Chapter 21: Til I forget about you

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The 4 rapid knocks on the door is enough to startle Izuku out of his silent crying.

"Izuku, are you okay? My momstincts are going crazy," Inko's muffled voice is enough to make Izuku dive for a blanket to dry his face with.

Her maternal instincts are too developed for Izuku's liking, he just wants to curl up into a ball and cry the heartache away.

"I'm fine mom!" Izuku replies, hoping that the door's muffling will disguise anything that's wrong with his voice.

"No you aren't," Inko softly responds before pushing his door open, "You can't fool your mother. I know you, It's my job to know these things. Now come on, tell me what has my little tarantula so wound up" Inko pulls him into a hug and starts to rub his back.

And for the first time since he gained his Herculean strength; Izuku hugs back. His distress being greater than his fear that he'll snap her like a stick.

Izuku sniffles, before trying to shoot a web at his phone. Only for nothing to come out of that hand, he tries with his other hand and gets the same result.

"Can you grab my phone?" Izuku asks. His phone is promptly returned to his hands and he shows her the pictures he saw.

"Oh," Inko thinks, "I didn't expect to have to deal with girl trouble before Valentine's day."

"Why does it hurt so much," Izuku whispers, tears pouring down his cheeks.

Inko decides to take the intellectual approach to the situation "The human heart is a complex creation. It yearns for things so strongly, that when it can't get what it desires, it reacts as if it were being physically attacked."

"I love you, but you're not helping," Izuku says as he burrows his face deeper into Inko's side. Tears leak from Inko's eyes because of the hurt emanating from Izuku's words; subconsciously pulling Izuku into an even tighter embrace.

Inko tries something else, "You need to move on. If Kyoka can do it, you can do it too. You just need time to let your heart find solace in its loneliness or find someone else who makes you feel better than Kyoka made you feel."

"Please stop saying her name, it hurts" Izuku whispers, his voice has become hoarse from crying. He buries his face even deeper to the point that it's actually causing her to feel pain.

Inko hugs him tighter for several minutes.

"You know that there are other, prettier, girls you can date," Inko starts "What about Ochaco? She seems nice."

"I'm sure she's crushing on Iida," Izuku replies. They've been spending a lot of time together. "I'm just going to ball up in here and watch hero videos all day."

Inko decides that that isn't an option. It won't make him feel any better, "You know what, put on your shoes and get out. Go out and find something fun to do today,"

Izuku is putting on his shoes when he notices that one of his lighter weights is on the floor, "that's a tripping hazard if I've ever seen one."

He grabs the weight and starts to lift it; Izuku idly notices that its harder to lift than it should be. "Maybe it's because Cassandra's quirk drained my stamina an hour ago."

[So, what are we going to do today?] Salvation asks.

Izuku has been walking through Musutafu for 30 minutes now.

"First, we're going to figure out what's wrong with my webs. I'm not even close to being out of web fluid, I can feel it. After that issue is solved, we're going to an arcade to play 'Dance Step Revolution Party" Izuku replies. Pushing all thoughts about what happened earlier to the back of his mind and locking it in a box. Something that Izuku has become startlingly adept at throughout his life.

[Have you cleaned your spinnerets recently? You know they get clogged with web residue every now and then.] Salvation asks.

"Yeah, I pulled out the web clumps on our way to find Cassandra. Any other ideas?" Izuku replies, as he rolls around the corner onto a main street. Don't ask Izuku how he did it, unless you want to hear a detailed explanation about tweezers being jammed into tiny slits.

[Maybe your body is too tired to refill your spinnerets. You did just get your stamina drained after fighting 3 people just as strong as you, if not stronger.] Salvation tosses out a new suggestion.

Izuku snorts, "I doubt it's that. My body was still capable of reproducing webs after Recovery Girl healed me, which was after I fought robots and damaged one of my spinnerets by breaking an arm. Her healing made me even more tired than Cassandra's healing did."

Izuku doesn't pay attention to the weird looks he's getting because he's talking out loud to himself. He also chooses to ignore the wide berth he's being given.

[Let me check something real quick.] Salvation disappears for several minutes after this.

While Salvation is delving the inner workings of Izuku's quirk, Izuku decides to see if his venom is still fine.

He turns into an alleyway, making sure nobody is looking at what he's about to do.

Jaw opening wide and tounge pressed down as far as it could possibly go, Izuku spits a clear, colorless liquid onto the pavement.

