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Romani Archaman

Dr. Roman


Green eyes blinked, glancing up from his cake as (his favourite) female stood in the doorway to the room, "Ah, Kagome!" Romani Archaman, aka Dr. Roman, cried out in obvious glee, "Are you finally done your examination with Da Vinci?"

"As head of the medical division," Kagome started, walking into her room as Dr. Roman gestured her a little too enthusiastically to come to her own bed (which he was sitting on quite casually), "Shouldn't you be overseeing my medical check-up?"

Dr. Roman visibly tensed, rubbing the back of his head as a light flush appeared on his face, "Ah-ha," He laughed nervously, "It's better if Da Vinci does it." He looked away from the Miko, flipping his cake around on his plate.

"Why?" Kagome furrowed her brows, slumping slightly when she noticed that the doctor seemed to refuse to look in her direction, "I thought we were in a relationship," She muttered, wrapping her arms around her with self-consciousness, "Does my body repel you?"

All of her doubts abruptly flooded her mind once again as Inuyasha's past insults hit hard.

"N-no!" Dr. Roman immediately answered, "Of course not!" He tossed the cake to the floor, vaguely reminding himself to clean it up later as he stood from the bed, "It's the opposite actually!" He stated firmly, but flushed even deeper when Kagome stared at him with wide blue eyes.

"W-what?" Kagome asked timidly, moving a few steps forward towards the doctor, "Do... do you really mean that?"

"If I oversaw your medical check-ups, it probably wouldn't even get done," Dr. Roman admitted, swallowing thickly, "Due to... various problems."

Kagome blinked and blinked again, watching as Dr. Roman moved in a way that had his long doctor coat covering his lower half, "I want you to do my check-ups," The Miko also flushed, looking away shyly, "I don't mind if it ends up that way."

Dr. Roman let out a very unmanly noise, "Kagome, do you even know what you're saying?" He gulped, "You need to go through a medical examination every day as Chaldea's only Master," He covered his face so she could not see his embarrassment (that probably had a little arousal mixed in along with it), "You would end up very... sore."

"Why are you so flustered?" Kagome tilted her head and Dr. Roman both praised and cursed her innocence internally, "Aren't you a doctor? Don't couples do that often to keep their relationship going?"

"Oh, Kagome," Dr. Roman walked towards her and wrapped his arms around the petite girl, "I know you said your previous relationship ended badly, but just how badly?" He sighed, resting his cheek on the top of her soft hair and didn't wait for an answer, "Even if we never had sex, I would still love you."

Kagome tensed in the hug, "Do you mean that?" She asked in a whisper, feeling her whole face go red, "I-I love you too!" She declared, no longer terrified of rejection as she had once been.

Dr. Roman smiled softly, "I assume your examination with Da Vinci was all clear?" He asked, feeling her nod against his chest, "Then let's cuddle for the night!" He could only coo mentally when she looked up at him with that adorable blushing expression.