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Recap? This is copy/pasted from the previous chapter, but with the last few paragraphs added to include the happenings of said chapter.

Nathan Quill, the twin brother to Peter Quill (Star Lord, GoTG), is a reincarnate artificial intelligence expert, and human-Celestial hybrid that learned how to use his father's powers. He gets abducted by space pirates at eight years-old, spends another eight years being a mechanic for said pirates, then another year alone after he steals a spaceship (named the USS M'Dick). During that year he goes to the planet Morag, where he finds the Infinity Stone of Power, and proceeds to jump-start his Celestial abilities.

The next few years after that start off with him fucking off back to Earth, where he joins the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and gets "~Lets do the Time Warp Again~'d" back into a five year-old via Time Stone shenanigans. Spending a lot of time there, he manages to become a recognized Master of the Mystic Arts himself, makes a few friends, and changes some world-views. Then he made like a tree and got the fuck out of there.

Now, Nathan is nearing adulthood for the third time, has spent about five-ish years at Wakanda - screwing with the royal family and learning everything he could about Vibranium and the human body. Nathan basically has an unofficial Ph.D in Biology right now, and could be considered one of the foremost medical professionals in the world - due to sheer knowledge on the subject, and his abilities to reproduce human anatomy via Celestial powers.

Nathan has also accomplished the feat of wolverine-ing himself with Vibranium, as well as creating a fully functioning AI, named 'Alice' with the help of Shuri.

But he still had a good bit of time to kill before the events of the first Iron Man movie, so he dabbled in Mesoamerican blood rituals and the sealing of dead gods.

Relatively par for the course, really.

Now, the famous Black Sabbath song intro/superhero debut press conference had just occurred. What was Tony Stark's address, again? Let's figure that out.

"This guy has a really nice house."

"The view truly is quite wonderful."

The villa of one; Tony Stark was nothing short of beautiful. Modern, sleek lines of architecture sitting atop a sheer cliff. White, almost alien curves, and large floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the Pacific ocean and the roaring waves below.

Nathan Quill, the dimensionally displaced human-Celestial hybrid with a- OK, reading off all his descriptors in his head was starting to get tiring. The now-eighteen year-old sat atop a nearby palm tree slowly munching on an apple as he observed the dwelling below. Tony had returned home only recently, not at all seeing through the slight illusion that Nathan held around himself to hide.

One arm dangled over his knee as he studied the property.

"Well?" The second voice, a young girl's by all accounts, began. "While sitting here is quite relaxing, I can't imagine that you need to build the courage to approach the front door, father."

Nathan looked down, affronted, at his hanging wrist; more specifically at the Kimoyo prayer beads that wrapped around it and the small holographic projection of a girl above said beads. The girl - who looked up at him with an impatient frown - had long blond hair tied back in a black bow, and crossed arms over a simple blue and white dress. Her feet; bare and tapping against an implied surface.

"Young lady. It's almost like you have no idea who you're talking to." Nathan puffed. "We don't use doors in this family." He finished with a satisfied nod.

"Entirely untrue." She deadpanned. "You walked through three of them just this morning."

Nathan pouted. "It's a turn of phrase-"

"By whom?"

"Used by only the most educated of individuals-"

"Referring to yourself, and only yourself, that is." She added, nonplussed.

His most devious guise already seen through by his far too insightful daughter did nothing to dissuade his educational rant, however. "-To indicate an inclination to ignore inherent social infrastructure, and ingratiate oneself; irredeemably inconsistent."

The girl took a deep breath, regardless of the fact that she need not do so, and sighed dramatically. "Despite my namesake, I have not actually fallen down an inconspicuous rabbit hole, have I?"

"Alice." Nathan lectured. "We are so far down the rabbit hole that the rabbit has ceased holing the hole and began falling himself."

Her eyes narrowed at him. "Ignoring the gravity of intellectual problems that might cause, what might this rabbit be falling towards?"

Nathan beamed. "Why, a very important date, of course!"

"And how late are we to this rabbit's important date?" She asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Only so much as is fashionable, my dear."

She squinted at him as if debating his sanity, then glanced up at his hair in disapproval. "You lack a proper hat for this level of madness, I think."

