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Chapter 18: A Night to Forget

Kendo watched as the heroes engaged the single Nomu currently in their vicinity, and used that opportunity to run over to Yaoyorozu. She quickly grabbed the shakened girl and dashed off alongside many of the support Pro-Heroes that lacked the combat experience, and also many of the injured citizens were running away from the Nomu.

"Quickly, this way!" One of the heroes hollered and motioned towards the exit. There wasn't a lot of injured, so it made it pretty easy to run alongside the group, and was also easier to protect. Kendo felt sweat go down her back as she followed the fleeing people while also rubbing Yaoyorozu's back in a comforting matter. The black-haired girl was still breathing heavily and muttering incoherently, but the red-head knew it was about Midoriya and his injuries to the foul creation.

Kendo panted. "Hopefully he isn't in too much trouble, but I'm sure he's in a lot of trouble. How bothersome…" she huffed out as she fixed her grip on Yaoyorozu before continuing on the retreat away from the monster.

Midoriya huffed as he side-stepped away from the two Nomus while maintaining his eye on the three Nomus in front of him, and getting a better look at them, he noticed that they were all different from the one back at USJ. Most notably were the set wings two of them had while one of them had a hunched back, all varied in color, but the familiar look of their brain out to the world.

'I can't let these Nomu run loose in the street, but I risk getting ambushed by those two up there. Damn, I need a plan, think!' Midoriya thought as he dodged away from the Nomu, avoiding confrontation for as long as he could, but they weren't going to let him breathe anytime soon. His main focus was the Nomus, but letting Shigaraki out of his sight was a risky idea. Sending a quick lunar ray at the monsters, he clenched his hands and ran off, causing the to chase after the green-haired boy.

"Should we follow him?" Kurogiri said to Shigaraki. The mastermind of the operation scratched his neck for a couple of seconds before grabbing the binoculars from the ground and scanned the area.

"We'll get caught if we do, more of the heroes are showing up and the damn brat is running towards the heroes. Cheeky brat…" The villain dropped the binoculars to his side and watched the chaos slowly dying down, a frown forming on his lips before turning away from it.

"Kurogiri, we are leaving." He motioned to his underling, who nodded and created a portal, entering it while Shigaraki turned back on more time, giving a hard stare at the road that the boy was on before walking into the rift.

Midoriya huffed as he quickly looked behind to avoid a car being launched at him. He did a quick scan of the area and noticed that the two villains weren't accounted for.

"They left...that's one problem I don't have to deal with at the moment. Now, to deal with these Nomu…" Midoriya thought out-loud before he stopped and spun around, sending several lunar rays at the Nomu, and watched as most of them pierced through their bodies. He suspected that they were going to regen due to the fact that his attack wasn't hot enough to completely burn away the skin. He noticed that two of them automatically started to regen the wounds that they suffered, but the third one, the hunchback, was feeling the affects of the wound in his chest and immediately retreated from the frontline.

"Bingo…" The green-haired boy dashed forward, avoiding the winged Nomus' attack, and held out his hand, sending a sphere of lunar energy at the injured monster, but it dodged the attack, which was what Midoriya wanted. He caught the Nomu mid-dodge and grabbed it's face, his hand heated-up with lunar energy as he slowly burned the face off. Midoriya snapped with his other hand, creating a wall that blocked the other two from interfering even though they could probably run through it with minimal injuries, so he gripped its face harder and released more energy into his hand. He felt the Nomu grip his hands and thrashed itself, trying to escape the heated grasp. An unworldly howl escaped the lips of the burning Nomu as it doubled its efforts to escape the grasp of Midoriya while the other broke threw the lunar wall, only to meet several spears flying towards them. They dodged out of the way, which was exactly what Midoriya wanted them to do. He put his everything into his arm, powering OFA through his arm added in with the lunar energy, and smashed the monster into the concrete.

"SMASH!" Midoriya yelled, smashing the Nomu with all of his strength, creating a wind current that surrounded him alongside and several fractures across the infrastructure. He released his grip on the monstrosity, and looked as the dust from the attack settled, revealing the mangled state of the Nomu. Midoriya winced a bit as he saw the destroyed face of the Nomu, as the face was very disfigured with several traces of scorch marks that made a hand print was recognizable. What made him queasy was the splattered brain mush that painted the road, giving it a colorful appearance compared to the bland darkness the area took, but it wasn't welcomed to say the least. "One eliminated, two to go." He said, wiping some dust from his clothes and turned to see the remaining two charging straight at him. His lunar energy slowly replenishing as he calmed himself, feeling the moon energy traveling throughout his body. Suddenly, he felt more confident about his abilities, and with that feeling in mind, Midoriya created a lance and grabbed it before running towards the two monsters, facing them head on.

