This will be sort of like a trial run as this story was one that I made a really long time ago, like when the BNHA anime released, so I won't guarantee its greatness, but I decided to revise it and release the first chapter of it as I had made 5 chapters, including this already. I'm releasing this just to put it out there, if people want me to continue this, then I will. If it does, then I will make adjustments to the story as we go on.

So, this was originally going to be my first fanfiction that I was going to release, but circumstances happened and I ended up releasing Flash of Heroism first. I felt like this story wasn't as good as my other story, so I just kept it here until I ended up looking at it again and went over it again. I'll release this chapter just so it can get out there, and if it's good and people like it and want more, than I'll continue it. Think of it as a preview of sorts, I guess.

Anyways, other than the adjustments that I made for this story, it will be a fresh-cut story, not beta-read, first chapter.

As for the beginning, I started at when Toshinori asked Midoriya to be his successor. This is basically BNHA with Izuku having his inborn quirk and One-For-All as well. As for the inborn quirk, I called it "Celestial Omage". Basically it grants Midoriya the power of both the sun and moon, and I based several things about the quirk on the Greek Gods Artemis and Apollo, and the Japanese Gods Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. Gods of the sun and moon, respectively. Hopefully that made some amount of sense.

Anyways, here is my first ever fanfiction that I ever created, and sadly I lied about The Flash of Heroism being the first. Technically it was since I released it first, but... moving on!

Hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter 1: The Start of a Journey

"Young Midoriya, will you inherit my quirk?" Toshinori looked at the surprised boy. Midoriya looked at his favorite hero and began to tear up before nodding enthusiastically. The Pro-Hero smiled and waited as the young boy got up, wiping his face with his school uniform's sleeve. He looked happily at the lanky man, but then expressed a sense of uneasiness.

"What is wrong, my boy?" Toshinori walked up to the boy. Midoriya looked up at him, then looked down at his hand, clenching it then loosened it. He looked up at the man.

"What about my other quirk?" Toshinori looked at him confused.

"You have a quirk? How come you didn't use it when you saved that Bakugo kid?" Midoriya deadpanned at the hero as he sighed and brought out a handbook from the Japanese government and showed him a page.

"The law states that, without a license, quirk usage is strictly prohibited." Toshinori smacked his forehead as he forgot about that rule, he nodded and motioned for him to follow him. The boy quickly put the handbook back in his bag and hurried after the hero. They walked along the sidewalk, passing by commuters as they seemed to walk aimlessly, until they reached a local cafe. They were seated as Toshinori told Midoriya that he could get anything he wanted as he ordered a parfait, and the boy finally decided on the crepe.

"So kid, what's your quirk?" Toshinori said as they waited for their food. Midoriya took a sip from his tea and held the base of the cup with both of his hands.

"My quirk allows me to have control over the sun and moon, hence the name of it, "Celestial Omage". From controlling sunlight and moonlight, to materializing weapons that are related to those two entities. After doing research about it, and ended up stumbling upon gods with the domains of of the sun and moon, and after spending a lot of time, my conclusion was that the quirk was most tied to the Twin Archers of Greek Legend, and the Japanese legend of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi." Midoriya said as he searched his bag before taking out a notebook and gave it to Toshinori. He opened it and examined the contents of it, from descriptions of those 4 gods/goddesses to sketches of weapons and stuff that apparently were related to them. Descriptions of bows, a sword, a naginata, and a shield were some of the stuff that were sketched. He close the book and examined the cover.

"So, you've researched the background of the sun and moon, and you came up with this? Pretty impressive kid. Do you have experience with using your quirk?" Toshinori asked, and smiled as his parfait arrived. Midoriya nodded and held out his hand, light accumulated in his before he made it disappear. Toshinori looked impressed.

"I heard that Bakugo kid call you quirkless, why?" Midoriya had a small smile on his face as his crepe soon arrived after.

"I don't use my quirk outside of practicing at home, or at a place where no one can bother me, nor notice me. I just like it that way." Midoriya placed his drink down and stared at the hero. Toshinori was weighing his options before nodding and handing the boy a piece of paper, Midoriya picked it up and saw a phone number written on it. He looked up at the lanky man as he got up and began to walk out of the cafe.