Salvation starts howling with laughter, [HAHAHAHA, This is hilarious! Your powers are fucking up because of unrequited love. Dad, being a lovesick teen is really screwing you over. I'd almost feel bad if this wasn't the most stupid and amusing drawback I've ever seen. I mean, come on, all a villain has to do is keep you single and lonely!]

While digging through Izuku's mind and body, Salvation had discovered that there was some type of psychological block interfering with the part of the brain that was designed to facilitate quirk usage. This part of the brain is responsible for sending special signals to your body depending on your quirk. For example, if you're Bakugo, those signals tell the body to create a small spark. Just big enough to turn that nitroglycerin-like sweat into a powerful explosion. For Izuku, those signals tell his wrist muscles to squeeze his spinnerets, forcing out a ball or string depending on what Izuku is consciously trying to shoot.. They also control whether his skin is sticky or not. The strength is issue is just Izuku being tired.

It wasn't hard to connect dots and figure out what likely caused it, after all, it did just materialize less than an hour ago. The cause had to be something that happened within that hour.

"So, how come I can still spit venom?" Izuku asks as he wipes away the toxic substance trickling down his chin.

Once his laughter dies down, Salvation starts explaining [ The block won't stop you from using those powers. It just makes keeping them active impossible without conscious, continuous effort. Usually, you flick your wrist for a web line and the fluid shoots until it hits an object. Thanks to the block you created you have to consciously force your wrist muscles to keep squeezing, if you want to keep shooting fluid long enough for it to reach your target. Long story short, you have to actually focus on keeping your quirk activated, whereas everyone else only has to focus on cutting it off once they're done. You're like a sink faucet that needs the button to keep being pressed if you want the water to keep running for longer than a couple seconds.]

Izuku groans, "So, how do I fix it?"

[It's simple, just stop being a sad and heartbroken idiot. It doesn't matter how you do it. You could find someone else to give your heart to, which I personally suggest by the way. It's a really great plan, I suggest you pick it. Of course, if you're too much of a pussy to do that, you could just forget about Jiro and live your life pursuing whatever makes you happy,] Salvation answers.

"That isn't as simple as you make it sound! Emotions are complicated, you can't just say 'I'm over it' and be over it, " Izuku exclaims.

[Simple doesn't have to equal quick and easy.]

Izuku sighs, shaking his head before two tears try to escape his eyes. They're immediately wiped away before they can begin to fall.

"Let's focus on that second option," Izuku sighs, before he gets an idea, "Hey! Why don't you just get rid of my sadness with one of your enzymes?

[I'm not going to let you circumvent another natural hurdle in your life. It's already bad enough that I'm making you more confident than you actually should be] Salvation remarks.

Izuku sighs again before he hears the sound of somebody clearing their throat.

"Are you lost?" a female voice asks, as Izuku spins around to face her.

Izuku is silently hoping that she didn't hear him talking to seemingly no one.

When he turns around completely, he finds a girl with brown hair in a bob cut, blunt bangs and a French-braid styled headband that matches her hair color. She also has red eyes that could easily be mistaken for reddish-brown in the right light. She has on a white dress blouse with a black belt, black capris and low-heeled Mary Jane shoes.

She's also sitting on a black motorcycle.

"No…I'm just thinking." Izuku answers.

The lady sighs in relief, "That's good, for a minute there I thought somebody ditched a cripple in a trash-filled alleyway."

"I'm only going to need this chair for a day at the most, my spine is almost completely reattached." Izuku says, but he isn't sure why he's telling this stranger anything. Maybe it's her motherly aura.

"That's great, I'm happy for you," She responds with a genuine smile on her lips.

"Thanks. Where are you headed?" Izuku asks, wincing once he realizes that the location and situation she found him in probably makes him look like a creepy kidnapper.

"I'm heading to Yongen-Jaya to meet my boyfriend," She replies, "Well, I was until something put a hole in my tire." The lady gestures to her front wheel.

"I can patch that hole for 6 hours. That should be more than enough time for you to get to a tire shop," Izuku offers.

"Really? That'd be great!" The lady responds, prompting Izuku to roll closer.

Either this lady is really confident she can kick Izuku's ass, or she's just too trusting. Izuku hopes for the former rather than the latter, that'd mean she has a really interesting quirk.

