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It was a calm night.

Crickets chirped incessantly throughout the humid summer air, and a light breeze rustled any trees, their bough's swaying slightly, sending their leaves fluttering down to the earth.

The moon dimly lit up the surrounding buildings, its celestial glow barely doing anything to give one a clear sense of what to look at.

However, if the moon was any brighter, one could be able to see the broken windows, shattered walls, and wrecked cars nearby.

Cracks marked deep scars on the asphalt, paint was chipped to oblivion, and craters dotted any available space.

The thought that anyone would willingly want to live here and deal with all the destruction was unimaginable to any sane passerby.

But, judging by the light coming from one of the apartment's windows, maybe it wasn't as unimaginable as it seemed.

Inside the apartment room, harsh light pounded on a certain bald man's eyelids. The 25-year-old man groaned and pulled his covers over his head in a vain attempt to block out the brightness. "Genos, turn that off and go back to sleep."

"I apologize, Master," a voice came, not sounding apologetic in the slightest, "But there seems to be trouble down at the Hero Association HQ. Silverfang has asked me to wake you and take you there with me."

Yawning widely, Saitama sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Can't this wait until tomorrow? Or the day after? Cuz there's supposed to be a sale tomorrow morning and I don't want to miss it."

Genos blinked once, his dark sclera reflecting the fluorescent lighting. His metallic arms snapped to his sides as he bowed. "I am sorry, Master. But apparently this is extremely urgent. Silverfang has even told me that he needs your help with it."

"But," he added, straightening, "If you are unwilling, I can go and inform the others that you are unable to make it due to personal problems."

Saitama grunted as he slowly stood up out of his futon, idly scratching his stomach under his pajama shirt. "No, don't bother. I should accept that it's part of the job, after all. Being a hero means that you have to sacrifice important things."

With lightning speed, the Rank S hero whipped out a small notepad and began writing furiously, to the point where even the bald man was worried that it would start lighting up in flames.

But, this was normal behavior for the teenage cyborg, after all. Ever since the 19-year-old started to stay at his apartment (by also paying rent), such mannerisms were not unusual. It was weird to say that Saitama had gotten used to it by now.

Shrugging off the last vestiges of sleep, the Rank C hero shuffled his way over to his bathroom. "Just give me a second before you leave. Let me wash up and change."

Genos looked up from his writing for half a second. "Even if I did leave without you, Master, I have no doubt that you would make your way to HQ before I do."

Saitama didn't answer other than a noncommittal grunt.

He turned the tap on in the sink and splashed some water on his face in an effort to wash away some of the sleep from his eyes. He quickly shoved a toothbrush in his mouth as he leaned out the door to face his disciple. "Say, Genos, did they say what exactly they needed my help for? I mean, no matter how you look at it, I'm just a C hero."

Genos grit his teeth slightly. It infuriated the young man to no end that almost nobody acknowledged his teacher's power. He had singlehandedly saved the lives of thousands, and all he got in return was the lowest class of hero possible and jeers from others who had thought he was cheating.

But being angry did nothing to help. And his teacher didn't seem to mind; as long as he did his duties, it seemed that the man was content.

"They did not give me much details, only that the alien ship crashed on City A seemed to have reactivated. Seeing as you were the only one who managed to infiltrate the ship itself, Bang was asking if you could shed any light on it."

Saitama walked out of the bathroom, busy struggling with his hero costume, a bright yellow jumpsuit with red gloves and a white cape. "I don't know how much help I can be, but I guess I can try to do what I can."

He sat down near his door and slipped on his equally red boots. "Let's go."

"Of course, Master!"


Soon, the duo found themselves once again at the Hero Association HQ. However, unlike last time, they were busy situated outside the building and in front of the still smoldering wreckage of the dark purple alien craft.

It wasn't a surprise that the ship was still smoking, seeing how it was taken down only a week ago.

"You guys are late." An annoyed voice cut through the air. "You call yourselves heroes?"

Genos did not bow but opted to glare slightly at the speaker in question. "We were delayed."

The speaker smirked, her emerald eyes glowing slightly. Her tiny body floated a foot above the ground, giving extra height to her stature. Her black, form-fitting dress, swayed slightly with psychic energy. "That makes you two all the more pathetic," Tatsumaki said, "What kind of heroes can't make it to an urgent call in time?"