"Make sure you add me to your contacts, I'll text you were to meet me for your training. Don't worry, I've already paid the bill. Until next time, young man." Toshinori waved as he walked out of the building and disappeared in the wave of people passing through the area. Midoriya looked at the paper and grabbed his phone from his pocket and added him into his contacts. He shoot the hero a text and a couple of seconds later, his phone buzzed on the table. He picked the phone up and looked at the message.

"Meet me at the Takoba Seaside Bay at 5:00 in the early morning. We will start your training then." Midoriya paled at the early time, but nodded and exited the cafe, the lingering memory of his idol asking him to inherit his quirk, even if he had no clue what and how he could do that. He was in a much better mood when he arrived at his house. Midoriya grabbed the mail and entered the house, smelling the warm aroma of katsudon. He smiled and walked into the living room, seeing his mom cooking with a smile on her face. She saw her son from the corner of her eye and continued to cook the meals.

"Hello son, how was your day?" Inko Midoriya smiled as she washed her hands and looked up at her son. The boy walked up and sat down at one of the chairs in the living room and cracked open one of his notebooks and began to write something down on it.

"Things are going good mom. How are you?" Midoriya said while he was entirely focused on making new tabs for the new Pro-Heroes Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady, and began to jot down several things about each of them. He did a once over and nodded before closing the notebook and grabbed a piece of paper, and began to write down even more stuff on it. Curious, Inko walked over and saw the title of the paper.

"U.A. entrance exam training goals. Are you planning on taking the entrance exam coming up soon? Dear, it's about 10 months until then, remember to relax and don't wear yourself out until then. Try to train and then take a break, rinse and repeat." Inko said before turning back around and headed into the kitchen. Midoriy sighed before looking at the paper in his hands before quickly running up into his room and taped the paper to his door. He nodded and ran back down stairs as his mother called for dinner.

After a delicious meal made by his mom, Midoriya retired for the night and laid on his bed, while reminiscing what happened today. He shook his head as he played the events through his mind, still surprised at the sudden developments that transpired today. Midoriya wasn't complaining about it, in fact, he was quite thrilled and astonished that he got to meet his idol, even though he revealed what happened to him, which kind of bummed Midoriya out a little as his idol's true form was...for the lack of a better term, unimpressive. He chuckled before setting his alarm to 4:30 as the walk to Takoba wasn't that far away from his home, and he waited before succumbing to the relief of stress.

The next day, Midoriya grunted as he jogged all the way to where Toshinori wanted to meet him so that he could start his training. After jogging for a couple of minutes, he managed to keep up his pace and eventually he arrived at the beach. He saw All-Might's bulky physique and rushed over to him. The Pro-Hero turned and his trademark grin on his face as he saw Midoriya running up to him.

"Ah, Young Midoriya! Are you ready to start your training?" Midoriya nodded. All-Might noticed the silver glow around the boy, and his eyes were a silvery-green. He felt a calming, serene feeling from the young boy.

"What's up with your eyes and the sort of silver aura around you?" He said as he bent down and looked at the boy.

"It's just an effect of my quirk, since the moon is up, my lunar powers are more enhanced while solar powers are reduced to a mostly defensive quirk as the power is reduced significantly. Same goes the other way around. I'll demonstrate." Midoriya then turned to a trashed washing machine and his hand started to glow silver before snapping his fingers. A beam of moonlight came crashing down and obliterated it, leaving a small crater. Then, he turned to a broken fridge and his hand glowed an orange-yellow and sent a beam of sunlight at it, but when it reached the target, the beam stopped in place before falling down to the ground and disappeared. No scorch marks or signs of damage to it. All-Might somehow felt very depressed by the lack of power in his solar problems, but he understood the drawbacks as it made sense.

"Very impressive, Young Midoriya! But, why hide your powers to your classmates? Surely with the power you have, I'm pretty sure you would've been guaranteed a recommendation to U.A." All-Might said as he stretched his arms, sighing in content when he heard his shoulder popping. He looked at the boy, who was in deep thought.

"To be honest, I was actually quirkless until 3 years ago. When I woke up that day, I suddenly had them. I don't know all the details, but after being called quirkless your entire life, I guess you become more reserved. That's why I never told anyone except for my mom, and now you, All-Might."

"I see...well! Forget about that now, we have some training to do! Here is your plan for the next 10 months, as the entrance exam will be taken place in 10 months! Your body is developed, but you still need the training. The reason I chose this place for your training is to train your body while cleaning up this beach!"