Iida's face was contorted into one of unnatural malice as he ran straight towards Stain, the aggressive emotion clouding his reserved thought process. He kicked with his right leg, catching air as the vigilante merely stepped away from the attack, boredom present on his face. Iida growled as he quickly followed up with another kick with his other leg, using the momentum of the miss quick to fuel the next attack, alongside his engines. It still proved futile as Stain jumped out of the way and smacked Iida's temple with the handle of his sword while kicking the hero trainee right after. Iida crashed into a garbage disposal, creating a life size dent on it.

"Listen kid, you're boring. Just like your brother, a false protector. Both of you share a trait, weakness. A weakness that should be purged from this society."Stain said as he watched the boy slowly get up, a maniacal smile slowly spread across his lips as he saw the look of rage and anger on Iida's face. The boy recovered from the ground and powered up his engines again, recklessly using his quirk against the killer.

"Recipro….BURST!" Iida yelled as he propelled himself forward and kicked once more, catching off Stain, landing a solid hit to the face. Getting cocky, he started to let the kicks fly, not caring if they hit. "I'll...kill...you!" Iida screamed as he continued on with his barrage of kicks, which were getting increasingly more sloppy with each kick. Stain just cackled darkly and grabbed Iida's leg and stabbed it with one of his knives, eliciting a sharp cry from Iida, before retracting the blade and throwing the young hero away. Iida grunted as he rolled on the ground and skidded to a halt, a burning sensation on his leg as he looked to see Stain bringing his knife to his mouth. He watched in horror as the villain consumed the blood right off the blade.

"Ugh!" Iida suddenly felt a sensation across his entire body. He tried to move, but his muscles didn't respond to his mind. He started to panic as his body wasn't listening to him and could only look up at Stain from his position.

"Is...this your...quirk…?" Iida grunted as he laid there helplessly on the ground. He heard a chuckle and footsteps that got increasingly louder until he saw the villain's figure standing right above him.

"You know, you weren't half-bad kid. It's time to finish you off, for a more perfect world. I'll have to kill you off, fake hero. You would still have had a chance if you just left with that hero over there, but instead, you let vengeance consume you. Not very heroic, now is it?" Stain mocked the downed boy and crouched right in front of him. Iida felt tears pool in his eyes as he struggled to move, but felt helplessness swelled in his chest as he was forcefully pulled up by his hair by Stain. He was about to spit in the villain's face, but held it when the man brandished his knife and slowly lowered it until it rested at Iida's throat. The knife slowly found itself pressing against flesh as it provided a burning sensation to Iida, and it went a little deeper, creating a small cut that wasn't life threatening.

"Goodbye, little hero…"Stain said, but his instincts kicked in and jumped away from the boy, but was still caught in a surprise attack, and crashed into a wall.

"Looks like you need some help there, Iida."

"...!" Iida's eyes widened as he strained his head, and after struggling for a couple of seconds, he finally managed to turn his head to see the owner of the voice. Standing there was Todoroki, his left side ablaze and his face was expressionless. He heard even more footsteps and saw Shiozaki and Shinso appearing as well. Shiozaki clasped her hands together and summoned vines from her hair. Iida felt the vines wrap around his body and was lifted up from his spot, the same was true for Native, before being moved towards the trio of students.

"You look pitiful, Iida." Todoroki stated bluntly as said boy was dropped off by the vines alongside the semi-conscious hero. Iida bit his tongue to repress his anger and took in some deep breaths before addressing his classmates.

"..why are you guys here? How did you guys find me?" Iida mumbled out, loud enough for the other three to hear him.

"The reason is that the staff of U.A were worried about villainous activity during the internships, yours especially was on the radar for being closely watched. They had Hatsume build surveillance cameras for the purpose of watching each student." Shinso answered him. Iida frowned.

"That didn't answer my question, Shinso. Why are you here? How did you find me?" He repeated, causing the dark purple haired boy to sigh in annoyance before bending down to get closer.

"We found you because of Hatsume, see?" Shinso made sure that Iida saw the headset and pulled up the map they used to track and find him. Shinso then pointed at the dot, and Iida looked right at the dot that he was pointing at, noticing the label right next to it: his name. After a couple of seconds, Shinso stood up and crossed his arms.

"Anyways, now that we got that squared away, the reason why we are here is to save you from doing something stupid and ridiculous, which is happening right now." The boy jokingly said, however, Iida wasn't amused by it at all. The feelings of vengeance once again pooling in his stomach and tried to get up once more, but his muscles wouldn't listen.

