face. He'd been in five duels so far, winning each of then within a minute, and the humid weather was getting to him. Rose noticed the looks he was getting as her brother's toned stomach was revealed to the crowd around them, it was hard not to really, with people around her brother not even paying attention to Flitwick's announcement.

Rose shook her head, barely containing her smile as she watched her brother continue to be oblivious to the looks he was getting. She couldn't think what it would be like if Harry did notice. Would he return their looks? Surely not, Rose conceded, doing her best to ignore the jealousy pooling in her gut.

"And with that, Harry Potter of House Ravenclaw will face off against Sofia Zabini of house Slytherin in the final!" Rose blinked, turning her attention back to the duelling area, finding that she had missed the majority of Flitwick's words. Flitwick waved his wand, a series of fireworks coming out of the end of it with a few loud bangs. "A ten-minute break will now be put into effect. Duellists now is the time to recuperate and prepare for your final match!"

The crowd lightened slightly, a few of the students walking off back towards Hogwarts. Rose darted around the make-shift barrier and headed for her brother. She eyed him through the passage of people, finding that he was talking with Zabini, the caramel skinned witch almost face to face with her brother.

She got nearer, noticing that Zabini had now moved away through the group of students, and her brother now faced towards her, his face sporting his usual stony look.

"What did she want?" Rose asked archly, finally face to face with Harry.

Raising an eyebrow, Harry leant back on his heels. "Calm down, will you. She only wanted to wish me good luck."

Tutting, Rose looked over at Zabini, narrowing her eyes at the witch's back. "I'm sure she did."

Harry laughed openly, brushing a strand of his messy hair away. "It was nothing, ok?" Harry stressed his words, raising his hand and musing his sister's hair, laughing even more at the scowl she sent his way.

Rose didn't respond to that, instead turned away from Harry, heat blooming on her cheeks as she re-organized her hair. She shouldn't be jealous, really – Harry hadn't even glanced in the direction of Zabini, never mind actually doing anything with her – but it was hard when Sofia Zabini was rather beautiful, with skin that looked as soft as sin, eyes a deep blue, a heart-shaped pretty face, and a svelte body which made the witch strut around as if she weighed nothing.

"Hey, nothing happened, alright—" Harry whispered in her ear from behind suddenly, leaning into the back of her, "--all she said was, 'Good luck Potter'."

Rose bit back her smile, biting on her bottom lip as she leant back into her brother's form. She breathed in a deep sigh, now openly smiling as her brother's scent drifted into her.

"Just win, ok?" Rose turned, mock seriousness's on her face as she looked up at Harry's taller form.

He smiled arrogantly, laying a quick kiss on Rose's head before pulling back with a wink. "Winning is what we do."

"Win good, Harry." Rose stressed her words, hoping to get the message across.

Harry turned back then, his steps taking him in the direction of the duelling area. He rolled his shoulders, flexing his neck as he took his position. Rose's eyes followed his movement, watching as he readied himself into his duelling stance. He was a striking image, with the afternoon sun draping over his shoulders, the slight breeze whisking through his hair, and his handsome face contorted into one of calmness. Rose loved the sight of him.

Rose ignored everything else going on around her as she zoned in on her brother, not even Zabini as she shoved her way through the crowd, barely making it back in time. Flitwick tutted, eyeing the two duellists with a critical gaze, making sure that both contestants still wore their bracelets.

"Good—" Flitwick started, looking to and from Harry and Zabini before nodding, "—As this is the final duel, the winner will have their name etched into the Hogwarts history Books, signifying them as the best duellists of their house, year, and age group."

Zabini nod, apparently pleased with the prospect of achieving fame. Harry didn't even twitch, just breathed a deep breath as he locked eyes with Zabini.

Flitwick nods again, flashing a small smile before waving his wand, a series of blue lights escaping it as they landed in front of the bustling crowd of spectators.

"The Wards are now in place—" Flitwick swished his wand again, a shimmering timer appearing between Harry and Zabini, counting down from ten, "—Once the timer reaches zero, the duel will begin."

Harry hadn't moved an inch since Zabini entered the duelling area, just kept his gaze locked onto his opponent, his wand poised to strike.

"Good luck, Potter…" Zabini said, finishing off with a flirtatious wink.

Harry's lips only twitched in response, his head tilting to the side with a curious look.

The timer gradually went down, seven, six, five…

Until finally it hit zero. Rose stood transfixed as a spell was already zooming out of her brother's wand, the timer barely clicking over to zero. She didn't know what spell it was this time, even the colour was alien to her – a deep purple, which was strange. He cast it off silently, surprising herself even more as it crackled the air it passed through.

