People love Halloween. Lena doesn't fault anyone for it — she has no grandiose memories of a childhood involving trick or treating or wearing those adorable costumes, or even nibbling on a mini Hersey's bar.

(Lilian Luthor insisted on sugar-free and gluten-free and parenting-free lifestyle.)

Trays of various chocolate and decoratively orange and black candy-coated desserts garnish the fold-out tables and people's desks, along with hors d'oeuvres and cheap, bubbly champagne. Employees of CatCo greet Lena with an overly friendly disposition, parading around in witch's hats and see-through plastic and monster onesies made of Velcro and neon-green fluff.

Lena sips on her glass of pink champagne, nodding to James who waves across the front room.

He's one of the few still wearing his work-clothes, looping his arm casually around Winn's shoulders (who appears to be dressed like a bloody wolf-man). The elevator dings open right behind Lena.

She glances over her shoulder, and nearly drops her champagne. "Kara?" Lena breathes out, her dark eyebrows furrowed as the other woman saunters by, grabbing onto Lena's wrist and heading into James's office.

For god's sake, Kara has on fishnets and red sequins. A pair of devil-horns. Her eyes are darkened over, as she tosses away the glass to shatter on the floor and hauls Lena bodily onto a loveseat, grazing their red lips and corkscrewing their tongues. Their fingers tangle up, clenching. Lena gazes up at her, dazedly, her vision blurring at the glimmer of red sequins on Kara's corset.

"Kara… …"

They didn't bother to shut any doors — Lena remembers this too late, groaning and squirming, feeling Kara's teeth digging into her neck and warm, strong hands rubbing her clit through Lena's underwear, vibrating at a too-low frequency. Red, red shines in Kara's lusty, red-terrible eyes.

Something's wrong with her girlfriend.

Something terrible.



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