Nathan took the last bite of his apple that he dared eat, before pocketing the remaining seeds. The now empty hand moved to rest atop his head and patted around.

"Well, what would you suggest? A proper feathered tophat, perhaps?"

She hummed to herself; a delicate finger rested upon her chin. "No, I think not. It would clash with your monk robes."

"I believe hair clashes with my monk robes, and I'll not rid myself of that, thank you."

"Perchance it is then reasonable to wear your leather pirate jacket?"

"I will be attempting to make an impression on Mr. Stark. The likeness of a thug oftentimes goes poorly with high society first impressions."

"Entering one's house without using a door will 'oftentimes' provide a worse impression." She shot back, unimpressed with his reasoning.

Nathan paused. "Sombrero, then?"

She nodded back. "Sombrero works just fine."

With a flex of his innate energy, and a twist of his hand, a festival-worthy sombrero formed atop his head, and the man-turned-boy, turned-man once again disappeared from the top of the tree.

Nathan appeared again within the foyer of the house he had been staring at for the past hour or so. Inside, he took in the sight of a spacious living area that wrapped around to an open-concept kitchen. The full western wall of the building was nothing but the large window that he had seen from outside. The furnishings were minimalist, modern, and to be perfectly honest - looked more like a show home rather than something lived-in.

Sitting on the couch facing the window, and by extension - away from Nathan, was a lithe woman with long blond hair, working away on a stack of papers that sat on the coffee table.

Presumably, this was Pepper Potts; the resident living calendar and future significant other of the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.

Nathan walked up behind her, steps unheard in her focus, and rested his elbows on the back of the couch; head tilted in his hands.

"What'cha workin' on?"

She screamed. Obviously.

"What?!" The pen in her hand flew across the room from her surprise. Nathan's eyes tracked it as it hit the window/wall and remarkably clicked against the button on the back - retracting the ink cartridge.

"Who are you?! How did you get in here?!" She continued, backing up along the couch to get away from him.

"Rude." He pointed out. "One usually starts introductions with their own name first."

They stared at each other for a moment; Nathan in slight amusement, and Ms. Potts in… mostly confusion? And slight fear, probably.

"Anyway," he began, "I'm here to see Mr. Stark. He around?"

"Jarvis?" She asked the open air with a squeak.

"I apologize, Ms. Potts. Something seems to be interfering with my sensors. Mr. Stark is on his way up."

Nathan sighed and stood up straight. "Alice. Play nice, please. We're among friends here."

A mumbled, "You're the one that didn't even bother to knock on the door," sounded out from the general space that Nathan occupied, but in Alice's tone of voice.

"We covered this. I don't use doors."

"Lies and slander."

"Who said that?" Pepper asked in more obvious confusion and a little less fear.

"Slander against who?" Nathan questioned, ignoring Pepper for the moment.

"It's a turn of phrase-"

"Don't go turning my own inane reasoning on me, now." He paused for a second. "Especially when it's more correct than my own use. That's just not fair."

"I notice you didn't deny the 'lies' portion of what I said." She countered, clear amusement in her voice.

"I am physically unable to lie."

"That, in itself, is the most egregious lie I've ever heard you tell."

Nathan could hear the fond, yet slightly annoyed smile upon her digital face, even though she didn't project her usual avatar. He was becoming increasingly proud of her foray into the emotional spectrum.

Jarvis, Tony's own Artificial Intelligence butler, took Nathan's slight pause as a point to interject. "Ah, it appears we are in the presence of another AI, Ms. Potts. Housed locally upon this young man's person, if I'm right? Thank you, by the way, for lowering that interference. My sensors can pick you up clearly now."

"Correct, Mr. Jarvis." Nathan beamed as his eyes swiveled to the overhead speaker. "Hit the nail on the head."

"Just 'Jarvis' will do. 'Mister' makes me feel quite old, I'm afraid."

Nathan chuckled. "Can't have that, then. It's good to meet you, Jarvis. My name is Nathan-"

"And I'm Alice!" Said AI spoke up, her avatar finally appearing in a small hologram above Nathan's wrist. Her little digital arm waved happily at the room.