Everyone else around her too was too stunned to react. Zabini as well as she watched wide-eyed as the spell barrelled towards her at lightning speed. It struck her in the arm, sending the witch stumbling back onto her backside, her bracelet shattering as the spell fizzled up into the sky above them.

Time seemed to stop as Zabini glanced down towards her arm, her mouth opening in a silent scream at what she saw. It was broken, rather severely too – the evidence of that sticking out of her forearm. Rose blinked, watching as the Slytherin Witch started to cry openly, an embarrassing sight, Rose thought, doing her best to contain her smirk as Zabini stumbled to her feet.

'Probably would've been worse without the bracelets.' Rose thought, turning to look at her brother.

"And the winner is… Harry Potter of house Ravenclaw." Flitwick announced, not even bothering to hide the disdain on his tone.

Only a few people clapped.


"So, what do you think?" Harry asked, stepping through the door in front of her.

Rose blinked, following her brother, taken aback at the apartment. It was delightful. Dark wooden floor, various bookshelves with animated portraits, and furniture that looked as if it came straight out of Hogwarts. Oh, and the view. Rose brushed past her brother, moving to stand inches away from the glass windows. She held her breath, her eyes taking in the vast view in front of her – London skyline, in all of its afternoon glory – with heavy rain fall staining the windows, and the dim lamps in the room, the whole thing left a warm feeling in her chest, a place that felt like home.

It had been only two years since the Potter twins had left Hogwarts, with both Harry and Rose finding employment of their own – Harry fast-tracking into the hit-wizard department, and Rose finding a place with the best Potioneers in Wizarding Britain. Money wasn't an issue, with both the inheritance from their parents, and the relation to the Black family, the two siblings finally bit the bullet and got a place of their own. No one knew they were now living together, not even Sirius, their godfather being left in the dark. As usual.

"I love it," Rose replied, turning back to face Harry as she leant back onto the window. She could get used to this, waking up in their home, late mornings in bed, and not having to hide themselves away.

He smiled at her, scratching at his stubbled jaw as he moved over towards the kitchen, sitting himself on a stool. Even the kitchen itself was rather grand, with a marble island situated in the middle, and appliances scattered around it. It looked like the kind of thing you'd see on the Muggle cooking shows.

Rose walked over towards Harry, sitting adjacent to her brother on another stool, leaning back comfortably in the seat as she looked around the rest of the room. Her brother had obviously gone to great lengths to make the place fitting for the two of them.

Harry sighed amusedly before grasping Rose's seat and dragged it closer to him, turning her seat to face him – he leant in and rested his palms on Rose's knees, kneading the soft skin.

"We've got our own place now, Rose—" He practically sang, "—It's all ours to keep."

Rose shivered, her spine arching at his words. It was like music to her ears, to hear him say that, that they finally had a place of their own, away from everyone else, a place where they could do what they wanted without risk.

"I'm loving this place more and more," Rose purred, grinning into Harry's touch as he grasped at her chin, pulling her face to his.

His thumb dips into her mouth – Rose's tongue immediately lavishing around it. Harry groans around the contact, leaning in closer with a grin. "You're going to be the death of me." Harry groaned, drawing his thumb out to run it across his own lips, his tongue darting out to taste it.

"Now that would be a way to go, huh?" Rose purred, laughing prettily as Harry picked her up by the waist, kicking the stools to the side and placed her on the worktop. With her legs spread and heels hooked around his thighs, Rose met Harry's mouth – their tongues plunging deep into each other's mouths.

Rose felt a deep pang in her stomach, as if a jolt of electricity went through her. Smiling into the kiss, Rose nipped at Harry's lips roughly, moaning as Harry's hands cupped her rear, bringing her closer as her wet cunt grazed against Harry's hard cock.

Rolling her hips, Rose felt unashamed at the contact, the way she was panting on his lips, and how sinfully wet she was getting. Harry pulled back, starting at his sisters disfigured appearance. Both of them were breathing hard, their identical sharp green eyes wide in hunger and pleasure.

"I love you," Harry breathed, pulling Rose off the worktop to straddle him. He continued to stare, leaning forward with his forehead resting against hers.

Rose smiled contently at the touch, bumping her nose against his playfully. "I love you too," she whispered, closing her eyes as comfortable warmth spread through her.

