It may not be treasonous to consort with the King on the eve of his coronation, but Soren does not wish for anyone, Crownguard or not, to be privy to this information regardless.

He orders them to sweep the perimeter within the outer castle-grounds and fortress where Callum and Ezran remain, to check the nearest alcoves for any suspicious persons. Once he's by himself, Soren ducks into a cramped, stone-made bedchamber, hurriedly attempting to remove his pauldron and greaves, breathing raggedly against another's man lips pushing on his.

Despite years of restraint and levelheadedness as a Commander, he wants with every fiber of his being.

Callum's nakedness lines up and presses urgently beneath him, while they're writhing and rutting together, drawing soft sounds out of each other.

"Take it easy," Soren murmurs, feeling him tensing too-tightly. "Hey… look at me…" Callum does as bid, exhaling trembly and gazing into Soren's eyes, making a low, content noise and turning into Soren's palm cupping his face. He rewards him with a gentle bite on the arch of Callum's throat, as the other man sharply sobs out. "Good boy," Soren says hoarsely, watching Callum flush and buck up into him, determined for a mutual release.

Eventually, the skies darken into blackness.

Soren finds himself curling up to Callum's sweaty, sleepy back, rubbing his hip, deliberating the consequences of a profound intimacy between young King and his ever-loyal servant. Callum jolts awake from a nightmare, screaming out for Soren, his green eyes watery, until the other man holds him close and shushes him, mouthing over Callum's temple.

"I can't…" Soren feels his abdomen twist when Callum quivers and mumbles this, shaking his head, "I can't lose you too…"


And he won't ever.



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