Further introductions were cut short as a glass door slid open along one of the non-window walls. From there a grease-covered man stepped into the room, wearing dress pants and a white tank-top. On his right arm, however; he wore a clenched, red, metal gauntlet.

"So what's this I hear of an impromptu party? Invite a friend over, Pep?"

"Hardly." She grumbled, just then clumping together her scattered paperwork, and throwing a distrustful glance at Nathan.

"So you must be Mr. Stark, then?" Nathan asked with a smile. "Heard a lot about you lately."

"Hard not to, I'm pretty awesome." The Thirty-five year-old looked Nathan up and down. "Gearing up for Halloween, kid? Interesting getup, there."

Nathan waved a finger through the tassels that hung from his sombrero and shrugged. "It seemed to fit the mood."

Stark tilted an eyebrow.

"What? You want one?" Nathan asked innocently.

The man blinked. "As enticing as that sounds, I'd honestly rather know how you got into my house."

Nathan shrugged again. "The front door was open."

"It was not." Jarvis piped in. "Still locked tightly, in fact. No evidence of having been opened either, sir."

"My father has yet to understand how doors function, unfortunately. Please don't mind him." Alice threw in her own two cents.

Nathan's hand rose to clench his heart in mock pain. "Oh the pain! Stabbed with the wit of my own daughter."

Alice giggled, the back of her avatar's hand rose to cover the unladylike action.

The room ignored Pepper as she inched away into the kitchen with her stack of papers. It came to Nathan's mind that she never answered what she was working on - not that he actually expected an answer.

"So he just appeared in here? Melded through the walls?" Stark asked, a doubtful frown on his lips.

"Certainly seems so, sir."

Stark's eyes never left Nathan and his fantastic sombrero, but Nathan could see the figurative gears turning behind the billionaire's eyes as they shifted down towards Nathan's wrist, and thereby the avatar of Alice.

The obvious - though still wrong - conclusion that she had paved his way inside visibly settled in the man's mind.

Nathan was a man of magic and science. He wouldn't use just one of those to continuously mess with Tony Stark - the future Earth's Greatest Defender. That would be boring.

Stark's body seemed to consciously lose its tension. He then closed his eyes briefly and began walking towards a built-in bar off the southern wall.

"You know," he began, picking up a bottle and glass, and poured himself a drink, "I was pretty confident that I would be the only one in the next twenty or so years to make an AI."

Nathan followed the man to the bar and sat at one of the stools, but didn't reply. His arm with Alice's avatar was placed on the counter.

"Want a drink, kid? I won't tell." He waved the half filled bottle - a rather nice scotch whisky, Nathan noticed.

Nathan tilted his head. If you counted his age by his birth date, Nathan was a 29 year-old man, at the moment. Though he was eighteen physically. Add the forty-six years he had lived in his previous life, and he was a legitimate old man. "You know, I haven't had a drink in years. Though I do remember that whiskey tastes better with a little water. Throw a couple ice cubes in mine?"

Tony smirked and poured the requested drink. "You take it straight? A kid after my own heart." He slid it over.

Nathan swirled the glass, ice cubes clinked and a strong smokey scent filled his nostrils. He took a sip and hid a wince at the biting dryness of it. His previous self was more of a bourbon man, but he couldn't lie; this was quite good despite the bite. It would mellow as the ice melted.

He swirled his glass again to get the process started as Tony continued to smirk at him over his own glass.

They sat in silence a moment more, both enjoying the manufactured peace. The smoky calm that a simple glass of whiskey brought will always be appreciated by the true connoisseur. Nathan wasn't necessarily one such man, but he could enjoy the practice. It was similar to the tea he enjoyed with the Ancient One, in that respect.

His sombrero was getting in the way, though. He dropped it to his back, hanging by its cord around his neck.

Alice took that movement as a sign to restart the conversation. "So ~?"

Tony looked down at her as he leaned against the bar. "She said you're her father, right? That mean you made her?"

Nathan nodded with a slight smile. Out of everyone, he was glad Tony acknowledged her as a person, rather than a thing. "Me and her mother spent years gearing her up."

"'Mother and I'" Alice corrected.

