Chapter 5 : Hot shower

''Aaah.. god bless this shower..''

Hot water, shampoo and a bit of privacy..., I nearly forgot how much a good shower could be that valuable...

That precious liquid flowing down my body feel so pleasant.. All my problems seem meaningless and distant, like if I were englobed in a small cocoon of happiness..

Finally I can be at peace.. nothing will disturb me, or annoy me anymore...This truly is the best..

Nonetheless every pleasures has it end and so, as some hot vapor emanate my body I get out of the shower as …... the door that I forgot to lock before entering open itself..

''Kazuma ? Are you there ? Can you tell where did you put my outfit ?''


''Gyaaaaa !''

In a hurry I hide my the proof of my masculinity with my both hand as I let out a very feminine scream.

''Why are you embarrassed Kazuma ?''


'''I'm not looking at it directly, and beside...''

''I already saw this part of you..''

Megumin is here, looking at me straight in my eyes saying things that could trigger even the more sexualy inactive men in the world. And It's happening.. to me ! This girl that still wear my old clothes is actually talking to me !

Instinctively I make one step toward her, still hiding my lower part and probably looking like a lecherous pervert.

She doesn't back up though.I close the bathroom door close behind her as we are, once again, away from any possible distractions.

My mind, my body and every atoms of my body know that this is not a coincidence, it's my moment, one possibility of once again, get what I crave for.

I feel the blood pumping to all the part of my body and as I let that sensation hypnotize me I release my hand from my croth area.

Anyway I don't think I can hide anything with those anymore.


Standing still in front of me Megumin stare a it, seeming fascinated by what she is seeing,

I could have just took a towel, and just answer her question about where are her clothes..But instead

I said..

''You remenber what you did to me the last time?''

This should be alright to ask for that, after all we are going out and she already touch that place of me by her own free will so.. yeah.


Megumin took some time before raising her head silently, surely understanding what I mean and flushing the instant the scene popped in her mind.

''Can you do it again ?''

I still avance toward the young girl nonetheless, nearly poking her belly with my lower part in a attempt to convince her to do as told.

Speechless she stare at it once again, looking like she is holding her breath for a extended period of time.

''Just one time..''

Megumin mumur, melting as she anticipate what she is going to achieve.

Just after hesitating a bit the young girl kneel down and slowly grab it with her cold small hands.

She is not even moving yet but the mere contact combined with this obcene view is enough to send shiver of pleasure down my spine, making my arch backward involuntarily.

''Did I hurt you ?''

Megumin add still not letting go, seeming to not care that much as she examine my manhood.

''No! No ! It feel quite pleasurable actually.''

I admit as Megumin look back at me.

''But I didn't do anything yet..''

I don't know if my fantasy are tricking me but she seem somewhat unsatisfied or dissapointed by the fact that she only need to do that for giving me pleasure.

I do not retort a thing of course as I remain silent and try to make her understand to start moving.

Fortunately she got it pretty quickly as she clumsingly initiate a back forth motion with her both hand.


Even though I can see that she is far from being skilled, I swear If I wouldn't pay attention right now I would probably moan for that alone,. .I even don't know why this fact is arousing me even furthermore.

I love how she is entranced and focused on her hand movements, like a mix of cutesy and obscenity totally not fit for a young looking girl like Megumin.

''You're so perverted..''

I cannot stop myself to voice my thoughts, letting go what's on my mind to make her realize what kind of girl she became.


Haha she is not denying it at least! She even started to be more passionate about her movement, pressing it with a great force compare to that tiny body of her.

Along her movements I find myself being close to the no return point, inhaling and exhaling loudly as the more I approach the edge the more my mind is fillingwith weird ideas.

''Now.. can you put in your mouth ?''

Megumin stop immediatly, staring dumbly at me like she didn't understood what I said, slightly panting from putting much effort into her hand movement.

''This is where you pee from, why would I do that?! ''

Euh.. what should I say..

''Becauuuse.. I'll give you a reward if you do it annnd... I just cleaned it soo.. it's not dirty anymore''

I can feel my brain ache for all that thinking, and even, it wasn't that great of a convincing answer.

''Are you taking me for a fool Kazuma ?''

Yeah it seem she had the same opinion than me about that explanation.

''I swear it's not a joke.''

My hand reach for Megumin's head, caressing it with each of my fingers, sinking inside of her soft hairs as her resolve seem to be slowling fading away.

''I'll be really grateful if you do it..''

I give her my honest thoughts, ready to give up if she say ''no'' another time.


She will do it ?!

''Really ?!''

Silently she hold my free hand, tickling it along her fingertips as I feel the dampness due by all the friction sticking to her skin.

''After all maybe...''

'' were maybe right..''

''..I became perverted..''