"Aha! I found the slash. It's on the side too, that's way easier than what I was gonna do if it was on a part that touches the ground." Izuku whispers. Now he doesn't have to maneuver a web into the tire and stretch it on the inside in a way that seals the gash once he forces the two edges back together.

It takes more time than he's used to, but he finally manages to shoot a tiny web ball that splatters over the cut.

"Thanks, oh my manners are terrible. I never even introduced myself. I'm Makoto Niijima, a Police commissioner." She holds out a hand "Nice to meet you."

Izuku recognizes that last name.

Izuku stretches out his hand as well, "Izuku Midoriya, I'm a student at U.A. You wouldn't happen to be related to Sae Niijima, the defense attorney, would you?"

"She's my big sister," Makoto replies as they shake hands. Her hand is warm and soft, holding it feels nice to Izuku.

Izuku is the first to pull away, "Anyways, I shouldn't keep you too long. You have somewhere to be, remember?"

Makoto starts to blush, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Bye!"

A thought pops into Izuku's head as Makoto drives away, "I forgot to ask about her quirk."

He sighs, another opportunity to learn more about the plethora of quirks in this world has been wasted. Internally hoping that they bump into each other again, that way he can ask about her quirk.

Getting to the arcade was such a hassle. Rolling across 3 miles worth of land took more time than Izuku thought it would, even after he figured out he could use Full Cowling to roll himself faster and farther with each push. That's the only reason he isn't still making his way downtown.

The arcade is cool, a nice contrast to the sweltering air outside. It's a desolate place, most people are eating lunch with their friends right now. So, for the next hour or 2, 'Dance Step Revolution Party' should be unoccupied. Izuku will be able to play without being watched by a crowd of sweaty teens and adults.

Izuku gets up and walks up to the machine, feeding it the 107 Yen it requires to activate. He dusts of the bottom of his shoes before he steps on the sensor. A camera extends, blue light scans Izuku from head to toe. This allows it to track movements perfectly as well as make adjustments to the game for people with quirks that provide extra limbs or prevent certain movements from being made. For example, a person with a snake-like lower half wouldn't be able to kick their legs for certain songs or step on arrows.

Songs can be played by hitting arrows, or you can select a mode that requires full body movements.

"Choose your Song and difficulty" the machine says as 6 difficulty options appear onscreen. 3 for Arrows, and 3 for full body tracking. The one that catches Izuku's eye is called: Extreme Ankle Breaker Mode.

"Last Surprise' on Extreme Ankle Breaker Mode." Izuku whispers to the machine. The floor lights up, revealing 4 arrows.

(Izuku Pov)

I close my eyes and relinquish control over my limbs; letting my 6th sense guide my movements. Allowing my spider sense to override self control gives it a degree of power over me that would terrify me in almost any other situation. The only other time this is okay to me is when I'm sleeping. I'll never forget the time it made my body run up my wall when a classmate tried to cut my hair while I slept.

Dancing games are a piece of cake for me. No real effort is needed for me to get the highest score. My quirk makes it so easy to hit the arrows; having a Spider sense is like being able to see seconds into the future. Giving me an ample amount of time to move my feet, even when the arrows are sprinting across the screen. I even have time to add some flare.

Left, right, left, right, left, kick, kick, and turn.

I'm able to keep doing silly spins and kicks until the arrows become much much faster, like, oh-my-god-who-was-this-designed-for fast. The type of speed that only a comic book speedster could react to and reach without feeling like they're about to break their ankles or vomit by the end of the game.

Up and down, up and left, left and right, right and up and down. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right.

Soon enough I stop paying attention entirely, going on autopilot as I get lost in the rhythmic nature of the game. I don't need to pay attention to know that I'm only getting perfects.

I snap back to reality as soon as 'Last Surprise' ends.

"You're pretty good!"

Wait, that wasn't the game. That was Mina. What is one of my classmates doing at this specific arcade?

Oh wait, Mina is dancer. Of course she'd go to an arcade.

"Yeah, bro those moves were awesome."

That's Kirishima's voice; they hang out a lot. I can't think of the last time I saw one without the other.

"Who taught you to dance like that?" Mina asks.

I spin around to face her and respond immediately, "Nobody, I just have raw talent."

More like I have a 6th sense that lets me basically see the future seconds ahead of time; which can also control my body to act on that foresight.

"We can find another machine if you're still using this one. The karaoke game is still free." Kirishima says.

"Nah bro, I'm good. Extreme Ankle Breaker Mode really puts some strain on your ankles," I respond as I bend down to rub my ankles.