"Oh yeah, this spot was a tourist attraction and pretty popular in the past, but ever since then, it's been deserted and trashed. Well, it would be nice to clean up this place." Midoriya said as he looked at the massive amount of garbage stacked up on top of each other.

"Alright, let's begin your training!" All-Might bellowed as he fist-pumped the air. Midoriya mimicked his mentor's actions and just like that, they began the training.

Training with the best hero in the world was rather grueling as Midoriya panted, carrying his mentor in the morning with the sun basking them in warm sunlight. It rejuvenated Midoriya as he continued to carry All-Might around the beach side before he then got to work on the piles and piles of trash. Midoriya was about to just vaporize the trash with his solar powers, but All-Might told him to train his body first, then he would start working on perfecting his quirk and the power he was going to inherit from All-Might. That got the young boy pumped as he kept his pace and started to clean the beach, using his solar and lunar powers to help with some of the heavy lifting, which included All-Might sitting on a fridge.

When he wasn't training, he was studying his quirk, seeing if he could get some influence and try some new things as his quirk was rather broad. He started to look at numerous applications, then he wrote them in his notebook. After looking at all the things he wrote down, he circled medicinal and healing for his solar power and lunar power, and circled water manipulation for his lunar powers as his first thing he wanted to practice on. He walked out of his house and looked around before noticing a dying flower in front of his house. He bent down and decided to try it out. He concentrated his power into his hand and enveloped the flower with his solar power. The flower began to glow before it stood right back up, causing Midoriya looked at his hand before smiling at the flower and stood up. He took out his notebook and wrote for vegetation a check mark, then he wrote down human under healing. He put away his notebook and walked off to the gas station for some green tea.

At night, he went down to Takoba and stood at the shallow end of the beach. His skin glowed silver as he meditated and concentrated his lunar powers, and he felt the tug of connection as he opened his eyes and placed his hands above the water surface. He glanced at the water as it was attracted to his hand, and watched as the water levels of the shallow end were slowly rising, in accordance with his hands. He dropped his hands and deactivated his power, causing the water to drop down to its regular level. He walked out of the shallow end and glanced at the moon, calming his nerves every time he looked at it. Midoriya sat down and listened to the crashing of the waves, and the serene feeling he felt when he relaxed in the moonlight.

After the first 5 months passed, Midoriya managed to clean the entire beach, with the help of his quirk. He felt his body changing as he looked at himself in the mirror, seeing his body more defined and a growing 6 pack. He flexed a little and saw his arm and leg muscles also built. He smiled as his training with All-Might was keeping his body in tip-top form. All-Might was impressed with his student's accomplishments and looked at the spotless beach, causing his grin to widen as he then plucked a strand of hair and approached the young boy.

"Young Midoriya, you have far exceeded my expectations and even cleaned this beach in half the time! I believe you are ready to inherit my power! Please, eat this." He presented his strand of hair to Midoriya, who looked at it then to the hero before looking back at the strand.

"Seriously...?" Midoriya deadpanned as he grabbed the strand of hair and looked at the bashful look on All-Might's face.

"W-well, yes, but it isn't ideal. But, you need to consume my DNA to inherit my quirk, One-For-All. The quirk is a combination of two quirks, one to stockpile power, and the other to transfer the quirk to others. With this, my boy, you will become the 9th holder of this quirk. I'm sure you will be able to even surpass me and become the greatest hero of all time. All you got to do is believe in yourself and to always give your PLUS ULTRA!" All-might said and gestured Midoriya to ingest the strand. After his idol's pseudo speech, he calmed his nerves and ate the strand. He swallowed it as he felt disgusted, but deemed it necessary and held his stomach. After a couple of seconds, he felt nothing and looked at All-Might.

"Nothing has happened yet." All-Might chuckled and walked up to the boy's side.

"You have inherited my quirk, how about you try and try a smash. Do a Detroit Smash." All-Might said and punched out a Detroit Smash, causing a huge amount of force to suddenly appear and separate the ocean water, creating a path before everything went to normal. Midoriya looked on in amazement before looking focused and reeled his hand back.