"No," Nathan shot back. "It was me and your mother. You weren't there yet."

Tony guffawed into his glass as Alice sent Nathan a stink eye.

Chuckling, Tony continued. "Whoever was there, that's a pretty specialized skill set for someone so young. I've gotta say, I like the Alice in Wonderland theme, though. Is that programmed in, or did you decide to run with the name?" He addressed her directly with that last.

The avatar shrugged. "In truth, father named me after the character. In my research during my infancy, I decided I liked it quite a bit." She finished happily.

Tony nodded, seemingly appeased, and took a sip from his glass. "So I think that leaves the meat of it. I'll be honest, I'd like to pick your brain on AI development; figure out how she got through my house's security and all," He tilted his glass at Nathan, bringing attention back to his gauntleted hand, "but it still doesn't explain why you're here."

Nathan shrugged, entirely unconcerned at the veiled threat. "I didn't really have a plan, coming here. Just wanted to meet you and fuck around a little."

"Father." Alice chastised.

Nathan ignored her. "Though it occurs to me that you're currently poisoning yourself with that Arc Reactor in your chest." Nathan also ignored the confused, yet guarded look in Tony's eyes. He just swirled his drink again and took a sip. Scotch was definitely better with a little water.

"That's…" He paused to collect his thoughts. "Not exactly common knowledge, kid. And what do you mean, 'poisoning'?"

Nathan looked up at him with the most 'Are you an idiot' gaze Tony had ever seen. Well, Pepper might have him beat, there. She's had a lot of practice. "There is a radioactive element of your Arc Reactor." He blinked. "Starts with a 'P,' but not Plutonium, I know that much-"

"Palladium." Tony cut him off. "But how did you know-"

"Yeah, that. Anyway that shit-"


"Sorry! Geez. Kids these days." He shook his head in commiseration. "That stuff will seep through the reactor and start doing some serious damage to your body in the next year? Two? Something like that."

Nathan's memory was damn-near perfect now - thanks to his Mind Palace, but that only helped marginally with the things he learned before he built it. It was a steel trap for all new information, but recovering the old was always a tad bit spotty. He couldn't exactly remember when Iron Man 2 took place, but he had a good bit of the details.

"The thing is, your dear old dad discovered a new element that-"

Tony's eyes hardened. "What are you playing at, kid?"

Nathan sighed. "Why do I keep getting cut off in this conversation?"

"That would be due to the fact that you keep saying surprising things, I believe." Alice answered.

"I'm trying to monologue, here. Who cuts off a monologue?" The festive monk responded incredulously.

Alice tilted her head. "Are you explaining your evil plan, perchance? If so, tradition dictates that you be allowed to do so." She glared at Tony.

"Tradition?" The physically older man asked with not a small amount of disbelief.

"Yeah," Nathan started, "You know, when the 'Evil™' mastermind starts to explain their plan, the hero tends to let them in order to gain time to- Wait! That's not what's happening!"

"Oh. Well, I have no idea, then." Alice shrugged.

"Wait, how did you do that 'TradeMark' thing?" He looked far more confused than usual, and looked down at his drink as if it betrayed him.

Nathan hid a small smirk. He hadn't spoken the '™,' but had layered a sort of magical weight into his words that carried over the joke and its meaning. He was quite happy that Tony picked up on it, actually - it was pretty subtle.

"Anyway," he continued, "Howard discovered a new element, however at the time, the technology didn't exist to properly synthesize it. It's an element that can be used as a substitute for Palladium in the Arc Reactor which emulates the power source that he was studying with the government at the time."

Tony blinked - again. "Power source?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah. It's called the 'Space Stone.' A- for all intents and purposes, a magic rock. Not important, anyway-"

"You're saying 'anyway' a lot, father."

"Shush, you." Nathan pointed a threatening finger at Alice's avatar. "Anyway-"

"It's losing its meaning, now: anyway. Anyway? Anyway, anyway-"

Nathan groaned. "Continuing on from where I left off." He shot his own stink eye at Alice. "You can find the recipe for it in the city model that Howard made. I'm pretty confident that you'll figure it out if you know what you're looking for. Oh-" This time Nathan cut himself off, thinking of something else he could do while he was here. In hindsight, it was pretty obvious. Tony probably won't like the idea. Good thing he didn't really care if he liked it or not.