Before the argument between the two S Class heroes could escalate further, another voice cut into the fray. "That's enough, Tatsumaki."

A grizzled, silver-haired, elder strode over, his muscled hands clasped behind his back. "What matters is that they have made it. And it seems that the Caped Baldy made it here too."

Saitama grimaced at this before forcing a smile. Sure, he was happy that he had a hero name, but couldn't the Hero Association create anything better than his current one?

The green-haired woman said nothing but pouted and floated away. Loathe she was to admit it, she did hold some respect for the old man. Being an S Class at his age was no small feat, after all.

Genos gave a small nod to the older hero, one which Bang reciprocated.

The trio made their way over to the base of the spacecraft, where a larger group was located, all of varying size and shape.

Atomic Samurai smirked, his ever-so-present toothpick dangling between his lips. "Finally made it, huh, Demon Cyborg?"

Before another small argument could ensue, an authoritative voice spoke. "Thank you all for coming on such short notice."

A bearded man stood before the group. His earpiece occasionally blinked, most likely communication going through the man's ear.

Saitama and Genos had seen him before. He was at the last meeting and was probably one of the more important workers at the Hero Association.

"So, what's this about?" The speaker's bat dangled almost carelessly over his shoulder. "My little sister told me to get back as fast as possible, so let's get this over with."

"Now, now, no need for that. I'm sure this handsome man here is going to have us briefed in no time."

A hulking man winked before striking a pose. On his right leg dangled a ball and chain.

Everyone ignored him. Puri-puri Prisoner was always like this, after all. And judging by the traces of dust and concrete on his old-timey prisoner outfit, he had broken out of jail for the umpteenth time.

Why he made himself stay there, nobody knew.

The bearded worker nodded slightly in thanks. "Around an hour ago, our scanners picked up some increasing energy readings coming from the spaceship. It's extremely weak, so it does not seem that the ship will explode anytime soon, but it is of utmost importance that we investigate. Who knows what kind of technology the aliens had."

He then gestured over to a figure to his right, a small boy who looked no older than 10 years of age. "Child Emperor here has informed me that the readings do give off quite potent radiation, so he managed to create some radiation suits for everyone."

The boy bowed slightly and his mouth tucked upwards in a small smile, somehow managing to keep the ever-present lollipop in it. "All suits are gonna be packed in the crate behind me, and all you have to do is to strap it across your chest and press a button."

To demonstrate, the child pulled out a yellow strap of some kind, and wrapped it across his torso. After making sure it was securely fashioned, he then slammed a fist against a large red button attached to the material.

Within seconds, a small radiation suit expanded around the hero, complete with a clear face shield and backpack.

The boy then expelled his spider-limbs from the backpack, which extended to allow him to tower over the impressed group. "Alright, let's hurry up and investigate!"


Saitama grunted as he felt the material grow over his body. It was almost uncomfortably tight, most likely due to the fact that he was wearing his hero costume underneath.

In retrospect, did he really need to wear this thing in the first place? After all, he'd been in more dangerous situations before, so radiation seemed to be the least of his worries.

But he opted to keep it on, just in case he got cancer or something. That would suck. Cancer meant chemotherapy, and chemotherapy meant that he would lose a lot of hair.

Not that he had much hair on his body to begin with, but he still held out hope that one day, his luscious black locks would be back on his head once again.

He looked over his shoulder. "Hey Genos, do you really need to wear this too? I mean, you're a cyborg, aren't you?"

The teen shrugged as he experimentally performed some basic maneuvers. "Although 95% of my body is mechanical, the other 5% are vitally important organs that I need. So this is a necessary precaution, to say the least."

Sudden yelling pulled their attention away from each other as they turned to look at the rest of the group.

It seemed that Tatsumaki was refusing to put on the radiation suit, her eyes sparking an angry green. "No way I'm going to put on that ugly thing!"

An exasperated Child Emperor gestured wildly as he argued for his point. "Just put it on please. From my readings, this radiation is really high, so the suit being ugly is the least of your worries."

Tatsumaki smirked. "Well it might be dangerous to the rest of you weaklings, but I can repel any pesky radiation using my powers. So screw off with your banana costumes. I can take care of myself!"