The young girl stare at my crotch area, like if she was talking directly to it.

''But it's still your fault.. after all you did to me...''

Before I could answer, the soft sensation of her lips, the wetness and a intense pleasure immerse me entirely.. All those sensations feel like a firework in my whole body, like a explosion as beautiful and powerful as the feeling to be alive itself. I cannot describe it better than that..

''I love you..''

She raise her face once again, clearly not able to speak, but I can nearly imagine her answering me back

The shower room soon enough became filled with unusual noises, slighly similar to the kind of ones that can be heard in some shady videos that I may have watched.


Her ragged breath come tickling my crotch area, as I slowly push her head toward me to give her the rhythm to follow.

Not all of it is covered, but physicaly small as she is I didn't expect more than that, or more simply put I wasn't planning she would came tothe point to do something that intense for me.

At least she is not biting me, and even if she did, I dunno if I wouldn't have just felt pleasure just from that.


I dont think I cannot withstand more than that without exploding actually...


I'm sorry Megumin..I don't even have the resolve required to to warn you about what will follow..

''Mnhh !''

She close her eyes and immobilize herself, not letting go of our connection point, totally surprised.

Waves after waves my head goes more and more blank as I experience one of the greateast orgarsm I nerver had in my entire life.

Feeling I can pass out just from that I lean on the wall behind me to mantain my balance.

''Koff.. koff !''

Of course It's was to much for Megumin, coughing heavily she let finally go, spilling most of it on the ground's floor tiles. A long string form itself between those said tiles and the inside of her mouth as she finally open her eyes, catching her breath.

''-Wh-Why did you do that !''

She try to hit my leg still kneeling down as she seem ready to cry at any moment. I don't attempt to deflect her blows as I realize what I dared do.


''.. you were so cute that I couldn't hold myself..''

My comment seem to prevent megumin to argue furthermore, opting to simply wipe her mouth with whatever she can find.

I realize quiclkly enough that there is even some on her clothes, and as she don't seem to notice the forming stains, I decide to retrieve her top, following by the pants I gave her earlier.

Megumin don't move, fixing an empty spot like she was in a sort of stasis.


Looking at her mostly nude body, this is when I noticed something rather interesting .

''Megumin, Don't tell me ….that you are aroused ?''

The edge of the two small mounds of her chest are fiercely pointing outside as a stain in visible through her panties.

Wow..I didn't know I would be one day blessed by that kind of view..

It's just incredible... So lewd...seeming so forbidden but still in front of me..


Young girl .. hiding your body is useless, I already witnessed it and after all there is no way to be mistaken,

I'm even sure than even herself know why her body is reacting like that.


Man...Looking at her seem to reinvigorate my raging libido, It's like ''I want more'' was written on her face..


Megumin mumur, staring at me like she was begging.


I approach, she raise her arm as I make the young girl captive of my strong embrace.

My genital area touching directly the fabric of her panties, revealling how much moist this place is.

I slowly lead her to the bathtub, finishing to undress her once inside.

''Are you okay ?''

My voice sound like there was no concern in it, only pure restrain, but at least I asked, that the principal..

The witch does not answer, just staring back at me, her eyes full of anticipation.

I'm still unexperimented though.. and it took me several seconds before picturing how to properly ''do it''..

Therefore I sat down in the bathtube, making sign to megumin to lower her butt close to my crotch,

...It's should be okay I guess.. as I was playing eroge before I learnt that It's less painful for the girl when she is on top.

Even though I know that the direct ''source'' of all those informations is not kinda relevant, since in those kind of adult games, the women protagonists unsually know all the kamasutra position's or/and are not reluctant to pratice heavy sex even it's supposed to be their first time..

Maybe, I should stop worrying..

Meanwhile I was lost in my thoughts Megumin did what asked, siting down on me as she put her arms behing my neck,squeezing that overexited part of me between my belly and her genital area.

''I love that perverted side of you.. ''

I lay my lips on her's once more, losing track of how much kissing we did in last few seconds.

''As an archmage every challenge can be overcome easily!''

Beating any expected answers she raise her right fist confidently, coming back with her usual behavior in the most unadequate time.

''This is not perversion, it is bravery as I face an unknown experience !''

I don't know if this is coherent enough to say that while sitting on a guy totally naked but yeah.. whatever you say...

''Bravery huh? .. Your body is telling another whole story...''

A small moan escape from Megumin's mouth, most probably because I fiercely grabbed her ass with my two hands.

Instintively, she quickly become tense, straightening her posture like she had a electric shock going throught her whole body.

''As brave as you are this is nothing to overcome right ?'

I do not let go, feeling like I could play with that chuunibyou behavior of her a bit more.

''Nothing can surprise a crimsom demon !''

As she talk nonsense again a smirk spread into my face.

