Harry was once again on patrol with Pansy as his partner this time. Harry wasn't uncomfortable with patrolling with her like had in the past, but it was mainly due to them having being intimate with one another awhile ago. They walked side-by-side without saying a word. Harry wasn't sure what to say really.

"So, you are certainly notching your belt with Slytherin girls, aren't you?" Pansy asked.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Well, lets see. First there was Greengrass, then me, then her sister. The next one would be Davis then Bulstrode" Pansy said.

"No offense, but I wouldn't let my dick even touch Bulstrode" Harry said with a slight shiver at the mental image of the big boned Slytherin girl.

"No offense at all. We wouldn't want the best piece of meat we've ever found get mauled by that troll."

Harry spun around to find no one, but Pansy, but she wasn't the one who spoke. So who was it?

"Who's here, show yourself" he said sternly.

"Relax Potter, you get so tense" Tracey Davis said as she pulled off her invisibility cloak.

"Davis, so I take it you heard about my bouts with a few of your housemates?" Harry asked now relaxed a bit.

"Yeah, Daphne wouldn't shut up about how you filled her up. Pansy couldn't shut her yap about how much better you are compared to Malfoy in everything. And little Story was so happy her first time was with you. It was a dream come true" Tracey said.

"Okay, so what's the deal here?" Harry asked looking between the two Slytherins.

"Well Potter, I wanted to join in on this, but Tracey is blackmailing me so I'll be doing my rounds while you fuck her til she's grinning like a loon" Pansy said unhappy about the whole arrangement.

"You've had your damn piece. I want mine and I'm not sharing" Tracey said harshly.

Both Slytherins looked ready to kill one another. Now usually Harry would be all for this since chick fights were supposedly hot, but not when it means he'd be out on having sex with either of them. So he put a stop to it.

"Okay, put your fangs away you two" Harry said.

The two girls looked at Harry, who thankfully had much experience in being mediator from fights between his two friends, Hermione and Ron.

"Tracey will get her night. Pansy, you and I can do it another night. You two can get with the Greengrass sisters and make up a schedule of some kind. It has to be fair to all of you. I rather not have you all backstabbing each other. There's plenty of me to go around so just be rational about it" Harry said.

"Fine, we'll talk later" Pansy said then stalked off.

"Goodie, come on. I want to see that beast" Tracey said grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him into the nearby classroom.

Once inside Tracey wasted no time ripping Harry's clothes off. Once naked she stared at Harry's semi-hard rod.

"By Merlin, so big" Tracey said with wide eyes.

"It's not even fully hard Davis" Harry said smirking.

Tracey then got on her knees and began licking and sucking wanting to see it in its full glory. It didn't take long and once Harry was at full mast Tracey pulled away and could only stare. It was the biggest she had ever seen.

"Oh fuck, I need this in me now" Tracey murmured.

She then stripped out of her clothes and used them as a cushion against the cold stone floor. She laid back and spread her legs.

Harry smirked and decided to tease Tracey before giving her what she wanted. He used two of his fingers and began probing her cunt. It was slightly wet, but Harry was going to make it gushing before he fucked her.

"Potter, what are you doing, just stick that meat in me" Tracey whined.

"Not yet Davis. You're not wet enough. I rather not cause you anymore pain then I can" Harry said.

"Fuck that, I want you to slam that beast in me now" Tracey snarled.

Harry ignored her and just so Tracey couldn't get up he took out his wand and muttered a spell that locked her wrists to the floor along with her ankles.

"What is this Potter?" Tracey growled.

"Just making sure you stick around for the entire show" Harry said casually.

Tracey growled again as she moved her hips, which was one of the few things she could move. She was cursing the name Potter right now for teasing her and not giving her what she wanted. She could stand a little pain. It didn't matter to her.

Harry just kept ignoring Tracey's pleas and threats as he now had two fingers in Tracey's pussy thrusting in and out slowly. He found she was tight, though when he pushed deeper he found she wasn't a virgin. But it didn't matter to him about Tracey being a virgin or not. He gets to fuck a tight pussy. He kept up his teasing as a substantial pool of Tracey's juices congregated on the floor right in front of the crack of her ass.

"Potter please, please" Tracey begged.

"Pleas what Davis?" Harry asked teasingly.

"Fuck me Potter, fuck me now!" Tracey shouted.

Harry decided she was sufficiently wet enough and pulled his fingers out. They made a slucking sound when exiting. He then lined his raging cock up at Tracey's entrance and shoved in. He placed his juiced covered fingers into his mouth and tasted her tarty flavor.

Not bad he thought.

Tracey gasped as she felt her entire core being overfilled with Potter. It felt so wonderful yet a bit painful too. She closed her eyes in pain and reveled in how she could feel Potter everywhere inside her. Fucking shit, it felt good. The others weren't joking at all.

Harry paused for a moment to let Tracey get used to him then he started of slow in his thrusts wanting to draw out as much pleasure out of Tracey as possible.

"Potter, I said I wanted to get fucked. That means none of this slow shit" Tracey said glaring at Harry.

"Just building up Davis. Or do you want me to beat the shit out of you?" Harry asked.

"Beat me Potter, I want you to beat me with all you got" Tracey said with a snarl.

Harry obliged. He was a gentleman after all. Well, gentle-wizard. He sped up his thrusts til they were now a blur. He went hard and fast.

Tracey gasped at the new speed and was now kind of glad she was still pinned since she didn't think she'd have much traction if she wasn't. It felt wonderful. Never had she been fucked like this.

"Fuck Potter, fuck, that's it. Fuck, yes!" Tracey moaned.

Harry grunted heavily as he slammed himself over and over in and out of Tracey. Damn, he had never gone so fast in at the start. He usually went off slow then sped up for the finally. He was so glad he got those potions so he could last the night able bodied.

Tracey had seen bright lights, which signaled her peak, but they seemed to flash before her eyes. Over and over. Shit, she was having orgasm after orgasm. Potter was damn amazing to be able to do that. Oh, she was going to have a lot to gloat over when she talked to her snake sisters later. That is if she could walk afterwards.

Harry could feel that Tracey's cunt was constantly convulsing and by a glance down he saw the pool of juices that was her was quite large. Shit, she had to have orgasm several times he thought.

Soon Harry couldn't hold back and fired his load deep into Tracey. He pulled out panting heavily. He went over to his clothes and fished out a vial. He downed it feeling the effects right away. Tracey was still on the ground still trying to catch her breath. Her whole body was tingling still from her wave upon wave of orgasms. Her mind was completely disarray. Hell, if you didn't know better you'd think she was a vegetable.

"Davis, still with me?" Harry asked.

Tracey mumbled something and that was a sign to Harry she'd be fine. He went over and checked and saw she was still breathing and he checked her pulse just to make sure. He found it was still beating. He removed his spell and got dressed. He left thinking one thing.

So that's a wham bam thank you ma'am.

See You...Ta Da кαιχвι