She leant forward, initiating the kiss this time, her tongue stroking softly against his. "You are mine, and I am yours." She rolled her hips again with her words, causing the two of them to shift upwards.

Harry grunted, holding her tighter on his lap. The two meet in the middle again, Rose's soft plump lips connecting with Harry's in a delicate kiss. She's desperate for him now – with his heart burning words and the electric touch spurring her on.

"You're my everything, Rose." Harry said sharply. "Your beautiful body. The way you talk, the way you act, the way you think. It's everything to me." Harry's voice softened towards the end, which only served as a stimulant for Rose as she held his gaze throughout – her smile widening as he went on.

She's too stunned to even reply. Harry's words making her heart practically thump against her chest in compassion. Harry lowered her to her feet and spun her around, hastily pulling her shirt over her head. Her bra quickly followed – the cool air making Rose's already hard nipples tingle at the sensation.

Leaning down, Harry kissed the exposed flesh of Rose's neck, blowing his cool breath across it as he went. Rose shivered, a delightful experience from the effects of his tracing tongue. Fuck, she thought. She tilted her neck, giving Harry further access – access that he immediately dove into, his teeth nipping at the soft skin.

Harry moved his mouth to her ear, his stubble grazing against her. "Turn around," he muttered.

Rose did as she was told, turning back to look her brother – raising an eyebrow at his feral state. She doesn't have time to question anything before Harry lifts her up again, placing her down gracefully on the island. She rests her hands on his wide shoulders for a moment, only for them to be brushed off.

"Keep those there." He said, pacing them on the edge. He continued on, hooking his fingers in the side of Rose's skirt, hastily pulling it off before returning to her panties. "Lift." Harry commanded.

Rose complied, eager to get the action going – she lifted herself up slightly, gasping as the cool air hit her cunt – before lowering herself down as Harry threw her soaked panties over his shoulder. She's completely naked now, and Harry gets a full look of her, whilst still fully clothed, Rose mentally grumbled.

She moved her hands, plucking at edge of his blue shirt.

Harry stepped back though, sending Rose a cheeky smile whilst shaking his head. "No touching."

Rose pouted playfully, returning her hands as if scolded by a parent.

"So, you want me to remove my shirt?" Harry uttered, his deep voice tormenting Rose's inner discipline.

Raising her chin and narrowing her gaze, Rose breathed, "Yes."

Rolling his shoulders, Harry looked down at his sister. Even though she sat high above the ground, Harry still towered over her. "Yes what, Rose?"

"Please…" Rose whined, in a long drawn out breath – doing her best to get what she wanted.

It apparently worked as Harry shook his head at her antics. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, keeping his eyes fixed on Rose. It takes every ounce of her will to not reach out and tear off his shirt, to not give him the satisfaction of her thirst for him.

Harry finally got to the last button, he rolled the shirt smoothly off his shoulders. And for the briefest moment, Rose blanked everything out, and just looked at her brother. She never got tired of seeing him bare before, and especially lately – Hit-Wizarding training obviously having an effect on his already muscular body. His arms are flexed back, toned muscles rippling with movement as the dim light in the room blankets over his naked skin. It's as if she was starting at a painting. One that she wants to get fucked by.

He continued by kicking off his boots and socks. He's almost naked, just a rather annoying pair of black trousers, Rose thought. She ran her eyes over his body, feeling a tightness forming in her stomach – taking in every minuscule scar dotting his chest and abdomen. Her eyes pause on each of them, as if reading a story of her brother's adventures. He positions himself back between her legs. Rose unconsciously looks down, noticing Harry's cock straining against the front of his trousers – the organ pressing hard into Rose's soft thigh.

Harry leant forward, his hands resting on the top of Rose's thighs, his rough thumbs gliding across the skin to reach the inside of Rose's thigh – only inches away from Rose's aching cunt. Rose's wants to grip at his hands, to tell him to plunge his fingers deep inside of her.

He tilts his head to the side, sending Rose a smirk. "Where to start, hm?" he muses, lifting a hand to run across Rose's bottom lip. "Maybe here?" he queries as Rose's lips part open. She takes his thumb into her mouth, circling her tongue around it. He withdrew his thumb, tracing it across Rose's cheek, before snaking it downwards onto Rose's chest – getting a handful of Rose's breast in his palm. "Or maybe here?" Harry raises an eyebrow, holding Rose's eyes with own – his thumb circling Rose's painfully stuff nipple.

Rose is robbed of her breath, Harry's teasing getting the better of her as she relished in the contact.

