"This makes more sense than the idea of someone being physically transported into the past. I suspect that the writers did not think much of the ramifications, or the possibility of the past being changed, thus changing the present.." Heather said.

"They had a star and the star was not the one playing Wendy, so the star had to be there.."

"They made a fine mess of the story, in my opinion " Danny said.

"You are aware that we watched this out of sequence?" Beverly said "There are things that happened after that trip to the past that they put before"

"Well, sue the writers."

Amos sighed _"Well, let's tell what happened before and compare… One thing did happen. I finally understood that it was real, that it was not another hallucination….that I was free of the chained coffin and could make a new life for myself"


"They lynched me…" Wendy said "I was Margaret Lafferty…. I am Magaret Laffety''

Amos stared at her the words hitting him.. Margaret Lafferty..

Becky came to him. "She is my governess, Amos… don't you recognize her?"

"You mistook me for a French aristocrat?" Wendy could not help smiling..

…It made sense.. It made sense… Margaret Lafferty… He saw her… Not Genevieve…but Margaret, who was supposed to marry Silas Benchley… the persecuted Irish Catholic who is spite of everything did her duty… She had been his friend…He has sought to help and protect her… but then…

It was real… all of it was real.

Margaret Lafferty, the only remainder of the life he had once had… the life that he had lost …

The sobs overtook him. "All gone…. All gone.." He turned to Becky… "Please Becky don't leave me.."

"I cannot stay Amos. But I love you and I will watch over you."


A reckoning had come to Flynn Eagleton.

"Yes, this they did explain in the show how the Flynn character went from sworn enemy to good friend… just like that." Beverly commented" It took a big blow to make him understand his error…"

"Ann was all that Ernest Cole said. And I… I screwed up. I did not believe it… I just told Ann what Cole had found out… and Ann killed him… I betrayed Cole.."

"Well, it ia phoenix a hard thing to believe.." Beverly said.

"But I SHOULD have seen it. This is my job…this is what I am supposed to do.."

"Your job? Aren't you an industrialist?"

"That's my cover. You think that an ex-con can make a fortune so easily? No, this is what I pretend to be when I investigate strange occurrences."

"Strange occurrences?"

"Paranormal happenings. This outfit recruited me when I came out of prison… and I am good at it. Or was…. They might fire me for this… because I was too busy hating Louis and rekindling my romance wit hAnn.. Oh, I was a fool, Beverly. A thrice damned fool..


Amos was shaking and weeping begging Becky to stay a bit longer… But as for me…yes, I was shaken from my memories of Margaret Laffferty. But still I was Wendy Pruitt whose father tended to drink the money he made, and whose boyfriend smuggled drugs with his boat as an easy way to make money… I knew that I had to find a better way to make money… and I wondered if Amos could help me there. I had a germ of an idea..

I asked Danny if Amos had any money… because he had bougth some things… Danny said about a cache of jewels..

"These may no last forever. He needs a steady revenue stream… And I need one to.."

"What you mean?"

"I am not sure, but I know that I will find something… But first I have to reappear.. How can I explain where I was?"

"Do as the other did. Say that all that you remember is cold… how cold it was…"

"Just cold… and I do not remember.."

"Yes. They expect that."

So I did it. I trudged towards the bar…It was not a long walk but I left without a coat so that everyone would see that I was cold… In the show they had me walk miles which is ridiculous.. I got there, I stumbled in and fell to the floor..

When they came to me I looked up, shivering and said "So cold…"

And that was it... I fit the pattern so they believed me.