The boy opened his mouth again but shut it as another voice took the spotlight. "Just leave her be, Child Emperor. It's her decision, after all."

The Tornado of Terror scoffed as she turned her nose upwards. "At least one of you understands."

Child Emperor looked ready to argue again before thinking better of it. He sighed and threw the small strap over his shoulder. "And it was annoying making this for everyone too…"

The bearded worker cleared his throat as the rest of the heroes gathered around him. "Built into the suits are some communicators in case any of you need to talk to us or other heroes," he said, "The main mission is to investigate the source of the energy, and if possible, shut it down.

"The secondary mission is to see if there is anything worth looting in there. We would do it ourselves, but with the radiation in the way, we cannot do much."

His dark eyes then turned to extremely bored looking ones. "According to the Demon Cyborg, Caped Baldy here (Saitama flinched) managed to make his way into the ship as it was attacking, so he will take point first."

Several surprised stares pierced into the man's body. He knew exactly what they were thinking. How was a Rank C able to make it into the alien spaceship? Could he fly?

He opted to speak up. "I'll just go ahead and say this now, but I don't know much of what I saw in there, so I might not know where to go."

Then his lips pursed as he thought harder. "Actually, if you guys want to get to the control room, I might be able to lead you there."

"Well that's great," Tatsumaki remarked. She floated upwards and looked down upon the group. "If you all want to get lost, that's fine with me. I'll go ahead by myself."

Before anyone could say otherwise, the woman shot straight towards the wreckage, leaving a small sonic boom in her wake.

The other heroes watched her tear a small hole into the metal, and waited until her aura's emerald glow faded into darkness.

Atomic Samurai hefted his signature sword across his waist before smirking at Saitama. "Well, I hope you remember a lot, C Class."


Saitama yawned. To his annoyance, his breath steamed up the plastic face visor, obscuring his vision for a bit.

The other heroes watched on with amusement as he stumbled, trying in vain to clear up the fog.

Was this the fabled hero that Genos had told them about? He didn't look particularly strong, and it didn't look like he had any powers to begin with. He was embarrassingly plain.

Only Bang knew the full power this man had.

The ship groaned as more it shifted around. The hallway the heroes were currently walking down was almost completely destroyed. Gnarled metal poked out from the walls, and sparks of electricity came from ruined circuits within the purple material.

Child Emperor stomped along with his metallic spider legs as he stared down at a small device in his hands, never once looking up.

In any other situation, the others would have told him to keep it down, as it was unknown if there were any enemies nearby.

But Watchdog Man didn't smell anything out of the ordinary, so the others weren't too worried about the noise.

A voice suddenly came to life. "Hero squad, have you located the source of the radiation yet?"

"We're getting close," replied Child Emperor, "My Geiger Counter is detecting elevated radiation levels a couple dozen meters ahead of us. We'll update you when we get there."

"Affirmative. Any sign of Tornado?"

"A couple of the other heroes went to go find her," Metal Bat said, his grip never once leaving his trusty weapon. "We split up a couple minutes ago."

"I see."

The group walked on with relative silence, interrupted only by the mutterings of a certain bald hero. If one listened closely, they would hear something that suspiciously sounded like "market" and "sales".

Soon, they found themselves in front of a semi-ruined door. The bent metal gave the entryway a foreboding look, and fractures along its surface allowed for some light to come leaking through.

Whatever was on the other side of the door flickered occasionally, sending weak flashes of light through the cracks.

Child Emperor tucked his Geiger Counter in his pocket and whispered down to the rest of the group. "Get ready. There's no way of knowing what can be on the other side."

The group nodded slowly. Metal Bat readied his bat, Atomic Samurai unsheathed his sword, Bang settled into a fighting pose, and Genos slowly warmed up his incineration cannons.

And Saitama stood a little way away, trying in vain to scratch his head.

With one fluid movement, Child Emperor's spider legs smashed through the crumpled metal before charging in, his backpack extending multiple weapons ready to use at a moments notice. The others weren't far behind, rushing into the room with sheer determination.

The room was empty. No enemies or robots attacked. The only thing the basketball court-sized room had was a large device in the center connected to a vast array of wires and tubes. The device was circular shaped, made with the same material as the ship around it.