"Detroit Smash!" He punched out, sending a Detroit Smash, but suddenly, a huge amount of pain soared through up his arm as several of his muscles instantly tore. His arm started to bleed profusely as Midoriya tried to hold in his tears as the pain he felt was unbearable. All-Might rushed up to the boy and started to panic. He was about to take him to a hospital, but Midoriya stopped him. He held up his hand and it started to glow silver as the moon seemed to glow even brighter, and it seemed to be in sync with his arm. His hand slowly started to repair itself as the green-haired boy felt the pain go away and he slowly stood up, but almost fell. He was caught by All-Might and the Pro-Hero noticed that his pupil fell asleep and grinned.

"I'm proud of you, my boy." All-Might said as he looked at the moon, which glowed even brighter than it was before. The calming presence once again rolled over the hero.

Ever since Midoriya inherited One-For-All from All-Might, he's been training both that and Celestial Omage. He slowly managed to get OFA under control and he got it to the point where he wouldn't get hurt from the first couple of times he used it, but he would eventually break several of his fingers and then his arms. Then, he would heal the with either his sunlight or moonlight. It helped him with his endurance with OFA while improving his healing with his other quirk.

He would also train with his attacks for Celestial Omage. He trained the quirk by creating mini targets with the light energy as he figured out to manipulate the energy that way, albeit small, but he got somewhere with it. He launched several beams of moonlight and watched as it blew up his training dummy. When he was training with sunlight, he noticed that he pierced anything due to the speed of his attacks for sunlight.

Next, once he was done training his quirk, he would focus on the weapons that he could summon. For solar, he could summon a bow, shield, and a sword. Due to his research, he called them Apotheon Bow, Dazzling Mirror, and Regalian Sword. For lunar, a bow, some daggers, and a crescent blade naginata. He named them Artemisian Bow, Moonlight Daggers, and Lunaric Naginata. He trained with all of them, and was most intrigued by the mirror as it absorbed any projectile and would launch it back, it also could reflect any attack. He paired it with the sword, and sparred All-Might with it. He managed to keep pace with the hero as his speed was increased during both times of day. He lost due to All-Might's endless stamina, and Midoriya's sluggish movements. He wrote in his notebook that he needed more weapons training with a sword, and even the naginata and daggers. He did feel comfortable with the bows as it sort of came naturally for the young boy.

"Bullseye!" Midoriya said as he had his Artemisian Bow out and hit several bullseyes in a row. All-Might nodded as he saw his student's steadily increase in power over his quirks. Midoriya panted as he had no arrows, but he was able to create them when he drew the string back, but it whittled his energy down little by little. He counted 30 arrows before he couldn't do anything. He tested it out with his Apotheon Bow and got the same result. He did quickly regain his energy as it seemed like the two celestial bodies rejuvenated his energy.

The next 5 months had passed and Midoriya grew so much in just that amount of time. With his training with OFA, he managed to get down 15% with his training method for it. Use OFA until his body started to break down, and then use his healing to repair any damage that he had sustained until he got to the point where he could use OFA in an extensive period of time without destroying his body. For Celestial Omage, he managed to master the bow and created several new attacks for both solar and lunar energies. He also created several defensive skills from his sparring matches with All-Might. Midoriya's body was well developed as he finished his final training for the 10 months and smiled at his mentor, who was currently in his lanky state.

"The exam is today, are you ready?" Toshinori said as he glanced over his pupil, seeing the determination on his face. Midoriya nodded and gave his mentor a thumbs-up before running off to the hero academy. Toshinori smiled as he watched his student slowly disappear from sight and then turned to the sunrise and smiled at it, the wind gently blowing as it felt like a very good day.

Midoriya ran with excitement as he waited long for this day to come, he passed numerous people as he made his way to his dream school. He got there and looked at it with amazement as he saw streams of people entering the premises, most likely to take the entrance exam.

"Woah!" He said as he looked at the academy as he made his way to the designated area to take the written portion of it. He looked at the scenery with a big smile on his face as he made his way into the building he was assigned to and sat down at the room 204. He noticed several other people already there, but they all sat in the back of the room. He decided to sit in the front of the class and waited as more and more people trickled in little by little until it was time to take the test. The chaperone closed the door and began to explain the test. After the long lecture, she placed the paper down on the table.

"Alright, you may begin the test." Midoriya flipped the front page and looked at the questions before sighing. He breezed through the entire test as he expected the test to be easy as he studied for it in the last 10 months, plus he had an actual hero with him for help. Midoriya was the first one to finish and stood up to turn it in. The examiner looked at him with a smug look on her face as she grabbed his paper.

