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Chapter Start

"Look sis I know you're excited but why do we have to go so early?" grumbled the middle child of the Tendo family Nabiki Tendo. "Are we there yet?"

"Not much further now." responded a smiling Kasumi.

Truth be told Nabiki was the only one in the familiy that actually agreed to come on this trip. During the past two week Kasumi as politely as possible tried to get everyone in the dojo to visit her new friend Jin at his shop. Despite this being Kasumi the family had other plans much like her father Mr Saotome was more into sake then. Akane offered to go, until Ranma with case of foot in mouth syndrome put the youngest Tendo in a rage so that happened. That left Nabiki who was reluctant to go until she learned they were going to a coffee shop. This is where we find the Tendo duo on this early Saturday morning.

"So sis anything else you can tell me about this new friend of yours, I mean all you said was he ran a coffee shop."

"Oh well until he got here he was a wondering martial artist who traveled every corner of the world. In fact...

"Sigh another muscle bound idiot, sis out of all the people you could be friends with. Let me guess he came far and wide get his revenge on the Saotome's who somehow and someway dishonored him." Nabiki groaned out in a mock grandiose fashion.

"Oh I don't think he's like that, actually he doesn't even know who Ranma is. Oh here we are."

Nabiki looked up at the two story building she didn't think much of it although that was same of pretty much every newcomer to Nerima in the most recent past. That were all the same idiots who came to Nerima just to show off their "skills" or challenge Ranma or someone else because they "dishonored" them. Bunch of annoying sheepeople. Hmph they were good for easy money though.

A bored Nabiki pushed the door of the shop followed by Kasumi just as a mother and kid walked out. Once the middle Tendo enter she had a quick look around the place. It looked nice enough lots of space so much better than those fast food places.

Other than that it was surprisingly airy and clean she was actually impressed by the counter with the glass display for the cakes and other desserts. While it wasn't empty it wasn't whole either as three tables were occupied one had an elderly couple and the other two were full of girls around her age.

The thing that stood out the most was the slicked back spiky black haired young man at one of the tables that the girls sat at. He said something, and then headed back to counter leaving the girl giggling like well school girls.

He paused in surprise as he looked over at the Tendo sisters specifically Kasumi.

"H-Hello Kazuma do you remem..."
"Kasumi you came back!" the young man cheered as he quickly walked over to the pair.

"Of course I did but look at you it's been a week and you already have customers." Kasumi commented with a smile.

"Yeah it was pretty slow the three days but then some of these girls showed up mid-afternoon, then the next day an elderly couple, some more girl, day after that parents and kids some more girls and so on. I guess I must be doing something right." Kazuma explained with a grin.

"Hmph I can see that piece of eye candy serving you drinks." Nabiki thought with a smirk.

"Yeah people seem to like coming here, still not sure why though." Kazuma thought in confusion.

"It's probably the open space, the window with the outdoor scenery, that map doesn't hurt because people will think the owner is worldly and would have a lot of stories to tell." Nabiki knowingly explained.

"Hmm glad to hear, no one's actually explained what I was doing right, glad to finally get some feedback. You know I actually made the long tables." Kazuma said smirking at the last part.

"Oh my you're good at woodworking that's interesting... Oh my! I forgot this is my younger sister Nabiki. Nabiki this is my new friend and owner of this shop Kazuma Hishigaki." Kasumi explained as she smiled with glee as she watched the two shake hands. This smile slowly shifted into a look of confusion as Kazuma looked from Kasumi to Nabiki up and down several times.

"How are you two single, face value alone should have a small army following are heels." With a shrug Kazuma walked back behind the counter leaving the sisters mildly surprised.

"So what brings you here looking for a drink or were you just coming to check up on me." Kazuma asked whipping the counter down.

"Well actually a little of both."

"So your usual and for you Miss Tendo the Second?"

"Nabiki is fine but no offense but I doubt you have anything that can interest me ." Nabiki said with a smirk.

"Oh really try me ." Kazuma smirked back at the challenge. "I have about fifty individual beans and blends not including the different ways I can make them. If you have a particular preference I can... uh you okay?" Kazuma stopped midsentence upon noticing the blank look on Nabiki's face.

"Don't mind me," she said wide eyed, before turning her face to the side. "I was simply surprised. Okay let's see do you have Crème Brûlée?"


"Toasted Graham?"

"Three bags in the back."