The circle exuded a weak, purple light, as if the device was a lens of some sort. Sparks of energy danced across the metal, and it beeped weakly, as if it was trying to activate but couldn't.

Everyone visibly relaxed. "Child Emperor," Bang said, tucking his hands once more behind is back. "Any ideas on what this thing is?"

The boy leaped down from his perch and made his way to a ruined console. He visibly shook with excitement. "Judging from the control deck, this is some kind of warp device!"

Without skipping a beat, he rummaged through his backpack and pulled out a vast array of wires and a computer. He plugged something into the device and began typing furiously. "I thought I was going crazy, but this thing is in charge of the transportation of the ship!"

"Transportation how?" Atomic Samurai asked, sheathing his sword. Not really because he cared, but he needed the kid to tell HQ what exactly they had found. "And why was it leaking so much damn radiation in the first place?"

The small group dispersed somewhat as the child genius eagerly explained the proper mechanics of the machine and how it did what it did.

Saitama decided to take a small break and sat down near the circular device. No one told him not to, so it shouldn't be too dangerous. Even if it was, the man had no doubt he could tank through it. "I guess I wasn't much help, huh, Genos?"

The teen snapped to attention as he bounded over to his teacher. "Nonsense, Master!" he said, his voice filled with passion. "You can still lead us to the control room after this is over! We still have our secondary mission, after all."

The bald man sighed. "Well, I guess you're right."

Picking up a piece of metal, the hero began idly bending it into intricate shapes, with no clear goal in mind. He was simply bored. Why couldn't they just wrap this up quickly so everyone could get home?

Child Emperor's excited voice pierced his ears. He winced slightly. Would it kill the kid to keep it down a little? It was really loud in an enclosed space like this.

He tried to tune the voice out by focusing on the machinery on the ground.

The ruined floor revealed a lot of hidden machinery and wires. The plating had sheared off to reveal the tech underneath, and several tubes sparked with remnants of energy. Most likely the ship was trying to reboot itself but couldn't, due to the heavy damage sustained on it.

He could be blamed for that. After his fight with Boros, he had heard something shatter underneath him, most likely the ship's main energy supply. The craft had started to fall out of the sky not a minute later, so he assumed that was the case.

Speaking of Boros, Saitama couldn't help but feel a little sad that he ended up that way. He totally knew where the alien was coming from. Becoming ridiculously strong to the point of boredom was not fun in the slightest.

He could have thought of better ways to deal with that boredom though. Saitama was bored of being super strong all the time, but he wasn't about to fly around with a bunch of aliens and fight other planets about it.

The wires between his feet suddenly sparked to life, sending a purple glow across the entire floor. Saitama blinked. Well this was a sudden surge of energy. What caused that to happen?

A multitude of voices suddenly screamed into his ear. He recoiled slightly and shot an annoyed glare at the rest of the group. "Hey, what gives?"

He didn't expect the looks of shock and horror on their faces. Genos's in particular was filled with worry as he bounded over to him. "Master, get up!"

The bald hero raised an eyebrow. Get up? What was he talking abou-

A strong tug pulled him out of his thoughts. He turned around slightly, about to berate whoever thought it was funny to pull on his suit.

The dark purple maw of boiling energy greeted him, greedily sucking in anything that wasn't tethered to the ground. It roared with power, and the force was strong enough to lift Saitama's body through the air and send him flying straight through the device, which wasn't unoperational anymore.

"Master!" Genos screamed, activating his legs to give him a boost.

His beloved teacher had just enough time to utter a surprised "whoa" before falling straight through the portal, his body disappearing into the swirling energy.

Genos grit his teeth and lunged after him, not caring where exactly this portal lead to. He would not leave his Master alone!

He had time to hear the warning yells of the other heroes behind him before he too fell into the portal.

To say the sensation of plunging through the energy was pleasant was a long-shot, to say the least.

It didn't hurt, but it did make him violently uncomfortable. Cold penetrated his body despite his core pumping vast amounts of energy through his limbs.

Darkness surrounded him for a good while. Genos desperately fought against the energy, which was sending waves upon waves of turbulence crashing around him. He felt, for all intents and purposes, like a leave during a hurricane.

Then, just as quickly as it started, the sensations stopped.

Brightness blinded the cyborg for a short moment before he felt his body being dumped unceremoniously onto a rough surface.

