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As Mal looked back she could see that the past ten years have been a terrible lie. Her so called husband of eight years and the father of her child had never truly changed his ways. She was sitting on the couch, looking at a family photo book. In the photo was her, her husband, and their son, Everett, all smiling and happy seeming, only a year ago.

There was a knock at the door, and Mal set down the album, not believing that she couldn't see it all before. Mal took a deep breath to calm herself before answering the door. "What do you want Chuck?" Mal asked, sounding already tired with the man at her front step.

"I want my son, right now Maleficent," Chuck answered harshly.

Mal kept her hold on the doorframe. "Stop calling me that. He's asleep right now, so you can't see him at the moment. It's my week to with him anyway." Mal replied.

Chuck pushed past Mal and into the small living room. "You know what I meant,"

"I do know what you meant and I said no. You don't deserve to see him." Mal's tone was full of authority but also showed a hint of hurt. Chuck threw a packet of papers on the coffee table.

Mal couldn't help but think of that those papers belonged at the end of that book, because this is how it was all going to end. "He's my son, my heir, he deserves to be with his father."

"It's all about your precious heir, you never cared about Everett as your child, you haven't for the past five years."

Chuck took a step forward, glaring at her. "Maleficent, don't you dare tell me I don't care about him!" Chuck yelled. "He would be better off with me completely. Look at how your living in this tiny, disgusting house."

"Appearance isn't everything. It's good enough for us. We don't need servants attending to our every need. Let alone treat them like they are nothing instead of friends. You, Chuck, will never understand that. Everything has to benefit you. I can't believe I ever loved you!" Mal screamed.

"I can say the same about you!" Chuck shouted. He took another step towards Mal. Mal took a step back, not in fear, but in caution.

"Charles Randall Charming, if you take one step closer to me, it's over. You will never see Everett again." Mal told her ex husband. "So I suggest that you leave right now."

That's when Chuck left the house without another word. That's where time was now. Mal's shock turned to sadness, she slumped onto her couch and let the tears run down her face. She cried for a few minutes before she heard quiet foot steps coming down the stairs.

"Mom?" A small voice asked.

"Everett, honey, what are you doing awake?" Mal inquired, quickly whipping her eyes.

"I heard you and Dad shouting and I fell out of bed, are you okay?" Everett questioned.

"Oh baby, come here, don't cry, I'm okay," Mal reached out for her son and lifting him onto her lap. "It's okay, I'm not mad, no reason to cry, Dad and I are just a little angry at each other right now. But you have to remember that this is not your fault and that no matter what, I will always love you. You understand?"

Mal could feel Everett nod. They stayed like this for awhile, till Everett fell asleep. Then Mal carried him upstairs to put him to bed. She hoped though that Everett would always remember what she had told him, because she had the feeling that her divorce was about to get ugly.