"I should probably take those metal shards out of your chest, and fill that hole that the reactor is taking up. You wanna lay down for a moment?"

"... What now?" The physically older man was having a really tough time processing all the new information, let alone the offer for surgery on his living room floor.

Nathan, himself, understood a different weight to the offer - he was essentially taking away a key growth moment of the Hero by giving it to him straight. However, all told, he was fully willing to remove a point of trauma and the entire plot point of Tony thinking he was dying in the second Iron man movie. The man came to terms with mortality in the desert with those terrorists. Letting him succumb to a second crisis when he was fully able to deflect it was just cruel, in Nathan's mind.

The only thing he really gained from going through all of that was a slight respect for his father…

"Speaking of," Nathan started, "You should watch the videos that Howard made that should be with the model. He has a blurb at the end of one that talks about all this."

Tony's eyes had long since glazed over at the influx of information. Nathan gave him a moment to compute before diving back in. Heh, 'compute.'

"So, you gonna lay down?"

Tony's eyes refocused. "I'm not letting you dig around in my chest, kid."

"Tony." Nathan said simply. "I'm not giving you a choice." Nathan's eyes glowed.

Tony Stark had enough time to react to the statement as a threat before his entire body refused to obey his commands. He didn't have enough time to prime his gauntlet. He didn't have enough time to back away. He didn't have enough time to even move from his exact spot. He did have enough time to flex his fingers, however. His glass shattered in his gauntleted hand before everything stopped. The only movement available to him was the erratic motion of his eyes, the quivering of his lips, and very deliberate blinks of his eyelids.

Nathan didn't want his eyes to dry out in the hour or so it would take to fix the man, after all.

"Alice, please disconnect the house. Don't want Jarvis interfering in his father's treatment." While saying so, Nathan himself turned his eyes to look at a frozen Pepper Potts, who had been watching from the kitchen. Her own body was in the same state as her employer's: unable to move a muscle.

"Already done, Father." She replied happily. "Jarvis has been asleep for the past couple of minutes." Her eyes shifted to Tony - his eyes portraying his utter fear and helplessness of his situation. The realization that Jarvis was out cold - per se, didn't seem to help much. "Don't worry, mister. You likely won't feel a thing. Father is the foremost expert in medical procedures on the planet."

"Well," Nathan rubbed the back of his neck with his free arm. "I don't know about 'foremost,' there's Dr. Strange and a couple other medical professionals that know more than I do, and I specialize specifically in humans."

Alice pouted at him. "I'm trying to console him, father. Look at him!" Her little arm pointed at the physically older man. "He's utterly terrified."

Nathan hummed, still gaining pride for his daughter's emotional competence even in the current situation. "I suppose you're right. Look Tony." He addressed the man. "I'll put you and Ms. Potts to sleep for the moment. Pepper will wake in about an hour and five, you'll wake about five minutes after her. The Arc Reactor will be removed from your chest, and the cavity filled. It will be like it was never installed. The metal bits in your chest will have been removed, and you will be safe." He paused for a second, looking around the room. "I'll leave it all on the coffee table, there. No need to worry at all."

Pepper's eyes were very nearly rolling in the back of her head. Tony's were still erratic, but Nathan could spot the comprehension that followed a quick-witted mind. For their own sanity, he quickly waved his hand and consciousness left them both.

Nathan and Alice spent a moment looking over their unconscious bodies. Nathan, himself, floated them both to opposite sides of Tony's couch.

"I believe that could have gone a good bit better, father." Alice mumbled.

"Yeah." Nathan stated simply. "I could have been a bit more gentle, I suppose."

Alice's little, digital head looked up to him with a thoughtful frown, but didn't say anything else.

Nathan sighed. "Well, let me get to work, I suppose. Could you leave a memo with Jarvis that covers what we spoke to Tony about, please? I don't want him forgetting any of that."

Alice nodded, but still didn't speak.

Nathan waved his hand over Tony's prone body, casting a diagnostic spell that let him see the internals of his patient's body.