''Are you sure about that ?

Megumin look deep into my eyes probably imagining what could I probably do next, letting down that overconfident facade as she seem to wait for me to do the first move.

Taking the lead..I slowly reach for her hips using more caution than I ever used, but as I try to lift her up I immediatly encounter a resistance.

''I'll do it''

Megumin put her hands on my arms, preventing me to move any further, seeming convincing enough that no objections feel like coming out of my mouth.


Even though I can feel some hesitation, she slowly position herself on top of my already energetic manhood all by herself.

Thinking that Megumin is doing all that on her own is already mind blowing so, adding to that the view of a overly cute girl wanting to take the lead in those intimate moment is truly priceless !

While I'm literally eating her with my eyes she clumsingly try to land on the right place and...missing..One time and a another time..

I'm not even minding to tell the truth.. this is already giving me a lot of pleasure just to ''slide along''

like that.

''I'll help you..''

But still... I cannot imagine that now I'm gonna feel what I would have felt like to finish where we left back in the woods..

Still trying, Megumin finally managed to do it, but using a little bit to much strengh as she was getting mad because of those failed attempts.

''Mnh.. !''

A small skriek quickly follow that first contact, followed by similar other ones and a gradually becoming ragged breath.. The place down here is totally drenched , making all the sliding more easier, I'm sure she still feel pain though.. but that cannot be avoided ..

''Just a little bit more...hang in there.''

I say as ,after some struggle, feeling the resistance I finally grab her hips to help the young girl to soften the movement. Guessing that she should rest a bit before doing something else I come to a halt, staring at her wet pained looking red eyes while we are both panting heavily..

''haaa.. Haaaa .. Why are you out of breath ? I doesn't hurt for you right ?...''

As I brush away one of her hair that was getting in front of her face, I admit simple facts.

''It feel great... that all...''

I stole a miriad of small kisses and explore her body along my fingertips, petting once more her head like a small animal since she seem to enjoy it a lot.

Each small movements, each twitches she is making is enough to send a indescribable feeling directly to all parts of my body. Those being way enough to make me loose my confidence regarding my ''endurance''.

I don't even dare looking directly to our union point, fearing to not being sexually able to withstand the mere view of it as I prepare myself to move again.

''I will start moving now..''


Slowly, I feel that I sink into Megumin's flesh, trying to fight back the heavy pressure exerced on my genital as I seek the ultimate pleasure.

Megumin didn't even flinch as I grab her butt again with my two hand enhancing the movement furthemore.

''Gnn.. ahh..ha..''

I can tell that this is not only moan of pleasure coming from her mouth but there is no coming back


I cannot stop, I'm even uncousiouly accelerating, filling the room even more with lubric noises.

Some moan are escaping my mouth but I don't care, my head is only filled with butterflies.

The more time is flowing the more our movement seem wider, more aggresive. I can even hear the sound of the flesh clapping along.

''Aahh... ha.. Aren't you done yet ?''

Mixed with a heavy breathing the young girl ask weakly.

I'm that bad or is it because of the pain ? Because now it sound like a complain, it seem like she is not enjoying it at the point that she cannot handle to do that with me any longer.

But even so, the pleasure her body is giving me, the obcene view in front of my unbelieving eyes are pushing me to not think about it too much and just simply drown myself in such a mesmerising physical interaction.

''..It is weird..., it feel like I will explode from the inside...''

Lowering her face and looking down to the place where everything is happening, the young girl let go of gradually bigger moans.

''It's-It's a joke right ?''

She didn't mean it literally I hope...We never know with her, after all she is known by the name ''girl with a screw loose'' so doubting is allowed...

''You are really an idiot Kazuma...''


Usually, I would have retort instantly but I right now I came with a better idea. Using my hips strength, I push upward strongly several times.

''Gyaa !..''

Actually I don't think I can ever stop.. It feel so great !

Megumin hold tighter on me as her moan, louder than ever, reverberate in the entire bathroom.

I kiss her, even if we are probably both breathless It's not stoping me from tasting her lips.

''haa.. haa.. !''

''Megumin... !''

Our back and forth routine come to a halt suddenly, expiring and inspiring loudly,as we stare at each other's face.

Still not disconnecting we hug as I feel something wet running down along my upper legs.

My hand automatically caress Megumin forehead out of habit and run through her hairs once more.

''You sure like petting my head..''

She close her eyes as a beautiful and delighted smile appear on her face. Just looking at it seem to warm all my being up to my soul.

''Can we stay like that a bit longer ?''

I ask feeling rejuvenated

It's not a good idea to be naked in the bathroom from an extended period of time since were not alone in the house but this demand came from my heart, not my reason.

The young naked girl bury her head in my chest, looking ready to take a small nap.


She said.