Just when Rose thinks Harry is finally about to claim her, he ushers his arounds her hips – causing Rose to shift in place, giving Harry access to her arse which greedily gets a hold of.

"Or here?" He's completely serious, Rose thinks with a thumping heart. "Maybe one day, Rose." He whispers, his hand returning to her front. He isn't messing around now, Rose notices, with the glint in his eyes and determination in his touch. He cups her cunt, flattening his fingers against it. "Now this is where I'm going to start."

Rose releases a breath she didn't realise she was holding, relief and pleasure coursing through her veins – not that she'd ever tell Harry anyway. He moved his hand under her chin, tilting her head up delicately to meet his.

"I meant it, Rose." He deadpans coolly, his other hand landing next Rose – her cunt still being gripped.

Releasing a breathless moan at his words, Rose slumped forward, her forehead resting on his solid shoulder.

"You're practically dripping," he hissed in her ear, finally plugging a finger into her. Rose immediately clenches around him. "You've been dying for this, haven't you," he said firmly, withdrawing his finger and spreading his coated finger across her clit before plunging back in with two fingers.

Rose cried out.

"Tell me you want me, Rose."

Rose closes her eyes as his fingers continue to movie inside of her. "I want you," she pants into his shoulder.

Harry groaned at her words. "Now tell me you need me."

Rose would say anything at this point, and even do what he said. "I need you."

"Good girl. I'm going to make sure of it, okay?"

He pulls his slick fingers out, pulling Rose down and turns her around slowly in his arms – her hands falling flat onto the surface in front of her.

"Let me see you." Rose moaned, rather annoyed at prospect of not seeing Harry's thick cock thrusting inside of her.

Harry closed the distance between their bodies, his body heat draping onto Rose's back. When his firm chest presses up against Rose's back, she leant into him comfortably, her head resting once again on his shoulder.

Harry brushed his mouth again her ear, grinning against it. "Just enjoy it, will you." He pushed forward his hips, slowly grinding into her as he reaches forward to grab Rose's wrists. "Hush now."

Rose nodded, slightly miffed at her brother. Well, she should've expected this would happen – he always did it whenever they fucked.

Harry beings a slow, sinful jaunt up Rose's silken arms with his calloused fingers, leaving Rose shivering in their wake. Her breasts ache for attention as he ignores them completely, instead reaching her shoulders. She clamps her lips shut, but a traitorous moan escapes regardless – she couldn't help it, not when he was teasing her so.

He continues upwards, his fingers now circling the base of her neck, kneading at the stiffness. It's almost magical, the feeling as stiffness dripping out of her is serene.

Lowering his mouth to her neck, Harry brushed his lips over the skin before kissing her gently, as if afraid he would hurt her. "I love your skin."

"Hmmm," Rose purred, losing herself at the feeling of his lips.

Harry chuckled softly. "You like that?" he asked, trailing kisses up and down her jaw. Rose turned her head to face him, meeting him squarely. She nods, her lips twitching.

The twins soak up each other's gazes for a few moments, their expressions content, before Harry plants a kiss on her lips, his hands working their way down her curve-filled hips.

"Keep your hands where they are, sister." He ordered sternly, releasing his hold of her.

Rose squirmed at the sound of Harry undoing his trousers, twitching slightly as he put his hands back on her hips. He stepped back a little, taking her hips with him.

Feeling like she'd been hexed, Rose gripped the worktop in front of her, bracing herself. She flinches when Harry's hand cups the base of her neck, his cock prodding at her entrance. Drawing in a deep breath, Rose resisted the urge to wiggle her rear in an attempt to take him in herself, or to at least invite him in.

Harry leant forward, his warm, sinfully long tongue connecting with her back, licking a sizzling line up the dip of Rose's spine, finishing with a nibbling kiss at Rose's neck.

"Are you ready?" he asked against her skin. Rose could feel the smile against her, his boyish smirk playing havoc with her will – the vibrations of his voice sending a jolt to her core.

"Yes," Rose panted.

Rose felt his hand brush against her rear as he positioned himself, then, painfully slow, he breaches in – smoothly and controlled. She can hear his laboured breath against her, the hot thickness of Harry's cock spearing her.

Her grip on the counter tightens, her knuckles bloodless. Rose pushed back, her patience snapping as she took him to the hilt, surprising the both of them.

"Fuck, Rose…" Harry groaned, his hand tightening around her neck, holding her still – his other hand leaving Rose's hip to grasp at her breast. "I haven't got the patience either," he pants as he moulds his body to hers. He withdraws his cock agonizingly slowly, and then advances forward, hard and deep, in one swift plunge.