He immediately shot up to his feet, his eyes scanning the environment.

He was in an unfamiliar place. Even to the cyborg, this place was strange.

It looked like a mixture of several different landscapes, with an ocean, several mountains, shattered buildings, and a forest nearby.

He was in a large glass dome of some sort, leading the teen to believe that this was some sort of theater building or a training structure.

He quickly activated his body's defense mechanisms. The heat of the activation quickly burned off the radiation suit he was still wearing as he settled into a fighting pose.

When faced with an unfamiliar situation, the best he could do was to go on the defensive before acting. A single moment of hesitation could decide his fate, and he was not about to go out quietly.

A hand suddenly grasped his shoulder.

Whipping around with a snarl on his face, Genos quickly threw a punch at whoever had touched him, ready to kill if necessary.

His fist slammed into Saitama's open palm, smoking as all the kinetic energy stopped in the presence of an indestructible object.

Saitama raised an eyebrow quizzically. "Genos, chill out, it's only me."

The teen's eyes widened before he hastily bowed. "I'm sorry, Master! You startled me!"

The bald man sighed in relief. At least he wasn't completely alone in this place. He had arrived a couple seconds before Genos did, so he had time to take note of his surroundings before his disciple could get to him.

"So what exactly happened? Where are we?"

Genos straightened. "Child Emperor accidentally hacked his way into the ship's system, which then set off its defense mechanisms. My guess is that when in danger, the ship itself would warp to a random location in order to protect the crew.

"As for where we are…" The cyborg's eyes suddenly lit up with golden energy. "I cannot seem to pinpoint our exact location. The portal must have messed with my GPS abilities a bit."

Saitama smiled slightly. "Man, you're like a walking smartphone."

Before Genos could reply, a sudden boom caught their attentions. Whirling around, they saw something large and black launch into the sky. It flailed around uselessly before it crashed into the water, maybe about 200 meters offshore.

"Uh, what the heck was that?"

Genos's eyes narrowed. "I am not sure, but I am detecting elevated energy levels just around the corner of this building. And I can also detect the same energy that the portal exuded, with about a 3% difference."

Saitama trotted over to the source of the energy. "Well, we might as well check it out. Who knows, another one of the heroes might be there."

"Of course, Master!" Genos exclaimed before falling into step behind him.


Things weren't looking too great.

All Might shuddered as he struggled to maintain his muscled form. Steam rolled off his body in waves. To the casual observer, it may have appeared to be smoke from after the strenuous battle that took place, but All Might knew better.

He had less than a minute left before his muscle form gave out completely.

The area around him was ruined completely. Craters dotted the floor, trees lay shattered nearby, and smoke billowed out from ruined pipes and wires underneath the asphalt.

The aftermath of the intense battle with the villain, Noumu.

It had been a grueling one, with a lot of pain and effort, but he was able to drive the villain back. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough strength in him to launch it out of USJ completely, but sending it flying into the faux ocean should be able to put it out of commission for the time being.

The number one hero stole a quick glance to his left. Awed eyes stared back. His students were in shock, if open mouths and wide eyes were any indication. The only person who didn't seem too awed was his protégé, young Midoriya. Horror filled his features as he realized what exactly was going on.

As the ninth holder for One for All, only Izuku Midoriya understood the full weight of the situation. He knew about All Might's injury and what the steam represented.

Despite this, All Might forced a smile, even as his muscles screamed in protest. Shaking ever so slightly, he turned towards two individuals in front of him, one looking obviously distressed.

"I really have gotten weaker," His voice boomed. He slammed a fist into his chest. "In my prime, it would have only taken 5 hits to take him out. But it took more than 300 hits."

Shigaraki Tomura snarled as he reached up to scratch is neck, which was already bleeding slightly. "Hey, that Noumu was supposed to be able to take on All Might. Did Teacher lie to me? All Might's still alive, isn't he?!"

All Might frowned a bit. Teacher? So this man in front of him wasn't the ringleader this entire time? Who was?

He watched as the other villain leaned over to whisper in Shigaraki's ear.

"The Noumu is not defeated yet, Shigaraki Tomura," Kurogiri said, his smoky body swirling slightly. "I can sense it has not been destroyed. If you can call it over, I am sure it can finally deal the finishing blow to the Symbol of Peace."