"Are you sure you want to turn this in now? You have 45 more minutes to finish the test. I highly doubt that someone that actually wants to attend U.A. will take so little time on a test." She said. Midoriya didn't say anything as he nodded and went back to his seat, not caring about the words she said. He noticed several other people snickering at him, while others looked at him with condescending looks. He felt nervous with all the looks he was getting, but he felt really confident in his answers as the next 45 minutes, people were turning in their tests while giving Midoriya looks as they passed by his desk. After the last person turned their test in, the examiner left the room with the stack of tests, and soon, people were talking about Midoriya and how he basically rushed through the test, or so they think.

"He rushed through the test..."

"Well, one less person that isn't fit to be a hero..."

"What an idiot! I'm so glad that I took my time on it, I have a chance of passing it!"

Midoriya sighed as he fiddled with his thumbs, waiting for the exams to be graded and the grade to be announced. The intercom came on and told everyone to report to the auditorium near the entrance of the building. Everyone grabbed their stuff and went to the designated area, laughing and joking about stuff, while others were talking about the top scores on the written test. Midoriya noticed the snickering faces of people as he walked by them, and decided to ignore them even though his heart was pounding from all the attention he was getting. Once they reached the destination, they were asked to be seated by the chaperones. Midoriya noticed the examiner of the room he was in and saw her looking at him with a dismissive attitude, she then nudged a couple of her colleagues and pointed to him. They all started to laugh as several others were chuckling. Midoriya just sighed as a spokesman walked up to the stage.

"The results of the written portion are as followed, out of the 600 people that took the exam, only 350 people passed the exam." Gasps were heard as the expressions of people varied from smirks to grimaces to fear as they heard the number of people that passed.

"Out of the 350 people who passed, only a single person got a perfect score on the exam." Midoriya turned and saw a guy with glasses looking smug at the spokesperson. He was telling a couple of his friends and the people around him that he got the perfect score, and people believed him.

"I know who he is, he's the boy that was top honors in his junior high, and even had a powerful quirk. People already were talking about him being the few to receive a perfect score on the written exam." Midoriya turned back towards the spokesperson as he shuffled the cards and stopped at one.

"Alright, the person with the perfect score is..."

"ME!" "Izuku Midoriya."

The boy's smug grin quickly disappeared as he heard the name of the person that got a perfect score. Midoriya looked at the man in surprise.

"Izuku Midoriya, would you please come to the stage?" Midoriya sighed as he stood up, causing several gasps to be heard in the auditorium. The green-haired boy made his way to the stage, noticing all the looks he was getting, especially the look the arrogant boy and his examiner.

"No way..."

"He's the guy that finished the test first..."

"It must be a joke, there's no way..."

"Maybe he cheated or bribed his way..."

Midoriya arrived of the stage and shook the man's hand. The man smiled as he handed Midoriya a piece of paper stating that he got a perfect score on the exam and gave him a medal. He patted the boy on the shoulder.

"I heard you finished the exam in less than 10 minutes, and yet, you got the perfect score on it. I'm impressed with your studious behavior, young man. I can already tell you'll go for in life at U.A. and be a fine hero. Congratulations, Izuku Midoriya, you pass the exam." Midoriya smiled and shook the guy's hand before walking out of the auditorium, still feeling the malice of all the people in there. He sighed and looked at the paper stating his success and grinned before waiting for the next exam to begin. He felt energetic as the sun beamed down on him, calming his nerves and giving him excitement as he ran around the school, taking in the rest of sights of U.A. and its massive center building where all the classes were. He stood in front of it and smiled as he walked around the campus some more, seeing people walking in and out of the building, from students to parents.

"Ah, excuse me, do you know where the main office is at?" Midoriya turned around and his breath faded away from him. He saw a girl about a year older than him, her curvaceous and mature figure coupled with her onyx eyes and black hair in a spiky ponytail with bangs covering her right side. Needless to say, he found her very beautiful to the point were it almost fried his brain completely, but he remembered her question and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

"Ah, s-s-sorry, but I d-d-don't know either. I-I'm here to take the entrance exam." He said, fumbling over his words as he never had talked to a girl before other than his mom, but that didn't count. The girl looked rather downcasted, but she then smiled at him.