"Harry!" Rose cries out, taken aback by the thrust as it sends her forward.

She adjusts her grip, her hands sweaty from the pressure coarsening through her. Rose flexes her arms, hoping it will stop her from being pushed around - it works in time for Harry's next thrust, his cock once again nearly leaving her, only for it to be pushed full into her again. Harry is unforgiving, and Rose couldn't find it in herself to care at the moment.

Shimmying his hands from her neck and breast, Harry takes a firm hold of her hips and pulls her back in sync with his thrusts.

Her stomach knots together as Rose felt the impending sensual feeling of an orgasm – Harry's cock pushing it along gradually.

Harry must've felt something because he pulls out nearly, leaving the head of cock resting inside of her. He circled her waist, bringing her flush against him. "Not yet, Rose." He pants, finishing off bite to her neck.

Ignoring the stinging pain in her neck, Rose wiggled her hips, her delightful backside swaying. "Finish me, Harry." She didn't mean to beg, it wasn't something she normally did – but with her brother fucking her like an animal, she lost all sense of control.

Harry doesn't even respond. He pushes his cock back in, his balls resting against Rose's ass.

Rose wanted to protest, to urge him on to fuck her like he meant it. She didn't want him to torture her like this. Her mouth opened to bait him but was cut off as a slight pressure prodded at her ass.

'Is that?' Rose thought, her lower lip between her teeth. She felt a plunging feeling go through her in anticipation, surely, he wouldn't, right?

"Such a tight bud you've got here, Rose." Harry laughed, pulling his finger back. He put it into his mouth, sucking around it for a moment before returning to Rose's ass. She twitched beneath as the wet finger brushed her ass.

Rose shuddered around his cock in anticipation, her body falling forward to lean on the worktop. He eased his finger inside slowly, twisting it slightly as he withdrew his cock briefly.

"Beautiful," Harry murmured, looking at the curve of Rose's back, eyeing his all-time favourite dimples on Rose's lower back. Her skin is flushed, damp with sweat and need. Harry couldn't get enough of it.

Rose couldn't find it in herself to speak – the added intrusion of Harry's finger inside of her causing havoc within. It was a strange feeling, to have something as big as Harry's cock within, stretching her to her limits, and then to have his finger added into the mix. It was weird, yet strangely fantastic.

Harry resumed his pace of fucking Rose, his slick finger slowly going deeper, right up until it hit the breach of his knuckle. Fuck, Rose mentally swore – the added pressure of his finger bringing something new to the table, something that Rose found she terribly liked. The slight burn, the stretch of her ass and her brother's cock inside of her. It was bliss. The pressure in her stomach doubled, her orgasm nearing.

"Are you close?" Harry teased, already knowing the answer. Rose felt like swatting him, or at least shouting at him to finish her off.

"Yes!" She cried back instead, thrusting herself back. Harry moved his other hand, snaking it under her to stroke at her already sensitive clit.

"Oh fuck, Rose," He swore, now back to thrusting deep into Rose, his finger rolling and pinching at her pulsating clit.

She threw her head back at the immediate rush of her orgasm, her mouth opening in a silent scream. Harry powers on, withdrawing his hand and finger completely to grip harshly at her hips She's delirious on pleasure, the feeling spreading through her as Harry releases inside her with a hiss.

Rose collapses forward, the room spinning around her. Her arms spread out in front of her, taking Harry with her. Rose feels like she's dreaming.

Harry is pressed up against her, his hard, wet chest pressing her snug against the worktop, his hot puffy breaths into the back of her, and his still hard cock buried inside of her, pulsating around Rose's slick walls. She can feel herself squirm around him, draining every last drop of him.

"I've still got to show you our bedroom," Harry breathed, laughing at his own words. He pulled out of Rose with a groan. She too groaned, albeit at the loss of Harry inside of her.

Rose turned on weak legs, raising an eyebrow at her brothers' cock. It was sinfully wet, glazing in the light of the lamp, and looking rather tempting. It made her want to take control this time, to do the fucking. His words ran through her head, the cogs turning. Their bedroom, the place where they could what they wanted.

Running a hand through her sweaty hair, Rose walked over to Harry gracefully. She gripped at his cock painfully, laughing under her breath as Harry groaned at the contact. Her hands pumped him a few times, and she licked her lips at the sound of the slickness, her juices still fresh all over him.

"Well, I think you better show me our bedroom."