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Chapter one

Sesshomaru stood on the small platform staring at the night sky. While the full moon bathed him in her soothing luminescence, he pondered over the stars.

They were all he had at the moment, except for the clothes on his back.

And he was thankful they were so clear in their irredescent beauty.

He traced the constellations, reminiscent of the ancient legends connected to each one, taught to him ages ago by his instructers.

'So long ago', His thoughts turned inward as he recalled a time when he could feel the night wind without restriction while soaring through the twilight mists.

He was filled with the zest of youth then, in a time when monsters roamed the lands and ordinary men became more than mere mortals and certain youkai served as honorable protectors as well as allies to those who sought to destroy the wicked ones.

Even though he had declined the invitation to be an enemy of man, his countanence had revealed his hatred of humans.

It was ironic that fate had placed him in this position, to be a either guardian or slave to the beings he had abhored so completely.

As the cool morning dew began to settle, he clutched his cloak tighter to his body to ward off the slight chill. He gazed longingly upward again, catching the last glimpse of his celestial companions before their luster died in the fire of dawn.

The sound of a wooden door banging open brought Sesshomaru to his senses. He immediately trained his gaze foward, knowing it was his new master opening the small wooden stand close by.

A few minutes later a rather large uncouth man stepped beside him. "Ah, how was your night filth?"

The oily man smelled of bacon and bread. Sesshomaru's mouth watered and he forced his stomach not to protest. "Very good master." his voice deadpan.

The corpulent man sneered at the youkai. "Hungry are we?" Reaching in a bag, he took out a fresh baked biscuit, He held it under the demon's nose. "I bet you would really like something to eat, huh?"

Not knowing what response was wanted from his master, he allowed his need for substenance to sway his reply. "Yes, master. May I have something to eat?" It took all of his willpower not to look at the bread in his master's hand.

The man stuffed the food back in his bag. "Well, we will see how you do today. If you get sold, I will give you a meal before the papers are finalized."

Sesshomaru bowed his head in defeat. "Thank you, Master."


The merchant regarded the demon critically. He appeared the same as he did the first day he had bought him three weeks ago, albeit a bit gaunt. Why hadn't he sold? It occured to the salesman that he needed to make this intimidating demon more attractive.

"Slave! Take off your upper clothes!" The slimy merchant commanded.

Sesshomaru slowly removed his outer robe, letting it crumple to the ground.

After untying his belt, he opened up his upper shirt exposing his chest to the cool air.

The garment slid off of his shoulders, then fell silently to the dirt as well.

He felt his hair brush against his sensitive backside as a light breeze whispered across his skin and through his silver locks.

With a satisified smirk the merchant returned to the task of preparing for the day's business.


In his mind, Sesshomaru new that if he did not get sold today he would most likely start halucinating from the hunger. At night he was left alone, chained to the platform; he could at least sit down for a few guarded minutes of sleep.

But by day, he was to stand on display, unmoving, waiting for any buyer willing to purchase him. But the lethargy was starting to set in. His limbs tingled constantly and his muscles ached to rest. If he could acquire just a little nourishment, that would strengthen his body enough to endure for a time. As it was though, he may soon falter, falling to his death for disobedience.

Taking what little strength he had left, Sesshomaru stood tall as numerous people milled about the bazaar.