"What's wrong with your body, Iida?" Todoroki asked, still keeping an eye for Stain, who was still knocked out from the impact against the wall. Shiozaki had brought out the gauze from the created bag that Yaoyorozu had made just before they left to rescue Iida just in case anything happened to a certain lovable dork. She began to wrap Iida's wound, right after disinfecting with some alcohol, garnering a hiss from the injured boy and caused everyone to turn their gazes towards him. Todoroki held his gaze at Iida, missing the subtle twitches from the downed villain.

"I'm very sorry Iida, but please, try and bear it for a little bit." Shiozaki said softly, trying to soothe the boy's pain away, or at least, as best as she could. Shinso rubbed the back of his neck before grabbing the bag from the ground and dug around for a bit until he saw the second gauze roll they had. He went over to do the same to Native, hearing the groggy grumbles from the recently unconscious hero, and began to patch the wounds. Todoroki stood there beside Shiozaki, watching her tend to their injured classmate, seemingly forgetting Stain until a small glint appeared in the corner of his eye. Before he could react, a small gust of wind swept through the students and a 'clink' could be heard. They all looked and saw a knife had imbedded itself in wall. A slight gasp escaped Shiozaki as the others turned to her, a hand slowly making its way towards her cheek. She held it there for a couple of seconds before pulling it away and shakingly raised it to her face. A familiar, red liquid stained her hands and her heart raced. Todoroki quickly looked towards the area where the unconscious villain was, but rather than the favorable state he was in was no longer the case. Instead, before them was the exact opposite of what they wanted, and the dark expression on his face sent chills down their spines. Rather than saying anything, Stain quickly threw two more knives at the students, but Todoroki was ready and quickly created an ice wall. The sounds of the knives hitting the wall echoed through the alleyway. Quick footsteps could be heard as Stain jumped over the ice wall, swords in both of his hands, and slashed at Shiozaki, but she managed to roll out of the way and used her vines to grab Iida. Todoroki sent an ice wave at Stain, but he stabbed one of his swords into the ice wall and used that to avoid the incoming attack. He then perched on top of the wall, looking at the students with indifference.

"Leave, my business isn't with you, however, if you get in between me and my targets…" The raspy voice sent chills down Shiozaki's spine and her body began to tremble slightly, the tone of his voice was unnatural to her, a voice that lacked any remorse or sympathy. Shinso was less perturbed by the villain's tone than Shiozaki, the darker tone all too familiar with him, but even he was a bit cautious when it came to his words. The thought didn't linger long as he had prepared is scarf when Stain was focused on his two classmates, and watched as the villain was too busy glaring at Todoroki and Shiozaki. With his focus on the two of them, Shinso launched his scarf at Stain, one of his arms and pulled, forcing the villain to tumble off of the ice wall.

"Not too tough now, huh?" Shinso mocked the villain. The reaction was instant as Stain recovered quickly and now was glaring at him. It took all of his will power not to flinch and crumble underneath the tremendous amount of pressure coming from the villain's gaze.

'C'mon, answer damnit!' Shinso cursed in his mind, sweat starting to roll down the back of his nape. The ever increasing pause between the two sides were becoming even more grueling as the seconds ticked by.

"You hide behind your teammates, something that isn't very heroic…!" Before Stain could finish his statement, Shinso's eyes flashed red and a sharp feeling pierced through the villain' mind. Shinso huffed and wiped some sweat from his forehead before employing his capture tool, wrapping it around his body so that his arms were unable to move. Todoroki still had his hand lit as he slowly made his way over to Shinso, who was slowly making his way over to the villain with the scarf still held tightly. Shiozaki had her hands pressed against Iida's back as she suppressed the fear inside her, muttering a couple prayers for protection and whatever she could think of at that moment.

"Is he incapacitated?" Todoroki asked, both of his hands covered in their respective elements. Shinso nodded and once more, checked the capture tool, then turned around and looked over Shiozaki and Iida.

"We should wait for the Pros to arrive, it is too risky to try and carry all three of them." Shinso said. Todoroki nodded, but kept his quirk activated in the event that Stain broke free from Shinso's grasp, if Midoriya found a way to break free from it, then the villain might have a way to do so.

"Hatsume." Shinso said, activating his communication device and waited for the eccentric tinkerer to answer. After a couple of seconds, a familiar voice rang through the devices.

"Ah, hello, gloomy eyes! What's up?" The pinkette answered. Shinso raised an eyebrow while Shiozaki chuckled softly, despite the amount of tension looming in the area. He ignored the nickname and looked over Iida before turning to Stain.

