Jump Switch

By CMC186


The land beneath Sonic's feet rumbled as he watched Dr. Ivo Robotnick, his arch-nemesis, rise in the air. His large, mechanical monster stood behind the mad scientist, simply glaring at the blue hedgehog, and Sonic glared back. "Im not in the mood, Eggman!" Sonic called out, pointing a gloved finger at the obese overlander.

The Doctor cackled at the Mobian's statement, "oh please! You live for these moments we have together!" This is true, normally. However, this had been a trying month between their feud. Sonic and his team would find a chaos emerald's location, and Robotnick would have already beaten them there! Anyone could see Sonic's frustration.

He growled and furrowed his brow, "I'm warning you now, Egg-face, if you don't hand over the chaos emeralds and leave now, this will get ugly and you will lose!"

Robotnick only laughed more, "ooh ho ho! Big talk for such a small rodent! You should really look around you before making statements like that!" He then pointed behind him dramatically, "This beast is four hundred thousand tons of raw chaotic power! It will squash you like a bug!"

"I've taken down bigger," Sonic said before he smirked and looked at Ivo, "like you."

Eggman's face turned beet-red with anger before pointing in the direction of his enemy, "attack, my beautiful creation!" He ordered.

The robot shot a blast of chaotic energy from its core source on the chest, causing the ground to explode right where Sonic was standing after he quickly moved out of the way. Another blast came from the iron giant, and Sonic ran towards another safe place before the ground blew beneath him. Sonic gasped a bit as he watched the trees and shrubbery catch fire from the blasts, and this caused more anger to swell up in his chest. He had to take this metal monster down before it destroyed the entire forest so he sprang into action.

Forgetting about Dr. Robotnick for a second, Sonic decided to deal with the larger problem. He ran at a gracious two-hundred miles per hour through the forest, avoiding on-coming trees and chaos blasts. When he reached the foot of the ginormous metal-man, he sped up even more so when he made contact with the metal wall it burst open, and he was inside. From there, he began to quickly run up the walls, heading towards its core. He soon found himself near a large, glowing engine where he could clearly see six Chaos Emeralds inside. Showing no fear to no one but himself, he smashed the glass on the engine to grab the jewels, however, electricity surged through Sonic's hands and arms, causing him to cry out in pain. He pushed on, though, and pulled out the emeralds before ultimately having to back up and watch the engine begin to fail because of the electricity surge. Alarms and lights began to sound all around Sonic, and he knew at that moment if he were to stay, he would surely blow right along with the mechanical beast.

Sonic shot upward through the gigantic robot, and burst from the lining right as the engine exploded within. More eruptions came from the mech as it fell backwards in defeat. Dr. Robotnick expressed his frustrations with colorful and inappropriate wording, but he froze when he saw Sonic land on the ground in a floppy fashion. The blue hedgehog accidentally let go of the Chaos Emeralds in the midst of falling onto the burnt grass, to which Eggman saw an opportunity. He pressed a few buttons in his air craft, and before Sonic could shuffle to his feet and grab them, the Chaos Emeralds were taken by a force created by Eggman's carrier. "No!" Sonic cried out as he watched the large man press a few more things on his dash. A bright light formed around the Emeralds before they ultimately disappeared. The hedgehog's eyes widened and he stood as quickly as he could, "wha-what-...!" He looked around himself, then at Dr. Robotnick, "...what did you do?!"

The cackles that came from the mad scientist were something else, a chuckle of rare victory. "Ahh ah ah! Oh I'm sure you've time traveled, but I'm also sure you would never figure out dimensional travel!" He exclaimed, and then when he calmed down he shrugged, "now if you excuse me." He then began turn around, the jets of his carrier whirring to life.

"Oh no you don't!" Sonic ran to get a head start on a powerful jump to which he grabbed the side of Eggman's craft. He tried to climb inside to stop him, but Ivo swung the carrier as hard as he could so the hedgehog would fall off. Sonic's grip may have been strong, but not strong enough to hold on as the hover craft smashed into a tree. He fell on his back, and watched as his rival flew away, leaving the burnt forest, and his destroyed robot, behind.

A groan left Sonic's body as he heaved himself up off the grass and to his knees, looking into the direction that Dr. Robotnick took off in. Behind him, he heard the rustle of the bushes and when he looked to see who it was he was met with his twin tailed buddy, Miles Prower, otherwise known as Tails. "Sonic!" The fox called out, "are you okay? What happened?" He asked, helping his friend to his feet.

Sonic looked back to the sky, a look of heavy concerned painted his face, "...I'm okay... but we sure are in trouble."