This is the day. Today Harry is going to propose Daphne. The war only ended in last month, but he just want to be with Daphne.

After the war ended he received piles of marriage contracts and also some love and lust potions. He was he able to recognize it from his friend Ron's experience. This whole month is quite crazy for him. He recently became lord of his house also Black and peverell's house. So now he is more famous in wizarding world that he have to bring Daphne to date in muggle London. Goblin also warned him that being lord and all that you have to have a lady as to enter his family manor. It is just a requirement that he is not care, but he can't surpass the warning of goblin of potions that people were sending him. So he didn't want to risk it.

Now he is a Man on Mission.

He apparated to his house of black grimmauld place. As soon as he gets in he sprinted to Daphne's room where she is staying in this holiday.

Just as he entered her room he noticed his room which is in front of her room opened. Not want to distract he shrugs it off. He saw Daphne sitting in her room with many papers and parchments. And they were……. Contracts.

His worst fear now swelling in him.

"Daphne" he called out.

She startled. Then look up. Her eyes were blazing. Eyes red, and he knew it is not from crying as Daphne is not that type so it is definitely from anger. His fear doubled.

"Harry nice to see you"



"I said what are you saying"

"Oh !"

"We see each other every day and you said nice to see you"

She just shrugged. He noticed she Looks sad.

"What are these and you look distracted" he have to play a role.

"Oh ! This your Marriage Contracts" with that said she left suddenly with throw the pile in her bed.

Harry just stood there confused then sorrowfully. Another chance gone. How many chance can he get. He have to do this soon.

2 days later,

Harry fixed a date with Daphne by sending a letter to her in her house as she didn't show up after that.

He is now waiting anxiously.

Then door opened and come into his gorgeous girlfriend.

She sat across from him. She had a determined look in her face.

"Harry I want to say something"


"Why don't you tell me"

"Tell you what"

"About marriage contracts"

"Oh ! I just forgot about it".


"I don't care about that"

She sighs somewhat happily. Then stood up and grab his arm tightly. In the second moment they were in the grimmauld place through apparating.

She looks into his eyes.

Harry also looks into her eyes. Now seems perfect moment for his mission.

So he grab his ring box from his pocket.

As he knelt down in one knee as he came face to face with Daphne as she is also in same position. They looked at each other for a moment.

"Will you marry me" They said at once.

3 months later,

"You may kiss your bride"

Harry just grabbed her and she also grabbed him. And then comes the most lingering bride kiss ever which lasted for about 11 minutes and 37 seconds.

"You Know I Really Love You " they Said in unison.