Bill finished his beer with a loud obnoxious belch. He crushed his can with renewed resolve on his way to his house. The sun sank below the horizon. The street lamps cast a dim orange glow over the sidewalks. Bill scooped up his offerings with shaking hands as he struggled to hold his breath. His house reeked with a mixture of raw sewage and death. Karen lurked menacingly in the shadows.

Bill gulped when he caught a glimpse of a bowl filled with rat corpses sitting on the table. He ran out of the house, his fat rolls bouncing with each step. He huffed and puffed like an asthmatic down the street, unsure of where the fuck he was going. A familiar rumble made him sweat even more. He would need to shit soon. Bill hoped it wouldn't be anymore rat entrails, those ripped his asshole up too much the last time.

A shiney new trashcan caught his attention. He fell to his knees gasping for breath. A large wet one ripped from his gaping ass. Tears streaked down his sweaty face. The wetness squished around his thighs and groin as he got to his feet. Legally Bill had to keep his pants on so he had to deal. Bill threw the expired cans of peaches and rotten bread into the trash can and ran back to his house.

He collapsed in his driveway. Sweating, stinking, and defeated. Bill laid in his own filth a few feet away from his front door. Another wave of diarrhea filled his pants. He clutched his aching swelling gut as he writhed on the ground. His offering was an insult and he would pay dearly for it.

The door to his house opened on its own with a loud creak. He forgot to ask Hank to spray DW-40 on the hinges. Karen snatched him into the house and the door slammed shut.

Bill cowered and whimpered pathetically beneath the towering mannequin. Karen dragged his bulky form to the kitchen sink, still full of his own feces, and forcefully dunked his head into it. Bill let out a scream before he plunged into the shit sink, which earned him a mouthful of diarrhea. He thrashed and slung shit everywhere as he was drowning in his own excrement. No aid would come for him.

He thought he might have a chance, that he wouldn't die. He was wrong. Bill lost the battle and inhaled a lungful of shit. He threw it back up only to inhale more. The taste was the worst imaginable. His lungs burned.

A few minutes later he went into cardiac arrest and the force holding his head under the sewage vanished. His body slid from the sink and landed on the floor with a heavy thud. Feces flowed from his gaping mouth. Bill's pathetic life flashed before his shit filled eyes. He couldn't believe he was dying, terror flooded his being.

Sometime later Bill awoke in a dark, rank, hot place. It was unbearably hot. Sweat poured from every pore. Bill kept bumbling around in the dark, his bare feet coming down on an uneven wet squishy surface. He wiped a thick oily substance from his brow. It was diarrhea. He frowned. "Hello?" He bellowed. "Anyone there? Hank?" His pleas fell on deaf ears.

Suddenly the whole area lit up. Bill shielded his eyes as they adjusted. He was trapped in what appeared to be an organic cavern at first glance. He blinked a few times to clear his focus and to his horror he realized he was in a stomach like structure. He fell to his knees and vomited more rat entrails mixed with shit. His ass erupted with the bones of his victims. Whatever flesh touched the stomach walls burned. He tried to stem the flow of vomit and looked around for an escape. There were no exits. There however was another creature trapped with him.

The creature resembled the mannequin he had found in that dumpster. It was distorted and changed, more rat like. Its hollow eye sockets bore holes through him. Bill cowered before it, babbling a prayer in between vomit sessions. Rats spawned endlessly from the mannequin. They devoured Bill's physical form with their sharp gnawing teeth and claws. They ate their way through EVERY orifice.

Bill vomited up a few of the rats as he was dying again. His world went black.

He awoke again in the same place. The stomach dissolved his last body. More rats swarmed him and began the devouring process again. This was his fate. To be devoured by his enemy over and over for the rest of stinking eternity. One man's trash is another man's nightmare.