A/N: Harry is here pretty famous and handsome. As the Yule ball arrived girls are just fawn all over him, but he had his mind set on one girl…

Three days before the ball:

Harry Potter most eligible bachelor in wizarding Britain also quite handsome and gentleman. He always said to be decent as he never gave a look to any single girl beside one.

Now as the Yule ball arrived he has to choose a girl. His friend barking about that he could have any girl in the school. Not that he cared but now it can work as a back up plan as he steps forward in his mission.

To ask his crush.

He entered great hall steadily but all head turned towards him suddenly, after Dragon-slayer arrived. When he accidentally killed the dragon the female population of school are swooned all over him. They also start calling him there 'Knight', 'bodyguard', 'macho' etc also there is rumour that he is also had a tattoo of Hungarian horntail in his chest. Bloody blimey…

He looks around the hall. Some girls are whispering some are giggling and some are also already stood up in their place looking at him. He spot his girl and to his amusement she is also looking at him. It amazed him as she never ever give importance to anyone that is the quality about her he intrigued.

He slowly aggravated toward her as some girls gasped as they may think they are the one he is coming to. After some steps he arrived in front of her table.

He looks at her. Now she seems totally interested in her food. All girls by her side swooning for him. He shook his head and cleared his throat.

"Hey Daphne ! Will you to the go ball with me."

The girls around her and hall gasped out loud. It is rather shocked as it seem. You should know that above everybody else he chose her. The Ice Queen.

She looks up then look at his eyes. Her face is blank. She stares at him for long moment. Harry also able to give her competition.

Then she said. "No"

People all around him gasped. Some began foul mouthing her or some looking towards her with pity and sympathy. But Harry smiles. He knows her well enough to tricked by her.

After long awkward silence in all around."Well" he said simply.

"Well" she retorted in same voice.

He knew it. So he waves his wrist as beautiful bundle of roses appeared in his hand which is in different colours. He bent down on one knee in front of her and looking up into her magnificent blue orbs said. "Will you honour me to have you with me in the ball Lady Daphne"

She looks somewhat flustered. But it faints as soon as it arrives. She looks around the hall and shoot them a most nasty vicious smirk of her. It will happen when The Great Harry Potter ask you to the ball above all. You can't control but feel proud and smug yourself.

She just nodded. And bent down slightly as she grab his collar and pulled him up. They now stood nose to nose themselves. She just look into his eyes with a smiles and gave him a most lingering wet sensual kiss he ever known.

The Great hall erupted in yell, cry, loathe, swear, shrieks.

Only one word can able to reach him. "Really"

This is She the Infamous Ice Queen and her way….

I just love you Daphne…[Harry and writer both]

See you….кαιχвι