"I see, well that's alright, and you said you were taking the entrance exam, right? So, you'll be attending U.A., and I'm assuming the hero course, right?" Midroiya nodded, while trying to hid his blush, as she was really pretty to him, and her voice sounded really nice.

"W-well, what about y-you?" Midoriya asked. She smiled and shook her head.

"Actually, I got into U.A. through a recommendation, although sometimes I fell like I don't deserve it, unlike others in my school..." She smiled sadly as she looked at the ground. Midoriya noticed her mood change and quickly walked up to her.

"I'm sure you earned that recommendation, I mean, you must have a pretty strong quirk!" He said, trying to cheer the girl up. After a little more, she smiled back at him, and wiped a couple of tears that fell down her face. He sighed as he calmed her down, before a light bulb appeared above his head.

"Oh yeah, speaking of which, what is your quirk?" Midoriya and the girl ended up sitting down at one of the benches as they walked and talked.

"My quirk is called Creation, which allows me to use my fat cells to create any non-living object through exposed skin, but I need to know the components and make-up of the object I want to create. Naturally, I need to eat a lot of fatty foods in order to have more fat cells, and the bigger the object, the more skin I need to expose, know, creates a lot of...unwanted attention..." She said and blushed a bit. Midoriya also blushed, but she understood what she was talking about, as she was very beautiful and a very well endowed body. It surprised him that a girl about his age has a body that rivals a grown woman is beyond him, but he liked that she had a sense of maturity. She smiled and then held out her hand.

"I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Momo Yaoyoruzo." Midoriya blushed even more as he gingerly took her hand, but quickly released it and apologized. She smiled and waved him off.

"M-my name is..Izuku, Izuku Midoriya." He said as he rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Midoriya. May I ask, what's your quirk?" She said as she leaned closer to him, Midoriya blushed as he smelled her perfume, he was slowly losing his mind. After calming down, he looked up at her, curiosity on her face. He gulped and held out his hand, and she stared in interest as his hand began to glow an orange-yellow.

"My quirk allows me to have the powers of the sun and moon. Here, give me your hand." She looked at him before reluctantly placing her hand on his, and waited for something bad to happen, but instead she felt something warm and comforting. She looked down and noticed a small fireball dancing around her hand. Yaoyorozu looked at Midoriya in surprised as he controlled the fireball before tossing it in the air and it disappeared.

"How..?" She looked at him with confusion.

"It comes in the territory of the power of the sun, which is essentially a big ball of gas and fire. My quirk allows me to use solar and lunar powers in anyway I see fit. I can either hurt or heal someone. The downside is that if it's daytime, then my lunar power will be reduced to defense only, and vice versa. I can even create objects from sunlight and/or moonlight." He closed his eyes and concentrated on his hand before condensing the power and gave it a form. He opened his eyes and Yaoyorozu looked at his hand with disbelief, a simple gold necklace with a red gem at the center.

"Here, take it." Midoriya handed it to her, but she was about to decline it. After a couple of seconds later, she nodded and placed it around her neck and marveled at the beauty and simplicity of it. She smiled at him, which caused him to blush and look away in embarrassment. The intercom came on and advised the people who were taking the entrance exam to star heading towards the main auditorium of the campus to begin the second part of the exam. Midoriya nodded and stood up, stretching his stiff arms.

"Well, I guess this is my cue to go, it was nice meeting you, Yaoyorozu." Midoriya said and held out his hand to help her up. She smiled and grabbed it before pulling herself up with his help. She then asked for his phone and he nodded, giving her his phone and waited as she fiddled with it for a few seconds before handing it back to him.

"I gave you my contact information, it was nice to meet you. Make sure pass the exam, and tell me how it went." Yaoyorozu said. Midoriya blushed even more, but he nodded and began to walk to the towards the auditorium. She waved at him as he walked off.

"Good luck, Midoriya!" She yelled out as she saw his figure going out of view. She smiled and blushed as she gave him her contact information. She then blushed even more as she brushed the necklace he gave her, and gripped it before smiling. She felt so calm around him and the stress she felt before meeting him faded away. She felt calm and peaceful around him, she felt...protected to say the least.

"Please, be safe..." She chuckled as she shook her head, she believed he would pass the exam. She sighed and looked up at the sun, the warm feeling she felt as the sun touched her skin felt the same way being near Midoriya felt...

And she loved it.

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