"That was Extreme Ankle Breaker Mode, and you got a perfect score. Now I really need to see you go a round with Mina." Kirishima says in awe.

"It wouldn't be fair. I'm already hot and sweaty. You two go first, she needs to be lose some of that limitless energy before I even think about going a round with her." I say as I sit down in my wheelchair again.

"All right," Kirishima replies as they step onto the sensor. The blue light scans both of them, activating multiplayer mode.

[She has a nice ass.]

Salvation, not the time!

[Look at the way her pants hug her waist.]

"You're grounded." I whisper.

[Look at how it jiggles as she dances.]

I'm not going to stare at my classmate's ass. It doesn't matter how cute she is.

[Aha, so you do think Mina has a cute ass!]

I never said that!

[You implied it.]

I'm just going to ignore you for the rest of the day. Okay?

[Just look!]

Okay. Just one look, then you shut up.

I reluctantly look up.

Mina is really good at dancing. She doesn't waste a single movement, and they all flow together seamlessly. It's like…she's not even looking at the dancer on-screen before transitioning to the next move. They're in perfect sync. I bet she could still do the dance without having the dancer onscreen.

[Stop analyzing and be a normal teen!]

Never. Normal is boring.

I should probably stop staring at Mina before she turns around. "Class Creep" is Mineta's title, not mine.

The gap between Mina's and Kirishima's scores is enormous.

"Alright, your turn," Kirishima announces " I bet you won't even come close to her score."

I know Kirishima is just taunting me, but now I'm motivated.

I'm gonna leave Mina in the dust.

"Are you sure you don't want to have another match?" Kirishima asks.

I played against Mina, and we tied. Now, I'm hungry, hurting, and sleepy.

"I need some coffee and a nap before I even think about trying to dance again." I respond before I yawn into my hand.

"Ooh ooh, I know a place in Yongen-Jaya that sells amazing coffee and curry. We could all go," Mina suggests.

"They only sell coffee and curry?" I ask. Seems like they'd be out of business by now if that's the only thing they offer. That type of store wouldn't attract many customers.

"Yeah, but they're both really good. You couldn't find better coffee or curry anywhere in Japan." Kirishima replies.

That's a pretty bold statement. My curiosity has been peaked.

"Let's go," I respond as I roll out the door.

"You two can go ahead. I promised mom I'd help her rearrange the furniture before my cousin's birthday party." Kirishima says before he sprints towards the subway.

"Tell Kayo I said Happy birthday!" Mina yells.

"I will!"

Mina turns to face me, "I guess it's just you and me!"

How does she still have so much energy?

Wait, why is she sitting on my lap?

"Let's go! Up, up and away."

[It sure would be a shame if your genitals suddenly came back out.]

Don't you dare!

[Too late.]

I hate you.

[You know you love me.]

Dude, she's sitting right next to it! I can feel her!

[Have fun.]

I shoot a web onto a building and launch into the air. My powers are acting normal again, I barely had to try for that one. I guess I'm happy enough to bypass the block now.

She readjusts herself, pressing her back up against my stomach.

"I need some directions." I tell Mina.

(Third Pov)

Izuku detaches from his web and rolls to a stop outside of the restaurant Mina directed him to. How his chair survived that fall, Izuku doesn't know.

"Leblanc" Izuku thinks "I wonder how Mina found this place."

Izuku notices that Mina is still sitting on his lap, but he doesn't really mind.

They enter the building, spotting a guy with unkempt black hair, dark grey eyes and glasses working behind the counter.

"Hey Akira!" Mina shouts.

"Hey Mina. I see you ditched Kirishima for a young Stephen Hawking." Akira greets.

Mina leaps up and playfully punches him in the chest, "I've told you a million times, Eijiro is just a friend."

Akira is quick to respond, "I see that now, obviously you're dating chair man: the rideable hero. I wouldn't blame you either, it's free transportation. You'll never have to pay for public transportation again,"

"Unlike you, I get rode," Izuku smirks, "You should have told me he was a Joker, Mina. I would have came armed with better jokes."

Akira let's out a short laugh, "What will you be having?"

"The Usual," Mina responds.

"I'll take the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and give me a curry that would go well with it," Izuku answers.

"All right," Akira responds before removing his glasses and tucking them into his pocket, "have a seat." He turns towards the stove, his gaze becomes intense.