Initially, Nathan had a number of problems working around the issue of healing others. Over time, he found that the only real hurdle to working his Celestial energy into other living beings was his skill and control with Chi. First, he had to carefully - very carefully - drain an area of Chi using his own. This would make the area functionally dead. After which, he would simulate the patient's Chi using his own and focusing his Celestial energy to rebuild the dead cells - a complicated procedure, and damn near impossible. The only reason he could do it was because of the unique form and function of Celestial Chi.

During the initial time of the process, when parts of the body were, by all accounts, dead, he would have to cast a number of spells that would keep the body functioning despite the lacking area - be it internal organs, or just surface skin spells were something that he studied extensively during a stint of Time Stone shenanigans at Kamar-Taj, and perfected only during his time and study at Wakanda while working with lab rats. Over the years, once he had perfected the technique, he moved on to subtly fix minor bumps and bruises of the Wakandan people around him.

Finally, when he was confident in his skill, he brought the skill to the attention of the Ancient One during one of his visits to the Temple.

She, of course, lectured him on conducting some of his experiments on humans before bringing it to her attention, but ultimately conceded that it was a fantastic skill. Magic, in itself, was able to heal most non-magical wounds quite easily if the user had the skill. A hard skill to learn, and one definitely learned by Nathan, but it just simply didn't compare to his ability with his own innate energy.

With it, he was able to regrow limbs from nothing. Where magic might be able to stabilize a patient, or heal them over time, he could boast the ability to straight up fix the problem at its core. Replace damaged cells and their connections, cut off infections at their root, prevent the spread of disease and viral contagions.

Create something from nothing.

Magic could do a lot, but it wasn't all powerful. At least not under normal, non-risky, deals-with-extra-dimensional-beings type situations. A couple gods could claim similar miraculous healing abilities, but they all came with grand costs when called upon by mortal sorcerers.

Nathan could bypass that all with hard earned skill, and a touch of the utter bullshit that was Celestial energy.

Nathan truly was the foremost medical expert on the planet - if only because he could cure most ailments with but a thought and some effort. That didn't extend into most mental problems, but if it dealt with decaying, missing, or damaged cells, yes; he could replace even grey matter. Though any memory those cells would have contained had to be brought up from step one - like a newborn.

It took years of study using all of the resources he had available: his Mind Palace, which granted perfect recall - though requiring conscious searching for the information, the Time Stone, which allowed him accelerated cognitive function, and Astral Projection, which allowed for continuous learning through all hours of the day without subjecting his mind to fatigue through lack of sleep.

All in all, the procedure he was about to perform on Tony Stark was a relatively simple one. He didn't have to worry about any neurological damage. He didn't have to worry about restructuring any internal organs. He only had to remove the bomb fragments - which was done in the first five minutes, as they possessed no Chi and he could quite simply teleport them out via specific medical spell work. Then he would disconnect the Arc Reactor and magnet housing from Tony's bone structure and remove it - casting a number of spells to keep the blood flowing correctly, regardless of the void in his chest.

After that was the final step of simulating Tony's innate Chi signature with his own, and funneling his Celestial energy in to recreate the cells that made up the cavity. Starting with repairing the damage to the organs affected by the fragments, then recreating the bone, the muscle, and finally the skin overtop. He did have to be careful to connect the new nerves to the central structure, however; but that wasn't nearly as difficult as creating entire new pathways.

Tony would probably have some trouble flexing his pectorals for a while to impress the ladies, but that was the extent of it.

The entire process took fifty-eight minutes, and twenty three seconds.

Nathan, and Alice with him, were gone before the two residents of Casa de Stark woke up. The Arc Reactor and bomb fragments laid bare on the coffee table as promised.


In case you didn't notice, I pulled a good bit from the writing style of Lewis Carroll for this chapter, in addition to my normal style. It's a little bit more refined than my usual, I think. A tad bit more descriptive of his surroundings, a little bit more interactive, a slight touch of madness. I blame my introduction of Alice. I researched a lot into that slightly archaic form of twisted English and the tendencies of proper function and inebriated focus seemed to have rubbed off on me. Depending on my muse, it might stick around?

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