A couple seconds passed as the villain processed this information. Then a sinister smile cracked across his dry face. "Well, you tried, All Might."

The muscled man froze, his smile dipping slightly. No…

Shigaraki threw his head back, the many hands on his body shaking with the sudden movement. "Noumu! Get back here and finish off All Might, once and for all!"

A wave of water surged forward, drawing the attention of All Might and his students. The pro hero's eyes widened with horror.

Just a couple meters away stood the black form of the hulking villain.

Although it wasn't completely unscathed. The force of All Might's punches tore its muscles apart, revealing the pink flesh underneath. Its right eye was missing, and its left arm looked too twisted to operate anymore. The damage refused to heal over, leading the onlookers to believe that its healing factor finally ran out.

But that didn't matter. It looked in far better shape than All Might was.

"No…" Izuku whispered. "Even with more than 100%, he's still not down?"

All Might grimaced as he turned to face the beast, which let out a shriek before shambling forward.

The blonde hero readied himself, settling into a fighting pose. One last stand. One last stand to protect his students. "Everyone, run now. The other pro heroes should be coming soon."

The green-haired student's eyes widened. "No, we can't do that! Just run, All Might, retreat for now!"

The other students stood up shakily, all ready to fight or run. "Hey, hey, hey," a spiky haired student muttered, "isn't this bad?"

Another let small sparks ignite in his palms before grinning manically. "Run? Don't make me laugh, All Might. That thing is half dead anyways, so I'm going to put it down for good!"

The others agreed, although some were a little less willing and a little more torn. Izuku panicked slightly. Was he able to pull off another 100% smash? His limbs didn't break when he punched the Noumu earlier, so he could. But the main issue was All Might. Was he able to keep his true form a secret from everyone else? Could he carry the pro hero away?

But there was no time to think this. There was only time for action. With a yell, all the students shot forward. Izuku's legs sparked to life as he bounded forward, shattering both limbs in the process.

Katsuki Bakugo exploded towards the shrieking monster before yelling at the top of his lungs. "Die!"

The other two, Shoto Todoroki and Eijiro Kirishima, were a little slower, but they ran to All Might's aid anyways, skating on ice and hardening his skin, respectively.

All Might nearly turned to yell at them to stop, but the Noumu didn't leave him much space to do that. The pro hero grit his teeth and clenched a fist. I am sorry, young Midoriya. But you must live!

The black beast was so close now, he could see every detail of its flesh. Spittle dangled out from its beaked mouth, its one remaining eye rolled crazily, and its exposed brain was torn in some places.

The number one hero grimaced as he cocked a fist back, muscle form threatening to give out at any second. I must do this. I have to do this. The children must survive!

With a guttural roar, he threw a punch at the villain with less than 20% of his strength. He didn't have any left to spare. And he knew that. He knew he was going to perish.

But he didn't have a choice.

After all.

He was the world's Symbol of Peace!

Shigaraki smirked as he raised his arms in victory. "Game over, All Might!"


A billowing beam of pure energy hit the Noumu's side with pinpoint accuracy, just barely grazing All Might.

The hero grimaced as the heat slightly burned his arm.

More importantly, who was his savior? All Might nearly thought it was Endeavor who came to his aid, but the man's fire was a little less controlled and a little more violent than this one was.

Everyone turned to see who had fired the shot.

To their surprise, it seemed to have come from a tall teen's arm, which seemed to have some kind of metallic brace around it. Maybe a support item?

The boy's blonde hair swayed slightly from the aftermath of the blast. His golden eyes with black sclera gazed upon the scene in front of him. A hero?

Genos's eyes narrowed as he analyzed the situation. Just what in the world was that thing? "Master, have you seen anything like this before?"

Everyone's attention was now drawn to this so-called 'Master'.

Saitama peaked out from behind his disciple's back, one finger in his ear, trying to dig something out of it. "Never seen something like that in City Z. Must be a new monster."

A pale, blue-haired, adult suddenly reached to his neck and started scratching furiously. "Hey, hey," he complained, "Noumu's weak to fire. Don't go around shooting lasers at it."

He turned to the black beast, which surprisingly looked unaffected by the blast. Genos frowned slightly. Sure, that wasn't his strongest attack, but it should have affected something!