Izuku and Mina find an empty table near the back of the café, Izuku chooses to sit where he can see the door. Mina sits across from him; to an outside observer it would look like they're on a date.

Izuku sits his elbow on the table and interlocks his fingers, "So, you're one of the more popular girls in our class. It's reasonable to assume that you have all of our contact info somewhere. Is that correct?"

"Yeah, I have it all. Phone numbers, social medias and the females' addresses. I even have your phone number too." Mina responds. She got his when she borrowed Kyoka's phone the other day.

Izuku decides that this is the perfect time to propose his idea, "Good, I need you to contact everyone and run an idea by them. As you know, the Sports Festival is just a giant advertisement where future heroes show off for civilians and pro heroes alike. The last round is always a 1 vs. 1 tournament, which gives us an opportunity. My idea, my brilliant idea, is for Class 1-A to take advantage of that. I want each match between students from our class to just be a long advertisement, where we show off our skills for the pros. The real fight begins once both students agree to it. The winner moves on to the next match where they get another chance to show off. When we meet an opponent from a different class, we take them down quickly and silently, the semi finals should just be our class."

Mina smiles, "The ultimate display of class unity. Sounds exciting."

"It is, but it's also a giant fuck you to the original idiots that thought watching kids beat the shit out of each other and hospitalize themselves would be entertaining enough to replace the Olympics. We're about to make this Festival the most memorable one in history." Izuku replies, getting a giggle out of Mina.

Mina takes a couple seconds to stop laughing, "So, what incentive do we have to agree to this plan?"

Izuku smirks at Mina, "It means 3 people in particular have to handicap themselves. It stops me, Todoroki and Bakugo from just decimating all of you in the first couple minutes of our matches."

Mina smiles again, her beautiful smile makes Izuku's heart start beating faster.

"Really, nobody can stop us and our raw power; you know this too. Fumikage gets annihilated by Bakugo and everyone else loses to an AOE explosion. Shoto's Area Of Effect ice attacks will knock you guys out the ring or instantly freeze you guys. I'm confident my webs can incapacitate everyone except for Shoto and Katsuki. I'm not too sure about you though, your acid might be strong enough to melt them. But even then, I can send all of you flying with the wind from my punches alone and once again, only Shoto and Katsuki have quirks that'd stop me from doing that right from the start. I'd have to actually get close, land a solid punch on them and hope I don't break anything. One of the 3 of us is winning the tournament in both of these scenarios, the only thing that changes is the internship offers and fame. If we decide to sweep you guys, we're getting the bulk of both automatically. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone else gets less than 20 offers and they're all from the C or D-list heroes like Manual and Native. But if you all agree to my plan, there will be a much more even spread of offers and you'll attract more fans."

"Alright, I'll pass along your message." Mina replies as Akira brings both of them their meals.

"Enjoy your meals" Akira says with a small smile.

Mina immediately takes a sip of her coffee.

The door to Leblanc opens again and Izuku sees a familiar face walk through the door, "Hey, Makoto!"

"Hey Izuku. Akira, this is the kid I was talking about, the one who fixed my tire" Makoto responds as she comes from behind and wraps her arms around Akira's waist.

"So, this is the boyfriend you told me about. I pictured you dating someone a lot smarter than him." Izuku casually comments.

"He's smart, at least when he isn't being cheeky," Makoto replies before sneaking a kiss on Akira's neck.

Izuku takes a sip of his coffee, and a bite of curry.

"Wanna taste some of my coffee?" Mina asks. She always swaps drinks with Kirishima, they've been doing it since middle school started. It allows them to explore more of the drink menu without spending more money on separate cups of the same drink.

"Um, sure. I guess," Izuku responds hesitating slightly at the thought of drinking from the same cup as someone else.

Mina slides her coffee to Izuku and Izuku passes his to her.

"I guess this is normal for her. So, I shouldn't make it awkward by refusing," Izuku thinks as he slowly lifts her cups to his lips, and takes a sip. "This is really sweet. I guess that explains all her energy. She takes her coffee sweet and with a taste similar to chocolate. I think there might actually be chocolate in this. It has a minty taste to it as well, but it's barely noticeable."

"The coffee tasted great," Mina says, as we swap cups again.

"Yours tasted great as well," Izuku replies. He takes a sip of his and notices a minty taste has suddenly appeared in his cup as well.

It doesn't take long for him to connect the dots, "That minty taste was from her saliva."

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