One day, Noby hung out with friends. Sneech said, "My dad is the head of major company." Gian said, "My dad was a college wrestling champ and he could break a board in half with one hand. Do your dads want to challenge my dad?" They insulted Noby's father because they thought that Noby's dad must be weak. Noby said, "My dad is crazy strong, so breaking that board is a piece of cake for him. He can smash a giant rock with his bare hand."

As soon as Noby got home, he said to his father, "split a big rock in half with your bare hands." His father told Noby that's impossible and left. Then Sneech and Gian came to Noby's home in order to see Noby's dad split a giant rock. Novy did not know what to do. Doraemon took out " Truthbeaker". People who tell a lie wear this mask and then it suddenly became a truth. Noby wore it and said " My dad smash a big rock with his bare hand." Noby's father beat the rock and it was smashed to pieces. Sneech and Gian was very surprised and flip-flopped on their attitude to Noby.