"Do you know what the Hero Killer's quirk is? Iida and the Pro-Hero Native have came into contact with said quirk and both are paralyzed. And contact the Pro-Heroes in the area, we need them here." There was silence as the sound of tapped keys was heard over the line, and some mumbling from the pinkette also came through the chatter. After a couple of seconds and a triumphant yell, Hatsume came back on.

"Alrighty! I've contacted them, and they are on their way now, estimation, about fifteen minutes! As for the villainy guy's quirk, it is, of course, a paralysis quirk. According to some data I've...uh...grabbed from several Pro-Hero agency archives, it is called Bloodcurdle, or something like that." Hatsume said. Shinso was about to say something when an immense pressure suddenly filled the area. He felt an immense amount of fear swarm his body, and out of that fear, turned to the source of it slowly. As if possible, a red, immense aura surrounded the villain as the capture tool seemingly disintegrated from the suffocating feeling. Shiozaki was reduced to a whimpering state as she fell to her knees, seemingly in a paralyzed state and her eyes wide with fear. Subtle twitches took over her body as she was drowned in the intense feeling.

'What is this aura…? So, malicious…" Todoroki thought, gritting his teeth as he fought to calm himself down by emitting small bursts of fire, using the warmth of it to calm him down despite the origins. Hatsume was panicking over the device, seeing the event from one of her cameras hovering above the alleyway. It was now that Iida felt that his body was coming back to him, and tested it out by slowly moving his fingers, hope swelled slightly despite the suffocating amount of malicious aura. It was only a few seconds before the aura dissipated, but the effects were detrimental to the students. By the end of it, Shiozaki was unresponsive as tears slowly trickled down her face, Shinso was breathing heavily and sweat was dripping down his face, hitting the concrete. Todoroki was the only one still standing, but the chills going up and down his spine was still present. Shinso's capture tool soon dropped to the floor as Stain held onto one of his daggers, a hardened expression on the villain's face as he glared at Shinso, who just recovered from his psyche being damaged, as the boy stood up. Both of them maintaining eye contact as Todoroki slowly made his way to Shinso's side, his hand lit up as the opposing groups began to size each other up.

"What do we do, Todoroki?" Shinso whispered as he turned to see Shiozaki still unresponsive. Todoroki exhaled before locking gazes with Stain.

"We can't run, he'll easily catch up to us since Native is still paralyzed and Shiozaki is our main source of transporting the injured. We need to buy time for the Pros, we can't let him escape. Is your capture tool still functional?" He asked, causing the purple-haired boy to smirk a little as he raised his hand and a small light pulsated in the center of his glove. Todoroki watched as the capture tool levitated and made its way over to Shinso, and it started to reconstruct itself before settling itself around his neck. Todoroki was intrigued by it and looked at Shinso for an explanation.

"This is an experimental tool that Hatsume designed alongside the glove/gauntlet. Supposedly, Hatsume was given special resources since she agreed on monitoring and participating in the internship. This was something she created, a capture tool that can repair itself and grows stronger each time it gets destroyed, don't ask me how, better to ask the creator herself." Shinso quipped. Stain just pulled out both of his swords, and eyes both of them. Iida felt like it was the right time and grunted as he picked himself up, catching the attention of everyone currently conscious. The speedy moral student stumbled his way over to Todoroki and Shinso, a calm yet hardened expression on his face as he eyed the Hero Killer.

"I'm surprised you're up, Iida. Are you able?" Todoroki asked, a small smile was present on his face.

"...ah, yes. I'm fine, my body is a bit sluggish, but I should be fine." Iida said, despite the wounds he suffered from the villain.

"I see that my quirk has run its course for you, I'm surprised you're able. Tch, doesn't matter, it's much better to kill you when you are able, false hero." Stain said coldly as he lifted one of his swords, pointing it straight at Iida. A twitch of anger crossed Iida's as he took a step forward but he was pulled back by Todoroki.

"Iida, you need to let it go. Right now, we need to focus on protecting Shiozaki and Native. You know, he is right. You don't look like a Pro-Hero right now." Todoroki's cold tone caused a flash of anger to swell up in Iida, but suppressed it as he felt that his classmate would shut him down.

"Uh, guys, maybe we should...you know, focus. On the bad guy...right in front of us." The two boys turned to see Shinso with an awkward smile on his face as he still maintained sight on Stain.

"Right, sorry, Todoroki, Shinso. We should have this conversation later." Iida said. All three of the Class-A boys turned towards Stain and readied themselves.

"Finally, I was getting bored with hearing your falsehood nonsense. Now that you are ready, I'll gladly kill you!" Stain charged straight at the three at vanishing speeds. The three students races forward, meeting the villain head on.

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