Disclaimer:  Inuyasha and friends were created and lovingly brought to life by Rumiko Takahashi.

Summary:  Kagome Higurashi, due to unfortunate circumstances, must lease part of her San Francisco home in order to pay her bills.  Sesshoumaru Takara, expanding his business in S.F., is looking for a place in The City.  Brought together by fate, are they destined to be more than just housemates?  Sess/Kag

Pairing:  Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Rating:  PG-13 (may change to a higher rating in the future)

Author's Note:  An AU fic set in San Francisco, CA.  Text '__' is a thought expression.

"No city invites the heart to come to life as San Francisco does." - William Saroyan


The City by the Bay

By Ericedwyn



Kagome Higurashi clicked on the icon of a printer with her mouse and waited for her printer to spew out a hard copy of the description of her unit for let.  She snatched it from the machine's lip and handed it over to her best friend seated across from her executive desk with a sad expression marring her usually cheerful face.  "There… let me know what you think."

Sango Yamamori sighed and took the paper that was proffered to her.  Out loud, she read what it contained.



Spacious 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths upper unit of a prime Edwardian style home in much coveted Presidio Heights for rent by owner.  The two-level, approx. 1240 square feet, apartment also boasts a well designed floor plan with the following amenities:

The main floor:

* Large entertainment room with a marble woodburning fireplace with a charming view of the neighborhood

* Elegant and spacious living room

* Dining room with a wonderful view of the ocean

* Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a lot of cabinet space

* A large half bath with a built-in vanity

* Hardwood floors throughout

The upper floor:

* The Master Suite has a full bath with a large spa tub, marble woodburning fireplace, and a huge walk-in closet

* Two spacious bedrooms with huge wall closets

* A balcony with a view of the ocean with access stairs leading to the botanical gardens of the property

* A guest full bath completes this level

Besides the living spaces, there is a separate laundry facility, own entrance, security system, central heat and air, and one car space in the garage.  All utilities and cable will be paid by the owner.  You can choose furnished (except the Master Suite) or not.

The property is located within walking distance to Laurel Village conveniences, street shops, restaurants, and several parks.  Muni lines abound.

Non-smoker, at least a 6-month lease, first and last month's rent, and only small pets

If you are interested in viewing or leasing this two-level unit, please call (415) ###-#### or e-mail the owner at Higurashi@KHtechCIO.com for an appointment.


"Well?"  The young owner asked impatiently, staring at her best friend with expectant eyes.

Sango frowned.  "Are you sure you really want to do this?  What about your savings?"

"I have no choice.  I still have over half a mil of the mortgage loan to pay.  Most of my money is tied up in investments I can't touch right now, and I only have about $10,000 left in my account.  With my bills, mortgage, and other expenses, that will only cover me for two more months.  Until that situation with that baka contract is resolved, I can't work in my field for 8 more months."  Kagome groaned out loud.  "Shimatta!  That Naraku Akuma is a bastard.  We should not have sold the company to him.  Now I can only take these measly consulting jobs until then." 

"I'm sorry, Kagome.  I'm sorry you had to deal with a jerk like that, and I'm sorry you have to lease part of your home."  Sango tried to console as she watched the flustered and frustrated woman massage her temples.

"Don't… you didn't do anything.  I should be sorry for making you put up with me like this."  Kagome sighed, still massaging her temples with dainty, manicured fingers.  "It will get better soon, right?"  She asked in a small but pained voice.  She looked up like a lost child seeking to be found.

Sango smiled encouragingly, reached out to squeeze her best friend's hand, and nodded.  "It will.  You're the luckiest person I know.  I'm sure opportunity will fall on your lap in no time!  Now let's go get something to eat.  I'm starving and it's my treat!"


To be continued



Baka – Stupid

Shimatta – Damn it