"Fiesta Mocha?"

"Just got some in today."

"Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Ice Blended Caramel?"

"N-no not even if someone payed me. I could heat up dirty dish water and that would be better to drink."

"...Sigh this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship." a very serious Nabiki said as she placed her hand on her new "friend's" shoulder. "

Let it be known that Nabiki was pretty useless in the morning without a cup of coffee however because of her father's lack of interest in variety and her own reluctance to spend her own money the only flavor of coffee that were available was black with cream and sugar. So it came to a surprise that Kasumi's new friend not only owned a shop like this but actually had a large variety in his product.

"Nabiki!" Kasumi hissed as she attempted to scold her uninterested sister. Kazuma instantly could see there was a special bond between the sisters and this brought a smile to his face.

"So what's your poison?" Kazuma asked Nabiki while pushing Kasumi's drink towards her.

"Hmm I'll have a Toasted Graham and leave some milk. Oh and I'll take a piece of lemon cake."

"I'll be back with your orders shortly." Kazuma said as he walked to the back.

Once he was gone an eager Kasumi looked to her sister waiting for her response. Despite popular belief Kasumi valued the opinion of her younger more than anyone else. She always felt there was a special bond that they shared that no one else came close to. So it was no surprise that when it came to her new friend she wanted her sister's opinion of him first.


"Fine sis he's not the worst person you could be friends with."


"Yes he actually takes his job seriously."


"Okay fine it's reassuring that there is a martial artist that isn't obsessed with beating or being the best at something that realistically is unnecessary as being the best is irrational at best."


"For now he's on a trial run of me liking him."

"Yay!" the eldest Tendo cheered while clapping her hands.

Moments later Kazuma returned with a tray holding two completely different drinks. Just after he handed the two drinks to the sisters he then bent down to get a big piece of cake placing it in front of Nabiki. He then proceeded to walk over to the other customers and after a silent conversation he walked back into the back returning with a number of drinks and cakes. Then with the skill that only a highly trained martial artist could possess he threw every plate and cup to their respective person without spilling a drop.

"Oh my!"

"Impressive he really knows how to put on a show."

"So how's it taste?"

"Mmmm as delicious as the last time." squealed Kasumi as she was in her own world enjoying her drink.

"Not bad."

"So Nabiki, Kasumai the last time she was here was telling me that you were extremely smart and from what I've seen she wasn't exaggerating." Kazuma said as he walked over to the elderly couple as the started getting up. A minute later he returned with a few bills while having at the retreating couple.

"What makes you think you know anything about my intelligence?" Nabiki challenged while taking a sip.

"Because the very moment you saw you've been trying to get a beat on what kind of person I am." Kazuma nonchalantly said to a wide eyed Nabiki. The shock quickly faded as she eyed the young man before with a calculating gaze. "So am I in the ball park or just grasping at straws?"

"So what's your point you want information or something because my rates vary on the person and what you're looking for."

"Don't want either I actually have a proposal." Kazuma said as he reached over the counter and grasped Nabiki's hands looking into her eyes. You could hear a pin drop in the shop as everyone looked in shock. Taking a few deep breaths Jin began to speak. "Nabiki will you..."

"Woah Woah woah hold it right I'm flattered but I will only marry a man that makes at least six figures." Nabiki said with a smirk doing well to hide her shock.

"...be the manager of this shop?" Kazuma asked with a smile either not noticing or simply not caring about the atmosphere of the shop.

"Oh my how great Nabiki you can be a manager at 17 how amazing is that." Kasumi cheered for her sister.

"Wait you want me to run this place for you?" asked Nabiki more surprised than anything as she held up her glass.

"More like you working under me but yeah I'm not sure how to run this place properly and you seem intelligent so what do you say." Kazuma corrected while refilling the glass.

"Let me get this straight you want me to be the manager of this place... because I seem smart and... and because of a recommendation my sister who you met less than a month ago!?"

"Yeah pretty much what life without a little risk." he said while sticking out his hand.

Nabiki looked at the offered hand with great thought. She had seen many things in her time in Nerima she's seen all powerful martial artists, people who could become other things by getting, old people who have been alive for over a century and even a human who turn into a Yeti-Bull-Crane-Eel-Octopus chimera. But never before had she met someone like this before someone nice but observant. He was someone that needed to be monitored, who knows having someone who's not a complete idiot (besides Kasumi) to talk might not be so bad. And truth be told she was getting bored with how things were going after the failed wedding things have been getting pretty stale in Nerima. The daily chaos has become more or less just another day of the week that including the occasional new fiancé has become just the norm. Maybe this could curb the boredom.