"Well, since you're the biggest threat now, I'm going to have to take you out first. Noumu." The monster's head swiveled to face the scraggly male. "Kill him."

In the blink of an eye, the beast bounded towards the newcomers, yells of warning erupting from onlookers.

All Might gasped. He had to make it over there and stop it! Strong as they may be, they were no match for the Noumu!

Blood spurted out from his mouth. His body refused to move. The only way he could move any more was to exit his muscle form.

But at what cost would that come at? The whole world would then know of his weakened state. The pillar would become broken. How could he save anyone with a smile when they knew what truly lay underneath?

But as the Noumu neared the supposedly pro hero duo, All Might finally made up his mind. He could never live with himself as a hero if he couldn't save two people that were right in front of him!

He readied himself to slip out of his muscle form.

The Noumu threw a rapid punch at the teen, who looked like he was ready to dodge out of the way.

It was now or never!

Then the beast stopped.

All Might nearly spat out half his organs as he slipped back into his muscle form. What had happened?

"That sucks."

Everyone's jaws dropped as they witnessed what was going on before them.

The bald man had the Noumu's fist effortlessly gripped in his hand. The black humanoid strained against the pressure, but was unable to make it a single inch forward.

Izuku's eyes widened as he watched the feat on the floor. He had been ready to jump to All Might's aid, shattering his legs in the process, but when the beast turned to attack the pro heroes, he had landed uselessly on the floor in front of his teacher.

Normally, he would have stood up immediately and rushed to someone's aid, but he couldn't move right now. Not when he was seeing a super plain, yellow-suited, bald man singlehandedly hold back a villain that even bested All Might.

"What the fuck…?" whispered Bakugo, his arms swinging uselessly to his sides.

Everyone else had similar thoughts.

Shigaraki growled. "What's wrong, Noumu! Use your power to kill him!"

The beast tried. It tried very hard to pull its arm back and take another swing at the bored looking human in front of it.

But the man's grip was like a vice, and not a single bit of strain appeared on his face.

If the Noumu was capable of intelligent thought anymore, he would have been terrified.

Saitama sighed and raised his other arm. "I was hoping this thing would be a little bit stronger, but I guess those hopes were too high to begin with."

Shigaraki and Kurogiri froze. All of a sudden, there was a menacing aura surrounding the man's form. Not visible, but it was there.

This hero was strong.

Ridiculously strong.

And a feat of his strength came not a second later.

"Consecutive Normal Punches."

The Noumu exploded.

A couple minutes ago, Shigaraki would have put all his money to support the claim that the Noumu wouldn't be able to be destroyed via punches. Its shock absorption was absolute. Teacher said it was.

But as bits and pieces of the Noumu's body rained down upon the stunned audience, Shigaraki wasn't so sure anymore.

As the lower half of the Noumu's body crumpled onto the red concrete of the USJ, Saitama held up a smoking fist and frowned. "And it died against 'Consecutive Normal Punches'. At least Boros was able to handle more than that."

The blue-haired villain started tearing into his neck, faster and more violent than before. His eyes bulged out of their sockets, and the hand over his face did nothing to muffle his screams. "Hacks! Fucking hacks! You cheated!"

Kurogiri was quick to rush to his accomplice's side. "Shigaraki Tomura! Calm yourself!"

The villain paid no attention. Overcome with rage, he sprinted over to the bald man. "You're gonna pay for that, you hacker! I'll turn you into fucking dust!"

Shots rang out from the distance. Blood suddenly spurted out from gunshot wounds all over Shigaraki's arms and legs.

The villain fell uselessly on the ground, with Kurogiri using his smoky body to block any more bullets.

As the two started to portal away, Saitama and All Might could barely make out the blue-haired villain's red eyes, which were shaking with rage. "This isn't over, Baldy, All Might!" he screamed. "I'll kill the both of you one day! I swear!"

Then they were gone.

Silence permeated the atmosphere, with the students and All Might still coming to grips at what exactly had happened.

Saitama's bored, but confused voice, cut through the quiet. "Um, sorry if this is a weird question, but do any of you all know how to get to A-City?"



So I recently started watching My Hero Academia, and boy am I loving it.

I also love One Punch Man too, so I thought it'd be a great idea to merge the two.

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