"Okay Hishigaki you got yourself a manager." Grasping his hand with her own with a smirk. That smirk turned more seductive as she leaned in close and whispered. "So what's my first job boss." enjoying the way Kazuma shivered. "Oh this was gonna be fun."

After a quick breathe Kazuma could only scratch his cheek with a smile as he looked at both Tendos. "Actually I need two things a uniform and could you both do me a favor and hand these out in a few days." Kazuma said before going under the counter and pulling out a small stack of flyers.

The Tendo's looked to see that it was help wanted flyers. "I figured it would pick up soon and I'm going to need the man power soon." Kazuma explained as he handed the papers to Kasumi.

"Sure I guess we can pass them around the area and I guess I'll come by later to hash out the details boss. Let's go Kasumi." Nabiki said getting up and walking towards the door sister in tow.

"Wheeeeeeeeee!" was the only sound the Tendo's heard as the turned to see a very serious Kazuma looking at them with a beckoning finger. "What's wrong Kazuma did you need something?" Kasumi asked.

"Oh no you just forgot to pay your bill. And I case you're wondering Kasumi got the free pass because I wasn't open yet." Kazuma explained while handing them a receipt.

"I figured since I work here now that I would get an employee discount." Nabiki commented with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh no you still technically don't work here and I wouldn't want you to think I'm trying to bride you with discounts." Kazuma explained with sincerity contradicted by the smirk on his face.

"Oh my how rude of us right Nabiki." Kasumi said going into her pocket and pulling out her purse.

"Right sis." Nabiki groaned out doing the same. Nabiki was not sure what to think about this as this was the first person in a long time to get one over on her. A smirk graced her lips as she wondered if this was beginners luck or actual intellect.

Kazuma watched as the two pay up they made their way out of the shop just as the strangest thing Kazuma had seen since coming to Nerima. Out of nowhere two people jumped by one with a pig-tail wearing a red shirt jumped away as another wearing a long sleeve white shirt and glasses throwing chains and knives at him. However one of the stray knives it a water pipe spraying everything in the area including a now soaking wet Nabiki.

"Oh my! Kazuma I hate to ask but do you have a towel we can use?" Kasumi asked pulling her fuming sister back into the shop.

"Okay sure just watch the shop for me."

"Nabiki it'll be okay." Kasumi reassured her sister who upon getting inside had not said anything.

"Ranma you rat bastard your dead, you think the debt you owed me before was massive you don't know what kind of hell just unleashed." Nabiki thought darkly. "its fine sis this is Akane's shirt anyway." Nabiki said with a smile.

Before Kasumi could either scold her sister for her actions or question her on her now upbeat attitude, Kazuma returned with a towel and a shirt. "It's one of my older shirts so it should fit, you can change in the back."

Without a word Nabiki walked into the back and processed to dry off as best she could before removing her top leaving her in only a black bra and jeans. "Wow this really is an old shirt." Nabiki thought to herself. Upon putting on the spare black shirt she notice that it didn't over take her like she assumed given Kazma's muscled build. Infact thanks the smaller shirt as well and her rather buxom figure the shirt barely reached the waistband of her jeans.

"Damn I look good even in a hand me down." Looking herself in mirror Nabiki couldn't help but enjoy how the shirt clung to her figure, showing off a more then average amount of cleavage.

"So on a scale of one to ten how mad will your sister be when she gets out?" Kazuma asked Kasumi after he collected the bill from the last of his customers who seemed quite eager to get the hell out of there.

"Oh yes Nabiki can be quite vengeful when she wants. So it's never wise to anger her."

"So where those one of the martial artists that kind just do whatever they want that you told me about?"

"Oh yes I believe they were Ranma and Mousse."

"Mousse damn his parent must've hated him. And that Ranma guy yeah I don't get what all the fuss is about. I looked him up and I can say I'm not impressed."

"Oh so you think you can take him?" said a voice causing the two to turn and one of them to drop his jaw. Standing at the was the one and only Nabiki Tendo in all her confidence hands on hips and chest out with a seductive smirk that could most men weak in the knees.

"If so we have much to talk about."

Chapter End

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